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Shoot First, Proof Later: Florida’s New Gun Law

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Finding silver linings in the clouds of most of today’s top news stories sometimes takes a lot of work. Hell, even finding reasons to be optimistic about day-to-day life is tough. But on occasion I’ve been able to come up with some consoling thoughts about things that either scare me or really piss me off.

In an attempt to maybe lighten everyone’s load, I thought I would be generous enough to pass on two such calm-inducing scenarios. Neither offers a quick resolution to either problem, but each gives a glimmer of hope for the future: a straw to clasp as you clutch your head in anguish.

You’re lying in bed on a peaceful summer’s evening, when all of a sudden a low bass vibration begins to rumble up through the floor, inducing momentary fears of earthquakes, until you remember you don’t live in California. Your heart has only a momentary respite for calming, because in the moment that it took to understand that it wasn’t an act of God, the vibration has turned into the sound of an augmented car stereo.

Gritting your teeth, and praying to whatever you believe in that your sternum won’t collapse, you endure until it passes. The massive bass almost achieving brown line status (literally the low end frequency that causes the relaxation of the human bowel: better known as shitting oneself) overwhelms all other noise save for the persistent accompanying rattle of whatever vehicle is striving to contain the sound waves.

I can only think of two groups of individuals who would develop such insidious devices as massive subwoofers and mega bass amplifiers for use in automobiles. Obviously anybody with a stake in an auto body shop is going to love those things. There’s only so much wear and tear any car’s chassis can take. A friend who worked for a local shop told me they would have four or five of those cars in a week needing at least their doors re-hung, because the vibrations had shaken them loose in the hinges sufficiently to prevent them closing properly.

When I’m at my most satirical and humorously twisted, in other words pushed beyond the limits of rational thought, I speculate on the possibility that these devices were invented as a means of revenge for hundreds of years of repression by African Americans. One only needs to notice the predominance of young white males in baseball caps who drive these machines, and this begins to make some sort of insidious sense.

What better way to exact revenge than to create machines that render the users incapable of rational thought and most likely procreation? I can’t begin to imagine what that level of sound and vibration is doing to those young men’s sperm count?

The brilliance of the scheme is in its appeal to male testosterone: bigger and louder is better. Who has more of the hormone to burn than young males living in white suburban repressed society? What more fitting vengeance for cultural appropriation than to be rendered impotent by what you’ve stolen?

My own personal silver lining is tied into the loss of procreative abilities. Every time I hear one go by now, aside from wishing for a bazooka to blow them up on the offbeat, is the realization that they will never breed. Theses people will not reproduce, which given the gene pool most of them sprung from, increase the chances of survival for the rest of us enormously.

I have had thoughts along similar lines when it comes to the newly announced Florida gun laws. The so-called “stand your ground” law, which allows Floridians to use violence as a first choice, not a last resort, in a dispute. Instead of trying to defuse a situation, or attempting to walk away, you can now stand your ground and open fire in a situation you construe as threatening, and still plead self-defence.

This right already existed at home for the people of Florida (woe to the idiot Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness who knocked on anyone’s door) but now it’s been extended to include anywhere they have a right to be. You know, the sidewalk, the road, the supermarket, bars, etc. The only time they are not allowed to meet “force with force” is when confronted by an officer of the law.

I have a vision of the first time somebody cuts another person off in traffic, of an all-out street war ensuing. First it will be the initial participants opening fire, road rage is very threatening, but then drivers coming on the scene will be forced to enter into the fray as the bullets fly and they come under fire. What could be more menacing than being in a fire zone?

As more cars turn up at the scene more people will feel threatened, more weapons will be drawn and a full-scale firefight will ensue. Of course pedestrians will feel the need to stand their ground and will search for strategic places from which to return fire, or offer cover to their loved ones as they attempt to scurry home with their groceries.

Given the state of mind most people are in these days: hair-trigger anger caused by the high cost of fuel, (a shoot-out at a gas station is a lovely scenario to contemplate isn’t it?), paranoia about terrorists, the stress of work, and the fear of being shot on the drive to work, we ought to be seeing at least one of these shoot-outs a day before long.

It’s going to take a while for people to understand how much freedom this new act gives them, but once they understand, no threat will pass unchallenged, no challenge unanswered, and no answer unsupported by covering fire.

