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Profile of a Pedophile: Michael Jackson and Beyond

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It seems that there is no end to the number of sick and disturbed individuals weaved into the very fabric of our society intent on exploiting and hurting children.

We have children abducted from their beds, front yards and neighborhoods only to be sexually assaulted and killed – and those are just the headline stories your hear about. There are far more that go unreported in the news, and even more that never make it to the authorities. Sexual abuse is a crime that still holds a stigma for the victim, even when the victim is a helpless child.

The most famous case in the news now is of course Michael Jackson, and what is so interesting about his case isn’t that he is famous, but rather how obvious his profile as a predator is, and yet his “alleged” abuse went unchecked for years.

Michael fits the profile to a T, with the exception of his wealth and fame. Single man, over the age of 30, feels more at home with children than people his own age, obsessed with children of a certain age and gender, uses toys and gifts to attract children to him, showers children with attention and affection, tends to pick children who are troubled and vunerable and easy to manipulate. Most pedophiles of this type don’t attack children they don’t know, as that is too risky; their goal is to lure them into their net, groom them, seduce them, gain their trust and have the child “willingly” submit to the abuse. This has two purposes: it alleviates any lingering guilt in the mind of perpetrator that what they are doing is immoral, and it makes the abuse easier and less likely to be discovered.

Children lured into these types of abusive relationships often don’t tell anyone about the abuse because they feel that they are culpable and therefore feel a sense of misguided loyalty to their abuser. It is a very sick but common occurrence, and often (but not always) these children go on to become abusers themselves, further perpetuating the vicious cycle.

I am not sure what happened in Michael’s childhood that stunted his sexual maturity, but somewhere along the line his normal development from pubescent boy to sexual mature adult went amiss. It would be safe to say that he was more likely than not a victim of some kind of abuse himself. This is no excuse though, and knowing the source does not create a cure.

Think about your own sexual nature and your own proclivities. Can you conceive any outside influence that would make you change your chosen course? Is it reasonable to assume that a person can wake up tomorrow and turn their sexual fantasies off and make them feel a different way than they inherently feel?

Perhaps the reason we haven’t as a society treated these crimes more severely is that we would have to admit that people truly can’t help their sexual urges; and then in turn, we would have to admit that perhaps homosexuals are who they are and should therefore be accepted and treated as any other sexually oriented individual.

Does this mean that homosexuals suffer from some mental disorder? No, not in my opinion. It is perfectly normal for a sexually healthy person to seek the company of a consensual peer (regardless of gender and orientation) it is not healthy to seek the sexual company of someone who is NOT sexually mature either physically or mentally. If manipulation, coercion, or force is used, that is a violent crime, even if violence isn’t used – these actions are the work of sick and unhealthy mind.

We as a society must begin to distinguish between the two and punish the intent and actions of those who impose their sexual urges on those who are unable to defend themselves. That is the nature of these crimes, and that is the distinction.

Pedophiles may be acting on uncontrollable sexual urges, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for their actions. More importantly, they can’t be cured of these urges anymore than I can be cured of mine, and as long as we recognize that the actions are illegal and rehabilitation isn’t an option, then incarceration is the only answer.

And from where I am sitting, permanent incarceration is the only viable solution.

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  • ron

    not all adult child sex is harmfull read the rind study 1998 so before you all open your bigoted mouths do some Research.

  • that’s a wonderfully misogynistic way of looking at men.

    Since when is it possible to be misogynistic towards men?

  • Shane

    What’s interesting really is how Michael is perceived to be a predator because he was strange. It’s this amazing leap from “he was single at the age of 30 and hanging out with kids” into “obvious predator that went unchecked for so long.” I hadn’t realized being a single man who likes children means you’re obligated to sexualize them, that’s a wonderfully misogynistic way of looking at men.

    Obsessed with children of a certain gender? Hmm, also again interesting considering hat he was very close to Tracee Ellis, Rhonda Ross, Kidada Jones, Rashida Jones, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Lala Romero, Andrea Patel, Brandi Jackson, Chantal Robson, Amy Agajanian, Sage Romero, Marie Nicole Cascio, Sky Ferriera, Prety/Morly Ma, Allison V Smith, etc, all when they were children too.

    So was he just hanging out with them as a cover up, even though I’m certain you’ve never heard of these children and that these girls insist he never did anything untoward and they even crashed in his bedroom too?

    Or can I expect an update where you now insist he molested female kids too? Because no single man over the age of 18 (Mike has always befriended kids since he was legal and no longer a kid himself) can possibly like the company of kids unless it’s sexual.

  • The Facts

    I also find it interesting that this site is allowing comments which breech the comment policy to stay here. This is from the sites own policy:

    We will edit/delete spam comments, duplicate comments, unsupported accusations, personal attacks of any kind, and terms offensive to groups when used in a pejorative manner.

    Unsupported accusations…

    there are plenty of those from people RE MJ on and even IN this article but nothing has been done about it. When the authorities have cleared MJ of any wrong doing, this includes the police, FBI and child services, because the allegations against him have been PROVEN false, why is it that comments which breech the ‘we will edit/delete unsupported accusations’ rule still here?

  • The Facts

    For very thorough information on the allegation against Michael I suggest you go to a site called Vindicating Michael. The people there have spent many hours researching the facts VERY carefully. Categories to look at are:

    The 2005 Trial
    The 1993 Case
    Documents, Transcripts, Original Texts, Videos

  • The Facts

    Dawn Olsen:

    Your post was very unfair. Didn’t you ever read anything regarding ‘profiling’ pedophiles? If you do, you see that there are some characteristics mentioned, however it’s clearly stated that a person having these characteristics does NOT mean that person is a predator. I wish you had bothered to research Michael Jackson properly before making the claims that you did. Here are some simple facts:

    Michael did NOT pay $20 million to make Jordan Chandler be quiet. The settlement was for a CIVIL lawsuit which was paid for by an insurance company and the amount was $15,331,250. Michael fought the company for months because this was not the way he wanted it handled.

