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Marilyn Manson – Golden Age of Grotesque

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If the title is any indication of what lies ahead for the listener of the latest release from Marilyn Manson, well I guess it’s all about what you like.

If Marilyn can keep it melodic, then even his grotesqueness can be overlooked. Just so long as I don’t have to see his face. Now that is gross.

E! Online“If you aren’t down with Manson, this won’t change you one bit. But for Manson fans, Grotesque is beautiful.”

Jam – “Despite its spooky charms and gloomy anti-establishment attitude, The Golden Age of Grotesque should sink into the status quo with nary a ripple. That might be the most shocking thing of all.”

Just released, will add more reviews later – no verdict as of yet.

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  • The guy had one good song “Beautiful People” and has been boring ever since. Rose McGowan must have been incredibly stupid or incredibly patient to stick with Brian (that’s his name right?) as long as she did.

    He’s been shock – trying to hard since Day 1. It says something that the American people bought into it.

    OK: Two good songs. The cover of Sweet Dreams was pleasant, but every song after that has sounded the same Sour dirge.

  • twiggy

    not as LOUD as mechanical animals or even holywood, but golden age of grotesque is still able to pull the trigger.. out of ten i’d probably give it a 7.. this is one album that’s strictly for manson’s hardcore fans…rock on, to the beautiful goths out there

  • ken_the_man

    what can i say? this album may not be as good as his previous works, but i guess this is a rather good effort, considering the fact that manson is probably running dry of his twisted ideas. kinda miss twiggy on the bass, but i suppose skold is good at what he does too. rather surprised the boys decided to take up the nazi image inside the album sleeve, and manson looks ridiculously silly wearing the cap , though one may imagine him as the dead captain of the titanic ship.. anyway eye candy a side.. this is one cd that still works if you want some serious headbanging on those dreaded boring saturday nights.

  • BEST ALBUM YET!! Can’t say more now, I am on the run!

    Long Live Manson!

  • john

    this is the shittiest album, it sucks, his other cds are awesome, but this, it blows. Sell OUT

  • marilyn manson

    stop calling my album, i spent a lot of time on that.

  • critique?!

  • i’ve read the other guys critics, we all have an opinion, right?, nah f*** it, this album is great, it makes me want to listen to it all day along with the other cds, and to expect a new one, its great, its not as good as Antichrist Superstar but i love it, u people should listen to music with your brains not with your pop music taste, u cant enjoy it that way, thats all, besides, it made the top of the billboard right?, so bottom line, its great. VOVNZ love you honey…

  • Robbie

    Hi from Melb Australia.
    I have never been much of a manson fan. Sure he had a couple of a good songs but most of his music seemed very dry.
    I was hesitant to buy his new album but it was the best f**king decision I ever made. THIS ALBUM IS F**CKIN INSANE!!!
    His music has a whole new feel about it, more guitar driven and rockier. I would recommend this album to ANYONE!!
    ‘Vodevil’ would have to be my fav song.
    And for all your people out there who think manson is a freak get a f**kin life!!! Its a thing called ‘ Image’

  • Jim

    As a 40-year-old raised on Pink Floyd and Aerosmith, I’m overjoyed that real rock ‘n’ roll can still be found out there. Continue, Marilyn.

  • h9

    The best thing about Manson is that his albums always surprise me….When HolyWood came out I really wasn’t as into it as all the others and I put it away, but going back there are so many more dimensions to it than I first saw. Now I love that one almost as much as Antichrist!
    Golden Age is f’n great…not what I expected, but that’s why I love his shit. This CD has never left the CD book in my car since it came out and I couldn’t ask for a better CD to drive to and want to kill L.A. drivers to….Manson, I will always appreciate the marks you leave on this world!

  • Brian

    I like all his other cd’s but this one sucks big time. I think the first words of the cd says it all, “Everything has been said before, nothing left to say anymore”.
    He’s right because this album says nothing.

  • Satan

    all you sceptics can shut the hell up…. golden age is one of his best albums. its up there with antichrist and smells like children. ITS F**KING AWESOME!!!!!!!! long live manson

    rock is dead long live paper and scissors

  • JT

    I really like Manson, I think he’s smart, nice and right. I hate how people make up all thease rumours about him when they don’t even know him. I love this album, my fave song is mObscene, go Manson! #1 in cd sales! kepp it up!

  • ValeCk

    marilyn manson is the BEST !!!!!!!!!!

  • MunkPuppy

    I’ve never purchased a Marilyn Manson album before; I liked a few songs that were overplayed on the underground circuit. Now that I’ve bought GOAG, I’ve started looking around for the rest of the albums, becuase as much as people say he’s got nothing to say, he has the world to say. No Political or religious statements, just “this is what I am, love it or shove it!”
    I look forward to giving Marilyn and entourage more of my money.

  • Curious Bob

    All you people that say The Golden Age of Grotesque sux, youre wrong, TGAOG is probably the best record manson has ever put out. If you dont like him then why did you come to this website and even bother sending a comment?

  • AreaZeroOne

    Last comment here was November 3rd , i’ll still reply 🙂

    I’ll just get to it.TGAOG is horrible.There is nothing to listen to , nothing to think about.This is the first album in Manson’s catalog that truly offers nothing to the listener.It’s bad , how bad? If you recall , “Twiggy” (bassist) left the band because he thought the new album was going in a wrong direction , now we know he was speaking the truth.

    The last great Manson album was “Mechanical Animals” , which to me , is Marily Manson at it’s best (I really mean it , the BEST).The followup , “Holywood” was good , but obviously did not surpass MA in quality.

