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P2P Attitudes Poll Released

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New poll says teens cool with P2P:

    Only 27% of American teenagers believe that those who download or share digital music files without artist or label permission are breaking the law, according to just-released polling data.

    Legality aside, just 20% of teens think that such activity is ‘wrong.’

    Asked the same questions concerning movies, 38% thought it was illegal to watch or download a film without appropriate permission, while 40% deemed such activity wrong.

    ….The better news, from the perspective of the music and film industries, is that older Internet users are a bit more sympathetic to copyright holders. Of online adults 35-54, for example, 55% thought it wrong to download or watch a movie without permission, and 48% felt similarly about music. That, of course, should come as no surprise because the study also determined that teenagers engage in illegal file-sharing more so than do adults. [Hollywood Reporter]

The copyright industry is losing the battle for hearts and minds, especially among the young.

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