    What people need to know about this settlement is that it actually did NOT stop Jordan or anyone in his family from testifying in criminal court, the gag order was for MEDIA only, and it applied to both sides which was actually very detrimental to Michael. The fact is, even if Jordan and his family testified in criminal court the insurance company would still have to pay the money, therefore it’s stupid to assume that this was ‘hush money’. A redacted version of the settlement is available at the smoking gun website.

    The biggest thing that killed this case was the fact that Jordan’s description of Michael’s genitals was WRONG. Jordan described Michael as being circumcised, but his autopsy report clearly states that he was NOT. If you go to TMZ’z website you can get the full autopsy report, page 15 is where Michael is described as uncircumcised. It’s VERY naive to think that such a critical mistake could be made is what Jordan claimed actually happened. This was not the only mistake he made.

    He also claimed that Michael had a light splotch on his penis, the colour of his face. Due to Michael’s skin disease Vitiligo which is also confirmed in his autopsy report Michael had these splotches all over his body, which Jordan knew about. The problem was his GUESS of what colour the splotch was and what colour the rest of the skin on Michael’s genitals was is incorrect. Search for ‘The tell Tale Splotch’ on Google and you will find the article.

    Looking at pictures of Michael in 1993 it’s very clear that Michael is now white due to his skin disease. DA Tom Sneddon shot his own case in the foot when 5 months after Jordan gave a description on Michael Sneddon said that Jordan had mentioned a DARK splotch which would mean that Michael’s genitals were white with a dark splotch and not the other way around which Jordan had claimed 5 months earlier. The strip search photos proved that Jordan’s description was WRONG. You CAN’T be that intimate with someone and get that wrong!!!

    Jordan’s father Evan demanded money from Michael and Michael REFUSED. This was before the police, press and everyone else was involved. Don’t you think Michael would have paid him if he’d done anything wrong so there wouldn’t have been any press or police? Evan wrote a book called All That Glitters and had it published in his brother Raymond Chandler’s name. Evan said himself in that book that if Michael had given the money that was DEMANDED of him he would have spent the next ten years being known for his music instead of being a suspected predator. His book is still being sold if you’d like to check that out for yourself.

  • Visa

    This is another stupid article.Michael loved children even when he was a teenager..There is a rare video of him taking care of a baby even at the age of 17 when other brothers very busy teasing randy.In 1988 He wrote moonwalk and he even mentioned that he loved kids.A pedo wont be saying to the whole world that he loved kids and he cared for him but he did because he know he was not guilty.How could he trust adults when everyone see him as god and money.Children dont look him that way.He sounded bizarre for us because he always mentioned kids.Its because he had a different life than us and his father is beyond cruel.He once told that his father will strip him naked.put some oil on his body and beat him terribly.he was hurt and he cared for children because he know the pain of being abused and hurt.I hv a fren who is totally obessed bout baby and every single day she talks about them and the bizarre thing is she hated talking bout penis and sex and she juz wants a baby.She act this way because she was raised in a religious family and she dont hv a wild western life which is always bout sex sex and sex.Jus because someone act different and hv more care for a child.that dosent mame him a molester.he even started to ignore his health after wat has happened because he cant bear the cruel world fill with judgemental people like u.

  • peterpin

    locking up for life any pedophile is barbaric and unjust; why not them also lock up for good any robber? They do psycholical harm to their victims and often re-offend.

    The answer is much more complex; it requires awareness and viligance of ALL. There needs to be a broad based education about pedophelia, even in schools. Any institution that can attract pedophiles, such as schools, youthclubs, scouts or similar, to name a few, need to use a criminal record check to weed out convicted pedophiles to make is difficult for them to get close to children. Parents must do checks on tutors they use. However,we must be fair and remember that sometimes children can make malicious allegations; therefore we should weigh things up carefully when a person is accused, but not convicted. It is not just that a child can detroy the career of a teacher or minister with just a few words, perhaps because he was punished about something. First weigh up the evidence, then decide.

    In short, Iam strongly against quick fixes. Pedophilia is too serious for that. The protection of children is everybody’s business, not justthe courts and the prison service.

  • Musa

    hes a paedo -nuff said

  • Marcia Neil

    As a middle-aged public performer, the number of people planning or expecting to receive MJ’s old-age sperm-count post mortem can be alleged to be a voodoo-like contributing factor to his untimely death. Anyone in that position would prefer the company of innocents, those however less numerous than in the days before explicit school-domain ‘sex education’.

  • Jamie

    This article is pointless because it suggests that people cannot control there sexual urges and this is so entirely not true. People are in control of their actions at all times, they are not zombies and when they get turned on, must have sex. I haven’t had sex in about 5 years, I don’t think I have to run out and have sex with someone right now just because my urges suggest I do. The reason there are crimes on pedophilia is because people can control their sexual urges. And if they must have sex with kids, a crime, they can’t, and should not do so, or face the consequences.

  • Andrew Dove

    I was sexually abused by a male nurse at age 7. I have at no time had any desire to become a pedo. How the Hell dare you come out with such bullshit. The only evidence for your warped theory comes from pedos themselves. It is their way of displacing the guilt. When a pedo says that he/she was sexually abused he/she is throwing egg in the face of genuine victime like myself. When you echo such diabolical crap, you are partaking in the evil of those sub-human creatures. Please e-mail me and explain yourself. I give you the benifit of the doubt that you are genuinely misguided.

  • Robyn

    I wholeheartedly agree w/ Silas Kain. You on the other hand are nothing but another overly judgmental person who would rather be brainwashed by a salacious media then investigate & learn the truth on your own.

    May I suggest that you do the following:

    1.) It would be wise of you to NOT say that you know for a FACT that Michael Jackson was a pedophile, when it was clearly proven that he was NOT in a COURT OF LAW. I am sure that you HAD to see in the newspaper & on TV that he was acquitted on ALL 13 charges. To continue to do so will open yourself up to a world of hurt w/ a slander suit. The Jackson as well as Michael’s Estate have DEEP pockets… and VERY powerful attorneys WHO WIN. I’m sure you really want to keep whatever little chump change that you have in your wallet as you continue your little blog.

