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We use the term ‘People’ when we refer to a group of humans. This could be the entirety of the planets population or it could mean a group of people who share the same land mass, cultural background , common or travel interests.

People can be connected in many different ways. Marriages and weddings unite families. Geographical location separates and distinguishes people. For example, as the people in Mexico have many cultural differences from the people of England, each group would be a separate group of people. Another term used in this particular example would be ‘race’. It is the cultural background of people that sets each race aside from another and gives the world its diversity and rich history.

Searching for blogs under the heading of people will initially bring up many sites devoted to chat sites such as Myspace and Youtube. However the Sfgate Culture blog is a people orientated blog based loosely on people that allows the search to then be specified for the viewer.

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