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Movie Review: Our Children

Prizewinner about a Belgian woman driven to murder her children has original, provocative point of view Read More »

War Horse Set During World War I Era of Hunger and Suffering

During World War I aid had to be rushed to save children from potentially deadly malnutrition. Read More »

The Battle of the Bulge and Fighting Global Hunger

Hunger continues to be the deadly companion of conflict and poverty around the globe. Read More »

Armistice Day, World Peace, and Feeding the Hungry

Battery D with flag

On Armistice Day let’s remember that dream of world peace that should have followed the First World War. Read More »

DVD Review: The Misfortunates

Belgian film finds humor and misery in a dysfunctional family Read More »

Book Review: King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild

A thoughtful, thrilling account of personal greed and appalling cruelty in the scramble for Africa. Read More »