    2.) I suggest that as you snarf down your next high calorie ultra fattening mocha hazelnut java latte at your local Border’s or Barnes & Noble, or Waldenbooks, that you read these two books: “Michael Jackson: The Music, The Magic and The Madness” by J. Randy Tarraborrelli, and “The Michael Jackson Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones. These two authors wrote the TRUE story about Michael. Tarraborrelli is exceptional. He and Michael virtually grew up together and developed a friendship that spanned almost 40 years. When they met, Michael was already a star and Tarraborrelli was on his way to becoming a star in his own right in the literary field. Through their friendship, he became Michael’s personal biographer, and he was with him for nearly every waking moment during that FARCE of a trial. He is brutally honest, he does not veil anything even for his friend. He tells the truth– warts and all. And he makes no bones about it. Aphrodite, however, is different. She covered the 2005 case BELIEVING that Michael was indeed guilty and reported him as such, BUT after listening to EVERY PIECE OF EVIDENCE ON BOTH SIDES of the trial, she came to the conclusion that he was actually innocent. I suggest that you watch her series “True Crime w/ Aphrodite Jones”, that devotes a whole hour to the subject.

    3.) It would also be prudent to remember the phrase: Tell a lie often enough & big enough and eventually it’ll become the truth.

    4.) Ask yourself this: Why is it that during the trial EVERY friend that Michael had when they were children are now not only well adjusted adults with their own careers, lives, WIVES, and families, but also spoke GLOWINGLY of him? Why was it that the boy who accused him, couldn’t get his story straight, couldn’t remember important details, nor could accurately describe Michael’s body? Why is it that the adults who testified for the prosecution ALL had questionable backgrounds AND were fired by Michael in the past? Why is it that the 1st boy in 1993 REFUSED to testify in 2005? Why did his father resort to blackmail Michael into paying him INSTEAD OF GOING TO THE POLICE IN THE VERY BEGINNING? That $22 mil everyone keeps bitching about, NEVER CAME OUT OF MICHAEL’S OWN POCKET. It came from Michael’s INSURANCE COMPANY. THEY paid the boy’s family AGAINST MICHAEL’S WISHES. Michael caved in because his lawyer’s basically told him to and that it was for the best. Why did was the boy’s description of Michael’s genitals and buttocks only semi accurate? If he had had actual sex with Michael, shouldn’t he have been able to give a perfect description? Jordy said that Michael was circumcised. Not true. Michael wasn’t. Arousal or non arousal, there’s STILL a big difference. Did anyone stop to think that since Michael spent so much time with the family that they became familiar with each as actual family’s do? Maybe he saw Michael changing or accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom? Before the vitiligo destroyed his skin, Michael was an avid swimmer. Did anyone stop to think that the boy saw him while Michael was swimming? It’s possible. Michael NEVER wanted to pay the boy’s father not 1 red cent. Why has the boy (now a full grown man) recanted his story through the net AND had stopped speaking to his parents? Did you even stop to listen to the tape the father made detailing his plot to extort money from Michael and how his son’s feelings were “irrelevant” at that moment? And finally, if this $22 million that own off of the lie they fabricated is so great, why did the boy stop speaking to his parents AND why did the boy’s father COMMIT SUICIDE a mere 5 MONTHS after Michael’s death? Do you PERSONALLY do ANYTHING for the children of the world besides the usual OBLIGATIONS, meaning, raising your own family, teaching or nursing or baby-sitting. Do YOU read to children at a library or volunteer your time at a hospital. Do you do ANYTHING for children that is NOT an obligation? The reason why I ask this is because I always find that the ones who yap the most about Michael DON’T DO ANYTHING TO HELP THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD THEMSELVES. They don’t put their money where their mouth is– except when they are personally obligated.

    There was indeed a victim really who was molested. That victim was Michael himself. Just add yourself to the list of monsters who tortured this man without knowing the actual facts, because you chose to listen to rumor, gossip, and innuendo, instead of pursuing the facts. It is just so sad that this person who did so much for children was demonized by the world thanks to gossip, negligence and even Michael’s own personal responsibility. He bares the blame for simply not using common sense & for being so naive and a little too trusting at times. Now, thanks to ignorant fools who latch on to hysteria, every tiny bit of human contact is going to be so misconstrued that we will ultimately lead ourselves to ruin. And we are heading there so fast.

    A great man once said, “We must always pursue and seek out the truth no matter how cleverly she hides herself.” Sweetie you were playing hide & seek while still blindfolded. Don’t you think it’s now high time to take it off?

    I won’t return to your blog. It’s not necessary. I said my piece. And a rebuttal from your end isn’t even necessary so don’t even bother. And if you don’t approve this comment, you have just proven that you don’t WANT to even listen to an opinion that is different from yours own.

  • Geraldine Hughes

    Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegation book (2004) proves that Michael Jackson was NEVER a child molester. Author Geraldine Hughes worked for Evan Chandler’s attorney in 1993 and witnessed the extortion scheme, launched as child molestation only when Michael Jackson refused to pay Chandler $20 million for a movie deal. Redemption is the untold story about the extortion scheme and is available on Amazon.

  • Dhrama

    OH to the above person who asked whether there was reasonable doubt that Jackson molested a child– Answer: Are you serious? Do you not read the paper? He was found innocent in a court of law. Therefore, by the rule of law there was reasonable doubt. You were not a juror. You did not see the evidence. All of you should stop retrying the trial and let the man RIP. You ruined his life with your cavalier accusations while he was alive so stop the amateur hour. I think you all are pedophiles based on Freud’s theory of transference. You all are obsessed with his pedophilia because you have either wanted to do it or have done it. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE JUDGED WHEN I DON’T KNOW YOU? Not good huh? Well, now you know how he felt, day after day, after day.

