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Meteor Showers: One Good Thing About Rural Life

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The Perseids meteor showers are peaking tomorrow evening, and I am reminded of the last time that I went out to watch them, which was back in 2007. At the time, I lived in rural central Washington state, and my parents had come to visit me.

Dad was really excited to see the meteor shower, so one evening after dark, we drove a few miles out of town and parked the car along a dark country road. Because we were in a high mountain desert valley, there were few trees or other large objects to obstruct our view of the night sky. We leaned against the car and stared up at the sky for as long as we could until the cold night winds drove us to seek shelter.

I’ll never forget that night, in part because it will be a long time again until I am in the right place at the right time to have such a view of the night sky, unobstructed by artificial lights or large objects. As much as I love the things that make up populated, urban areas, a little part of me wishes I could once again drive a few miles out of town and watch the stars.

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  • perfect – what a memory!

  • Jim

    Well, one good thing that may come out of our current economic state is that one of the belt-tightening measures enacted by towns is the turning off of lights. Maybe someday you’ll be able to see a pristine night sky again.

  • James

    nice but do you remember anything about the meteor shower itself? Anyway I would say that if you drive 2 hrs or less from most cities, you can find some good rural areas with nice views of the stars…but yes trees get in the way a good bit in the east..look for a mtn and get to the top and maybe little better.

  • James: I do, but it’s kind of hard to describe a sky so full of stars and occasionally a few meteors.

  • Looks like everyone named James, or going by “Jim” is required to respond to this one!
    I would have anyway.
    We live within walking distance of a panoramic, unobstructed view of the night sky, and star-gazing and meteor showering have been part of our family traditions since my wife and I were dating. In a previous century.
    She and I were just this morning talking about how I hope the weather clears so we can see the Perseids tonight. It’s iffy in our part of rural America.
    One of the most spectacular Perseid displays we saw took place the night before we took our elder son to college. And now we’re on the verge of taking our youngest, seems like we are due another great one.
    It’s kind of like the heavens are acknowledging a momentous, bittersweet milestone in our lives.

  • By the btw, I’ve read that the Perseids will peak during the afternoon (EST), August 12, and that there should be many still visible by that night. In case you miss them tonight (Aug. 11).