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House, M.D.: Finding House’s Humanity in “Out of the Chute”

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Last week’s House episode “Bombshells” left in its path a swath of disappointment among many in the fan community. In addition to feeling that the House-Cuddy  (played by Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein) story was far from being over, some felt frustrated that House seems to be left back where we first met him: back on drugs and alone. (Others were frustrated feeling that the series creative team had abandoned House and Cuddy’s relationship before the end of its shelf-life.)

In this week’s “Out of the Chute,” House tries to bury whatever he’s feeling in the aftermath of the breakup. Trying to lose himself in pleasures in the flesh—a self-indulgent, self-pitying bender complete with Vicodin, hookers and a lot of alcohol, he finds by the end that none of these things, either alone or in combination can sufficiently numb him.

House is in as bad a place as we’ve ever seen him—and he’s beenHugh Laurie as the sad clown in "Out of the Chute" to hell and back at least twice! At the end of season two House is shot by a patient; mid-Season 3, he nearly overdoses on Oxycodone. At the end of Season 4, House is nearly ready to let go of life after a horrific bus accident leaves Wilson’s girlfriend Amber dead, and at the end of Season 5, House breaks from reality entirely, admitting himself to a psychiatric hospital. Dark places he has been in. Very dark. And as fans of the show, we follow gladly. We know that House has a resilience—a refusal to finally give in to the easier answer of simply giving in and following the “white light.” He always “chooses life.” Always.

Why do we follow him? Do we all follow along waiting to see the crash as bystanders to a terrible car accident? Or do we feel House’s pain as he tries to take baby steps forwards before sliding backwards—only to climb again? I think it’s many of us are on House’s side; we want him to succeed. We want him to come to terms with his life, his pain and his emotions—even when we know that it’s inevitable for him to fail in the short term. Some watch for the sarcastic and cranky genius who lambastes anyone and anything with the whiff of hypocrisy; some for all these things.

Of course some of us watch for the relationship stuff, and we’ve seen House in love and hurt from it; striving and conniving to connect with those he loves and avoiding at all costs the commitment that goes with it, even while he tries tirelessly to be the most romantic of lovers.

Is House, at the end of last week’s “Bombshells” back to “square one” as David Shore is quoted as having said in response to a question about the House-Cuddy breakup? I’m not convinced. On the other hand we don’t know to which “square one” Shore referred in the comment. Is he acting as he did after Stacy left him? Is this why Wilson is so worried about him? Is that “square one?” That all remains to be seen, but Wilson is there as he was after Stacy to “pick up the pieces.” He sees House falling apart, and even if House doesn’t see it (yet), he is falling apart. But the collateral damage of House’s crash may be spectacular (hey, we still have seven episodes to go!).

There has always been the suggestion that perhaps House doesn’t have it in him to care about anyone but himself. And, although that is an incredibly harsh assessment, House is grieving about his loss, in an insanely destructive manner, with little or no thought to anything but his own pain. House is self-absorbed; he’s selfish.

The writers call him a jerk. David Shore and Hugh Laurie have also talked about House in those terms. And he is. A jerk. There are lots of House fans who see House as nothing but a genius jerk who can say the things they only wish they could. (I actually sat on a panel with two professors the other night who would argue that House’s humanity is the minutest aspect of his character—and yes, they are both fans—and one was a physician!)

But I don’t believe that’s all he is, because if that’s all there is to him, we wouldn’t give a flying frack about him after one year, much less seven! (At least I would not!) Underlying the self-centeredness, the narcissism and the neediness is a person of deep humanity and not an insignificant romantic streak.

It is clear from the many conversations I’ve had with the series writers over the past three years that there are differences among them in how they perceive the character. That difference of opinion helps to texture the character, keeping him from getting to be either too much of an ass—or too nice.

There are, of course, basics they all seem to agree on: he’s brilliant, he’s emotionally damaged, he has an addictive personality, he is self-absorbed and he suffers from depression and narcissism. But I believe that where they differ is in the question of House’s humanity. Is it, as House says to Daniel the priest in “Unfaithful” that the good he does is “collateral damage?” Or that “people can do good things even if their intentions are not good?” Or is it that House responds to Hugh Laurie’s suggestion that “House has seen a great deal of human suffering in his lifetime?” Do we believe what House says, or what we see when no one else can?

In an interview at the start of Season 5, I asked writer/producer Doris Egan about whether House’s abrasive exterior extends all the way to his heart.  Egan noted “on one level you want to say that under that hard shell of a man there’s a hard shell of a heart. But he’s clearly a guy with a lot of problems. And a lot of deep feeling that he’s not going to tell anyone about.”

And that’s one of the big challenges in writing the character like House. How do you illuminate his humanity, but keep him in character—without making him a “nice guy”—something David Shore has long contended House is not

“The tricky thing about the character, writer/executive producers Garret Lerner and Russel Friend told me in a 2008 interview, “is that we have this sort of misanthropic, drug addicted guy. We want to preserve his edginess. Not betray that. But,” they explained, “we always want to see that humanity. There’s got to be something in him that is human; otherwise why would he be saving all these lives?”

In addition to some disagreement about whether House has any humanity at all, there is also the question as to whether House has a romantic streak. Although in our interview last week, Liz Friedman said she doesn’t see House’s occasional “desire for companionship” as evidence of a romantic streak, other writers may indeed believe it’s there.

(I’m not sure that Friedman and I don’t simply disagree on the semantics. What does “romantic” mean for a character like House?) In my opinion anyway, several of Friedman’s episodes suggest both the humanity and romanticism lying somewhere deep within House’s layers. Something with which she certainly disagrees. But she wouldn’t be the first writer whose characters don’t behave, and instead do what they want, disobeying their dismayed creators and frustrating their designs.) Famously, Chris Carter has said that he never intended Mulder and Scully to be fall in love, but the fans (and the actors—and the characters, evidently) begged to differ. But how can any of the writers suggest a lack of romanticism when you consider his behavior in episodes from “Love Hurts” in Season 1 and “Need to Know” in Season 2 to “Let Them Eat Cake” in Season 5?

In a 2009 interview executive producer/showrunner Katie Jacobs acknowledged House’s romantic streak, but added that it’s “covered in fear and pain and a desire not to make himself vulnerable. I think he’s deeply romantic,” she said. “As romantic as he is wounded, and that’s part of the problem.” Is it also why women viewers seem so attracted to someone who is, on the surface, such a jerk? “I think,” she elaborated, “we see the pain behind the eyes…the fact that he has a soul; that’s where this all comes from.” But that comes from beyond the page; it comes from the performance. And sometimes the directing (although not as much in television as in the movies.)