Of course this will be a big shot in the arm for various sectors of the economy. The big three will soon be able to add custom options of armour-plating and bullet-proof glass alongside air-conditioning for cars destined for the Florida market. The makers of flak jackets should see the value of their businesses go through the roof, and it will create a whole new category of car and personal insurance.

Aside from the NRA and arms manufacturers, my guess is it’s hard for a lot of people to see a silver lining in these circumstances. Well it’s glaringly obvious to me: hopefully all the gun nuts will move to Florida and end up killing each other. The variety of circumstances in which people will now feel able to pull a weapon out and begin blasting away are as myriad as there are things that you have to do in a day.

Any time two humans come into contact with each other on the street these days the chances of one them feeling threatened are quite high. If in even fifty percent of these circumstances someone draws a gun there is the reality of a fatality being the result. How long could it take before we see an appreciative drop in their numbers?

Remember it only takes one person to begin an incident, and than it should spread like wildfire, ripples of threat permeating through the crowd in the mall until it looks like downtown Beirut at the height of the civil war. If nothing else this law should at least eliminate the Republican plurality in the state, ensuring that in the next presidential election it goes Democrat.

I know the news always seems so dreary and depressing. Every day it gets harder and harder to find positives in a world full of war, drought, pestilence, and famine. But if you look hard enough, and from the right twisted perspective, you can give yourself some faint glimmers of hope. Of course hope, like anything else, is in the eye of the beholder.

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  • I like your silver linings!

  • Theses people will not reproduce, which given the gene pool most of them sprung from, increase the chances of survival for the rest of us enormously.

    I hope you prove to be correct.

  • NO TRESPASSING for Wolves in sheep’s clothing cults.

    Think about this-When the devil comes knocking on your door he may not have the ‘dark goth look’.They could be smartly dressed and wielding the Christian Bible.

    I have Jehovah’s Witnesses family who practice the Watchtower JW enforced ritual shunning that i have not seen or heard from in 15 years.

    The Watchtower is a truly Orwellian world and a predatory cult.


  • The Searcher

    I do appreciate your satire.

    On a serious note: in the aggregate, it’s not the “gun nuts”, aka the law abiding citizens who own firearms, that are doing most of the killing, is it? If you ask the average person in the city why they don’t feel safe walking down Main Street at night, odds are they will not tell you it’s because they fear the “gun nuts”.

    In Texas, gun control advocates confidently predicted bloody anarchy in the streets when the concealed handgun law was passed. They must still be genuinely shocked that it never happened. The law has been in effect for over ten years and to my knowledge, all of the incidents brought before the grand jury involving permit holders have been no-billed.

    At any rate, to characterize the Florida law as “shoot first, ask questions later” is rhetorically-useful, but factually-inaccurate. The issue at hand is the permission to “meet force with force” without first being required to “diffuse and retreat”. I expect this does not mean you can shoot someone for yelling at you. However, I expect it does mean that you can shoot someone who’s beating the crap out of you without first asking him to stop and trying to run away.

    My guess is that anyone who is physically threatened and possesses the coping and physical tools necessary to respond, will do so whether the law allows it or not. The forces between individuals, not the laws, govern behavior and outcomes in these situations.

    It will be interesting to see how the statistics play out in Florida over the next few years.

  • Your simplistic post is incorrect factual and legally. You would still go to jail for the traffic dispute example. It only says that you can use deadly force to protect your self. Under the old law, you would have to hide under your bed before you could defend your self. Trouble is by then it is often too late; that is why shooting somebody as they actively kick your door open is a better idea than waiting till after they raped your teenage daughter for the fourth time.

  • Sanity

    It’s been said that those people who are afraid of guns and imagine all types of crazy scenarios similar to a Hollywood movie are actually doubting themselves and their own decision making process. I’m glad that the author does not own a gun as it appears that he’d be one of those “shoot at a Jehova’s Witness” individuals, or would kill someone over a traffic dispute. Every gun owner I know is a law abiding individual, which is why he/she still owns a gun. Federal law would preclude such owner from owning a gun in the first place if he/she was not.
    I think that this author should either grow up or learn to take the responsibility to protect himself or his family…that is if they are woirth it to him.

  • Richard

    Amazingly we have JUST that problem right now in Washington, D.C. Where the mere possession of a handgun is entirely illegal. All while Arizona, which has an exact duplicate ‘stand your ground’ law has NO WHERE NEAR the same numbers of shootings in the streets.
    Just look at the Swiss.

