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I’ve been most absent as of late. It’s not that band life isn’t keeping me busy and there’s nothing to write about. It’s just hard finding things to write about that won’t be the typical “we played a show last night” and all that garbage. There are a few updates in the world of rock and roll however. One major thing is that my blog site(http://www.xanga.com/suburbanrock) now features more than one blogger. I am encouraging other band members to go onto the site and blog. This is a real stretch for them since none of them are really internet junkies like myself. Still, I’ve managed to get at least our lead singer to start posting and I expect that our guitarist will start soon.

Another new thing is that we have some new songs over at PureVolume. You can check them out here: http://www.purevolume.com/thesuburbansound

This Saturday night is our 2 hour set at that bar where we did the open mic a few months ago. You remember that post right? A few of our street team members went down there last night to promote. The staff there is expecting a full house. My ass. I’ll believe that when I see it.

This isn’t really a post as it is a quick update. So until I find something “creative” to write, check out the songs and if you live in York or Lancaster PA, check out the show Saturday night. More info at www.thesuburbansound.com.

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