And she’s right. Some of House’s humanity is seen, not necessarily in the pages of script, but in the unspoken moments of little (or no) dialogue—in Hugh Laurie’s brilliant (and often brave) performance. Forgive me the indulgence of quoting from my book about the series:

…Try taking a page of random dialogue from House and just read it out—then watch the performance on screen. Magic happens to make the words come alive, the dialogue sing and the words between the lines resonate. It’s called acting.

On the printed page, House comes off as a jerk, sometimes such a complete ass that it would be hard to find him at all sympathetic. But take those same lines and put them into an episode—with Laurie ‘reading out’ the lines (as he calls it), and everything else he puts into his performance: body language, inflections, rhythm, and perhaps most importantly, those gloriously expressive, tragic blue eyes. The transformation from page to screen is astonishing. (Chasing Zebras, “Writing House”).

I spend a chapter in Chasing Zebras talking both about the writing and what Laurie adds to printed page. I’m not going to quote extensively from the book, but will I draw your attention to what I wrote about the fifth season episode “Simple Explanation (5.20), in which House’s fellow Lawrence Kutner commits suicide:

House accompanies Foreman and 13 to visit Kutner’s adoptive parents. Foreman and 13 are content to sit with them, offering whatever comfort they can. But House tries to make sense of Kutner’s death.

“It was his name. He was conflicted, didn’t know where he fit in, being ripped out of his world and stuck into yours,” he tells them, almost accusingly. “All his Anglo name gave him was the illusion that he was someone he wasn’t. . .You didn’t understand him.?”

Harsh, cold, unfeeling: how can you talk like that to the parents of someone who has just killed himself? House sounds like an unsympathetic bastard arguing with Kutner’s unsuspecting parents. How could anyone relate to such a jerk?

But watch the performance, and you discover the rest of the story. House is really talking to the Kutners, he really talking to himself, as he tries to make sense of the senseless. He is trying to understand Kutner’s feelings of isolation and loneliness within an outwardly loving, family. But at the same time, you perceive that House is talking as much about himself and troubled upbringing as he is about Kutner.

It’s in his tone of voice—House is barely holding it together. There is a haunted quality to it that makes you suspect he’ll fall apart if he doesn’t keep talking through this extremely inappropriate rational analysis. He is saying terrible things, but with such pathos, you can’t help but feel for him” (Chasing Zebras, “Writing House”).

It’s just one example.

In a novel, a page of narration would describe what House is going through. In a television show, it is but a brief moment of seeing into the soul of a character through the actor’s craft (Chasing Zebras, “Writing House).

In another actor’s hands, House would not be nearly as sympathetic as Laurie makes him, infusing him with a gravitas (when necessary) and a pathos that viscerally connect with us.

So is what we’re seeing just the performance and the idiosyncratic interpretation of the character by a few of the series writers and directors? Do we as viewers put too much of our own interpretation and our predisposition to like House, and see him as a sympathetic character, when he’s not intended to be one? I would disagree with that assessment entirely. As Liz Friedman told me, she writes, but it’s up to us to interpret intent. And that is true of any art, whether writing, music or painting, etc.

So here we are, heading into the final seven episodes of the season. House has hit bottom after finally opening himself up to the possibility of love and having it fall apart.

The final scene of “Out of the Chute” is chilling for what it says about the level of despair House is suffering. Teetering shakily on the balcony railing, House has hit a point where he’d do anything to feel anything. Nothing is working for him—nothing gives him pleasure or joy. “My body is a cage,” says the song playing over the final sequence. It’s a brilliant choice, and it allows you to interpret House’s cannonball dive into the swimming pool eight stories below that railing in several ways.

To House, everything goes back to the leg: the drug use, the trust issues, his inability to open up. It’s the origin of both his physical and emotional pain. If he can find an answer to overcome that, life would be better. (I still remember the final scene of season one and House trying—and failing—to take a normal step, hoping that if he could be “normal,” life with Stacy might be possible.) Can successfully diving into a pool from eight stories up provide him with a clue that he can overcome his pain? That is the most optimistic way to interpret that scene.

More logically, House, who is only going through the motions all through the episode needs to know that he can feel. Even the things that would thrill him, aren’t. Does it take a life-risking jump into a pool for him to feel anything at all? That’s a scary thought, and doesn’t bode well for him. He will live life on the edge, taking greater and greater risks just to feel “normal.” Does that also mean the ride will get even bumpier?

You don’t suffer like that if you don’t care about anything. You don’t suffer like that if all there is to you is a self-indulgent asshole of an automaton. You don’t suffer like that if all you are is an uncaring jerk with no humanity and a Rubik’s cube where your heart should be.

I have always contended that it’s not that House feels too little; it’s that he feels too much. Throughout the seasons, House has managed to protect those feelings behind concrete and steel pretty effectively most of the time. And now I wonder if he’ll be able to stuff them back in their place (yeah, I know, he’s a fictional character!).

The writers of House, M.D. have created a complex character: flawed, tragic, resilient, even noble. And whether they realize it or not (and I think they do), they have also created a character of deep humanity. If they hadn’t, I’d have stopped watching by the end of season one. What about you?

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  • Kerry

    I agree with your anaylisis of the character and Hugh Laurie’s qualities as an actor, bring House to life but at the end of the day that episode was really dumb and regardeless of the writers perceptions of House’s true self, it didn’t take from the terrible sub plots and his behavious. Parading hookers around and acting like a moron. I noticed Lawrence Kaplow co wrote this episode: he used to be awesome. He wrote Distractions, the post Stacy ep, which dealt with all of House’s vices but in this silly characture way that was displayed in out of the chute. And now Huddy is dead beyong repair. R.I.P House

  • Tim

    When I need to sort out a House episode in my brain, I come here. I think you have House dead on. He cares a lot, but is so flawed he doesn’t have it in him to love people the way they want to be loved. I actually begin to get upset when he jumped off that balcony, until I saw it was a college prank. The irony displayed there is House in a nutshell: damaged to the point of self destruction, but always hanging in by boyish behavior.

  • josie

    In the scene where House turns his back to Masters’ when taking the vicoden, why did he tell her that she’s the reason he’s back on the drug?

  • josie

    What was the deal with the unicycle in House’s bedroom? Did you see it in the scene when Wilson was comforting Cuddy? Is this supposed to be a symbol of how House is a clown? I thought the episode was so silly that I couldn’t believe that the writers were trying to use symbolism.

  • Committed

    CAT – thank you. I was feeling very lonely on my crusade for patience.

