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New CDs From Robert Randolph, Eminem, Miley Cyrus, Derek Trucks; DVDs from Springsteen & The Stones

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I’m still swimming my way through the bounty of last week’s new releases so I’m a little relieved this week’s group is a little skinnier. In addition to the great new releases of last week, I made the sound investment in the 7-CD Freddie King box set Taking Care of Business 1956-1973. That’s nine hours of Freddie King blues goodness and I’ve not scratched the surface of the wonders it beholds. This week’s list is skinnier but it’s not vacant. There’s one “must have” CD for me and some others of varying degrees of interest.

Robert Randolph & The Family Band
We Walk This Road

This is the must-have for me. Randolph has teamed up with uber-producer T Bone Burnett and I’m hoping the result of the collaboration will be something a little less slick and polished than Randolph’s previous outing Colorblind. Colorblind was a lot of fun and I still listen to it, but that kind of shiny production doesn’t play to the considerable strengths of Randolph’s Sacred Steel guitar mastery. I can’t wait to hear these songs.

Derek Trucks Band

Derek Trucks is a phenomenal guitarist with few peers and I love listening to him play. I mention that because I was a bit disappointed in his previous album Already Free. I’m curious to know whether the songs come off better live where Trucks can extend them with some of his phenomenal fretwork. I’m not picking this one up this week but I’ll have an eye on it down the road when we have a slow week.

Cyndi Lauper
Memphis Blues

Apparently I missed the memo and the meeting when “we” decided to start taking ‘80s relics Jon Bon Jovi and Cyndi Lauper seriously. I can’t have been in the room because I’d have had a stroke and an aneurysm before committing a homicide.

Cyndi Lauper has gone from a pro wrestling prop and singer of Goonies theme song to some sort of respected song interpreter. On this latest album, she’s actually going to attempt to sing the blues. I’m experiencing souldeath. God help you if kingdom comes and you have a copy of this album in your possession. I am choosing to forgive Charlie Musselwhite, B.B. King, and Jonny Lang for assisting this piece of blues assassination because I am a benevolent snob, but I’m not real damn happy about it.

Bruce Springsteen
London Calling: Live in Hyde Park

The good news? This DVD is a very good representation of the Working On A Dream world tour. The bad news? This DVD is a very good representation of the Working On A Dream world tour.

I caught four shows on this tour — I know of what I speak — and Hyde Park has the same problems all four of my shows did (and I paid more than enough on my trek to sound off on the subject). The set list? Largely unimaginative with a few interesting nuggets sprinkled in. “Working On A Dream” is still an average song and “Outlaw Pete” is still awful. There are too many songs from The Rising and Born In The U.S.A.

I’ve seen portions of this show broadcast as part of Hard Rock Live on Palladia. The performances are uneven. I love Stevie Van Zant and so it’s with love that I offer to help him out: “London Calling” and “The ice age is coming.” Van Zant loves The Clash and loves “London Calling” yet he looks like hasn’t a clue what the words to the song are and he’s late every time he joins The Boss on the mic. “Jungleland” and “Rosalita” are better, performance-wise.

The E Street Band is still one of the great American bands and Springsteen still has one of the greatest song catalogs in pop music history. WOAD is a forgettable chapter being commemorated. I spent plenty of money on this chapter and the buck stops… here. I’m just saying no.

I’m not going to spend any time on these other releases but they deserve mention. We have the latest from Eminem (Recovery), Macy Gray (The Sellout), and Ozzy Osbourne (Scream). I’d also like to point you in the direction of El Bicho’s review of Stones in Exile, a documentary of the making of Exile On Main Street and Donald Gibson's review of Miley Cyrus' Can't Be Tamed.

I’ve had my say. Time for you to have yours. Here’s the full list:

(Hed) P.E. – Major Pain To Indee Freedom-The Best Of (Hed) P.E.
Aaron Nigel Smith – Everyone Loves To Dance
Addison Road – Stories
Allstar Weekend – Suddenly
Armstrong, Louis – Original Album Classics
Authority Zero – Stories Of Survival
Bearfoot – Follow Me
Blaze – Gang Rags
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – London Calling: Live at Hyde Park
Call The Cops – Call The Cops
Carmen Consoli – Elettra
Carter Hulsey – A Note In Your Pocket
Chemical Brothers, The – Further
Coliseum – House With A Curse
Constellations, The – Southern Gothic
Crispell/Rothenberg – One Dark Night I Left My Silent House
Cyndi Lauper – Memphis Blues
Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth
Darwin Hobbs – Champion
Delain – Lucidity
Derek Trucks Band, The – Roadsongs
Dir En Grey – Uroboros – With The Proof In The Name Of Living . . . – In Nippon Budokan
Duran, Hilario Trio – Motion
Eminem – Recovery / [Explicit]
Ffh – Wide Open Spaces
Fol Chen – Part Ii: The New December
Giggling & Laughing: Silly Songs For Kids – Giggling & Laughing
Griffin House – The Learner
Hacavitz – Metztli Obscura
Halford – Live In Anaheim / [2 Cd]
Health – Health :: Disco2
Herbie Hancock – The Imagine Project
I Shalt Become – Poison
James, Samantha – Subconscious
Jaron And The Long Road To Love – Getting Dressed In The Dark
Joyce Moreno – Slow Music
Keith Sweat – Ridin' Solo
Kele – The Boxer
Laurie Anderson – Homeland (Cd/Dvd)
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Live From Freedom Hall (Cd/Dvd)
Macy Gray – The Sellout
Manu Katché – Third Round
Mark Chesnutt – Outlaw
Mason, Steve – Boys Outside
Mayapuris – Mridanga
Mel Torme – Performance
Mike Oldfield – Hergest Ridge
Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn
Miley Cyrus – Can't Be Tamed
Moran, Jason – Ten
Moxham, Stuart – Personal Best
Nastasia, Nina – Outlaster
Negura Bunget – From Transilvanian Forest
Negura Bunget – Zirnindu-Sa
Norman Brown – Sending My Love
Orgone – Cali Fever
Osbourne, Ozzy – Scream
Party Tyme Karaoke – Party Tyme Karaoke – Contemporary Christian 3 (16-Song Cd+G)
Paul, Billy – Am I Black Enough For You
Perfume Genius – Learning
Pierce The Veil – Selfish Machines
Ram – Lightbringer
Recording Cast Broadway New The – Promises, Promises
Revive – Blink
Robert Randolph & The Family Band – We Walk This Road
Rollins, Sonny – Original Album Classics
Rpwl – The Gentle Art Of Music
Sarah Harmer – Oh Little Fire
Sia – We Are Born
Slint – Slint
Soundtrack – Shrek – The Musical
Soundtrack – 180 South
Soundtrack – The A-Team (Alan Silvestri)
Soundtrack/Tv – Hung : Original Television
Stars – The Five Ghosts
Terje Rypdal – Crime Scene
Tesh, John – One World
The Art Tatum Trio – The Jazz Biography
The Rolling Stones – Stones In Exile / [Dvd]
The Roots – How I Got Over
Theo – Nervous Nitelife: Summer Clubb
Tiesto – Asia Tour
Uffie – Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans
Umoja – The Spirit Of Togetherness
Uncle Kracker – Happy Hour (South River Road Sessions)
Various – One Big Trip
Various Artists – Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows:
Various Artists – Rough Guide To The Music Of In
Various Artists – Rough Guide To The Music Of Ru
Various Artists – Raise Hope For Congo
Various Artists – This Is The Blues, Volume 1
Various Artists – This Is The Blues, Volume 2
Various Artists – Reggae Gold 2010 / [2 Cd]
Versaemerge – Fixed At Zero
Vince Neil – Tatoos And Tequilia
Weiss, David & Point Of Depart – Snuck In
Wes Montgomery – The Jazz Biography
Windsor For The Derby – Against Love
Wishbone Ash – Sometime World: An Mca Travelogue / [2 Cd]
Woods, Dewayne – My Life's Lyric
Wovenhand – The Threshing Floor
You Me At Six – Hold Me Down
Zappa, Dweezil – Return Of The Son Of
Z-Ro – Heroin

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About Josh Hathaway

  • Just bought my copy of ‘We Walk This Road’ and look forward to blasting it this afternoon.

  • for those with more adventurous tastes, i recommend Terje Rypdal’s Crime Scene and Laurie Anderson’s Homeland.

    will also be getting both the Bruce and the Lauper. have always loved her voice.

  • Loved her voice. :: murmur murmur ::

    “I see you’ twooo couwers shining thwooo
    I see you’ twooo couwers and thatswhyiloveyou”

    I’ll go sit down.

  • hey whatever. i can trust these guys:

    Charlie Musselwhite
    B.B. King
    Johnny Lang
    Allen Toussaint

    yeah, it’s (sort of) an appeal to authority, but they can’t all be wrong.

  • I hope they all got PAID.

    In Charlie and BB I trust. In Jonny I like. If we could ignore voices, Mr. Saleski, well we’d be having different conversations altogether then, wouldn’t we? 😉

  • Vince Krevinas

    Your Springsteen review doesn’t make sense to me. You are generally negative yet you caught 4 shows! Coincidentally, I also caught 4 shows and feel totally opposite. Great production qualities, super tight and exhilarating performance. Set list differences aside, I’m not sure what more you could have asked for.

  • Vince, I won’t go through a long, detailed explanation but will try to boil it down: I love Bruce Springsteen. I love all eras of Bruce Springsteen. I love the early, the mid, and have loved things he’s done of late. I love ‘Magic.’ I was really disappointed with ‘WOAD.’ I caught two shows on the ‘Magic’ world tour and they were both great performance and set list wise. I bought two tix for the ‘WOAD’ tour when they first went onsale and was disappointed by the setlists overall. When the second leg was announced, I bought in again, hoping the setlists would improve and they largely did not. I still love Bruce but walked away from the experience not quite as fulfilled as I hoped I’d be. As for the ‘Hyde Park’ show, I don’t think the production was bad but it wasn’t exceptional. The performances I’ve seen presented in excerpts wavered with some being outstanding and others less.