  • Guess what, Florida is neither the first nor the last state to have such a law (or similar legal conditions through *lack* of law, imagine that). Here in good ol’ Washington State, we have always had the right to respond with deadly force when we believe somebody is threatening our lives. No scenario such as the one you envisioned has EVER occurred. This is because contrary to what the left seems to think, the average American CAN BE TRUSTED to do the right and sensible thing and they don’t have to wait for the government to come do it for them. In fact, based on research done by Cramer and Kopel, average citizens are 5 times less likely to shoot an innocent person than police. I suggest you go check out http://www.gunfacts.info for sources to this and other studies.

    Also, I have to ask, when this law generates no significant problems, just as there have been no problems in other states (do you really think Floridians are categorically less competent than other Americans? You should be ashamed of yourself, saying that a legal condition in Florida will result in mass shootings where it has had no effect elsewhere.), will you change your opinion about the law, or gun ownership, or anything whatsoever? How much evidence do you people need? Gun ownership keeps going up, the number of states that allow concealed carry has come to include 37 of 50 (up from 9 20 years ago), and yet all these scenarios you daydream about and try to use to justify stripping law-abiding citzens of their rights and turn them into government-dependent victims-waiting-to-happen like yourself NEVER HAPPEN. People like you who use fearmongering instead of facts make me sick.

  • Dennis

    As a South Florida resident and concealed weapon license holder I must say that there are many inaccuracies in all the posts. First, the “Stand your ground lae” only applies to outside of your house or car. The so-called castle doctrine has been in effect for hundreds of years. In your house you have NO duty to retreat if someone enters without permission. This principle was extended to places where people had a legal right to be. IE you cannot go on someone’s property, shoot them when they attack you and claim self-defense.

    That being said, when I took the course for my CCW the instructor told me that if I am ever in a situation that requires force, I better be SURE that the person I am about to shoot was going to attack. There has to be proof that they were going to harm you or someone else before you can act…otherwise it is murder. The Brady Bunch and their minions (like the author) claim that there will be wild west style shootings everyday stemming from arguments at the store, bar (which you cannot carry a weapon into as a CCW holder anyway) etc. These baseless claims are nothing more than hysterical fearmongering as a result of sour grapes.

    On another note…the author gets no credit at all b/c of this little beauty.
    “Theses people will not reproduce, which given the gene pool most of them sprung from, increase the chances of survival for the rest of us enormously.”

    Typical liberal ploy…you have no rational argument. Your opinion is baseless and void of any facts. You ignore overwhelming evidnce to fit your preconceived ideas. So, when confronted and forced to actually think you get defensive b/c you are WRONG. So instead of admitting it, you write crap like this. Insulting the other side instead of having a meaningful discussion. This is why the Democratic party is failing miserably. Until this changes no Democrat has a real chance of gaining ground in states other than CA, the NE area, WA and so on. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  • James

    Are you retarded? Even mildly? Come on, man. I don’t know what planet you’re from, but here on this one, the right of self-defense is nothing new.
    You do nothing but repeat a tired line. Within the last several years, as many states began adopting right-to-carry laws for their citizens, people such as yourself used the same “bloodbath over a parking space” predictions to try and prevent the laws from hitting the books. Guess what. It never happened. Against all the gun-grabbers hopes & dreams of I-told-you-so’s, people didn’t go around randomly killing other people over trivial nonsense.
    The same is true with these new “Castle Doctrine” laws. The laws don’t sanctify murder. They allow a person who is being attacked, or threatened with violence, to protect themselves using whatever means necessary.
    Thanks to this law, gone are the days of would-be victims being charged with murder or manslaughter because they shot/stabbed/beat their assailant in defense of themselves. No more midnight-robbers suing homeowners for causing them injuries while they tried to help themselves to someone else’s property in the middle of the night.
    The fact that you are against empowering people, and presumably, hoping to force them to rely on the state and police for their protection (which, according to a recent Supreme Court ruling, IS NOT OBLIGATED TO and CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR FAILING TO PROVIDE protection to individuals)shows your ignorance.
    You, sir, are a moron. You and your ilk are what’s wrong with America.


    Good job Florida, I hope this gets a lot of attention and then we can show the left, AGAIN what happens when good couragous people are armed and are willing to accept the responsibility of defending themselves and their families.
    Just like Richard said
    More Guns = Less Crime

  • The Duke

    1. Guns cause fear, yep they do. But out of sight is out of mind. And the criminals understand that in a society that provides everyone to carry concealed weapons, they (the criminal) never really knows who is armed and who is not.