  • CAT

    I am with Committed in that I will give it to the end of the season to decide. I really enjoyed watching House and Cuddy together. I thought the transformations in House were good.

  • Sera G

    Bob, #354, if only I could credit the writers with being as clever as your clues.
    Have you read Babara’s quick synopsis on TV Open Thread? The episode sounds ridiculous!
    Perhaps they set monkeys free with word processors?

  • Open Thread for tonight’s House episode: Fall from Grace: TV Open Thread: House, M.D. – “Fall From Grace” on Blogcritics.

  • bob


    Thought Id post here before the next episode comments opens.

    Ok im still thinking its not really as its far too bonkers to be real but also some clues.

    1. Rocket at the beginning plays in nicely with cuddys question in two stories, “were you an astronaut or a bull fighter”. We had the bull fighter (or bull rider) last week this week we get space.

    2. Dominica is the restaurant from unwritten.

    3. Room 243 is where house steals the penguin from in unwritten and now this weeks patient is there.

    4. Wilson and his champs elysees comment. Werent House and Cuddy off to France in the beginning episode.

    5. Wilson pointing out to cuddy the escape route via the window, he tried to come through the window in Now what.

    The room number and restaurant name/fake bide name can’t all just be a coincidence the odds on that are stacked against them.

  • fatOlady/OK Gma

    Not just writing gone bad but, VERY, VERY, VERY bad. I am to sick at my stomach right now to be mad. This was just stupid. Are the writers competing to see who can write the STUPIDEST episode this season?

  • 54

    Where have House and Cuddy gone? I’d rather read a novel about them, in character, in pain after their breakup instead of this rubbish they’re tossing at us. I don’t believe for a second that Cuddy would attend House’s wedding, even a fake one. What girl in her right mind would attend her ex’s wedding a week later after they break up?

    I feel like they’re satisfying personal whims instead of actually writing a story.
    (I love Hugh Laurie, but does he actually approve of this stuff as an executive producer? Or, the horror, does he really like where this is going?)

    I’ll say it again. How can any ex-girlfriend attend the wedding of her ex-boyfriend a week after they break up? Even if it’s fake? It’s beyond ridiculous.

    And don’t get me started on the ridiculousness of Cuddy putting up with that kind of cr*p from House at the hospital. No way would she let him get away with that much.

    So on this show, women are either whores are spineless. Only after Wilson (a man) nudges her along does she realize, oh, I should object to this tiny thing.

    I get that House wanted Cuddy to get angry and fight for their relationship, but, seriously? This is beyond primary school. WTF.

    The episode was soap opera gone bad. The ending? Was that supposed to be poignant? Oh, HL was gorgeous and all throughout the whole episode, never more in that last scene, but all I saw was the soap opera continue. Oh. The fake marriage but, clutch my heart, one of them actually falls for the other.

    It looks like we got our answer. There is no hallucination. It’s just writing gone bad.

    I don’t know what happened to the writers. They even handled House’s journey to sobriety in S6 so well. That could have been cliche, but it wasn’t.

    This episode was TOTALLY SOAP OPERA GONE BAD. The characters have amnesia as to who they are.

    I am SO angry!

  • fatOlady/OK Gma

    Absolutly,the WORST tv episode I have ever seen….and the sad think is, I think the next one is going to be worse.

    On the bright side….I am NOT going to miss THAT! The writers have made it EASY to get over my HOUSE addiction.

  • fatOlady/OK Gma

    Absolutly beyond words. What was that? I feel like I totally wasted that hour of my life. I feel like they took 2 and 1/2 men and mixed in Criminal Minds and Silence of the Lambs then put it in a shaker with Roger Rabbit then poured it out, filmed the result and called it House. YUKE!

  • eileen

    BTW, my husband, a long and loyal fan, stopped watching this show after the first few moments and said he will NEVER watch it again. I am so sad that I lost my House viewing buddy!

  • eileen

    I’m here…I just finished throwing up. How are you?

  • fatOlady/OK Gma

    Where is everybody?????

  • Sera G

    Susan, I agree and we need more of US to speak out. I know they won’t listen and I know it won’t matter, but it does feel better knowing that others share our feelings and thoughts.
    BTW, there is nothing wrong with the way you express yourself. I will be back at 9:00. Thanks for enabling me.

  • Susan

    15 minutes to go – will the torture continue?

    Tauwja #330 – how come I can’t write like you (and SeraG, and vicpei, eileen etc. BTW where are delia_beatrice and Oklahoma Grandma?) You all say exactly what I feel. SeraG – I think Tauwja is one of us.

  • Sera G

    I tried, really, I tried to stay away. I clocked out on Saturday, determined to not return…and here I am!
    Anyway, so many great posts.

    I want to commend, tauwja, #330. That was beautifully stated and I agree so strongly.
    Also, Susan, #336, again we are “in sync.”

    I confess, I will peek in after the show, which I just can’t bring myself to watch; I don’t want to be sad over something that used to give me such enjoyment.
    Maybe, I will find that at 9:00, it will have all been my hallucination.

  • tauwja

    Quoting myself (sorry):
    “Once again, I feel the old Cuddy would have known this and would have done just that, but it really seems like TPTB have lost all touch with who she used to be.”

    Or at the very least she would have given him another chance, and made the ultimatum clear to him for future reference. Apparently this was a deal-breaker to her, but she never even told him that.

  • tauwja

    @eileen #332: I have read that, and I commented on it a few days ago (I think my comments are on the first page). I applaud her for thinking things through so thoroughly, but TBH, I think it’s incredibly far-fetched. I think people are reaching, are trying to make sense of something that just doesn’t make any sense. The solution is probably much simpler: it’s just bad writing. The writers have simply lost sight of who their characters are and what are plausible storylines.
    Still though, I appreciate you trying to make me feel better 🙂

    Here’s another thing that’s been bothering me:
    For a while after seeing OotC I thought that if Cuddy really feels so strongly about needing someone to be there for her when things are really rough, she probably has a point. Her first conversation with Wilson seemed to make sense to me at first.
    But later I realized, no, actually, she isn’t making any sense.

    “When things go wrong I don’t wanna hope that I’m not alone, I wanna know it.”

