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Love Squashes Rumor of Wilson Joining Beach Boy 50th Anniversary Tour

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The rumors of a Mike Love/Brian Wilson Reunion have come and gone through the years, but with the Beach Boys preparing to launch their 50th anniversary tour, speculation has grown feral.

In an attempt to cool the wildfires of rumor, Mike Love released the following statement last week through his publicist: “The Beach Boys continue to tour approximately 150 shows a year in multiple countries. At this time there are no plans for my cousin Brian to rejoin the tour. He has new solo projects on the horizon and I wish him love and success."

As disappointing as this is, Love did offer a little hope that the two would give fans new music in the distant future. He continued, "We have had some discussions of writing and possibly recording together, but nothing has been planned."

In the mid-sixties, Wilson became absent on the concert stage but remained an official member until 1970. As of late, he has returned to recording and releasing solo projects but to see him perform live is a rare treat indeed.

For a band to have endured for half a century is a extraordinary feat and their songs, which are anthems of summer to many, are pieces of Americana. It is natural for fans to want to see true harmony return, but at this point it seems to be an improbable dream.

Even so, I'm sure the anniversary tour will be worth catching for long-time fans. Tour dates for this summer and into the fall can be found at the band's website.

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  • Al ‘Wes’ Wesley

    It won’t be the same with out Brian.

  • Thanks, guys, for all the comments. I find it interesting how the rumors seem to keep cropping up over and over, despite any solid information to support them.

    No matter how fond the memories are, sometimes it’s just time to move on.

    I give Love credit for stomping them out early and agree that given the post Beach Boys music that Wilson has delivered, his solo work is where his focus should remain.

  • The couple of Wilson shows I’ve seen (including “Smile”) have been pretty amazing, particularly in terms of his band (who sound more like vintage, multi-layered Beach Boys than the Beach Boys themselves do these days).


  • This is almost like hearing Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead (kids, ask your parents). It’d be nice so fans could show their respect, but Brian certainly doesn’t need it. Hope he honors the anniversary in his own way.

  • Great Tour!

  • Tony

    Mike Love is a hack. When Brian Wilson released Smile he put to bed any debate as to who the true creative force behind the Beach Boys was. And as Gordon said, without Carl and Dennis (and Brian) the only song Mike Love should singing is Kookomo over and over again. But also as Gordon stated, very well done write-up.

  • Gordon Hauptfleisch

    Pretty to think so, indeed. But to paraphrase George Harrison about some other member and some other group, as long as Carl and Dennis Wilson remain dead, there can be no Beach Boys reunion. I will continue to seek out any Brian performances, however. Nice write-up, Connie.