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News: E Street Radio to Launch on Sirius

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This has been a good year for Springsteen fans. April saw the release of a very fine album, Devils & Dust, and Bruce embarked on a solo acoustic tour that’s still going strong. On November 15, Columbia Records will release a 30-year anniversary edition of Born To Run, a box set that will include, among other goodies, a remastered version of one of the best albums ever recorded (is my bias showing here?).

Coinciding with the release, Sirius Satellite Radio has announced the November 1 launch of E Street Radio – a channel exclusively devoted to the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. In addition to the music (which will include some rarities), the station will feature album discussions, conversations with band members and other Springsteen insiders, and an exclusive interview with the man himself conducted by biographer Dave Marsh. Sirius plans to run the station through January 31, 2006.

Sirius is the industry leader in the field of satellite radio, having captured a 56% share of the market in September. Although the notion of subscribing to something that most of us have been accustomed to getting for free seemed a strange business model at first, satellite radio has caught on, with subscriptions on the increase and most major car manufacturers jumping into the game by offering receivers as optional equipment.

While 120 channels of commercial-free radio at a reasonable price is attractive, perhaps the greater value to be had from satellite radio is the opportunity for people to listen to stations that have been programmed by people who love music, rather than being subjected to the latest corporate playlists being dictated by marketers to broadcast radio stations. Long-time Springsteen associate and E Street Band member Little Steven Van Zandt has been producing his Underground Garage program for Sirius for quite a while now, and was drawn to the format by the attractiveness of being able to program a channel devoted to music that just doesn’t get played on commercial radio any more (Van Zandt is devoted to keeping rock and roll alive and kicking). The ability to devote an entire channel to the music of one artist is clearly another advantage that subscription radio has over regular radio – and while I’m not a subscriber, I have to admit that this E Street Radio thing has me thinking about it.

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  • Much better than my idea of simply:


    There are a bunch of us considering taking a day off work to pick up “Born to Run.”

    Maybe we should all try and do some sort of online chat as we sit and listen/watch and post the conversation as a sort of BC Review. The possibilities are endless… and frightening.

  • Sounds like a fine way to spend a day, DJ. I’ve put the anniversary edition on my Amazon wish list, which means that running out on November 15 will likely result in a duplicate (or triplicate) under the Christmas tree. So I may well have to be patient.

  • Brutal. I never put anything good on my Christmas list… at least not anything requiring my immediate attention. I always fill those lists with the things I ‘meant to get but never got around to.’ I learned that the hard way one Christmas when I had to wait. I have ZERO patience.

  • i’d be up for the “playin’ hooky”/Born To Run IM-fest.

  • Special Feature: Let’s do it. Anyone having to wait for the box can certainly sit in and discuss the album. This would be fun!

  • IM or email?

  • I guess it kind of depends on how many other kids will want to play. If it’s just us, either works. If more than that, IM probably becomes the tool of choice.

  • I want to play! I won’t have the box set in hand (I really am going to postpone gratification until Christmas), but I can sure discuss the album.

  • All right… this is shaping up nicely. We have three on board. This is cool. Uhm… so let’s begin casually discussing an organization to it.

    As it stand right now, I intend to at the very least cut out of work early (if not take the whole thing off). Afternoon discussion probably works best for me either way.

    I think IM would be a good way to do this. We can keep a sort of ‘running log’ of the conversation. I am an AIM user.

    How are we doing so far?

  • What time zone are we talking, DJ? I’m EST myself – if we keep a running log of the conversation, one of us could certainly write it up into an interesting post, yes?

  • EST for me too.

  • I am a Central-ite, myself. And I would be willing to handle the ‘editing’ and write up aspect of this conversation.

    I think our time zones are close enough together that we can make this work.

  • I think so, too – Central is just an hour’s difference, isn’t it?

  • Indeed it is. Let’s kick this thing around and dish the dirt on one of the great albums of the last… wait for it… 30 years. =)

  • I wanted to keep the Springsteen symposium idea alive. Do you think we should invite folks in the Yahoo! group? Or selectively invite?

  • Highway Patrolman

    Im a Sirius subscriber. Question if anyone else has joined and figured out a way to download the Friday Night concerts they play on E Street Radio? Any help would be appreciated. This is too good not to find a way to burn it.