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Screen Time 8/31/10 – The Emmys and More!

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On this week’s episode of Screen Time we spoke about – potentially for the last time ever – Persons Unknown.  Last week we covered the fact that one episode of the series was shown online only, it did not get broadcast on NBC.  As it turned out, it was kind of an important episode.  Worse than that, NBC’s promises that all would be revealed by the end of the season proved… less than accurate. 

Erin Medley and I also took some time tonight to go through our lists of winner and losers at this year’s Emmys (NPH was stiffed again for his role on HIMYM even if he did take home another award).  Although Erin and I didn’t agree on everything (like NPH deserving an Emmy for his portrayal of Barney), we both felt as though the move away from Amazing Race was the right one in terms of this past year’s exceedingly disappointing cycles.  The discussion continues well beyond that however, click play below to give it a listen.

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  • Felicity

    Josh, why did you say that Boardwalk Empire being the best new fall pilot doesn’t matter ’cause it’s on HBO? I fail to see your logic, really. If anything, it seems to me that the broadcast new crops of shows is pretty weak, generic and bland, so why not search for something original outside the big 4? I think we can all agree that the best tv shows nowadays are on cable, be it basic or premium. I mean, I watched The Good Wife, Modern Family and Community, to name a few of the broadcast critics darlings, but they don’t even compare to the AMC and FX shows in terms of quality (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Damages, Sons of Anarchy).
    With all the new media options out there, you don’t even have to subscribe to these channels to get to see their shows, so why the continued perception that the tv season starts and ends with ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, when clearly that is no longer valid?

  • I said it because the question was meant to be about broadcast networks, not cable. Obviously some of the best shows are on cable, they just weren’t what was being talked about.

  • Felicity

    Ok, thanks for clarifying 🙂
    Any chance you’re gonna do a podcast about cable’s new offerings then? I really enjoyed this one, especially Erin’s continued enthusiasm towards The Vampire Diaries (to whom I completely agree, btw), and your lack of towards everything CW 😀

  • We tend to discuss whatever has struck our fancy over the course of the previous week and what’s coming up the next week. Right now, with the new broadcast season starting, it’s broadcast network fare, soon it will turn more towards cable again. And, of course, if there’s something you’re watching or curious about that you want us to mention just let us know.

  • And, thank you!