  • Mary Ann

    Well, for all of you who have seen fit to judge this man: The Bible says that you will be judged as you have judged others, so when you get to the gates of heaven, I hope that there isn’t someone there to decide your fate who has pre-judged you. Also, Chandler retracted his allegations and his father blew his own brains out after Jackson’s death. Where is the proof of pedophilia in the recently released FBI files? Oh, wait, there is none. The writer who stated that he had a screwed up child hood was closest to the truth. Even the shrink for the LA police dept said “He IS a ten year old boy–this isn’t a pedophile”. The documents are online. You all should be ashamed at your public lashing, and saying “may he burn in hell” is just disgusting. He was a father, a son, and a human being. Only God should judge him. I am a judge and I would resign if I ever had the malice in my heart that some of you do.

  • Wendy Peng

    Things are not always black or white, often it’s grey. I feel that’s the case with MJ. Yes he loved and cared about children and gave so much to charity. However, he also had an abnormal affinity and obsessiveness regarding children, particularly youngs boys between the age of 11 to 13. And he DID exhibit alot of the MO of a pedaphile. So the evidence unfortunately points to MJ being a pedaphile. Does that he mean he molested a kid? No, because some pedaphiles don’t act on their desires or they “look but don’t touch”. So is it illegal to love a child in the wrong way and not act on it (i.e. molest the child)? Is there reasonable doubt that MJ molested a child? Only God, MJ, and the child know for sure…

  • Big H

    HAVE you so called experts even been in the ,company of a pedofile?Fuk theas no way MJ fits the classic so called profile their cunning sleazy bastards they do it on the sly when no ones a lookin f#%k not openly so the whole world can see the filth oozes from their sleazy pores they dont even have to open their mouths the child knows when the uncle and cousin aint right! They do no their victims pedos dont give a fuk if your 5 or 50 black or white, sister, neice ,daugter human or dog if your vulnerable they in like mickey flynn, give over 300 million to charities give thousand s if not millions of children countless joy get invited to neverlands with hundereds of other children reguardless of race age or creed THEY DO NOT DO BELIEVE ME I NO!


    HE WENRT A PEADO SO SHUT up u fucking ratss !! R.I.P MICHEALL JACSONN ((l))



  • lindsey

    I was and still am a huge fan of Jackson. So much so that when I was approaching 40 I was so obsessed with him that I had to see a counsellor – it was to do with his intense vulnerability, the hugely sexual nature of his dancing combined with the anger and passion and the fascination of his sexual ambiguity. I think it had to do with mirroring my own feelings of vulnerability and anger, need for a child and a man(and here was the child man) – not worth analysing now BUT I believe that he was a gay paedophile. You only had to observe him at the music festival he attended in Monaco and observe Jordy Chandler sitting on his lap to feel desperately uneasy. The detail in Jordy’s statement is compellling and of course MJ fits the profile of a paedophile to a T. 72% of contact paedophiles were physically abused as children (forget sexual abuse). They also tend to have paternal figures (if they are attracted to boys rather than girls) who are in some way absent from the normal parental relationship. They are often those whose childhoods are in some way extended and of course we have all the religious baggage that he must have had to deal with.

    I don’t want to believe this. How I’d love to think him a shy heterosexual just needing the tender understanding of the right woman. He did of course try this with Lisa Marie and I’m sure loved her and even managed to have sex with her (although they never lived together!) Sadly I think he was highly manipulative and sly (that Pisces moon of his coupled with all that Virgo – oh dear!)and kept us all guessing until the end. It will all come out slowly now, but his talent was overpowering for all this and hopefully will prove as enduring as the tortured nature and enigma of his personality.

  • Cheryl Penney

    And another thing I might add – if my son or daughter or neice or nephew wanted to sleep in my bed with me, and just sleep or talk until they fell asleep or eat popcorn and watch movies *AS MICHAEL JACKSON SO VERY MATTER-OF-FACTLY STATED* – does that make ME a pedophile??? No.

    If I ran a daycare (as an example) and was around children, and they loved me and adored me, and wanted to come over all the time and play…does that STILL make me a pedophile?

    Adults can play with children. They can stoop to their level if they wanted to. It doesn’t mean that they are pedophiles.

    Thats my 2 cents.

  • Cheryl Penney

    Silas & Jasmine:
    Thank you SO MUCH for taking the non-judgemental avenue to this topic.

    Michael Jackson was proven INNOCENT. There was NOT ENOUGH evidence to prove him guilty of child molestation.

    I, myself have been a fan (and) a follower of Jackson for many years. When he was accused in 93, it did not phase me. It SURPRISED ME, but it did not change my opinion about him. MJ is a *VERY MISUNDERSTOOD INDIVIDUAL*. I don’t believe it is his fault that he turned out the way he did. He did nothing but good things during his lifetime, and there are way more FANS and POSITIVE FOLLOWERS than there are ppl who have gone against him. They weren’t there. They didn’t see how he lived. While I can agree that we can all have an OPINION, I disagree that we can play “JURY” and decide that he is GUILTY, when we weren’t even there and did not see one peice of evidence.

    When someone has money, especially to the capacity that MJ did, they become very lonely. MJ, by no means, led a normal life, yet he still gave back to his fans. His fans were/ARE loyal to him. When the ‘no-so-biggest-fans’ turned their backs on him after the accusations, he got back up on his 2 feet.

    Some ppl will ask, “Well if he was innocent, why did he pay the boy $20mil to go away?” – Well LET ME TELL YOU – if *I* was in MJ’s shoes…and I was being dragged through the dirt, physically, and psychologically, and I knew that I had a duty to make my fans happy, I would do the same thing. Pay that person to GO AWAY. That doesn’t mean he’s guilty. It has been stated that this boy LIED to the JURY. He never had a straight story. Yet – people still want to see MJ as a pedophile.

    I understand that being branded a ‘pedophile’ is a VERY SERIOUS ACCUSATION that shouldn’t be ignored. I completely AGREE with that. Michael was ACCUSED, and BY RIGHT, he was allowed to prove himself INNOCENT, and HE DID. So, NOW what is the issue??

