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Music Review: Bruce Springsteen – Greatest Hits

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Springsteen dominated the charts in the early to mid eighties and was popularly known as “The Boss”. This greatest hits compilation is a testament to "The Boss", and although a lot of fans will complain it has all the songs they already own, it shows the very talents of the diverse Springsteen.

I first was introduced to his music with the song “Hungry Heart”, and for years was not sure who he was but was determined to find out. "Dancing In The Dark", "Born In The USA", "Glory Days" and "The River" were played repeatedly during the 80s on a show called Ready to Roll. It gave me a taste of Mr. Springsteen and I have loved him since.

I think one of the problems fans have with this album is it actually has seven of his hit singles from his chart-dominating album, Born in the USA. Fans would like to hear the rarer tracks that were just as brilliant on  Greatest Hits, but then you can’t win them all I guess. I see this CD as the perfect example of what Springsteen is capable of. For new Springsteen fans and those out there who don’t want to buy all his albums just for their favourite hits, this is the perfect album.

As mentioned earlier, it has all the songs that made him huge in the 80s – "Dancing In The Dark", "Glory Days", "Born In The USA", and "The River" as well as some of the brilliant tracks from the 90s: "Secret Garden" and "Streets Of Philadelphia".

One thing I do love about this album is that while Springsteen never fails to move far from his role as the boss, he can be diverse and never fails to sing about what is important to him. Springsteen not only developed a mass of fans for his lyrics and moody dark penetrating gaze but also for the fact he sings about blue-collar America, songs that people can relate to. He’s never been afraid to shy away from the political with his "Born In The USA" and "My Hometown" and that makes him even more endearing to his fans.

This album is one of my all-time favourites and it still makes me want to stand up and dance, or slam my fist in the air whenever I heard "Born In The USA" and "Glory Days".

Best songs on the album: "Glory Days", "Streets Of Philadelphia", "Born To Run", "The River", "Hungry Heart", "My Hometown", and "Blood Brothers".

In fact there isn’t a song on this album, I don’t love. I give this 5/5

Record Label: Columbia
Year: 1995

Track Listing:
1. Born To Run
2. Thunder Road
3. Badlands List

4. The River
5. Hungry Heart
6. Atlantic City
7. Dancing In The Dark
8. Born In The U.S.A.
9. My Hometown
10. Glory Days
11. Brilliant Disguise
12. Human Touch
13. Better Days
14. Streets Of Philadelphia
15. Secret Garden
16. Murder Incorporated
17. Blood Brothers
18. This Hard Land

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  • JC Mosquito

    I’m a fan, but I think this is a terrible compilation. Springsteen is better listened to as an album by album experience, or a theme by theme experience. Because of his large catalog, compilations like this never seem to cover the bases properly.

  • Mark

    I agree with JC; the “Essential” compilation was a much better representation of how diverse he is. I think his best stuff was always lesser known – from “New York City Serenade” to “Highway Patrolman” to “Stolen Car” (even the great “Devils and Dust” cd), he’s better when he’s telling stories and not writing “hits” (leave that stuff to American Idol).

  • Rob

    The man hasn’t written any crap. How do you pick the best of the best? Not an easy task at all. At least this greatest hits package introduces the listener who isn’t familiar with Springsteen to his music.

  • jon

    there is so much more unreleased material to come it’s no even funny.

  • Well, it IS a greatest hits compilation, and these ARE his greatest hits, like it or not. There are other lesser hits, such as Prove It All Night, I Don’t Want To Fade Away, Roll Of The Dice, etc. But these are the biggest ones, and when making a career compilation like this, you have to keep in mind the casual lsitener who is only semi-acquainted, but still has his favorites that he remembers, and didn’t buy the first time around. I do it all the time when searching for a greatest hits album by other artists that I failed to pick up on when they first acheived mass acceptance.

    I hear in the pipeline that there is another “Greatest Hits II” coming out possibly by the end of the year. I’m sure that one will have a more tastey line-up for all the more veteran Bruce Tramps among us.

  • JC Mosquito

    The best greatest hits collection for me was the first 3 CD’s of the Tracks Box – He could’ve had a whole ‘nuther album with the USA outtakes, or even an extra slab of vinyl to make The River a 3 album set.

    Yeah, if that unreleased stuff ever comes out… where’s the studio versions of Fire & Because the Night anyway?