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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Who Lives and Who Dies

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Today on General Hospital:

With Nikolas in the hospital hoping Patrick and Robin could come up with a counter-agent, or better yet an antidote, for the poison Jerry had injected in his system, Lady Jane was trying to convince her son not to leave town. She begged him to wait for Jax to return and give his brother a chance to get him out of this situation, like he has so many times before. They were interrupted by Sonny, who came to see the boys, and was almost discovered by Michael. At show's end as he was trying to flee and Lady Jane was begging him to stay, Michael overheard the name Jerry and came running down the steps asking if Jax's brother was there. In the meantime, after one close call, Patrick and Robin administered what they believed to be a viable counter-agent to the poison in Nikolas' system.

If we can for just one moment believe it was possible to identify this previously unidentifiable poison, let alone develop a counter-agent and a proper dosage in four hours, we would still have to complain about how the story was delivered – in the usual choppy incoherent manner in which many stories have been done lately. Scene one, the two rush to the lab to work, scene two, they've identified a couple of the markers, scene three, they have a cure. Of course, we don't know if it really is a working counter-agent. Chances are we won't until early next week.

At the Everyday Heroes set, Amelia staged a phone call to Sam from one of the many ex-husbands she swindled to get Sam to confide her past schemes. She then bailed her out. If Sam is going to believe that a producer would be able to pull $300,000 out of a production budget to buy off a blackmailer, then she deserves whatever Amelia throws at her next. Coming clean to Jason only briefly crossed her mind, but she shouldn't feel too bad about that; Jason has secrets of his own.

After he left Liz, and Lucky checked in on her one more time, the woman fell asleep on the couch. When she awoke from the storm brewing outside (and threatening to close roads according to nearly all the characters) she was in a lot of contraction-like pain and bleeding. She collapsed trying to make her way to the phone at the end of the episode. Good thing she told Jason if anything happened to jeopardize the baby he should step forward as the father. Does she have a sixth sense or what? Too bad Jason has just been ordered by Sonny to take out Lorenzo while the police are distracted by all the flooding from the storm. Will he be able to both take out Lorenzo and save Liz and his baby? I guess we'll have to tune in tomorrow to see who lives and who dies.

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  • Justene

    I am pretty sure that there is something about a Port Charles storm that just sends a woman into labor. How many babies have been born that way over the years? Of course, showing my age, I recall Barbara Jean or BJ, whose heart now beats in Maxie and Scott’s daughter Serena.

  • Good point, Justene. It was also a storm/blackout that got Liz into this trouble to begin with about nine months ago.

    If there is no other catalyst to interfere with getting people help who need it, use mother nature I guess.