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And That’s The Truth, Ruth!

With liquidation of Hostess Brands nearing reality, 18,000 Americans stand to lose their jobs. Does this underscore something deeper in the U.S. labor markets? Read More »

Millions More Consumers Could Be Bankrupt

Millions more above and beyond current bankruptcy numbers could be bankrupt. Read More »

The Student Loan Crisis: America’s Slow Poison

Student loan debt now tops credit card debt in the US, with few or no options available for distressed borrowers. Read More »

Turkey’s Somalian Children

The children in Turkey are unable to go to school or receive medical treatment. Read More »

What American Businesses Need: A Heaping Helping of Legislative Fairy Dust

Businesses make a lot more money when their customers aren't bankrupt or credit-unworthy. Read More »

Borders Group Gets Chance to Reorganize

All it takes is some more money. Read More »

Borders Files for Bankruptcy; 200 Stores to Close

In the near term the news is probably good for rival Barnes & Noble, but the brick-and-mortal bookstore business has been declining for years. Read More »

Greece is a Harbinger of Things to Come

Don't think that what is happening in Greece can't happen in America. Read More »

The Worth of You or Me

Is the worth of a person seeking work to be summed up in a credit report? Corporate America thinks so. Read More »

A Redskins Fan No More, Or How Dan Snyder Made A Grandma Cry

Team sues its fans hit by recession Read More »