    There are so many ppl in the media and elsewhere that looked at MJ as a CASHCOW. There are many evil ppl that walk the earth, and it’s unfortunate that in the later part of his career, he was subject to the media’s unending scrutiny.

    I will always honor MJ. The King of Pop. That’s what he is. And THAT my friends….IS PROVEN.

  • I must say that I am incensed at Rep. Peter King’s diatribe about Michael. I’m tired of all the media hype and I am exhausted by the continuous dissection of the life and legend that is Michael Jackson. But the public’s incessant hunger for the strange and sensational is the fuel that powers the media machine. We are, the consuming public, an unwilling accomplice in that which ultimately destroyed Michael. Let us not forget that he was a man of charity, a child trapped in a man’s body who knew not what it was like to impose pain on children because of the pain he himself experienced.

    Is it not amazing that this icon of pop culture could very well be the catalyst of the next Republican Revolution? Think I’m being dramatic or too passionate? Perhaps I am. Representative Peter King, Republican from New York, must be served notice. His inflammatory remarks this weekend were in direct defiance of the very Constitution he so claims to love. Representative King, beware. Your time is at hand. Those who you have insulted this weekend are ready to fight the good fight. Representative Peter King is front and center headed into a fierce column of political flame. If there is anyone who knows just cause why Representative Peter King is not fit to remain in office or be held in the public trust, let them speak now. This is your opportunity. What was something of pop legend now comes full circle into politics. That which we on the moderate Right could not drive out are now empowered. Those who are of the moderate Right are called to arms to take back the Republican Party and evict and decimate every Far Right ideologue pig that threatens this very Union. It is time for Peter King and his merry band of misogynist closet oppressors to be removed from the political spotlight.

  • Mark

    You were really doing a great job with this article until you completely sold out your entire line of reasoning to appease the homosexual special interests. Why is everyone so scared to go against the grain in this country? Whats wrong with saying homosexuality is abnormal and unhealthy just like every other sexual fetish but live and let live? Why do we have to be bullied in to pretending it’s perfectly normal? People shouldn’t be persecuted for their faults or lifestyle choices. That doesnt mean we have to put them on a pedestal and pretend theirs nothing wrong with them and teach our kids that if they’re ever sexually confused for 3 seconds they should explore becoming gay fulltime.

    Danny Haszard get a grip. Nobody cares about your Extracurricular hobby of trying to badmouth religious groups you don’t like.
    You’ve been following MJ’s bio since baptism? Perhaps you need to get out of the house dude.

  • Carrot & Stick

    Did you see what I did here. You can read what you want into Michael molesting those kids!!!

  • Stick

    I believe Michael was a paedophile. He molested kids and paid off their money grubbing families. Screw his upbringing. He was too wealthy to ever be found guilty in a court of law.

  • Carrot

    I don’t believe Michael was a paedophile. Sure he molested kids and paid off their money grubbing families. BUT he did it because of his upbringing. He was too mentally unstable to ever be found guilty in a court of law.

  • gobsmak

    How Thu Fuk Do Yewz no That Micheal Is a pedo??? 🙁

  • Donna

    several psychologists evaluated him and concluded that he did NOT fit the profile of a pedophile, rather he was in arrested development and had mental issues. and the first accuser has now admitted he lied. then again, you don’t sound someone who cares about scientific assesments or facts………..must be a republican

  • eatyourgreens

    Sorry but all grown men have “feelings” of a sexual nature towards one thing or another. It’s kinda how the world works. Now it’s pretty obvious that women were a no go for him, and we all know how he wanted to dedicate every second of the day to kids. Then he admits to sharing his bed with boys. Now I’m no maths major but I think something definately doesn’t quite add up here. But hey, he was mega talented so he couldn’t have been a creepy child molestor could he?

  • So he paid $20 million. What about the so-called parents of those particular children. We’re all so quick to pass judgment but the lingering question remains, when IS a parent accountable? We’re a funny bunch, aren’t we? We slam the “perpetrator”, seducing ourselves in the false notion that the abuser is at fault and all others are the victim. Sorry, I don’t buy it based on MY OWN personal experiences.

    At this stage, the debate over Michael Jackson’s so called “pedophilia” will live on into perpetuity. I hope, as we evolve, that we at least start looking at all the formulas in an equation. When things are at the simplest level, we have this propensity to create chaos. Yet those more complex problems we have usually are solved with the simplest solutions.

    The debate will rage on. But there are souls who will suffer, especially MJ’s three children. They are now in a fish bowl not by choice. They will never experience a normal life. And in the wake of MJ’s death those three innocent lives are thrust into a public drama which will last until each draws the last breath. The insatiable need of the public to know all things scandalous will be the fuel to the paparazzi fire. Supermarket tabloids are about to enter a decade of prosperity using the Jackson heirs as bait. Ain’t it ironic? The first ones in line for the latest copy of a tabloid is probably wives of Promise Keeper members. How fornicated up is that?

  • zingzing

    the fact that he paid someone 20 mil also doesn’t equate to guilt. it just means he had enough money that, if he didn’t want to go through a humiliating public court case, he didn’t have go through with the court case. so he didn’t. doesn’t mean he’s innocent or guilty.

    he also went through another trial, this time in court, but you conveniently forget about that one. that said, no one gets as unlucky as jackson was without reason… to be called out three times on charges of pedophilia is rather damning. (of course, admitting–on tv–to sleeping with children, no matter what the nature of it, after those charges is just plain dumb.)

  • doug

    this idea that because a jury didn’t weigh equates to his innocene is rather odd. He paid $20 mil to make people go away so the jury didn’t get a chance. Plus, it’s not only people on far right you think he’s a pedophile

  • zingzing

    protecttheweak–i’m not defending pedophiles. it’s just people who want to judge a man they don’t know and who was never proven guilty (no matter what the truth may be,) kind of irk me.

    was michael jackson a pedophile? i don’t know. you don’t know either. mr. alan sanduphisass up there seems to think he knows one way or another, but he doesn’t either. but he still thinks he has some sort of right to judge. it’s rather unchristian to judge, i.e. it’s not your place, i say.

    you also make the stupid assumption that because i don’t like judgmental people, i also like pedophiles. how does that follow? by your logic, i can also assume that you like to rape women. it’s some random idea i got in my head, so i decided it’s right. you fucking rapist. you sicken me.

    like that?

    don’t stick your tongue out at me, kid.

