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Software Review: Music Creator 6 From Cakewalk

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Music Creator 6 is the latest version of the entry level music creation software from Cakewalk. It turns your computer into a personal recording studio and gives you everything that you need to begin creating, editing and publishing music with professional quality. Once you have polished your tunes you can burn your own CD or publish it to SoundCloud and from there to Facebook or Twitter.

Based on some of the same technology that goes into Calkwalk’s high end professional editing software SONAR X1 it has a sound pedigree behind it. Since musical software does have certain needs for it to operate properly, you should examine the system requirements to confirm your system is ready to handle it.

Music Creator 6

To create music in Music Creator 6, you have what are called song construction kits – once you get comfortable with the building of songs, you can bypass these and work on your own. These give you the ability to create great sounding backing tracks through the use of over 1000 professionally recorded guitars, keyboards, drums, and more.

There are dozens of templates that include rock, hip-hop, orchestral, and more that will get you started. Once you find the musical loops that you want to use, you just drag and drop them into your project. You then arrange them in an order that you want, press play, listen, make adjustments, add more instruments, and repeat until your song is complete.

Do you play an instrument like keyboard or guitar? Perhaps you sing? You can use Music Creator to record vocals or any other instrument that can be recorded using a sound card, USB microphone, or Firewire audio interface. You can also record and edit MIDI using the Piano Roll View.

Music Creator 6

Music Creator 6 also comes with several virtual instruments such as the Cakewalk Sound Center that lets you access 150 different instruments such as guitars, basses, pianos, synths, ethnic sounds, and more. There are studio drums that are recorded with pre-recorded drum patterns that include Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and more. It also comes with a Roland TTS-1 Synth that comes with a huge assortment of sounds, as well as the ability to purchase additional Cakewalk Studio Instruments like the Virtual Bass Guitar, Virtual Strings, and Virtual Electric Piano.

You also have serious effects that come with Music Creator 6 such as the AmpliTube 3 CS that provides an epic guitar amp tone. Music Creator FX which comes with studio-quality effects that can be used on any track or bus (group of tracks) simultaneously.

You can mix your music in Music Creator 6 using professional effects and production tools. Using the Console View, you get a real hardware mixing look through the use of volume controls, panning, EQ, effects and more. Music Creator’s Console view emulates the hardware-style mixing consoles used in professional studios. Use your mouse to instantly get the perfect mix – no matter how many tracks you are working with in your project.

Music Creator 6

You can sculpt your sound using a built-in graphical EQ and an effects bin so that you can fill each track with whatever it needs to make it come to life. The EQ allows you to shape the tone of a particular instrument so that it fits with the rest of the sounds. Each effects bin can hold multiple processors so you can add additional space to vocals with reverb, add punch and fatness to drums with compression, or add character to instrument sounds with delay, modulation, and more.

Through the Matrix View you can Remix and make music in new and innovative ways. Simply drag a musical loop or phrase to a cell in the Matrix and trigger it with a mouse-click or from your MIDI keyboard. Remix tracks and even jam live with this musical tool. The Matrix View is also great for auditioning various parts of your songs like verses, choruses, fill, as well as testing out new arrangements.

Music Creator 6 also has several ways to share your music. You can upload your to SoundCloud – a free online service for sharing music. You can share it in classic fashion by printing it as musical notation for live performances, or burn as audio CD’s for playing in the car or other places.

Cakewalk has partnered with Groove3.com, a leading online resource for musicians and recording engineers of all levels, to include over an hour of instructional videos in Music Creator 6. If you want to see how this process works, you can even watch the training videos right now.

Music Creator 6

I found Music Creator 6 really easy to use and fun to play with. It uses the same type of interface that its big brother SONAR X1 uses so if you decide that you want to move up to the professional level of DAW, then you will be familiar with its interface. If you want an inexpensive way to get into digital music creation then I recommend Music Creator 6.

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  • SoloStrife

    guitars? Um all of them suck in music creator 6 the only type of guitar they did right was bass with a virtual bass guitar so it does not matter since they could not get 1 guitar right and they have a lot of them. even with all the sound expansions.

  • …..

    i don’t like it very much cause there are better sound studios like fl studio my only problem is that music creator 6 wont allow your keyboard to make sounds as if it were an actual piano like in fl studio to make the beats you must point in click on them which may take a week or a day depending if you know what you are doing.

    • SoloStrife

      VMPK with loopmidi will allow you to use your keyboard as a midi keyboard. The only thing you have to do is setup music creator 6 to work with loopmidi in a configuration setting same for VMPK. Then set up your key configurations in VMPK. It only takes about 20 to 30 minuets to do.

  • Klaus

    yes – works on windows 7

  • stebedos

    It is my birthday on 6th feb 2013 I havn’t got it yet but it sounds good to me!
    Will it work on windows 7?