    Okay, so she feels that her relationship with House cannot work because he probably cannot fully be there for her when she needs him most. I suppose then that she believes she can find someone who will be. Because if she doesn’t, she’ll be alone and she’ll *still* have to face the hard times all alone. So that wouldn’t be any better.
    But say she falls in love with someone else and starts a relationship with him. Can she ever *know* that this person will be there for her no matter what, even in the gravest of times? Answer: no, she can’t. She can only ever HOPE this person will be there for her in such times. Until the hard times actually arrive and she goes through exactly the same thing (which is highly unlikely) she will never know for sure.
    So what the hell is her reasoning behind this all? No one can ever know these things for sure. What she can, and does know for sure, is that House loves her beyond anything or anyone else. He loves her as much as anyone could ever love her. And she has as much certainty of him being there for her as she’d have with anyone else. So why is she giving up on it? She doesn’t want to give House another chance, but she’s willing to give someone new the benefit of the same doubt? Someone who will for sure never love her more than House does because that’s just not possible, but someone who is just as much of a gamble in this? Just, WTF?

    He *can* be there for her when she needs him. He has done so in other instances, like with the IVF, after she lost Joy, and in 5 to 9. He just has a really hard time coping when she’s dying. Well duh. But in other instances, he’s never given her any indication that he wouldn’t be there for her when things were difficult.
    Like Wilson suggested in OotC, and like I have heard many people on lj and elsewhere comment (reasonably, I think), a lot of people wouldn’t be able to cope with such a situation. I think a lot of guys would go out and drink themselves into a stupor if they found out their girlfriend was dying. So yeah, it sucks that she has found out that he might not be there for her the way she wants him to when she’s dying. But what are the chances of such a thing happening again? Except when she’s grown old one day? And in that case it would still royally suck and he’d still have no legitimate excuse, but at least she would have had the rest of her life happy with him. And who knows, he might just surprise her. But what I’m saying is, as much as she is right that he *should* have been there for her, this one incredibly sucky thing, as disappointing as it may have been, should not be a reason to throw away all the other happiness they could have had together.
    And also, when someone with the kind of emotional handicap House has tries so hard to be the person you need them to be but can’t quite pull it off yet, you don’t tell them they’ve failed entirely and dump them for not being good enough, especially when you supposedly love them so much — you appreciate their effort and see it for the immense success it is, compared to the way things were before. And you encourage them to do better next time. Once again, I feel the old Cuddy would have known this and would have done just that, but it really seems like TPTB have lost all touch with who she used to be.
    And indeed, I’m not so sure any other guy would have done much better than House….. nor am I sure that even if there is such a guy out there, she will ever find him (in time). I think she is being incredibly stupid. I hope TPTB have a point with this, because to me, she’s not making any sense right now. There is no certainty in life, and the only thing we can hope to find is exactly the kind of love she and House had. But anyway, maybe that’s just me.

    Also, once again, I have to quote vicpei because I just agree so much (post # 335):
    “Once again, what hurt the fans the most is not the end of Huddy, but the carelessness and dismissing of TPTB. They pushed the characters to each other, made it happen on screen (the only ship that really happened!), and then pretend it’s just another arc. Not a big deal. Clearly, it was. And we feel like idiots having followed wholeheartedly.”

    THIS, so very much.

  • Ladidah

    One of the things about House the show which I think made it so interesting was the ambiguity of House the character. We never really figure him out, whether he was really a ‘noble ass’ or a narcissistic jerk with a socially useful obsession …. the problem with this is the longer the show goes on the harder the ambiguity is to maintain. The more the writers delve into House’s head the more he becomes a fixed point in his audience’s mind. I think the writers still largely acquit themselves well (hey, we’re still here debating, aren’t we?) and I’m honestly interested in where they are going next with House (and the other characters). The thing that worries me most about the future of the show is the way the POTW seem to increasingly be fading into the background. I guess they are making a point about how House’s focus has shifted since being in a relationship, and losing that relationship… still I miss the feeling that the writers cared about the medical stories and that they weren’t just a backdrop for the relationship stuff….. Still. My breath still smells bated for the next episode and that has to be a good thing!

  • ruthinor

    Of course TPTB could always just “kill” Cuddy. That would make more sense than assuming there will be a “new and different way” in which Cuddy and House can relate to each other. I can’t see how that would unfold. A threesome with 13? I vaguely remember a GY tweet (I know, I know, they are usually BS) in which he said something like Huddy can’t exist because one of them is …….. So fill in the blank. Married? Dead? Underwent a sex change operation? Cuddy said they can’t go backward. I agree. Cuddy the administrator and House the pain in the ass doctor just doesn’t do it for me any more.

  • Heather

    If Cuddy is going to continue on the show, and Huddy is never revived, what on earth are they going with her that’s new and different?

    I don’t want to see Cuddy continuing to step in as the bad guy to stop House’s hi-jinx and continuing to pick him up when he falls…it was nice for the first 6 seasons. I’m kinda over that now.

    To put it another way (and use a tortuorous analogy): You cannot eat breakfast all day!
    They’ve given me breakfast for 6 seasons…I’m ready for lunch and dinner. I thought the relationship was lunch and dinner….but now, since it’s not, I hope they’re not planning on feeding me breakfast again.

    If they come up with a killer new arc for Cuddy and House that totally takes their relationship somewhere NEW and exciting…then I’m along for the ride.

    I have no confidence in the writers right now that they are going to do that, though. Here’s hoping.

  • Susan

    #332 Eileen – I just read your link to Maya’s update. That woman is a genius. Hope she’s right.

  • RedTulip—Ana

    Well, I am sorry, but I still think as people who do not understand how TPTB has faced this relationship…

    If they would want to show us how two people can deal after break up their relationship, I agree with that, but the way they treated it (the relationship since the beginning) was not serious.

    This is my opinion.

    Well, actually that is not a problem for me. Now I want to watch House Md tonight (if it is possible, because I am in Spain) and then I will back to Barbara’s blog to read her review, learn about it and listen a lot of new comments writting here.

    That is all for today. I wish you all enjoy this show tonight!

  • Susan

    Barbara – you describe a show where House and Cuddy are not necessarily “together, in sync and in love” but that’s what I (and at least a few others on this site) want and expected based on the 7 years that the writers, who now deny it, fleshed out their characters and gave us their story.

    Sorry for the run-on sentence.

  • vicpei

    Barbara they did not break up hating each other of course, but they wil if they act like they do now. And what TPTB says, basically, is : they tried. It did not work. END of arc (planned as it was) and back to square one. Basically, what TPTB tell us is what you say they don’t : they erase that it happened. It’s Lisa Edelstein, bless her, that says they still love each other and will ever have some kind of relationship. Softening the blow, somehow.
    There was a recent interview of HL in a french magazine, where he was talking of House caring for his patients, and some kind of compassion. I am happy I did not dream : HL puts the humanity we have all seen in the jerk the writers think he is. If they only see a complete jerk which has to remain miserable, did they watch the show?

