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Reviews in Brief: Incarnate #3 by Nick Simmons and Nam Kim

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After advertising itself as a three-book mini-series, the third ish of Nick (Son O’ Gene) Simmons and Nam Kim’s Incarnate (Radical Comics) has arrived with a big ol’ “To Be Continued” affixed to the bottom of its last story page. Pretty disappointing, especially since the third book is awash with demon/human fight scenes that deliver on the splatter but do little to advance either plot or character. Lots of double- and triple-crosses during the fightin’, but the only figure we halfway care about is the half-shaven demon Connor, who comes across the most fallible of these dueling baddies.

Our anti-hero, the immortal teen (is that a rock ‘n’ roll metaphor or wot?) Mot, spends much of the fight as a giant bat-winged monster: visually interesting but essentially characterless. While we’re given a glimpse of the demon lad’s background torment, it isn’t enough to elevate our interest in the character, who comes across more bratty than anything. Basically, this mini-series is about nasty non-humans battling nearly-as-nasty humans, and while the bloody spectacle has its moments — artist Kim provides lots of appealingly splashy fight panels that owe as much to early Marvel as they do manga fight comics — in the end, Incarnate proves as enduring as flashpot explosives in a heavy metal concert.

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  • Juliet

    How do you spell ‘plagiarist’? N-I-C-K S-I-M-M-O-N-S. If there is anything good in this manga, it’s because it has already been done before, by the creators of One Piece, Hellsing, and Bleach — who did NOT need to bank off their father’s fame, thanks.

  • cassi

    Nick Simmons is a tracer and not an artist!!

  • Read the first six volumes of Bleach a couple of years ago – and for some reason never got any further – but I think I can see where the swipe charges come from. In comics, of course, there’s a long and ignoble history of artists “borrowing” from other artists – so this is nuthin’ new. I have to admit I’m unclear whether Simmons is the major culprit here, though – or if artist Nam Kim is.