  • Rick Holly

    As far as the sound goes: it’s like the old computer nomenclature “GIGO” garbage in,garbage out. Music Creator records in perfect digital quality and replicates what comes into it perfectly. If the signal you give Music Creator is distorted, noisy or just not good acoustically, the program will record what it gets perfectly (crappy sound included). Plan on getting a break out USB preamp with the type of inputs you need (microphone, line etc.). No matter what you may read you won’t get a good clean signal from your computers built in sound card with the 1/8 inch mic input or line input. Music Creator can give you pro results but only if you use a few semi-pro (and not too expensive) add on’s like a good preamp (under $100.00) and a decent condenser mic (try an MXL 990 also under $100.00 as a starter). This is not a toy or game software, it is serious recording software that requires time and effort to learn and patience to get quality results. You’ll be amazed at the end result.

  • Rick Holly

    I have Music Creator 6 on my home studio PC and my Dell Latitude notebook and have no tech issues on either. I must state that knowing the heavy ram and processing requirements for Music Creator 6 I bought a new PC (put together a Tiger Direct “Bare Bones” system with 8 Gig of ram and a Quadcore processor)and added 2 Gig more ram to my notebook. This program needs a computer with a bare minimum 2 Gig of Ram and I recommend at least 4 gig if you really want it to run smoothly.
    The program is great and loaded with a ton of really nice effects (delays,reverbs, compression, EQ, etc) and once you figure out how to use it you will be very impressed. I transfer tracks from my Tascam (2488) 24 track digital workstation and mix in the PC. I also just got a Behringer BCF2000 digital controller that works really well with Music Creator 6 so I have “hands on” experience with physical faders, pans, and other parameters.
    My only complaint is the lack of documentation. There is no decent manual for this software. They only give you a very basic start up guide that is almost useless so a lot it was trial and error on my part based on past experiences with recording software.

  • Alan

    Well Spanalaskaman, whats probably wrong is your computer. I havent bought this product, but i have bought windows Vista. THATS a piece of crap. I think Vista was one of the worst Windows ever.

    Now, what i really want to know is:
    for those who have used this product and are satisfied with it, does it have good sound, how much more did you spend on extra products for enhancement, etc. I want to know if this product is worth my time. This is because i have a Floor POD Plus, and ive heard many recordings with it and the Music Creator, and they sound fine. IS it worth it??

  • Dave The Music Man

    I think the program is a giveaway and is best value on the market.

    The softsynths alone are worth the cost. Quality is first class and good enough to make a world class CD

  • John

    Useless….do NOT buy this

    • Name?Nothanks

      Couldn’t agree more. I could sit here and rant/present my standpoint having worked with over 3 other professional grade DAW’s for over 5 years, but it wouldn’t make a difference. Any young bloods reading this, don’t buy this. There’s no good reason not to save a tiny bit more and slap your cash down on Reaper, Ableton, FL, Cubase. It’s just a re-hash of Sonar, but streamlined in the worst way, not user friendly at all and has a completely irritating and illogical interface/functionality. If you sing or only want to record guitar licks/riffs in and then bounce the tracks out into another software to process/arrange your songs and sounds, might be a decent purchase. Otherwise you may just die from an aneurysm trying to perform the most basic of functions, most of which any other given software (hell, even Audacity is an improvement in a lot of ways) has mastered and nearly perfected. For the record, the software runs fine, I just truly can’t stand EVERYTHING about it.

      Good thing it was gifted to me at random, I would be feeling some serious buyer’s remorse right now, best of luck to anyone who does pick this up. Tomato Tomahto, maybe you’ll enjoy it. But user friendly it certainly is not compared to any other given software, even free ones.

      Highly recommend against purchasing this.

  • djpfunk

    It works best if you already have some vst’s installed in your computer. This program works fine for me. I’m not sure what’s wrong with your pc. But I’m sure that you will need tons of memory available in order to run this program effectively.

  • sasha

    in response to spanalaskaman, this product works for me without error messages. Maybe it’s your computer’s problem. However, I don’t like the sounds it comes with. And I have to pay $100 for the extension packs? Guess it’s more worth it to buy a $500 dollar product rather than this $60 software that you will eventually spend more money on for better soft synths.

  • Spanalaskaman

    I’m posting again as an update to my first st. I did get it to load on my laptop but when I try to open the program it will not open and causes my computer to crash. I’m not the only one this happens to. I’d advise everyone to go look at how many others this is happening to. Once you but this product, it’s yours and nobody including the company will refund for this piece of crap. You get what you pay for and here’s a prime example. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT OR YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU DID!!!!!!!!

  • Spanalaskaman

    Don’t buy this product!! It’s full of problems. Error messages and will not load and some even reported crashing the computer. I bought it and have about 7 redirects on a two hour phone call that got me part of the download. I took it back because I never could get it to load on vista, which it says it’s compatible with. Ten thumbs down and I’ll never waste my money or time on this product or any Cakewalk product ever again

    • lol i dunno what he’s on about, i just mixed a hit indie record on this :p