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Never Too Old For Crack

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You might think this woman, AND the younger generation she consorts with, would be old enough to know better:

    A 96-year-old Cleveland County woman said Friday she didn’t know how she ended up sitting in her wheelchair on seven rocks of crack cocaine when sheriff’s deputies raided her house Monday.

    “I’ve never seen them in my life,” said Julia Roberts, of 128 Goforth Road, who was released from jail after being charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell and deliver. “I don’t know how they could get there.”

    But according to the search warrant affidavit, it’s the third time Cleveland County deputies have seized crack cocaine at Roberts’ home, which she shared with a son. An informant told deputies that Julia Roberts hid crack in her prosthetic leg during a previous search, according to the affidavit.

    Capt. Bobby Steen of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office implicated Roberts, two of her sons and a neighbor in a scheme to trade crack for stolen property, mostly jewelry and guns. He said the information came from burglary suspects.

    ….Harold Roberts, 61, was charged with possession of stolen goods after the search at the home he shared with his mother. His brother, James Roberts, 58, of 132 Goforth Road, was charged with possession of moonshine. A neighbor, Donald Eugene Bridges, 56, of 108-1 Antler Court, was charged with possession of stolen property.

    Julia Roberts was also charged with possessing a crack pipe.

    ….William Roberts said he saw a lot of people going in and out of his mother’s house, but is certain she was not aware of any drug activity in her house. He said the family is outraged that she was arrested, given her age.

    But Steen said police are confident in their case.

    “When you reach a certain age, is that when you’re supposed to be good?” he said. “Are you not supposed to commit crime?” [Charlotte Observer]

Silly rabbit, crack is for kids.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Whitney is right: crack is whack

  • Eric Olsen

    mother of God, that’s grim, how cadaverous

  • Of course, most crack users end up looking like they’re 96 anyway – look at this lady for a particularly fearsome example

  • Eric Olsen

    That would be a great title – I think it’s too late to change once there are comments though, something about the space/time continuum.

  • Dawn

    A better title for this post would have been “Julia Roberts charged with possession of crack cocaine!”

    but that’s just me 🙂

  • Eric Olsen

    I am absolutely certain she will not go to prison, can’t say the same for her AARP-eligible accomplices and offspring, though.

  • heh, if you are completely wrong, i’d like to know how the hell he lived to be so old (if she’s had her crack habit for a long time =+)
    seriously, it seems kind of strange that they’d focus on her. No matter her part, if they put her in jail she surely won’t last many years. If she’s actually been dealing and/or doing crack for a period of time, they should let her continue (albeit with a close eye on who she associates with)
    There’s an age after which it seems just plain stupid to put people in jail. I can’t decide for sure but certainly over 90 is too old. It really would be pointless and a waste.

  • When I hear people who have bought into ghetto culture speak of selling drugs, it tends to be in polarities. They will say that either one sells drugs and is ‘successful’ or one doesn’t and is a loser. You would think there is nothing in between. However, since most poor people don’t sell drugs, how can they actually believe that?

  • Eric Olsen

    I wouldn’t imagine she was the ringleader, but she would not appear to be a wholly innocent bystander either.

  • I think this happened because of some people feeling they have to stick with family no matter what. I’ve been watching the interviews with the son of the alleged incestuous father, polygamous and nine-time murderer on TV. He says there was nothing wrong in the home and his pappy was a nice guy.

    With a woman this old and frail, there is a chance of elder abuse. She may been intimidated or felt she had no choice. Let’s wait and see.