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Book Review: Tina Whittle’s Tai Randolph Returns in ‘Deeper Than The Grave’

deeper than the grave

Tai Randolph is back to deal not only with a modern murder but one going back to the Civil War. Read More »

Atlanta Is a Place for Movie Lovers


Atlanta outranks Hollywood when it comes to choice of small cinemas with eclectic offerings. Read More »

Book Review: ‘A Place at the Table’ by Susan Rebecca White


Three characters' life stories intermingle in a New York City cafe. Read More »

School Testing Scandals – Time to Stop the Madness

Assessments are only instruments, and just like drums, guitars, and keyboards, they can make no music without someone to play them. Read More »

An Interview with Recording Artist Ron Pope

Breakout independent recording artist Ron Pope reveals his favorite color and rhyme and reason behind his art. Read More »

Concert Review: Aaron Williams and The Hoodoo at North River Tavern, Atlanta, GA 11/2/12

Aaron Williams and The Hoodoo are an exciting group of blues-rock performers who put on an energetic, enjoyable show. Read More »

A Place With a View

The improving real estate market means people are shopping for second homes. Read More »

Book Review: Atlanta: Hip-Hop and the South by Michael Schmelling and Kelefa Sanneh

A remarkable hip-hop marriage of photojournalism, music, and art. Read More »

Goodbye, Bobby Cox

Major League Baseball will miss one of its greatest managers. Read More »

Atlanta Woman Charged With Feticide After High Speed Chase

Woman charged with killing her own fetus after fleeing police to avoid traffic stop. Read More »