    Once again, what hurt the fans the most is not the end of Huddy, but the carelessness and dismissing of TPTB. They pushed the characters to each other, made it happen on screen (the only ship that really happened!), and then pretend it’s just another arc. Not a big deal. Clearly, it was. And we feel like idiots having followed wholeheartedly.

  • I don’t think TPTB are saying anything different about the character than they’ve said from the first season on. I guess this is why what they’re saying doesn’t bother me so much.

    They will continue to explore House and Cuddy’s relationship, but damaged as it is now. It’s not necessarily a story where they’re together and in sync and in love, but my speculation is that their dealing with the aftermath makes for very good drama as it unfolds.

    It’s not as if they’ve broken up hating each other and that the show will go back and erase that this ever happened. The season moves forward informed by their relationship and the breakup–for all its ramifications. I am interested to see how it plays out: these two guarded people, clearly still in love with each other, but with their relationship in tatters.

  • RedTulip—Ana


    You can see that you are not alone with your thoughts about the show we saw and the show that TPTB are trying to explain now to us.

    Well, @332-eileen, I hope the dream’s story was true, but after lastest comments of Lisa Edelstein, I am not sure about it (though, I really think that maya’s story has more sense than the reals we saw after Unwritten)

    Tonight…another episode, and then we will have an hiatus…

  • eileen

    @330 – tauwja – I totally understand how you feel, but I (more and more) believe what is happening now is all in House’s head. Read the update in Maya’s journal. It is a very LONG article, but extremely compelling and worth the time to read.

    So, don’t give up yet!

  • tauwja

    My apologies for all the typos in the above post.

  • tauwja

    I too think I’m going to distance myself from it all a bit. I’ve been obsessing over this all too much and I’m just not having any fun anymore. Right now it’s just hurting and frustrating me and I just feel insanely disappointed with everything, and it’s distracting me way more than it should. And if TPTB really have such a different view from what I have about where this story should be heading, maybe it’s time I jump off this train and make up my own story about House and Cuddy. I’ll probably keep a bit of an eye on things to see if maybe by the end of the season they get any better, but if they don’t, I’m gonna save myself the misery and frustration and let go.

    I have always watched for two main reasons (aside from the wicked humour): House/Cuddy and House’s journey.

    I was only a casual viewer until UMS/BSN and it was (aside from the jaw-dropping way those episodes were made) the realization of what these two people mean to each other, even though it’s so very hard for them to express it and find their way to each other, that touched my heart so very much. For me it was the ultimate romantic story.

    And the other thing is House’s slow and difficult road to recovery, the hope of him finally finding some peace and contentment in his life, perhaps even him slowly healing, trying to a better person, although I could even do without the latter two just so long as he finally finds some love and acceptance in his life. I feel for him, I feel the humanity in him and I understand that he’s scared and in pain and why he feels such a need to protect himself with sarcasm and cynicism. But to me, however messed up he may be, deep down inside, he’s always been a good person, just tremendously distorted by his pain, and with all his pain and suffering I want him to finally beat the odds and win a little in life.

    And now I’m being told neither of those things will ever be. I’m being told no matter how hard he tries he will always lose, he will never find love and acceptance, apparently not even from the woman I have always felt loves him deeply despite all his flaws (that’s always how it has been, so I really don’t understand why they’re suddenly making Cuddy act the way she is now, it’s not like her), he will always fall back into misery and nothing will ever be worth the struggling because he just cannot win, it’s his fate to always have his heart broken and his soul crushed, over and over again.

    And also, for the first 5 seasons, Cuddy was my hero. Aside from her obvious general kick-ass-ness, there was her endless ability to forgive him, to believe in him despite all his crap, to see the gem that was hidden deep inside, to put up with all the crap because she knew he was worth it, her tireless fight to help him reveal that gem, if only a little. And how she loved him despite everything he’d done to her and others, because she understood him, and she understood he didn’t really do it because he was spiteful person, but because he just didn’t know how else to be. She didn’t need him, aside from maybe the way in which he always forced her to be the best she could be, she could take care of herself, she was confident and strong and she was his rock, his shoulder to lean on. He was the genius, she was the mentally strong one. It was a perfect match.
    But now they’re portraying her as whiney, weak, needy, indecisive (come on, she made her choice years ago already), disregarding of his feelings, with impossibly high standards (she like no other knows who he is and would never demand him to be the perfect boyfriend the way they’ve made her this season), no longer able to push aside her own feelings for a bit when he needs her, etc etc etc. I don’t know what happened to her, but it seems there’s nothing left of the Cuddy I loved.

    I don’t enjoy seeing people tortured for no reason. All the pain and hardship should lead to growth, should be a road to something better. But it seems TPTB like throwing it in just for the sake of it. And I’m probably feeling this all too strongly, but characters like these really come alive for me, they become real people to me, and I feel for them almost the way I would feel for actual people in my life. The difference being that I have a strong conviction in real life of a higher power bringing all those things in our lives for our betterment and ultimately out of love for us, but the same I cannot believe for characters like these because their universe is what the writers make of it. So it doesn’t necessarily work like that for them. So the same suffering, but none of the meaning and purpose, or so they tell us. And that just really upsets me.

    I wanted the cynic to be proven wrong in the end, that’s one of the things I was watching for. I just cannot accept TPTB’s cynical world view and view of this series. Maybe I’m just too sensitive for this series.

    Also, I just have to quote someone named jami2025 on lj, who said: “In some ways what struck me the most when they ended Cuddy and House’s relationship was that they sort of shot themselves in the foot. I don’t in any way understand how they could actually say there’s nothing more to explore. Seven seasons in I think they would want to exhaust every story. Particularly if there’s a possibility for more than eight seasons. The House/Cuddy story gives them so much to work with. Why make it harder on themselves by only scratching the surface?

    To which vicpei responded (hope you don’t mind me quoting you here):
    “Exactly. This is where we are the most bitter, I think. No development, no real “bumpy ride” (unless it is not over), no explanations, all for shock value after a bunch of eps wich Huddies did not find satisfying and non Huddies found boring. Everybody’s a loser.”

    I really couldn’t agree more. Everybody’s a loser, hardly anyone has had fun with the way they did it, and apparently, there’s nothing better to come either.

    *sigh* Wish things were different, but I guess they really aren’t….. There’s nothing that hurts more than wasted potential and the knowledge that there’s just no going back and erasing it.
    And much as I like drama, I watch to be entertained, not to be emotionally tortured. And that’s what it feels like right now. There’s just no point in it all apparently. So I guess it’s time to let go.