  • OK, I agree to some level that pedophilia is something that CAN be cured. However each case of pedophilia, in my opinion, is unique. There has to be a determination of what causes are involved.

    In my own case, my uncle was abused himself by a Catholic priest (who was a relative, by the way) back in the late 40’s. The family knew about it, and did nothing because he was a priest.

    By the time the summer of 1966 arrived, I just became a pawn. It was obvious even from a young age that I was “different”. Many of my relatives felt I wasn’t manly enough because I was one who had emotions. I was an expressive kid which had a lot more to do with the fact that my parents were deaf as opposed to sexuality. Because feminine I am not but in their minds I was a “fairy” and I heard the term and the issue discussed at my grandmother’s kitchen table as I hid in the dining room.

    My grandmother, for all intents and purposes, was my caretaker and my ‘nurturer’. And her three sons knew very well that I had been abused, yet they all ignored it. They figured that I was expendable because I was ‘different’ and beyond any redemption to become a so-called “man”. So they turned a blind eye and the abuse continued for several years. Regardless of what motivated their silence, my grandmother and her three sons betrayed my mother. Though my mother ids deaf, she should not have been shielded. And, in some strange way, I have come to realize that the uncles were just protecting their own kids. They figured as long as I was available and since I as a fag anyway, that I was beyond all hope and deserved what I got. Again, they betrayed my mother and that is a betrayal I will never allow her to know. She doesn’t need to know all that happened.

    Many years later, in fact on February 26, 1983, I had a conversation with my grandmother which was enlightening. She told me that I changed and she said it began in July 1966. Ironic, isn’t it. We who suffer have a keen affinity for dates. Anyway, she told me she knew from that first night. And she couldn’t do a thing about it because she did not want to bring shame upon the family. Like my getting sexually kicked around like a soccer ball at Brazilian Football camp is a cause for my personal shame! I forgave her, but I never forgot. And, to be quite honest, I never trusted her again. I loved her, but in the revelations of the day, I came to hate everything she stood for because it was all a sham.

    Here we are 43 years later and I’m telling my story. On some level, it is to purge the last vestiges of demon that dwell inside. I’m well adjusted, I’m happy and I like the man I have become. I didn’t perpetuate the dirty laundry. The thing that saved me was being thrust into adulthood at such a young age by virtue of my parentage. It made me a survivor.

    Unfortunately, there were six victims who came after me. Two are in intense psychotherapy and one is serving a life term for murder. Like it or not, their fates are directly linked to what happened to me in 1966. Had my grandmother and her sons gained the courage to confront the issue, so many wonderful things could have happened in the lives of those who followed me.

    Granny is dead now. Her three sons survive and are pillars in their communities. One is well known for work in putting accountability back into education. Ironic, isn’t it? So whatever Michael Jackson was, and the jury is far from making a definitive decision, he was pivotal in advancing pop culture. I don’t believe he was a predator because he had the mind of a child. This is something that those on the Far Right seem to forget.

    The bottom line is this. My abuse was ignored for two reasons – the fact that I already was ‘flawed’ and because in those days you just didn’t talk about those ‘things’. Public perception of the clan ruled the roost. There are countless others who share a similar story. Perhaps some of you are reading this comment. If you are, know that you are not alone. You are not flawed. You’re a victim of more than sexual abuse, you have been betrayed. And in many cases the betrayal’s bite is far worse than the predator’s act upon you.

  • protect the weak_

    I think zingzing (comment 24 &28)is the one who needs to learn about mercy -with children abused by pedophiles. Anger directed towards pedophiles is a normal reaction. Trying to take side with a pedophile and being disinterested in the harm done to his victims -that`s a bit more odd.

  • disgusting

    I think you are right when it comes to profile and likability of Michael Jackson as a sexual molestor of children, which is horrible. He does fit into the profile and you are not the only person who noticed that. However, I disagree that pedophilia is uncurable. Own childhood experiences is what shapes people to be the way they are, and repeating is not an option if these matters are adressed with someone who can understand. It`s a horrible crime, and someone who does it and denyes it is a very disturbed person.

  • zingzing

    see, silas? you snuck in again. alright, comments editors, you’re off the hook. seems he got the point even with your tomfoolery.

    alan sanford is still an asshole, not like picasso.

  • It doesn’t reopen old wounds Zing. My reaction, I think, is a culmination of all that trash I keep hearing and reading about Jackson. I didn’t take offense to what you spoecifically said about judging but tried to bolster the fact that I am one who won’t apologize for my being vociferous in insuring that all sides of the story are considered. It’s so easy to bash celebrities or politcians and fail to take into account their humanity. On some strange level Jackson’s death just reinforces my own resolve when it comes to matters such as these.

    On a lighter note (well not that much lighter) Billy Mays is found dead this morning in Tampa. I’m just waiting for some Fundamentalist to link McMahon, Fawcett, Jackson and Mays to the so-called Apocalyptic ‘end of times’ scenario.

  • “i’ve been around here long enough that i’d hope you recognize mine and assume the best.”

    I like this comment, zing. Even though we’re mere pixels, we should still have in mind the overall tenor of the person’s responses rather than just reacting to what comes across on the computer screen at any one time. Which is to say, viewing the pixels in the context of the entire pixel history.

    No differently, I’d say, that we all do in in real life.

  • zingzing

    silas, i was referring to the [Edited. I think the right word would be commenter, zingzing.] above you, not you… your comment hadn’t been published by the time i got around to writing mine 10 minutes later. i recognize your name, and i’ve been around here long enough that i’d hope you recognize mine and assume the best.

    i wish that had been made more obvious. i’m sorry if the timing of my response made any those wounds reopen. but i wasn’t responding to you, so i hope you know that. to be clear, mr. alan sanford is the one who needs to learn about mercy, etc.


