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Lars Ulrich Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich pays tribute to Dimebag Darrell Abbott on the Metallica site:

    This is unbelievable. To sit here and talk about Darrell in the past tense seems so wrong, so unfair, so unjust, I don’t even know what to say. My heart goes out to Vinnie, to their families, to the other band members, and to the families and friends of the other people that were killed or injured, in this fucking senseless act of selfishness and stupidity.

    In 1985 I was fortunate enough to meet both Darrell and his brother in Dallas on tour. The first thing me and my friend did as soon as that tour was over, was to head straight back to Dallas and hang out with Darrell and Vinnie for a long time, cuz they were the coolest muther fuckers that we had met after criss-crossing the states for three months. That was the beginning of a friendship that was anchored in love, respect, fun, outrageousness, music, booze, sweat, late nights, early mornings, hangovers, headaches, pounding eardrums, sore bodies… the list goes on.

    There’s a tendency in these fucked up moments to use the word “I” a lot and focus on one’s own feelings of pity and shock… so instead let it just be known that thru these eyes Darrell was incredibly warm, open, fun, nutty, forthcoming, talented, embracing, unpretentious, accommodating and he always had a very attractive innocence about him that obviously made him never threatening and always welcoming.

    Darrell and his brother were the cornerstone of musical adventures that were always groundbreaking, pushing boundaries, challenging to themselves and to their fans, respected by their peers and always true musicians’ musicians, and today the rock world is worse off because of this untimely and senseless waste.

    Much love and respect and thanks for letting me be a small part of your life and I know you are already having fun and throwing it down with Bon Scott, Keith Moon, John Bonham, Jimi, Cliff B., and the rest of the musicians and troublemakers that you are hanging with so prematurely.


Meanwhile, the Abbott family has requested that Darrell’s funeral plans remain private, officials at Moore Funeral Home in Arlington, Texas said Sunday. A public memorial service is being planned for a later date. Abbott attended Arlington High School and lived in a two-story brick home in Dalworthington Gardens, where fans have gathered throughout the week to leave tributes.

Comprehensive coverage of the shootings and aftermath here.

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  • R.I.P.Dime

    Man dime is the fuckin greatest and all ways will be and our lives will be forever hallowed with out him. [Deleted] YOU NATHAN GALE

  • selena sese

    dimebag!!!!!! whaa! i miss you!!!! i hate that guy who killed you1 rip rip rip rip rip rip!

  • too

    jeg elsker dig!!! rip!!!

  • Michael

    Still cranking the Damageplan and Pantera! Like “Projects In the Jungle”! Forever Loud! Thanks Dime and Vinnie!

  • lee

    dimebag . . . . you have been a massive influince to me, pantera is the only band i listen to now, and im trying hard to follow in your footsteps i have learnd most pantera songs in your memory, and the next guitar im going to get is a dean ‘ the gates to hell’ that guitar is the best one out of the deans mainly because in mopst of panteras music videos that was the one you used the most. anyway you will alway live on in my world, R.I.P DIMEBAG….!

  • lee

    DIMEBAG is awesome, thank god your killer is dead….!

  • ashton ruble

    man dimebag is awesome, im only 14 years old and i know of him at age 3.what happened to dime was a was prejudice attack and goes to show that the music he made didnt just give him life but do to peoples inability to cope with their shit it cause his death which still to this day im in greivence i know i didnt have a connection like vinnie or wylde had but my condolences to anyone who knew and loved him. his memory will live on as long as their is a metal band out their that plays heavy and loves what they do because that was dime, he was a true musician. dime if you could ever read this enjoy the never ending show and biggest fucking party in the sky say hi to cliff for me. sincerely ashton ruble walla washington 1128 w pine write me or something. if anyone wants to reach me my e ail is im from walla wall washington bye and play for what you love and not for waht others do.