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More on Jacko Documentary

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The Michael Jackson doc airing Thursday on ABC debuted last night in the UK. The British tabs have gone wild over this:

    When Bashir asked Jackson about his friendships with children, Jackson said: “I have slept in a bed with many children,” including actor Macaulay Culkin (news) and his brother Kieran. [AP]

But I find this statement much more damning:

    Jackson denied having had any alterations to his face other than two operations on his nose because “it helped me breathe better so I can hit higher notes.”

    “I am telling you the honest truth,” he said. “I didn’t do anything to my face.”

Um, right Michael – your face from, say, 1982, transmogrified of its own accord into the Phantom of the Opera mask that it is today. On top of everything else, Jackson is clearly a pathological liar.

I still say Jackson has been possessed by the ghost of Klaus Nomi.

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