    2. More guns cause more accidents. Dunno, but this is one area which I always wanted to address with a simple solution. Want to own and carry a gun? Simple, own all the guns you can physically carry. If you leave a gun unattended and a child gets it and discharges it… the first question asked should be “why weren’t you carrying it?” Why not indeed. In the old days a person owned a pistol a rifle and a shotgun, and a saddle and a horse and rode around armed. Why not do that today (sans horse), buy a pistol and carry it, always. But what about rifles or shotguns? Hmmm… maybe rent them if you hunt, or store them in a bank vault or in a home vault that is usually very heavy, very sophisticated and very expensive. Can’t afford it, only buy guns you can physically carry… all the time. Kids couldn’t get a hold of them if you’re carrying them. Gotta do yard work? Gotta take ’em off to shower… lock them up. Why not? We have guns, we need guns, guns are not going away. There will ALWAYS be weapons, ALWAYS… there is no getting around that, a screwdriver and a hammer is a weapon for crying out loud.

  • A most deadly weapon is the two ton automobile.We outlaw drunk drivers not vehicles.

  • More guns=Less crime, More drinking drivers=Less accidents More men=Less rape, More nuclear weapons=Less war, More violence=Less crime; More people ready for violence= Less actual violence.

    Where do such ideas lodge that they come out of the woodwork when gun control is mentioned?

    Excellent post. The first time I saw a sign in Texas as I entered a supermarket warning people to leave their concealed weapons outside; I was gripped by the fear of a bunch of Western rednecks armed to the teeth and heading for the beer cooler.

    I am from Florida (escaped when I was 19) and grew up with rascist, anti-intllectual, anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, violent, hard-drinking, hard-driving Good Ole Boys. In this modern and more violent and tense world would I want to see them carrying concealed firepower? About as quickly as I want to see Florida build a monument to Auchwitz and hand out free guns to WASP Bubbas. The obligatory rifle in the back window of your pickup is dangerous enough; but those same people with shoulder holsters and boot holsters is less than comforting.

  • bullshit


  • Erico Garcia

    I my self have a Gun Permit, and I think it it very nesecery to carry a gun in Miami for Honest citezens like myself that work hard and do the right things in life to live the life they live and have some punk that want to have the good things in life the easy way by holding up people and living a life of crime, not with me BABY!!!! I work everyday and have a nice honest family and do the right thing and you try to hold me or my family up and pull a gun out on me to steal or threten my familys life, your in for a big surprise, I aint going out like that, your in for a big surpise when you pull your gun or knife out on me and have your head blown of in self defense

    Just look at the Swiss.”

    yes, do look at the swissswitzerland has very strict gun control laws and still has a higher murder rate than in those countries where bans exist on handguns and assault weapons…nonetheless, it is their mandantory military service requirement and gun ownership regulations that leaves them with a murder rate about 1/5 of the united states, not the ridiculous notion that one has rights with only minimal, and often sans, responsibility…

    i’m all for the right to bear arms when the bearer is knowledgeable, educated, trained, and raised up in a system of responsibility from day one…anything short of that is flat out irresponsible on the part of the country guaranteeing the right in the first place without a mandantory inclusion of education and training, and on the part of the individual who thinks he/she is a fit owner by virtue of nothing more than geographical birth…
    the vast majority of gun owners in the united states who have not served in the military have only a familial familiarity with weapons, their education is minimal and rarely formal, and their training is optional…none of this compares to switzerland…
    weapons themselves are a craft, their handling an art rife with skill and history…it sickens me to see this part of our culture treated with no more respect and dignity than is given the purchase of used furniture at a flea market…its regard has been allowed to be reduced by wild-west-wannabes and a band of irresponsible and/or untrained and/or uneducated fear mongers whose population grows with each passing permit…
    uneducated, untrained, and unknowledgeable people show their true colors every day showing up in and providing neverending fodder for the statistical profiles of vehicular accidents, child injury and death, machinery operation accidents, work-related accidents, and irresponsible use of weaponry…so many people are caught up with a fear of crime and criminals that they neglect to address the far more leading cause of death and injury: their own damned ignorance…
    so sure, go look at the swiss…then come back and finish your education beause that’s what responsible people do with their rights: acknowledge and follow through with their responsibilities…
    anything less than that is just that, less, not swiss

