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In Europe, Few Jobs for the Old and Even Fewer for the New

European Youth Unemployment Cartoon

Europe should scrap the austerity mantra and concentrate its efforts on supporting unemployment relief, tax reform, and job creation. Read More »

Who Really Gains From Austerity?

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

In, “Europe Should Stop Listening To Germany“, I very briefly mentioned the advantage Germany and other nations of the austerity chorus have over their southern counterparts thanks to skewed bond analysis employed by global markets. Part of the problem stems from the ability of each nation’s central bank to issue new debt, thus allowing markets to assess each issue state-by-state ... Read More »

Europe Should Stop Listening to Germany

Should Eurozone nations continue to heed the words of the very nation which profits directly from austerity gone bad elsewhere? Read More »

Corruption in Spain is a Worrisome Issue

Over the last decade, corruption cases in Spain have increased significantly. Spaniards regard corruption to be a major problem, and 93 percent believe public administration to be corrupt. Read More »

A Study in Possibility

We need leadership based upon an appreciation of the possibilities of this age and human capacity to fulfill them. Read More »

GOP Ayotte Anounces Austerity After Tax Cut To Millionaires

Ayotte calls for unity after Republicans stopped the government until tax breaks for millionaires was passed. Read More »

Bailout Pushes Ireland into Politico-Economic Instability

Ireland bailout and the impending austerity are detrimental to the interests of its people as well as to the capitalist production system. Read More »

It’s Official: France Raises Retirement Age

Financial vultures are being aided with packages while creators of wealth and finance are punished with austerity. Read More »

Welfare State System at Stake in European Austerity Measures

In the name of fiscal discipline and making public finances healthier, the European financial power houses are putting Keynesian welfare state concept at stake at the cost of people finances. Read More »

Austerity – But Who Really Pays?

Working people forced to bail out the financial speculators. Read More »