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New Video for Brandon Flowers’s “Only the Young”

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“Only the young can break away.. lost when the wind blows, on your own.” a particularly sharp looking Brandon Flowers sings standing from atop a platform covered in light reflecting water, glittering like a lake of colourful liquid diamonds.

Brandon Flower’s newest single, “Only the Young,” off the album Flamingo comes off better than his last, “Crossfire.” The production suits the song perfectly, and the musical and lyrical composition is stronger here. Ethereal vocal echoes and simple solid drumbeats entwine with slide guitar and melodic silk layers of synth, written in his stylish signature.

The video is just as memorable as the song – directed by the celebrated Sophie Muller, who many remember for the Moulin Rouge influenced gem, The Killers’s “Mr. Brightside.” Filmed at LE RÊVE at Wynn Las Vegas, Muller combines baletic aerial motion and Brandon’s Las Vegas showman character among a background of shadow and lightplay.

Muller’s videos are known to be cool and unique; rumors for this video fueled high expectations.  Disco ball, Brandon appearing strikingly James Bond-esque, dramatic lighting and beautiful, sensual theatrics:  It is an obvious nod to the glamour and artistry of Las Vegas but instead of showgirls, the video is a seamless picture of dreamy etherealness.  The collaboration of  Flowers’ music and Muller’s artistic eyes have resulted in rich, poetic imagery. Stunning in every way, it’s without a doubt one of the best videos of the year.

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