    I own every Manson album , and the only one which shows a considerable decline in quality is this album , The Golden Age of Grotesque.I have not listened to this album ever since I tried giving a listen to it when I purchased it.

    Well , that’s my comment.I will always have anything prior to TGAOG.

  • ryan vargovich

    ~You know what, Marilyn Manson is the most famous rock star ever created. FUCK YOU! And FUCK ALL YOUR SHIT! If u don’t like the man. NEVER say his name in vain. For hard rock, he is a god! I would like to see any of you fuckers create what he did. His new album blows my fucking mind. Long Live Manson! ~Vargo

  • Desire’e

    Manson, aside from Maynard James Keenan, is the only true living musical artist worthy of the title “God”. the artisits he has influenced is truly amazing. All you shallow minded critics only hate because you dont understand. The era’s and issues he draws his inspiration from is truly a master skill. If only you listened instead of criticised you’d appreciate it more than you realise. The techniques use for all his albums are marvelous. Read into it- and once you get a true grasp of his talent- TRULY understand the effort he puts in to create such masterpieces- then come back and criticise. GAOG is not an exception to his past works. Amamzing.

    Just as good live as they are in concert. An amazing experience that anyone should be a part of.

  • gaby&oana

    hey, we love manson, but we want to know.. why did twiggy left the band???he was so cool and so perfect for this band and i think it was better with him..these things happen to most of the bands, but marilyn manson is not like the most of the bands..so, why did twiggy left the band?
    please, someone send us a message and tell us why…

  • X-tina

    I miss Twiggy ) :

  • kelly ainsby

    marilyn manson is da best ever rock god i have ever known he is the god of all gods and verry sexy. love the ablum i think its great. i think he will sell out all the other rock stars and will be big evrey where in the world i love you marilyn manson rock on you sexy god

  • MaRiLyN kRaZy

    all you ppl who are against marylin..get the hell outa here! stop fuckin bitchin- – and just face the fact that he is the “man”. he is the shit! so take a big whiff! he aint goin no where! he is my god…he is the mutha fukin bomb. so quit sayin shit and deal wif it. hes a rock god!!

    i own every single manson album- – and evryone are FUKIN MINDBLOWING! hes got the touch- – marilyns style may be different to others, but his style is what makes him who he is. he may be an individual, but hes a fukin awesome individual.and i shal follow him every fukin step of the way!

    i love you marilyn!!! krazy bout cha! xo

  • Luke

    Manson, aside from Maynard James Keenan, is the only true living musical artist worthy of the title “God”.
    I feel as thoe you’re shitting on every rock band that has ever existed

  • MM rox mi jox

    marilyn is my idol! he is rockin!

    his song FIGHT! is awesum!… his songs just get u in the mood to ROCK AND ROLL BABY!! i luv the screeching metal!!! but most of all the lyrics! they are ..how do i say..”perfect” 🙂 I LOVE MARILYN!!!

    [im not a slave to a god that doesnt exist- – – im not a slave to a world that doesnt give a shit] dont the lyrics blow u away?

    if anyone dus not appreciate the work of marilyn…well i guess u miss out! u hav ur opinion and i got mine! and it just so hapns that alot of people follow him aswell!

    marilyn foreva! luv u babe!


    manson..hmm…manson..no i dont see his name under”try-hards”and i definately do not see him under the name”failures”. o wait here he is..top of the list under the title “fukn greatest rock god that has eva lived”

    incase u havnt noticed i love manson baby. he is so fine! i agree with MM rox mi jox! its is everyones opinion about my baby manson..but those few who dnt like him r missin out on al da fun baby! the rest of u who absolutely adore him- – – MANSON FOREVA BABY! il be rockin in ma grave!

  • blackbetty

    marry me marilyn

  • manson

    No marry me manson!!

  • grave spinner

    i wil be listenin to manson for al my life- – no doubt about it!

    for xmas im gettin everythin manson…iv alredy got al da dcs. but im getin clothes, bed sheets, posters n all!

    manson wil make me spin in my grave! foreva luvin the true artist!

  • Jeordie was the only good member

    “TGAOG is horrible” I totally agree. I think this is really the point where Brian Warner started taking a turn for the worse. I used to be a huge manson fan myself until this album… still liked all the other albums though. But when Lest We Forget came out it just killed the band Marilyn Manson for me…
    Seems like what he explained in his autobiography no longer applies to now… he’s all about the money now and it’s pure bullshit.

    Personally I believe you people put absolutely no thought into this… but he shaves his eyebrows, gives himself botaux injections in his lips, does his hair differently, and wears lots of makeup… so you buy into it.

    How many of you are really 13 years old? I can pick out about 5 of you im certain of being that young.

    Like my name says, Jeordie was the only good member.

  • i love marylin! he rocks!

  • sphue

    the golden age was a beautiful album. every cd of manson for me has been deep. there is no other artist that can make you fell anything the way manson can. in my view i think that manson has something to offer to everyone i mean if you dont like the heavy shit you have mechanical animals. manson has stood the test of time and is still doing so. the golden age album is unlike any other album of his but then again non of his albums are ever the same which makes manson a master in his feild. i love marilyn manson and he is the hottest person on the music scene so if you dont like him go kill your self.

  • seven__

    I find Mechanical Animals is still the best Marilyn Manson album, but in saying that their others don’t fall short of the mark and TGAOG is no exception.

    People started calling them a sell out, especially for ‘This Is The New Shit’ when in reality, that is what the song is about – what makes a hit (and we see that it isn’t much these days). It also happens to be a favourite of mine, god forbid I even find it catchy.

    Marilyn Manson still have a lot to say, and despite a greatest hits compilation (I hate those things), I’m sure that when Manson is done with his film there will still be things that need to be said.