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Sports are defined by the writers of Wikipedia as activities “governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Sports commonly refer to activities where the physical capabilities of the competitor are the sole or primary determiner of the outcome (winning or losing).”

Sports also do a good job of combining the mental and physical aspects of the human being. This is apparent, for example, in the world of motor sports where drivers must be strong in both aspects. For a potentially less strenuous combination of the physical and mental aspects of sports, one can look at the Nintendo Wii, a gaming system that combines using one’s hand-eye coordination with the ability to think on one’s feet. Spectators may also get involved by participating in sport betting, to support their favorite teams.

Sports are readily apparent in our everyday lives, both in terms of professional sports, played throughout the world in leagues such as Australian Rules Football, the National Football League, and the Premier League, and in amateur sports, such as the Summer and Winter Olympics, along with Pop Warner Football in the United States.

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We Blogcritics love sports, and so do you. Because I said you do. No arguing.

With every season of the year is another season of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, tennis, curling, badminton, luge, hackeysack, ping-pong, caber toss, hot dog eating, cat juggling, and … that’s it. Those are all the sports that matter.

Kidding. Now keep this thread alive year-round with your thoughts on any sport, any time. No hitting below the belt, hitting in the forest is a one-stroke penalty and first team to 10 wins.

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  • Webbie


  • It’s not even golf season and I’m already having to get out of the way of comments that hook my way?

  • Their persistence might have something to do with having the smallest balls in sports.

    Yet, a small ball is better than no ball at all.

  • Webbie

    Talking of balls…
    <-- Englishman ) - Why do American's call it football when the "ball" isn't ? (It's shaped like an egg). - Foot and ball - neither of these things happen in the game except on 4th downs or field goals. - When will Americans accept that football is called football and not "soccer" ? (Plus when will they accept that they have a decent national "soccer" team that are in the World Cup Finals next year ?)

  • This is a sports gambling blog that I host:

    Do any of you ever do any sports gambling? Big day today in college football in the states…. USC v. UCLA..?

  • Anyone else watching the Rose Bowl? (I hope so)

  • Patriots a few minutes ago scored a TD 7-0.

    I think they’ll lose, though I have no particular dislike of them. I’d just love to have them out of the playoffs.

  • Are they gonna lose this particular game? Or later on?

    (For what it’s worth, you’re wrong either way.)

  • this one.

  • deon Branch feels like crap right now – just dropped an easy catch that woulda been a TD

  • That’s tough, but this is a swell game.

    So was the previous one.

  • By the way Skins get 120 total yards and win?

    Seattle’s not going to get any respect – even with the league MVP, but their defense is better than TB and the skins DID beat the Hawks …. but in Week 4. That’s a long time ago. In fact, obviously, right after that, the Seahawks went on that itsy bitsy 11-game winning streak.

  • Oh Temple. No team is “getting any respect,” if you ask them.

    The fucking three-time Super Bowl champion Patriots aren’t getting any respect.

    The fact that the Seahawks, Bears, Giants, Panthers and Redskins all have equal shots at winning the Super Bowl speaks more of parity and less of disrespect.

  • good point on parity

    I have to disagree the Pats aren’t gwetting respect. I hear a lot of ass-smooching on TV. At about the 7:30 mark NE scored their second TD – 14-3. uh-oh 🙂

  • gonzo marx

    the salary cap has been the BEST thing to happen to football since…oh…the helmet

    at no time in my life(i’m 44 remember) have i seen better seasons or better playoffs than since the cap has been implemented

    oh yeah…and the Giants > all

    nuff said?


  • I have to disagree the Pats aren’t gwetting respect

    I agree, but Tom Brady said it, not me. And people do believe that.

    I wouldn’t go as far to say they’re disrespected (especially as the score’s currently 28-3) but I just think people want to see a new champion every time, so they root for the flavor-of-the-month, be it the Panthers or the Eagles, or in this case.

    Or, in this case, the Seahawks 🙂

  • Bennett

    Ben Watson

    and the Patriots,

    are Back.

  • Not everytime. I just don’t think they deserve it this year. My second choice would be the Bears. Er, but we know what that means so …

  • Bennett

    John Madden – “Sure they disrupted Brady for most of the first half. The Patriots just kept chopping wood, until they chopped the Jaguars’ head off.”

