More Spam Please

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Is your spam flood a mere trickle? Do you get at least 100 pieces of spam per day like I do? Want to bump up your spam quotient? Try these tips:

    Put an E-mail address on a high-traffic Web site.

    Post (or reply to a post) on Usenet.

    Post (or reply to a post) on a public Web-based discussion group.

    Register the address with a Web site that goes out of business and sells its list.

    Register the address with a Web site that sells its list.

    Subscribe to a porn site with the address.

    Reply to an opt-out E-mail or click on an opt-out link in a message.

    Use an address with a common name that can be easily guessed (such as

    Register a domain name.

    Post an E-mail address in a chat room. [TechWeb]

Good, common sense spam generation. Maybe half of those apply to me, and my spam quota is most robust! But to really maximize it, I’m going to have to be more diligent.

Do I filter? No, because they don’t really work, I don’t want to miss anything I should be getting, and I can spot the spam a mile away and just delete the little bundles of shit without opening them. I am my own filter. Do you filter? What works and what doesn’t? Let us know.

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  • I run my own mail server which has anti-spam properties like a spamtrap address that disregards all mail if the trap address is in the recipient list.

    I also use a few RBLs such as and I manually blackhole sites that don’t get caught but from whom I wish to never hear again.

    I also use Eudora Beta 6, which has a Bayesian filter that seems to catch most of the spam that would have come through. The Bayesian filter is still learning, but it is very easy to use.

    i used to report every Spam I got to, but the new filter means I don’t see the spam in the inbox, so I don’t.

    I also have some rules in Eudora to capture and delete known Viruses.

    I don’t see a lot of the spam sent to me. I don’t think I’ve seen any since Monday.

  • Eric Olsen

    Damn Michael, that’s impressive. You’re like a clinic.

  • Only 100 pieces of spam a day? Lucky dog!

  • Mac OS X Mail has an incredible filter. I used to use Eudora and had a complex set of filters that I updated with almost every new spam. Pain in the ass.

    But OS X Mail filters out almost everything. I get more than 100 spams a day but only need to delete 5 or so myself. And Mail “learns” from what I throw out, so I don’t see similar spams ever again.

    At first it filtered out a few messages incorrectly, and I had to “teach” it that those were real email, but it hasn’t done that in a long time, except for the occasional newsletter from a company–never a personal email from a friend. If I had to delete 100 to 150 spam emails a day myself, I’d probably delete “real” mail by accident more often than OS X Mail.

    Main thing is, I used to be annoyed by spam every day, as there was so much. Now, I rarely am.

  • I’m not a qualified spam-killer (if I were I would go for the spammers as unlike Jesus I have no more cheeks to spare…)
    So what I did in my amateurish way was this: I ruled everything coming for HudnaPress@ to be deleted from Subject, To, Cc etc
    So now I can theoretically just click on Empty Delete Box.
    Yet, despite my screening those, I still have to let my welcomed correspondents know that they should use my other address as sometimes I “throw the water with the child” and delete some real mail.
    I think a more far reaching solution could be for all of you in USA (sorry, but the spam does not originate in Iraq…) write to your congresspeople and demand laws that will deem those spammers criminals.
    It might help. It’s time to stop regard it as the weather, and get active. I don’t like this role of victim they are imposing upon me at a daily increasing rate. Do You?

  • ben.i .all.cooper

    spam i love it send more please if you dare….