  • A. Scott

    Diana Hartman your and idiot, the reason the swiss have only 1/5 the murder we do is because they have LESS people. And Geographical birth is an issue, we are Americans, not Chinese or Africans. Your born here and live an honest life, here are your right’s. Its all in the Constitution and bill of rights. And let me tell you something about informal training, my father handed me a 357 mag pistol when I was 5 years old and told me that it was a gun and told me the parts of the weapon and that it was dangerous and could kill me or someone else unless it was respected and this went on till I was about 9, I realised what death was fully and so fully respected the weapons in our home. That is as informal as you can get but it was more than effective and let me add, my military training with the Marines wasn’t any damn different, after two combat tours and 4 years fro my Corps I am still an advocate of the second ammendment and concealed weapons carry. This country will never be invaded and conqured because almost everyone has a gun of some type in their home. So all of you Communist, Government dependant, spinless, gun fearing dolts out there, just sit back and let the real American’s protect you when your getting shot at by a 15 year old gang banger who doesn’t care what the law’s are and will own and illegally carry a gun and shoot all you unarmed cattle and take your shoes and wallet from your bleeding body. Or obliderate the right to carry laws and we will run from the kid with the gun while you get rolled for a 20 dollar bill. You decide, survival or extinction.

    Semper Fidelis

  • E. Wilkinboat

    Semper Fidelis-
    You may know how to operate a .357 but you need to learn how to operate the English language. If you can’t bother to encumber yourself by the thought process and learn the basics of grammar, spelling, and usage, at least learn to run spell check. By the way, it’s .357 not 357.
    Hope this helps.

  • Late notice but,

    This post was chosen by the section editor as a BC pick of the week. Go HERE (link) to find out why.

    And thank you

  • sr

    A.SCOTT. SEMPER FIDELIS.YOUR COMMENT IS RIGHT ON. THANK YOU MARINE. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT A NEGATIVE COMMENT DIRECTED AT YOU IS THE BEST A LIB CAN OFFER. [Deleted by Comments Editor] My daughter is a Navel Aviator. She will risk it all just like you Scott so libs can promote condemnation directed at the best of the best America offers. God bless you Scott for your service. SEMPER FIDELIS.

  • Rob Bruno

    I feel the law is outrageous. It is unecessary to have a law of shoot first and ask questions later. I wouldnt feel safe walking around the sreets carrying guns and if i screw up and threaten them at all, they can shoot me. I think it is totally wrong. I like to hunt and things like that, but this is taking to far and this law should be outlawed.

  • sr

    Rob, What gun law are you talking about? Walking around the streets carrying guns. Unless you have a CCW which requires a federal background check you would be breaking the law. Florida like many other states permits you to have a weapon at home or in your car. It is called the Castle Doctrine. No state allows its citizens to carry weapons around unless they have the CCW. Rob what do you hunt and things like that? Do you belong to the NRA? Do you hunt with handguns or longguns? You said this law should be outlawed. You know the old saying. When you outlaw guns only the outlaws will have guns. Stop watching CNN Rob.

  • weebeast

    I wonder how many of the people so quick to post about this have even bothered to READ the law? It amazes me how many people are willing to spew their opinions on something without bothering to take the time to become the least bit informed on the subject. That kind of mindless drivel is exactly why pure democracy has always been a horrible idea. That is why this country was designed as a republic, not a democracy. We have majority rule (democracy) but fortunately tempered by minority rights, guaranteed by the Constitution. And that Constitution, with the Bill of Rights includes my right to keep and bear – that is keep and BEAR, as in carry around with me – arms. It also says my right to keep and bear arms shall be UNENCUMBERED. For the lady who has nothing more to offer our marine than grammatical corrections, I wonder if you are familiar with the definition of the word unencumbered? Hm?

    And lets not forget, the 2nd Amendment was not designed to protect us from 2 bit thugs, although it does that when it is allowed to. It was designed to protect us from jackbooted thugs. We are supposed to be able to have the same weapons issued to standard military personnel because that is our only guarantee that our government will not get too big for it’s britches. The first thing the Nazis did in Germany was institute gun registration. Then they used their handy dandy list of all the guns to institute gun confiscation. Then they murdered millions of unarmed people. The incredibly brave people in the Warsaw ghetto uprising held off the Germans for weeks with little or no training and only a handful of weapons. Ever wonder what might have happened if the people had refused to be disarmed in the first place? I do. I, personally, will always refuse to be disarmed in the first place.

