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Robin Williams Lands Among iTunes Top Albums, Usher #1

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I think Springsteen said it best when he said, "My sons one thing you will learn, for everything the north gives, it exacts a price in return."  What am I talking about?  Soul death, of course.  I think I've found a cure for it.  Each week, I spend precious time writing about these songs I'll never likely download or listen to willingly.  To counteract the soul death that would normally result, I am trying to find time to write about what blues listeners are listening to and I'm finding myself much happier as a result. 

The most interesting title on this week's chart has to be the comedy album from Robin Williams, Weapons of Self Destruction.  I love Robin Williams.  I think he's a phenomenal talent and I'm not alone in that.  What does shock me is that so many people have downloaded his stand up show.  Comedy albums haven't generally been big sellers in ages.  I would have never thought he'd get his record in there with Justin Bieber, the remnants of Wu-Tang, or Lady GaGa.  You really will see everything if you stick around long enough.

A lot of music writers are wondering if Usher is going to score a comeback with his Raymond V Raymond album.  For one week the answer to that is yes as his album is #1 and he has a Top 10 single.  Erykah Badu managed to crack the Top 10 albums and I'm sure it had nothing to do with her controversial new video.  It's amazing to me anyone can still create controversy.  You'd think there was nothing left to shock and offend and yet it happens.  We'll see if her album is in the Top 10 because of a stunt or because the listening public wants to hear her sing once again.

Here's the complete albums and singles list.

iTunes' top 10 selling singles of the week ending April 5, 2010:

  1. "Hey, Soul Sister" – Train
  2. "Nothin' On You (feat. Bruno Mars)" – B.o.B
  3. "Rude Boy" – Rihanna"
  4. "Break Your Heart (feat. Ludacris)" – Taio Cruz
  5. "Baby" – Ludacris, Justin Bieber
  6. "Telephone" – Lady GaGa, Beyonce
  7. "Omg (feat. will.i.am)" – Usher
  8. "When I Look At You" – Miley Cyrus
  9. "Imma Be" – Black Eyed Peas
  10. "Need You Now" – Lady Antebellum

iTunes' top 10 selling albums of the week ending April 5, 2010:

  1. Raymond v Raymond – Usher
  2. New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh – Erykah Badu
  3. My World 2.0 – Justin Bieber
  4. Wu Tang Presents… Wu-Massacre – Raekwon, Method Man, Ghostface Killah
  5. Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
  6. The Fame Monster  – Lady GaGa
  7. Weapons of Self Destruction – Robin Williams
  8. Someday – Rob Thomas
  9. Freight Train – Alan Jackson
  10. The Last Song (Original Soundtrack) – Various Artists
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  • The reason he made it so high is he hasn’t had an album out since 2002. Long time to wait

  • Youre right that it’s been awhile, Matthew, but comedy albums still aren’t big sellers these days so it still surprised me. I like Williams a lot so I’m glad but surprised.