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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Love and Bullets in the Air

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On Tuesday's General Hospital:

I got the feeling Jerry wasn't just your ordinary bad guy when he was able to kill his and Carly's assailant with a ball point pen. That's major level spy stuff, right? And you would have thought Carly had been professionally trained the way she spun her little helpless victim game for the police. She certainly impressed Jerry by batting her eyelashes and carrying on about how she was still being threatened by her ex-husband, Lorenzo Alcazar — presumed dead in the states. Her bodyguard had no choice but to kill the man to protect her, she said. Venezuela must find their officers the same place Port Charles does, because they actually bought her act.

No matter how Patrick, Anna, and Noah tried, they couldn't convince Robin that whatever relationship Noah and Anna tried to pursue, it was their own business. In the past I've always felt Robin got a bad rap as a busybody, but she's working overtime to prove me wrong on this one. I understand the ick factor involved in thinking your mother is dating your boyfriend's father, but come on. Each dragging their parent away from the other for the sit-down talk seemed over the top, even for Robin.

Robin told Anna it was wrong to play out her Eli Love fantasies with Noah and to get too involved and then just leave when the concert was over. Anna assured her they were keeping it simple and just having fun. At Patrick's apartment, his concerns seemed more grounded. He told Noah it was his sobriety he was most worried about and asked if he had started drinking again. When Noah gave the non-answer that as someone who had a liver transplant, he would be stupid to start drinking again, Patrick pressed on. Noah went on, confirming everything Patrick had hypothesized earlier that he was stepping out of the shadows of his mourning and depression from losing Patrick's mom and just having fun. I'm not sure how honest Noah's being with Patrick about the sobriety, however.  We saw him eyeing the vodka ad in the magazine while Robin lectured them, and then there was the sip at the Metro Court last week with one of Eli's fans.

Noah assured Patrick his relationship with Anna was not serious and short-term and then made his way back over to her room at the Metro Court. Robin's interfering still had a way of dampening everyone's fun though as Robin couldn't get keep Anna and Noah off her mind long enough to enjoy her evening with Patrick, and Anna put the brakes on with Noah saying she couldn't get her daughter's face and words out of her mind.

Sam continued her visit with Lucky, apologizing for keeping the lie and fueling his doubts and fears about Liz when she hinted that she believes the affair with Jason lasted much longer than one night. When Liz returns – from her visit with Jason – to find Sam in her house, she gets quite indignant and throws her out. While Liz calls Sam's motives into question, Lucky asks where she had been.

At the courthouse Diane warns Jason that Ric might not be done with Liz. He may order a paternity test in an attempt to prove Liz is lying to protect Jason. She advises him to consider the plea bargain being offered. Jason's reply is it is not an option.

Sonny rushed Kate to the hospital and sits by her bedside as Dr. Julian tries to figure out what is wrong with her. When Sonny suggests a toxin in the pond, but counters that Morgan is absolutely fine, the doctor searches her legs and finds a snake bite. As she starts to improve, Sonny and Kate reminisce about their time growing up and their trips to Coney Island and the beach. Is Kate willing to put aside her fears and find love again in Sonny? I guess we have to keep watching to find out.

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  • Robin Kavanagh

    Is Kate willing to put aside her fears and find love again in Sonny? I guess we have to keep watching to find out.

    Do you ever really get over young love? I’m so much more comfortable with this romance than with any other he’s had, simply because of their history. They knew each other before all of the adult intrigues that rule their lives. It seems a relationship between them would work better than any other because of their shared experiences as kids. There’s a bond there that is hard to break. I’d champion the two of them getting together, but knowing GH, it will probably be long and messy.

  • I think you’ve captured the appeal of Sonny and Kate very well. It isn’t old hat (Like Sonny and Carly) or completely weird and forced (Like Sonny and Emily). It’s one time lovers trying to get beyond everything that’s happened since the last saw each other and taking a chance on being together again.

    You’re probably right about long and messy road to happiness to. And it will get especially messy when Carly gets home and sticks her nose into it.

  • Robin Kavanagh

    Can’t we just get rid of Carly? She flies off the handle so quickly and goes on the same diatribes all the time, it’s just annoying.