  • Illusionist

    Note: When I said “you,” I was not referring to anyone specifically.

  • Illusionist

    No comment, except that what you see is not always what you get. Everyone will believe what they want, but when everyone is in the dark, everyone has trouble seeing.

  • Zing, I give a crap not. I’ll judge because I KNOW what it is like to be a child thrust into adulthood. I KNOW what it’s like to be repeatedly sexually abused as a kid. I KNOW what it’s like to transition into adolescence with such self loathing and doubt that it caused me to make a lot of bad choices in my early life. And, I KNOW what it’s like to come from a family where the patriarch / matriarch was more concerned about public imagery and hiding the “dirty family secrets”. I know it all too well.

    I am the fortunate one. When all is said and done, there were members of my family that propped me up, dusted me off and helped me deal with all those issues in a healthy way. Contrary to popular belief he who is abused as a child does not necessarily grow to become a pedophile. Personally, I believe the death penalty is appropriate in virtually all sexual molestation of children where the perpetrator has no history of abuse. In the case of a past history, they should be incarcerated for how ever long it takes to make them see the light, if ever.

    Is has been the culmination of all those experiences that cause me to be so passionate about accountability. You see, had my own grandmother gone to the authorities in the summer of 1966 after she learned of my first abuse experience, another half dozen kids would not have been abused. And, let me tell you, the resume of those six children is horrific. Every day I think of all 6, and I mourn what would have been had my own grandmother done the right thing. If my caretaker worried less about public perception and more about her children, I would have accomplished so much more in the early years of my life. What happened to me has affected my religion, politics and overall attitude toward personal relationships.

    Again, I am the lucky one. I’m healed and I’m on a mission to be sure that stuff like this never happens again.

    Insofar as Michael Jackson is concerned, I see no indications of predatory behavior. I see an adult who was unable to relate as an adult. In many ways I honestly believe that he was a 12 year old boy trapped in a 50 year old body. He never quite got it and that badge of shame should be worn by Joe Jackson, period.

  • zingzing

    judge not, etc.

    remember that one?

  • There are two sides to every story and then there is the truth. So, you back water, close-minded, convenient Zealots, listen up. Take a 5 year old boy. Make him go to school every day, come home, do homework and rehearse. And once 4 hours of rehearsal are over go to seedy night clubs and strip joints to have your five boys perform for low life scum bags. Then as this child enters adolescence, work him even harder. Isolate the child from reality and make him a human ATM.

    I don’t believe that Michael Jackson was a pedophile based upon your narrow obersvations and judgements. Look at the whole picture, understand what precipitated the rise of MJ. Then realize the blame belongs squarely upon the shoulders of Joe Jackson. After the doctor, Joe Jackson should be considered an accessory to manslaughter at the very least.

    It is my hope that Jackson’s children will NOT be allowed to be cared for by Joe Jackson. Those children have been hurled into a media frenzy that will last for as long as they are alive. No child deserves that fate.

    Challenge me on these points. Take your collective heads out of your exiting orifices and explain to me why Michael Jackson should be remembered as a monster.

    There are lessons to be learned. Instead of faux ‘conservative’ pundits shooting off their mouths espousing half baked baseless opinions — THINK! Your Lord commands that of you. Read the New Testament without picking and choosing the verse you want to use. It’s eye opening.



  • annonymus

    it sickens me how supporters continue to support an OBVIOUS pedophile!!
    has the world gone mad!!
    he died last night, justice at last for those poor kids!!!

  • Mel

    I agree 100% with every word in this article. Excellent take on Jackson’s case.

  • Jasmin

    I dont think its fair to say hes a pedophile just because he gets on better with children then adults.Also you have never met the man so how do you know weather hes a pedophile and did it or not.Have you spent vast amounts of time in his company talking and chating to him.Were you there at neverland when this things were ment to have happened no you were not.Also we all know the media twists things around just to get ratings.Also the boy who accussed him in 2003 said on the stand that he liyed because Mr Jackson had rejected him and his friendship.So i think you need to go and edicate yourself and read more about the people who were apart of the case and who reported the cases as well like a certin Diane Dimend before you write blogs like this.

  • @people who say he was just helping children etc. Other famous people help children and charity’s but they dont ask to sleep with them in return or visit them around to ‘PLAY’.

  • I am now convinced he was/is a gay pedophile but only after watching a programme called Micheal JAckson : What really happend from channel 4(uk tv).

    I think alot of people dont think he is a pedophile because of how blatently he did everything. e.g – Neverland and being seen with kids etc. You have to also look past his talent to realise he is/was just a Rich pedophile. A gay rich pedophile.

  • anonymous

    I personally don’t like this article at all. Michael tries to help them not hurt them. I think the only reason its easy to see him as a pedophile is because you really don’t get his gestures at all. I get really offended by these types of things because you think you know when its really nothing like this at all.

  • ever

    Experts don’t agree with you on Michael Jackson. But ehh what do those people know, they’ve just been studying pedophiles for decades, they haven’t been learning from the book Court TV

    All the rest of your comments are a bunch of truism. Who except for NAMBLA claims that child molestation shoudln’t be punished ?? A real waste of webspace.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks for the clarification, MJ

  • michael jackson

    I am not a pedophile, just an average, garden variety homosexual man who gets off on young boys, like Emperor Hadrian did.

  • Tristan


    for some reason—I just never got the feeling that he had done it—–!
    seriously; no April 1st joke! heh …heh ….

  • What the media needs to discuss is what turned Michael Jackson into the freakish ‘wacko Jacko’ in the first place.

    I have been following MJ’s bio since his baptism in the 1970’s as a Jehovah’s Witness.MJ and I are the same age and I can identify with the disastrously dysfunctional oppressive fundamentalist ‘freak’ upbringing of Jehovah’s Witnesses children.

    Clergy sexual abuse in the “other” religions.

    Clergy pedophiles “per-capita” among the Jehovah’s Witnesses exceed the Catholic church .

