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I Believe You, Elin

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Now that Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods’ divorce is final, people from all walks of life can come up with their own conclusions about what went wrong. The haters are accusing her of being a golddigger; others are saying that with all the money she is getting in the divorce settlement she has nothing to complain about.

Today Elin spoke to the media about the embarrassment she felt upon learning about her husband’s sexual escapades. I believe she is telling the truth. My gut feeling is telling me that she is very sincere when she says she did not know Tiger was having multiple affairs. When you are a stay-at-home mom, your main focus is to take care of the children. Many may argue that with Tiger’s wealth a nanny took care of the children. Elin comes across as a woman who really takes pride in raising her children instead of having a nanny do the raising.

Some people are so quick to pass negative judgment against Elin; they are forming their opinions from a materialistic point of view. She married Tiger because of his fame and clout; consequently she got what she deserved, a cheating husband. I believe she married Tiger because she genuinely loved him. It is so much easier to cast a dark shadow over someone else’s situation, but I prefer to think positively.

When is it ever right to cheat on your spouse? What woman would willingly marry a man that she knows would later cheat on her? Did Halle Berry and Christie Brinkley decide to go down the aisle because they knew ahead of time their spouse would later humiliate them? I think not!

A few will argue that men are not the only ones that cheat, women cheat too. Yes, that is very true, but what Tiger did is despicable. I have never heard of any woman cheating to the extent Tiger did.

So Elin, I believe you. I think you married Tiger because you really loved him. I am hoping you will be able to recover from this. Have courage, this too will pass.

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  • James,

    Great comment! You have a compassionate heart. Most people are too hung up on the money issues and they forget that indeed Tiger and Elin are people just like us regular folks. I often feel there is a degree of jealousy towards Elin and that is why some mean comments are made about her.

  • James

    Both Elin and Tiger are possibly struggling with the emotional aftermath of their divorce. Regardless of the amount of money involved , they are human and will , no doubt be feeling the range of emotions from guilt,anger,hurt ,betrayal that most of us feel at the end of our marriage.

  • bob

    Oops, typo on first line.

    Should be:

    “People like me”. That comment right there makes you a hypocrite on passing judgement without knowing the full details.

  • bob

    “People like me”. That comment right there makes you a hypocrite on passing judgement without knowing the full details. Care to add any substance to your argument rather than just a comment of where you are supposedly from? Most people who live in starved countries don’t go on the internet and defend tabloid news so forgive me if I don’t entirely believe you. Coupled with the fact that you provided nothing to support your argument is strike two. [personal attack deleted] Enlighten me on the full details then. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  • Hey Bob,
    I am from Haiti, people like you are so easy to pass judgment without knowing the full details.

  • bob

    People wouldn’t call her a gold digger if she didn’t accept 100-150 million dollar settlement. Yes, Tiger is worth a lot of money, but those kinds of settlements are ridiculous. Lets not forget she was a failed model and a maid before she ever met him. Esentially, asking for that ridiculous sum makes her a hooker, and an expensive one at that (25 million a year over 6 years equates to 150 million). Have courage? Please. Her whole life will be millions of times (literally) more comfortable and safe because she married/and divorced Tiger. Its foolish to think that she has had it so bad. Save your pity for people in 3rd world countries who actually do have it bad.