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Michael Moore has thrown down the gauntlet to the media:

    Filmmaker Michael Moore says journalists are missing the real story on Iraq.

    Journalists should look into a possible deal between the Bush administration and Russia to carve up Iraq’s oil fields after ousting Saddam Hussein, he said.

    “People in the media know this story but nobody will just say it or just do it,” said Moore, who accepted the Freedom of Speech Award Thursday night at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.

    “Come on. What’s wrong with our media? What are they afraid of?” he said. “Where is the Woodward and Bernstein for our time? Where are the young people?” [AP]

Hmm, if this is such a hot story, why don’t you do it yourself Michael? Surely you have more freedom and greater resources than the average jounalist. Could it be because that would require actual work, research, and, ick, facts, facts, facts? It is much easier to hurl accusations from above and demand that lesser mortals do the actual work. Or it could just be total bullshit.

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  • Could it be that by saying wtf? Mike has it covered? It is curious that the US media hasn’t covered the censored 8K of pages from the Iraq weapons sked which indict US companies supplying Iraq with munitions.

    Y’know for a fat Yankee blowhard, Michael Moore seems to get it right most of the time.

  • Eric Olsen

    In the back of my mind something sounded familiar:

    “Let’s face it, the world hates the ugly American, get over it. You are fat, ignorant bullies. Be honest and accept that.”

    I do accept that about Michael Moore.

  • “Let’s face it, the world hates the ugly American, get over it. You are fat, ignorant bullies. Be honest and accept that.”

    I do accept that about Michael Moore.

    That’s what I like about him, he is honest about his faults and shortcomings. Which is also in the book “Rivethead” by Ben Hamper. Fuckups being honest about being fuckups.

    I really accept people when they admit they are assholes. I’m an asshole and proud of it.

  • mike

    Michael Moore is a great stand up comedian, but his attempts at investigative journalism are dingy. What is so secret about the fact that the U.S. is bargaining with Iraqi oil? Has anything else been on the front page for the last six months?

    And why would we be dumb enough to split it with anyone? Least of all Russia: It’s not that important a country anymore; the Russian economy is about the size of Denmark’s. Not to mention that nobody gets a dime of the oil until we pay off the cost of the occupation–oh, excuse me, the “liberation”– of Iraq.

    Moore should stick with the one liners.

  • Right. He knows he hasn’t the kind of credibility (or distribution channels) that would get this story around.

    Tough to be him — full of passion and making a lot of dough but having the skills of a painter, not a journalist.

    He’s like Ripple wine — not so good in and of itself, but it gets some people started towards wine.

  • Eric Olsen

    I am pleased to find a small eddy of agreement in the sea of contention.