  • espejoses

    #324 Exactly. What they have given us is that they if they worked as partners in their own dysfunctional way of being, but soon they were forced, imposed their preconceived idea otherwise.It is easier for them to say that we can not be objective about the Huddy

  • housemaniac

    Vicpei #324: I think you are exactly right! I would make only one small ammendment, which is that problem #1 is the one you describe: the dissonance between what TPTB have been saying/writing and what some of us think we have been watching all these years. BUT problem #2 (which is not yet as big as problem #1 but has the potential to overwhelm it) is that recently the show HAS seemed more and more to resemble what TPTB say it is and some of us worry that the writers have gotten lazy or changed their tack and that it will continue to be a “story poorly told”, as you put it, Vicpei.

  • maia

    does this mean can start watching House again now that they killed “HUDDY”

  • RedTulip—Ana


    I agree. Your comment express what all of us are feeling…
    Well, I will be still watching the show…almost that monday.
    But, after episode 17 it will be a hiatus, If I cry a lot seeing FFG, maybe I need time to dextosification and it is possible I will not see the latest episodes. I do not want to suffer for something that it supposed I do like entertaiment.
    Seriously, I hope David Shore listen our words…

    They were telling us another reality of House Md. If they have now the need to explain everything it is a mistake. And if we have the need to create a supposed dream since Unwritten it is worst.

    Are we all Crazy?

    House feels a lot, House is full of humanity, House is a romantic.

    Cuddy is a very smart woman. Cuddy love him, respect him as he is and She is not only a little part of his journey.

    If they are trying to convence us that we all are wrong, then we may to leave this show and try to enjoy with another one!

    I still keep my faith…

  • Committed

    vicpei – I agree that the best thing for the future of the show is for TPTB, cast, etc … to remain silent. It really is killing the story. It’s like it’s some sort of sick game for them and that just shows tremendous disrespect. I don’t think they are really like that. I don’t know why they chose to come out like that – to me it showed their lack of confidence in what was happening but that’s just my take.

    I still believe in the story though and that’s why I remain hopeful.

  • vicpei

    The problem is, more than anything else, a lot of us have lost our faith in TPTB. Being repeatedly told (should I say hammered?) that House is a miserable jerk and will remain so, despite we all saw something else before, leads to a profound misunderstanding between the audience and the showrunners. It’s not about Huddy, really. It’s about a feeling that lots of us share, that we have been jerked around, despite Shore’s declarations. I, and many other (including non-Huddy viewers), have lost our trust. Maybe this concerted press thing, lately, is the worst move of TPTB, more than the storylines. It shows a big gap between what we see and what they intended to show us. If they repeatedly have to justify themselves, maybe it is not because we are dumb, but because the story was poorly told, and they should ask them questions instead of clinging to this “you don’t understand us” thing.

  • Committed

    Still pondering Barbara’s post 262 – I don’t think that Cuddy will be the one to drive this relationship again. In order for House to “go there again” he needs to be the one to decide that it is worth the work, risk and pain and then take the lead – he has so often been on the threshold of truly wanting to be with her but hasn’t crossed it in his own mind yet. He was led into it this time by Cuddy.

    For everyone without hope out there – remember, the hook-up was as unexpected as the break-up – for House and the fans. Remember “Help Me”? Cuddy was engaged, it looked like any chance of them getting together was over and yet the last few minutes changed everything.

    Again, being eternally optimistic, this is just going to take a little more time. I know TPTB would like us to focus on other parts of the journey for now and rightfully so but Cuddy is too much a part of that journey to end it here.

  • vicpei

    Leodie, I am sorry to say I share your impressions. As much as I would love to witness House’s future, this show is having an effect on my everyday life. I can’t let go right now, but sadly, I think I will soon. I don’t want to. I get the growing feeling, having read David Shore and writers’ interviews and GY tweets, that I have been cheated : the House I have seen for 6 years does not exist. Maybe I, too, have hallucinated.
    I keep waiting for a brilliant twist this season, but I am not even sure it will redeem this huge deception with the writing of last episodes, and the reflexion behind them, if there is one. What is the point of depressing and angering your audience for such a long time? If it is intentional, it is mean. But I have a growing feeling that it is not, and the show is just lacking his previous quality. Maybe David Shore’s interests in other productions lead to this misdirections. If so, it would be a pity to have wasted such strong characters and brilliant actors in storylines written for shock value.
    Guess I am still grieving.

  • Leodie

    Wow, so now 300 + comments is becoming standard on your blog! Do you have enough time to read everything?

    I haven’t watched this episode, nor have i read your analysis.

    I must say I have decided to do so after reading your interview of LF. I am going to stop watching House for a while for several reasons.

    – For several seasons House and Cuddy have been written like they were IT for each other. Treating their breakup as if their relationship had been just another incident in House’s story seems off.
    – However I’d follow along if it ended up being a springboard for character growth. But from what I get from LF it doesn’t seem that it will be the case.
    – I do not agree with TPTB. People do change. Their core remains the same, but there are so many things around that core that can be modified and be enough to tip the scale if not towards all bright and shiny full blown happiness (I’d never expect it on House), at least towards some kind of serenity and contentment.
    – The House I see on the show is not the one I read in writer’s interviews. If they are going to write him like the doomed cynical bastard that LF described from now on (this is not what I thought I had seen so far but maybe I misread into it) I respect that but i am not interested in watching it. Could it be that we had a collective hallucination with our Guru Barbara and imagined that House was despite all of his flaws a human being, if screwed up, with feelings and a potential for chaotic growth?
    – All of this wouldn’t be enough to turn me away from the show if it weren’t for my last but foremost reason: although I seem less affected than others commenting on this blog, Lately, I have been at times sad, almost dipressed in my everyday life because of the show. If it were a one time thing, like after watching a sad movie, why not. But if this feeling is going to stay, it is not healthy and I don’t want to put myself through this. As House relapses I am going to come clean with my two years long addiction.

    However I will keep a distant eye on the show. I wouldn’t be that surprised if TPTB proved me wrong and decided to not follow an escalation into sordid, à la Nip tuck, and decide that House could ultimately let go of some of his demons. In this case I’d be happy to relapse.

    Bye at least for a while Barbara and thank you for the ride. It’s been a great two years thanks to the top quality writing of the show, HL interpretation and the reading of your blog.


  • RedTulip—Ana

    Well, dreams or hallucinaton have more sense that if all those episodes after Unwritten were real, but I am careful with that because I do not want to cry again…

    I have this question to all:

    Well, if all of this is on House’s head…Wison is still with Sam?

  • fatOlady

    He had it the whole episode in Unwritten, even uses it to unplug Sam’s go-cart when they were doing th go-cart riding sceen.

