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IOC Reinstates Iraq

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Symbols count, and in times of great uncertainty and distress, they can count a lot. Iraq has been reinstated by the International Olympic Committee and can now compete under its own flag:

    Iraq was reinstated by the IOC on Friday, clearing the way for Iraqi athletes to compete under their national flag at the Athens Olympics.

    The IOC executive board lifted the suspension of Iraq’s national Olympic committee, which was dismantled 10 months ago after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime. The widely expected move came on the first day of a two-day board meeting.

    ….As many as two dozen Iraqi athletes are expected to compete at the Aug. 13-29 games in wrestling, track and field, swimming, boxing, weightlifting and taekwondo. The Iraqi soccer team also is attempting to qualify.

    ….The former Iraqi committee had been headed by Saddam’s son Odai, who was killed in a shootout with U.S. troops in July.

    A new Iraqi Olympic committee was elected Jan. 29. It is headed by Ahmed al-Sammarai, a former general and athlete who returned to Iraq last year after 20 years in exile.

    The IOC suspended the Iraqi committee May 17 after the U.S.-led invasion. The IOC ethics commission confirmed accusations of abuse of athletes by Odai, who reportedly maintained a jail and torture chamber in the basement of the national Olympic committee headquarters in Baghdad. [AP]

For motivational purposes only, of course.

This is another step toward the normalization of Iraq, and while seemingly minor news in the midst of daily life and death turmoil, it can be a real rallying point for ALL Iraqis.

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  • mike

    Hi, I’m an educated, professional Iraqi woman and I think this is great. It’ll get my mind off the chaos and the re-establishment of Islamic law by U.S.-sponsored Shiite clerics; I can’t get divorced in a secular court anymore and I just had my fingers cut off by U.S.-sponsored Shiite clerics, but, hey, we’ve got those Islamo-fascists on the run by our clever campaign of fighting Islamo-fascists by installing Islamo-fascists, sort of like fighting fascism by passing fascist laws. I will, however, have to compete in the Olympic swimming contest in a full black gown and burqa; it will make it a level playing field competing with those Islamo-fascist athletes from Saudi Arabia and the Sudan that we’re fighting by becoming just like; holy, cow, the Western mind works in mysterious ways; I need a drink–oops, can’t have that either.

  • mike

    Hi, I’m an Islamo-fascist Iraqi male, and I’d like to apologize for the above post by my secular, professional Iraqi wife, who just lost her right not only to divorce me, but also to speak in public or make any utterances at all without my permission; I’ve just had her fingers cut off and her tongue cut out by my fellow Islamo-fascists who were installed by the U.S. as part of its clever campaign to fight Islamo-fascism by installing Islamo-fascists. Now her family’s property is also my property. Hey, I love this “fighting Islamo-fascism by installing Islamo-fascists” thing; it’s really working out for me. I think I’ll kick back with some writings by the great enemy of Islamo-fascism, Christopher Hitchens, who I just saw on C-SPAN explaining Bush’s brilliant strategy of fighting Islamo-fascism by installing Islamo-fascists; that must be related to Hitchen’s own campaign of fighting religious intolerance in the U.S. by supporting religious intolerants; holy, cow, I’ve heard that Hitchens guy really drinks a lot; it’s a good thing he doesn’t live here, or we’d cut his tongue out too, as part of our brilliant campaign of fighting Islamo-fascism by installing Islamo-fascists. Whew, I could use a drink myself; oops, that’s a no-no!!

  • Eric Olsen

    Clever – do we have Islamic law in Iraq now? It must have slipped past me.

  • mike
  • HW Saxton Jr.

    Dear Educated,Professional Iraqi woman,
    If you’ve just had your fingers cut off,
    how in the world did you manage to type
    the above post? I can barely manage to
    peck out 25-30 WPM and I have full use
    of all mine.Curious,verrrrrrrry curious.
    A Salaam Alaykum, my sister.

  • Eric Olsen

    It appears ominous but inconclusive – what has happened in the last six weeks since tht report?

  • mike

    “If you’ve just had your fingers cut off, how in the world did you manage to type the above post?”

    I type with my teeth.

  • HW Saxton Jr.

    And you think with your….???