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Music Review: Daughtry – “September”

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It wouldn’t be summer without hearing the latest song from Daughtry on the radio. The band has released their third single, “September” off their number one platinum album, Leave This Town.

The song was written by lead singer, Chris Daughtry and guitarist, Josh Steely. The song reflects on the singer’s days growing up in a town in North Carolina made up of only 100 people.

“September reminds me of my life in Lasker,” Daughtry said in a press release. “I loved living there, it built my character, but I knew I’d have to leave to make something of my life.”

Releasing “September” during the summer was pretty spot on. Fans will be more than likely singing-a-long through fall.  The song has the potential to do as well as the band’s most successful song to date, “Home,” which was off their 2006 debut album. The power ballad is beautifully written, and you can feel the sentiment within the lyrical content.  The personal lyrics allow the band to connect with those who already buy their music, as well allow them to gain new fans along the way.

With Daughtry’s spot on vocals, mixed with the power ballad melody, it will be no surprise when “September” works it’s way up to number one on the charts.

The music video for “September” was premiered on Vevo last week. The video, which was directed by Chris Sims, shows the band performing the song live, as well as showing memories from each of the band member’s past.

Daughtry just wrapped up their very first headlining arena tour. The band will be playing select dates in the U.S. this summer. In the fall, the band will be making stops in Europe, South Africa and Asia.

On August 20, they will perform as apart of The Today Show’s Toyota Concert Series at Rockefeller Center.

For more information on Daughtry, please visit their website. You can check out the music video for “September” below.

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  • Jenn

    Wow! SPOT ON!

  • Diva

    Beautiful song!

  • I actually had not heard this before-thanks for posting this, I have always liked Dautry, their no-nonsense sound, good ol’ American sound.

  • chealsea

    @Songbird: You spelled Daughtry wrong. Just thought i’d let you know.

    anyways, i absolutely love this song. I don’t know that i would say it’s the best on the CD… I’m partial to “Learn My Lesson” but that in no way diminishes how amazing “September” is. It’s a beautifully written, powerfully performed song, and i love everything about it. At this point, I’m convinced Daughtry can do no wrong.

  • Thanks y’all for the great comments. And thank you to whoever posted the article to Chris on Twitter. That made my day!

  • mike and joe

    i love this song!