  • Well. So:

    Redskins at Seahawks.

    Patriots at _______.

  • “oh yeah…and the Giants > all”

    I had no idea the name of the game was to throw more interceptions.

  • gonzo marx


    mea culpa, Suss

    when it comes to Football and my Giants …

    emotion > reason

    nuff said?


  • So after these comments, do we still hink Tiki Barber deserves MVP.

    After all, Sal said Shaun didn’t deserve it this year for comments he made last year

    .Also, to finish the thought, Patriots at Carolina.

  • TS – I am a diehard Giants fan. I have an autographed picture of Tiki Barber on my wall. I can look up at it as I type this. and I’m very unhappy about this statement. Tiki’s always been a class act and this is out of character for him. Like the article says, the Giants were out-everythinged! With the exception of Michael Strahan, the whole team looked like s#!+ and shoved in it!

    In my opinion it boils down to this, Eli wasn’t ready and Tiki, for his comments, is no MVP.

    But he is right, Coughlin’s crew was outcoached.

    Carolina rammed the ball right down their throats. Everybody in Jersey knew they were gonna run it up the middle and the Giants couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

    FWIW, the Giants were playing with linebackers’ they picked up off the street only a few weeks before…no excuses, they got beat soundly.

    If Carolina beats Chicago, they’re golden. The Pats looked solid, let’s see how Indy looks this weekend.

  • Ok first – brain !@#$% fart. Patriots at Colts. Dooha.

    I’ve got zero animosity toward the Giants or Tiki, but these comments somehow seemed worse than those by Alexander last year, who was after all, not blaming anyone for a loss, just “cursing” the, in his mind, bad decision.

  • I tend to cut Tiki some slack. Like I said, I am a diehard Giants fan and Tiki’s been there a long time and done a lot for the Giants and the area.

    I’m sure we’ll hear more soon…heat of the moment kinda thing and all…

  • That would be a consistent argument, but the Tiki for MVP argument made a bit more sense. Although now it looks kinda dumb.

    And for the record, I’ve never met a Lupica column I … liked.

    And Temple, if Seattle can’t stop a Redskins offense that would play better if Mark Rypien (today) was throwing the ball, then expect to see a bunch of unhappy campers wearing … whatever the hell you call those color jerseys Seattle wears.


  • One of us should have done a live diary of the AKC Eukanuba 2006 National Championship. That would have been pure comedy. Definitely a lot less stressful than watching the NFL playoffs.

    Congratulations to the Alaskan Malamute.

  • So…Kobe Bryant scores 81 friggin’ points in a single game, and no one posts about it?

    C’mon, people! If we are going to be a serious sports Website, we need to cover the big stories, even if only superficially.

    (And before anyone points the finger at me, I was at work all day…)

  • Who wants to write a positive article about Kobe? I think it would be hard to cover him even if I got paid for it. He’s such a punk.

  • He’s still 19 shy of Wilt’s record, 19998 shy of Wilt’s other record.

    And RJ, that’s why there’s a sports open thread. For all the stuff we can’t get to.

    (I, too, was/am at work.)

  • I wasn’t calling you out, Matthew. I was simply venting a little.

    I literally woke up hearing about Kobe’s game (my alarm clock is tuned in to an AM sports talk station). I worked hard all day without a spare moment to check ESPN.com. Then I came home, read about the game, and eagerly went here to read what I assumed would be at least a couple articles about it.

    And there was nothing.

    So, in a moment of disappointment, I posted my little rant. No offense meant to anyone in particular. I was just hoping to read some good stuff about it from the BC.org crew… :-/

  • Pittsburgh by 6 – RJ’s Pick…

    Who dares challenge me? ;-P

  • Attn, Blogcritics: A reminder to get your Super Bowl picks into me, I’m putting them all in a post.

    My e-mail’s on the front of sports.

  • I’ve got two ideas for articles:

    1 – Pistons get 4 All-Star picks, none of which were chosen by the fans…

    2 – Pistons lose 4 of last 10 games, and are now barely ahead of the Spurs…

  • Great going Canada!

  • Graham Walters

    Football ( Soccer) plays a big part in the lives of a lot of people in the UK, it can be the talking point in the workplace until the next game, and there is always some banter between the supporters of the teams.
    The important thing to remember though is that it is only a game, and should not become your life focus.