  • The BB and Cindy duet is forgettable

  • 11

    Vince, just like any great sports franchise has a bad year once in a while, even the greatest of rockers can lay an egg. WOAD was such an egg for Bruce Springsteen.

    I caught — or rather was subjected to — two shows on the WOAD tour, and I would not pay $115 to see those two shows again.

    As Josh said, I love Bruce Springsteen, but he whiffed badly the last time out, both on the record and the tour.

    In the future, I will see a setlist or two BEFORE I cough up money for a ticket. I am done paying for ‘Out In The Street’ and ‘Working On the Highway.’

    He can keep Hyde Park; I am still waiting on that D&D Tour DVD from Boston, BossMan.

  • And while we’re on this, some of those Magic shows were terrific. Let’s put one of those out on DVD if he wants to represent the current era of the band and what they’re doing. That was an excellent album and tour.

  • 11

    Especially from early on the Magic Tour before those songs started to drop out. I want a show with Devil’s Arcade, Magic and Gypsey Biker in the set.

  • I hate that I didn’t get to hear “Gypsy Biker” once. I also hate that he played “Because The Night” so frequently on that tour and I happened to not get it once, either. Still, the setlists were largely much better on most given nights from Magic than WOAD.

    Now I DID enjoy getting to hear Born to Run in its entirety. Of course I got it twice because he didn’t announce which shows were getting what until long after he’d announced plans to do that but that album in sequence was fabulous.

  • 11

    The songs that did get played on the tour make the setlist for the show they released even more disappointing.

  • ah yes, all had (almost) forgotten about all of the btx-style crabbing about this tour. yeah, all those people around me (and elsewhere in the arean) having so much fun, listening to all of those horrible songs.

    yeah, whatever. Bruce could play a free show in your back yard and you STILL complain that he played Waitin’ On A Sunny Day!

  • Dr. Jimmy

    “I hate that I didn’t get to hear “Gypsy Biker” once. I also hate that he played “Because The Night” so frequently on that tour and I happened to not get it once, either”

    How bout some cheese with that whine?
    What’s an E Street setlist supposed to look like in 2009? I thought he did a great job accommodating both hardcore and casual fans on this tour.

  • EmmaElle

    Hi, lets start a chat.

  • I just got the Bruce “London Calling” DVD today and am going to withhold judgment until I actually watch it, (probably later tonight).

    That said, while I too would’ve probably preferred a Magic tour document to this, I can find little fault with what I see on the setlist (“Racing In The Street,” “Jungleland”) and the performance clips I have seen have all been pretty great (love it when Bruce and Steve are hamming it up and just having a great time playing “Glory Days”).

    If it were up to me, I’d have love to have seen a DVD of the night they finally broke out “Price You Pay” in Philly after 30 or so years. But I think I can live with this in the meantime.


  • I love the myopic way things can be taken out of contact. What was it Bono said? How can you stand next to the truth and not see it? No matter how many times I talk about how much I love Bruce, his music, and the majority of the shows, etc., if I make one critique I’m going to hear it from the sycophants. Once again I’m involved in a dialog with people having two different conversations. Oh, well. Way it fucking goes.

    The Robert Randolph album slams. I’m sure one of you will find a way to interpret that as unfaithfulness to Bruce, Our Leader. Whatever, Martha. The thread’s all yours, me boyos.

  • Dr. Jimmy

    Taken out of contact? I don’t know what that means. Which “truth” are we not seeing? Your version?

  • Jordan Richardson

    What was it Bono said?

    Something along the lines of “ohhh ohhh my back!”

  • Looks like an interesting week of releases. The solo debut from the lead singer of Block Party, the first album from The Roots since getting the Jimmy Fallon gig, an Eminem album without a godawful silly single, and a Chemical Brothers album without any vocal guest stars. This is in addition to the other releases mentioned. There haven’t been this many releases to intrigue me at once in weeks.

  • Please, don’t remind me, Jordan (#20). By the way, did you ever make it to Seattle anyway? Ya’ shoulda’ looked me up, bro…


  • 11

    Dr. Jimmy,

    The ‘truth’ that people are not seeing is that Josh is a rabid Springsteen fan who is disappointed with this tour/album/DVD.

    He is not saying that his opinion is ‘truth.’

    See the difference?

  • Sterfish, last week was the week that really stacked up for me but this week had some interesting ones. I finished my review of the Randolph CD and I just can’t get over how much I love it!

  • Dr. Jimmy

    Being disappointed with a tour is fine. He’s slamming a DVD he hasn’t watched because he didn’t hear the songs he wanted to at the shows he attended.

    I’ll bet he’s a lot of fun at parties.