    And since we’re busy throwing around statistics, Vermont has no carry laws whatsoever. Everyone in the state of Vermont, resident or no, has the right to carry simply by being in the state. Vermont also has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. Almost makes me want to move to Vermont.

    The Duke, you are correct, hammers and screwdrivers can be weapons. So according to your logic, you’d better not own more screwdrivers or hammers (or saws, or steak knives for that matter) or any combination of the above, than you are able to carry with you at all times. If you do own more of any of the above items than you can carry with you at all times (or if you simply don’t bother to carry all of them with you at all times) I wonder why you’re even talking?

  • !0 years ago Florida had one of the highest levels of violent crimes and property crimes in the country. Tourists from Europe were being advised to no longer travel there because they would inevitably get carjacked while leaving the rental car agency.

    Since the passage of the concealed carry law and the new ‘stand your ground’ law their crime rate has dropped enormously, far outstripping any other state in a time of generally dropping crime rates, and these laws are really the only change there which can account for the decline in crime.


  • weebeast

    Infringed, shall not be infringed. I mistyped encumbered and didn’t catch it in time, I apologize.

  • A nice new handgun, ok?


  • sr

    #24 Weebeast. Well stated. I dont recall anything about a LADY you mentioned, however Ms. spell check and grammer police come to mind. What was the movie, maybe mistee in Seattle. Yes we are a Republic. Take away the 2nd Amendment and all the rest become void. Hitler would have a field day with America today. Guess who would be first on the list. Great comment Weebeast and for my friend A.SCOTT. MERRY CHRISTMAS. SEMPE FI. My friend Weebeast. What is a Weebeast?

  • weebeast

    Why it is a wee beastie of course 😉

  • sr

    Wee Beastie of course;) You gave me the laugh I needed this day. Gracias Amigo. MERRY CRISTMAS. Wiskey make me forget grammer and spell check. Mistee in Seattle where art thou when I need you?

  • sr

    Rob Bruno. Asked you in Dec 05 what gun law are you talking about. Your silence speaks for itself

  • Stan

    Hope you find this interesting. It’s a muliple-choice question.
    You are female, liberal and anti-gun. Your boyfriend, a gun-nut are sharing a Friday evening playing a bord game and watching some decorrating show on HGTV. Then comes the sound of broken glass from the back side of your rented house. Before you can react a man walks in. Yes young lady, you did implement that restraining order 2 months ago against your old boyfriend now standing in front of you. Of course he said that he would kill you. To protect yourself the restraining order made it all legal which for sure would keep him away. In front of you are two items. Your cell phone and your boyfriends 357mag. Do you pick up the the phone and call 911?
    Or do you pick up the 357mag? The correct answer is your cell phone. Why? You are female, liberal and anti-gun. You have no clue how to point the gun, let alone what a trigger is. Thank God you picked the cell phone and called 911. Now the police will be-able to find your new dead boyfriend and your raped dead body.


    This is based on true facts which happen over 10,000 times per year in the US.

  • Stan

    Wrote this 3-18-06. No comments. That was to be expected because it cant be challenged. Where are all the anti-gun libs. Watching butt back mountain no dought and wish they could spell Glock.

  • Stan

    HO HUM

  • Stan

    So where,s the Brady Bunch on this? Calling all liberal anti-gun types. Chime in.

  • Stan

    From the AP wire. Sarah Brady, The founder of Handgun Control was just arrested for Illegal possession of an unlicenced firearm. Not sure this news story is correct, however Im searching to validate if true or not since this was given second hand. Will keep you posted since this may be a scam or something. Some input would help if this is true.

  • OMG that would be ironic if true.


  • Stan

    Dave, let me know what you find. Im still searching. Must admit I always question the source like you.

  • Make’s it so you can’t reproduce…
    Wow you truley are ignorant, and you speak of Natural Selection & Survival of the fittest. Sound’s to me like you would be one of the first to go.

    How about some medical documentation? Anything with proof other than your bottle of wine you oviously downed before you wrote this.

  • Stan

    Richard Marcus, Like all things this is just a part of natural selection. You cant fight it. Relax and accept it. Let evolution be your guide into the future.

  • MoreGuns LessCrime

    Well, it’s been over a year since your little uniformed rant on guns and the crime rate in Florida continues to drop. The blood baths you predicted never happened and the streets of Florida are more safe. How does it feel to be totally wrong, again?

