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Music Review: Linda Ronstadt – Feels Like Home

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Feels Like Home may have been released during March of 1995, but its origins extend back to 1987 when Linda Ronstadt combined with friends Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris to release their Trio album. It earned a platinum record award for sales and reached the top ten on The United States pop charts and topped the country charts.

They went back into the studio during 1994 to record a followup album which would be called Trio II. The album remained unreleased until 1999. Linda Ronstadt would erase some of the vocals and include five of the tracks on her own 1995 release.

These tracks form the foundation of the album and while they may not be the best material she has produced, they remain a good listen. They also lost a little of their luster when Trio II was finally released as the vocal harmonies were superior.

“High Sierra” contains a pure Ronstadt vocal which is always a good thing. “After The Gold Rush” was a production and she is backed by an orchestra and strings. “The Blue Train” is the one track that emerges intact as the original vocals are mostly left alone. “Lovers Return” features some brilliant fiddle playing by Alison Krauss.

The albums best two songs are taken in a rock direction. Tom Petty’s “The Waiting” is given a wonderful interpretation by Ronstadt and makes one wish she would have recorded more rock songs during this period of her career. Matraca Berg has only issued a handful of albums during her 38 year career but she has been a prolific songwriter whose material has been covered by Nashville’s elite. Ronstadt takes this country song in a rock direction with good results.

Feels So Good continued her penchant for releasing good but not outstanding releases. Time has made this album largely forgotten in her vast catalog but every once in awhile it remains an interesting, if not essential listen.

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  • Mario

    One of her top three all-time albums for sure.

  • maureen

    love, love, love her music

  • Beau Bradlee

    I find Feels Like Home to be superior to the disappointing Trio 2 in almost every way. The harmonies on After the Gold Rush, with Linda on lead, are stunning, as is Valerie Carter’s solo bit. And you are so right about The Waiting. This is one of Linda’s five best albums for sure.