    This is due to the church elders enforced ‘code of silence’ aka the notorious,”two witness take-down”.

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses Church leaders absurd requirement of having TWO WITNESSES to the crime of child molestation.

    The Worldwide Problem of Child Abuse and Jehovah’s Witnesses

    Is it Really a Pedophile Paradise ? What is the truth, what is the myth?

    Myth 1: Jehovah’s Witnesses protect children within their organization against confessed or convicted child molesters.

    What is the TRUTH and what is the MYTH?

    Get the answers to these questions. http://www.silentlambs.org/answers/index.cfm

    Danny Haszard: Former Jehovah’s Witness X 33 years and 3rd generation (been there). Now a counter-cult educator. My home page, WATCHTOWER WHISTLEBLOWER: http://www.DannyHaszard.com

  • Eric Olsen

    Tristan, do you mean you thought Peterson didn’t do it or that he would be found not guilty in court? I didn’t necessarily think he would be convicted but I never doubted for a second that he did it

  • Dawn

    “There is always room for refinements and improvement also, and thank god/dess we DO have a system that allows input as ours does!”

    True dat, I just wish more people were informed enough to give appropriate input for improvement.

  • Tristan

    Hmmmmmm …………

    that’s so funny: I felt so strongly that Scott Peterson wasn’t guilty–I was astonished when they convicted him; and I was “sure” Robert Blake WAS guilty—he gets off—-
    and Jackson—like we’ve both stated Dawn–it sure “LOOKS” like he’s “guilty”- at least from the media I’ve seen on it, but we aren’t in court and haven’t seen all the evidence presented either.
    It’s easy to prejudge when we are sitting out here, and we are entitled to our opinions.
    I just keep thinking of those people that were “SURE” that Jessica’s father, grandfather, or grandmother had “done it” and how they must feel—not to mention how those three felt as they were still looking for her…..???
    Also, we need to keep in mind the many that were on death row that HAD been “CONVICTED”—who later were totally exonerated once DNA was allowed to be introduced. It is not an easy situation for our society and the justice system is in a constant state of flux and growth because of that. This IS the best justice system in the world though I think, from all I’ve seen to date anyway.
    There is always room for refinements and improvement also, and thank god/dess we DO have a system that allows input as ours does!

  • Dawn


    I suppose it isn’t fair to assume that he is guilty, I was really comparing his MO to that of known pedophiles and saying they seem awfully similar.

    As for the Jessica issue, while it is common to assume that the family is involved, especially in that case where there was no break in and no suspect initially, I felt right away that the father was not involved at all, he was completely willing to submit to ANY and all investigative measures and stuck me as completely sincere in his appeals for his daughter.

    Sometimes you can tell, but hey, sometimes you can’t.

    I knew Scott Peterson was guilty immediately, Jackson, well, he seems guilty of something, but that has yet to be proven.

  • Tristan

    Ouch …..
    I agree totally with Dawn’s sentiments–as she well knows; I also totally agree with
    Austin’s question : What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”—
    and I’m speaking only to the Jackson case here. So many people have read so much media stuff and pre-judged him. I readily admit it doesn’t “look good”—but that isn’t the same as guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I know if I was in Jackson’s position, and I WAS innocent,—I’d appreciate people withholding judgement until all the facts are in.
    What poignantly comes to mind is a blog I was reading often while Jessica Lunsford was still “missing”–and each day it got more and more “out of control”—as the posters began saying how it looked as if the father had killed her–citing how “shaky” he was–must be on drugs, etc., and then on to the grandfather and his prior “history”-citing a 20 year old rape charge , etc., then on to the grandmother and how she had flunked 2 questions on the FBI lie detector test…
    This went on and on each day getting hotter and hotter–when suddenly they arrested the homeless sexual predator who lived across the street who CONFESSED he HAD abducted and killed her.
    I wondered how all those people then felt who had basically come out and said the father, grandfather, or grandmother had killed her …????
    To not kick the dead horse—it’s hard to be patient, especially in cases like these that deal with child abuse, but the alternative–accusing and condemning an innocent person is pretty damned horrible also.

  • Eric Olsen

    I didn’t say we should just shoot them, just that it would be very gratifying. Austin, one can’t resist saying “innocent until proven guilty .. for the 15th time.” Dawn’s point is that there is a class of incorrigible pedophiles who will not be rehabilitated – this is a crime with a very high recidivism rate. So what do you do with them? Jadester’s take is interesting!

  • I think that’s the gut reaction of alot of use, EC, but after some thought you should realise it’s not the best way.
    If we could 100% fail-safe assess these nasty pieces of work and be able to split them between those who acted on their urges but know they’re wrong and hate themselves for it, and those that don’t, those that do should just be in plain, empty cells 24/7 with only the barest food and water given, so they can reflect on their crimes until the day they die. those that don’t seem to distinguish, should be treated the same BUT, every few days, they should be subejcted to a large does of acid and a large dose of mescaline and left alone with a sharp knife for 48 hours in the cell. See if giving them a different slant on what they’ve done can make them realise what’s the problem with it.
    Both of these are strong psychadelic drugs that tend to draw on the content of your own mind as much as your surroundings (well, from what i’ve heard of acid anyways =+) and i truly believe it could help, in some cases, the criminal to see his (or her) crimes as they really are.
    At the least, some of them would invariably experience a bad acid trip and end up tormented for life. heh.

  • Maybe she’s inspired by Metallica:)

  • Austin Amadasun

    This is armchair posturing taken to giddy heights. Whatever became of “innocent until proven guilty”. And are you sure “permanent incarceration” will satisfy your lust? Why not just “string-’em-up”?
    The history of the criminal justice system is replete with miscarriages of justice; and this type of unbriddled hatred covered in a cloak of reason and caring for the vulnerable, is the exact cause.
    It would seem that you are convinced that “psychologial profiling” is the way to determine the truth in legal cases.
    I think you have a basic misunderstanding of the concept of “Justice for All”

  • Eric Olsen

    very nice job and I agree with your conclusions, although it would be quite gratifying to just shoot the fuckers