    Too bad about the pesky thing we call the Constitution that gives us the right to bear arms huh? Otherwise you we’d have more dead people who died because the criminal knew they were unarmed and couldn’t defend themselves. Then again, your concern isn’t really to save lives. You just don’t like guns. When people die because criminals are running rampant, you’ll look the other way.

  • Stan

    MoreGunslessCrime#41. So few comments. You said it best. R-Tard must have me pegged for liberal. Not so sir. I speak Glock, AK47 and many others. God bless the 2nd Amendment. Do linerals tot guns? Think not. What easy prey.

  • sr

    Im still waiting for the death and destruction due to Florida’s new gun law. Will check back later. Im sure we will have some stat’s of the defistation it caused. Just dont hold your breath folks. Libs and anti-gun types please feel free to hold your breath 5 minutes or longer. Of course you could also let rosy o caress your face with them big fat sweat cheeks. Must depart. Think its time to vomit/heave. Uaaaggghhhh.

  • Floridian

    Being a Floridian, I’d just like to state: Allowing law abiding citizens, to own, carry, and draw when threatened, without fear of persecution, only takes power away from the criminals, and puts it in the hands of the responsible, law abiding citizens.

    God bless the Gunshine state!

  • Gun Owning Dem

    2 years later and FLA hasn’t turned into the Tombstone. Silly fear mongers, when are you gonna learn some humility?

  • Skyler

    ^ Seriously. Relax. Florida is nowhere near the ridiculous picture you paint in this post. Pretty funny that it’s been over two years and nothing even close to this has happened.

  • Kb

    Sorry, but your description of everyone in FL, or moving to FL being a gun toting nut is inaccurate. Also, your description of a shoot-out everyday…well, that has been occurring way before the new gun law was passed. Why should I have to run when being attacked and in fear for my, or my families life? Lastly, the responsibility of owning and carrying a gun is not without consequnce and willy-nilly as you explained it. Guns cannot legally be carried into bars for example (as you wrote it). Besides, do you think this new law really changed much as to who owns/carries a gun and/or where they carry it? I don’t. The law states that even if a person uses deadly force upon another – it is a fine line and there is a MANDATORY prison sentence the person is facing if found that there was no real threat. This scares the hell out of me. I am a gun owner and have the CWP – but I do not carry it on me unless I go camping. It is not worth it and others I know feel the same…because the LAWs suck! They protect the criminals the most!

  • i think you should know fags and cars kill more people per year than guns, AIDs kills more than guns so why not kill everyone with AIDS, cars and fags to eliminate 99% of the world that way the otehre 1% could carry guns but never run into any one as they are the only person with in 100 miles, alternative you can take the guns away from people and then illegal guns will be imported or made, (very simple to make a gun) and there will be no way of catching people with these guns as the police wont be allowed them,,, MURDER FOR ALL..
    P.S. every house should have a gun, every man should be allowed to carry a gun on his person, for defence and attack,i like the saying : bullets change govenments far surer that votes. and also : ACTIONS SPEAK LOADER THAT WORDS< we really need to kill every govenment in this world and distroy all religion. only then will we be free.

  • Anon

    Three years now. And no gun battles in the middle of city streets. The guy that wrote this article i feel sorry for. He is very closed minded.

  • Three years now. And no gun battles in the middle of city streets.

    Ah, but how do we know there isn’t somebody standing next to you holding a gun to your head and making you type that…?

  • STM

    Lunacy …

  • zingzing

    #48 there deserves an award.

  • nothing like you

    i have to agree with #44, i am a florida citizen, and i see nothing wrong with allowing some decent people to carry guns, and if someone pulls a gun on me i sure as hell am not just going to stand there and let them shoot me without a fight… if you want to pick out flaws in a state, choose illinois, more specifically CHICAGO, highest crime rate in AMERICA, and people like you made their senator our president, thanks alot

  • Floridian

    Almost four years since your “article”. Funny how your biased and close minded view of the situation has not occurred yet. I am a law abiding, concealed carrying, Floridian, and still applaud my state for passing this resolution.

  • Chandler Strickland

    This is proposterous.
    -Bass does not effect ones sperm count cite your sources for this.
    -The outburst of violence on the streets is rediculous

    It was humorous however, i like your writing style.
    Oh, and ill keep the bass down low for ya’ 😉