  • RedTulip—Ana

    311 fat

    I do not remember really…but House change cain in Selfish, not in Massage….

  • RedTulip—Ana


    The old motorcycle is fine…but when ep4 Wilson and House went to the shop he never said that his old moto was broken, he only went to the shop to watch new motos but his real intention wasn’t buy a new motorcycle, was it?

  • eileen

    Hmmm Very interesting!

  • fatOlady

    Yes, I do see what you were talking about. Also, I am now watching Unplanned Parenthood and House is riding his old motorcycle and it looks fine.

  • eileen

    @fOl 311: Yeah, weird, right? Didn’t Unwritten jump out at you? I think there’s lots of purposefully written lines put into that script/episode. What do you think?

  • RedTulip—Ana


    Oh yeah I remember that moment! My mind sometimes forget things!

    Well I will have to think another inmature thing…

    About Cuddy’s death…well I really think it is not possible but…this show is going from bad to worst, so…though I think the death at season final is 13, because Auseillo previously said that a wildy character will be die…I would expect any thing worst!

    Well, I repeat, I hope David Shore listen their fans…

    293- sera g

    I always repeat me that! Why writers, producers…are trying to shut up only the huddy’s fans voices?

  • What the Freud

    Linnet (#310), Thank you! “I guess I’m just so put off by this hooker-marriage thing that I’m willing to believe in any alternate explanation. It just seems so OOC for House that I don’t even think he would do it as a trick.” THIS! I think it’s OOC , too.

    I like your take on the timing of the hallucination. Because, if he’s been clean for 1.5~2 yrs., wouldn’t all that vicodin hit him hard? Along with all that booze?
    Aah tried not to think more about the hallucination theory but it’s so tempting!

  • fatOlady

    I don’t know if it is important or not but I just watched Unwritten and House was using his fancy skull head cain for the whole episode. I then watched the next episode Massage Therapy and he announced he had a new cain. This is also the episode where he and Wilson went shopping for a new motor bike.

  • Linnet

    After reading what people are saying about the hallucination-hypothesis, I was thinking about “Under My Skin”, and remembering how there were so many inconsistencies in that episode (eg. House detoxing within a day) that were all explained by the hallucination in “Both Sides Now.”
    I don’t think anything in episodes up to and including “Bombshells” was a hallucination. But might not “Out of the Chute” and the upcoming “Fall from Grace” be? House going through a string of hookers and jumping from a five-story balcony with absolutely no ill effects just seem surreal to me. This marriage-to-a-hooker thing, even if fake, is weirder still. So I’m think that everything after “Bombshells” is a hallucination/dream that House has after swallowing those pills sitting on the bathroom floor.

    I don’t know, I guess I’m just so put off by this hooker-marriage thing that I’m willing to believe in any alternate explanation. It just seems so OOC for House that I don’t even think he would do it as a trick.

  • Lee

    housemaniac: Cinderfella was also in the script. Not sure how that fits either but it’s just another thing that’s weird. Especially since I think it was leaked shortly before Two Stories in which he and Cuddy watch that movie. I remember watching it and saying hmm–that’s strange.

  • Zulu

    @Bobble Head —

    I kind of thought of Sisyphus too with these recent happenings with House and Cuddy. Actually, I thought of the image of the fellow who kept rolling his boulder up the mountain, only to see it come down again, but recalling the name was a real mental effort for me. I remember reading about him during a Greek mythology course many years ago.

    This time I remember what Sisyphus did to be stuck with such a lousy task for all eternity. Apparently, he tricked people, and even the Greek gods, and lied a lot and was inhospitable. He even fooled Thanatos (Death Personified) and chained him up for a time. Ares, the god of war, protested over this since it was no longer fun anymore to have wars without people dying, and so Zeus had to set him free. When he was condemned to death, Sisyphus tricked his way out, so that was why he was given this interminable punishment. It was interesting to me to find out that this mythological story was based on a person who by all accounts actually lived, and founded the city of Corinth, but the more fantastic details were added.

    Now who does that remind one of? House’s mode of operation is to manipulate and lie to get what he wants. He has effectively fought death by taking on cases that other doctors gave up on, and most of the time he has won. If the writers were to take elements from Sisyphus’ story, the final fight for House would be against his own death, and he wins, but he winds up spending his final years in trapped in some sort of situation without meaning or value for him. I hope I end up being wrong since I would hate for that to happen.

  • housemaniac

    Interesting! Thanks, vicpei. Looks like they just changed the script for 7.01.A bunch of the same lines are in this as in “Now What” so not sure why this would support the dream theory….

  • Sera G

    Hey, I posted my theory last week:
    House has been in a coma since “Three Stories” (12 years ago: 5 before the series began and the 7 since).
    The ENTIRE show has been in House’s head.
    Well…that’s as bad as what they are foisting on us now!

  • vicpei

    @302 there was a download link here.
    No idea if this script is legit, though.

  • eileen

    @Houssemaniac: The first few episodes of the Huddy relationship this season would be real. It would be the episodes after that that would be sketchy or “dodgy” as Bob said.

  • bob

    It vanished one minute it was there next gone

  • housemaniac

    Hi Bob, Never saw the script. And can’t seem to find it now. Any idea where I can get it?

  • bob


    Id say the same thing too if it wasn’t for those bloody beach pictures. As soon as everyone forgot and not long before the bombshells episode a ‘leaked script’ appears on the internet for Thunder road ummmm its dodgy to me

  • housemaniac

    Eileen 299: As much as I’d like to believe…
    I don’t think it’s the hallucination per se that is the problem but the repeating of the scenario in whih the audience thinks it is seeing a real romantic relationship between House and Cuddy but instead it turns out to be in House’s head. Whether House’s head is hallucinatory or coma-addled, I just think it would be weird TV writing to employ that same fake Huddy mechanism again. I do find it interesting, though, that so many of us would seem to prefer even this to what the writers do seem to have come up with instead. As I’ve said before, I sill like all the speculating because at least it’s interesting and creative!

  • eileen

    @What the Freud – Yeah, I know the hallucination thing has been done before, but not like this. If House is in a coma, then it’s not a hallucination.

    The IRONIC part of this theory is that House has always had “fun” with coma patients: eaten in their rooms, watched TV in their rooms, hidden from people in their rooms, he even gave one coma guy a medication to bring on a migraine! Cuddy was furious b/c that was so cruel! House generally disregards people in comas.

    So, what if HE’S been the coma guy in this case, and HE has been vaguely aware of what has been happening around him? Wouldn’t that be cool?!

  • Boeke

    Eileen, I like that. As a big fan of “Wooster and Jeeves”, I can see it, except that Bertie comes out of his bedroom in the morning, all scattered as usual, and tells Jeeves, who, as usual, is impeccable.

    I think 90% of you are on the wrong track, obsessed with plot points and plot plausability, whereas “House” is about character, and that character is “House” himself. The others are props. Throwaways. I know this is hard because it’s easy to get invested in the story and hope for certain events, just like real life. But If you would understand House and how to apply his experiences to one’s own life the focus must be on House and that interest not diluted by the others.

    House remains very immature, in spite of various stratagems he employs to create an appearance of being a grownup.

  • What the Freud

    #294 (eileen): LOL!!!!

    I think Barbara’s right. The whole hallucination thing has been done before.
    We be grasping at straws 🙁

    The series should have ended with “Help Me” (with the drug bottle in the last shot with either House & Cuddy kissing or as it was, a closeup of their hands but somehow getting the bottle in the angle lens) so that we viewers could decide what happens next. I’d rather we had that Dickensian ending (which I usually really dislike on TV shows) than THIS.

  • josie

    I have a question in general about the show, what’s the medical school that the hospital is affiliated with? In real life, Princeton University does not have a medical school.

  • josie

    #277 Red Tulip–If David Shore “killed off” Cuddy’s character, can you imagine the reprecussions from the fan base? He would have killed off not only the love of House’s life, but a mother, too. Rachel would be an orphan! I think that would be too much for any fan of the show. That’s just too much misery.

    #288 Red Tulip–Cuddy has drugged House once before in Birthmarks. She drugged him so that Wilson could sneak him into his car and drive House to his father’s funeral.

  • eileen

    Okay, I totally KNOW how this whole thing is going to end.

    Do you all remember how the 2nd Bob Newhart show (called “Newhart) ended in 1990? After being on the air for eight years, the whole series ended up with Emily in bed next to Bob (Emily was his wife from the 1st Bob Newhart series from 1972 – 1978), and Bob claimed that the whole 2nd series was just a wild dream! It was brilliant and people loved it.

    So, now I know how the House series will end. House wakes up in bed with Stephen Fry next to him and begins speaking in his regular British accent and says, “Oh bloody hell, I just had the weirdest dream that I was a brilliant doctor in a serious drama TV show, my character fell in love with a beautiful woman and, believe it or not, I didn’t get grossed out by anything!”

    And Fry answers, “Oh, Mate, that’s quite odd because you hate the sight of blood. Plus, you don’t enjoy doing dramas — only comedies!”

    And they both laugh and camera pans away…

  • Sera G

    Hello, Barbara,
    Hello, all.
    Just to add my two cents before I do the weekend chores, if what you are all saying is true; this is real, not in House’s (or Cuddy’s) mind, UNFORTUNATELY, then how will they sustain the misery for another year or possibly two?
    I really think the majority of viewers will get bored seeing it all again. Even with the ‘reality’ of Charlie Sheen’s tragic example, eventually those who “Can’t look away” will either have had enough, he will get help or he will die. You can only watch misery for so long. That is why, although House certainly had his one step forward, three steps back, I had the feeling he was moving on and trying and wanting things to be less miserable.

    Another question and then I’m out; I still puzzle over the negative comments regarding the ‘Huddies’. Say 1/3 of the audience is Huddy another 1/3 hates it and the last third doesn’t care one way or the other. Why would you alienate 1/3 of your audience, especially a vocal, fervent audience? I know, all publicity is good publicity, but this defies reason. They can’t claim that the relationship turned off viewers, because they now claim they wrote the couple just to break them up. That was planned before a single episode was filmed.
    I now feel I am in an alternate universe: Fringe Division.

    I guess I can’t move beyond the feeling of betrayal and being maniupulated. I am not writing this to whine (okay, maybe a little) I am just really disappointed with these events from a show that has never really disappointed me before. (Except, as Barbara and others have stated with the way Cameron was written out. That was bad writing, too.)

  • housemaniac

    Barbara (290): You make an excellent but depressing point. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before! (Probably denial.) House has already hallucinated a relationship with Cuddy; it just doesn’t make sense for that to happen again. And I don’t think it would be good, or particularly creative, writing either. Anyone got any other ideas for a parallel Housean universe in which the show will be headed for better things than it appears to be?

  • eileen

    Barbara, then that was the only thing giving me hope. If things are as they are, then this show has gone way down hill for me and is no longer the fantastic show I used to watch.

  • eileen–(290): I don’t think they would do a repeat of the season 7’s start. And they’ve already done the hallucination and “now let’s do it for real” once. End of of Under My Skin was a hallucination. End of Help Me was not. To make it another double reverse (to me) wouldn’t work, but as I said, it’s only a guess.

  • eileen

    Barbara, you said further back, “I do not believe this has all been a dream or hallucination. If it is, it will take us back to before any of this started (IMHO), and “Huddy” will never have take place (and won’t) except in House’s mind (or Cuddy’s–or Wilson’s).”

    How can you say, “and won’t”? I don’t get it.

    The way I take it is that under this situation, maybe then they could give a REAL scenario involving Huddy a REAL chance.

  • RedTulip—Ana


    Guauu, fantastic! Cuddy drugs House like House drugged Arlene! Haha! When we see Cuddy going to the kitchen, she really is going for sleeping pills!

    Inmature? I even thought the wedding finally won’t House’s…and Cuddy will find someone at the party and going with this someone!

    Inmature? ….

  • #276–housemaniac: I’m just speculating possible scenarios like anyone else. I can see it as plausible, not that I think (or even want) it to happen.

    Susan: I don’t mind that scenario because it is a staple of literature that I do happen to enjoy. People who love each other but due to circumstances of other things cannot be together?

    Right now House is acting out. He’s over the top while bleeding inside. I can buy that and understand it within the character’s warped world view.

    #286: We have no idea of the circumstances or how the “wedding” will turn out or why. I can’t speculate based on what the promo monkeys give us. Some of the strangest, most over the top promos have resulted in some of the most emotionally powerful episodes we’ve had.

    Also, I don’t think David Shore should be writing what “we” want. Because not all fans feel the same way. Not everyone wants House and Cuddy together. Some still pine for Cameron and House–some for House and Wilson. David Shore should stay true to his vision for the character, which is, In my opinion a lot more complex than he’s said in the press.

  • eileen

    The ONLY thing that is keeping me watching is believing that the latest episodes and the one on Monday are all in House’s head. If I believe that, then I can stomach seeing him marry a hooker and treat Cuddy like crap and just be way over-the-top with his behavior.

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    I was thinking it would be funny next ep if Cuddy kidnapped House from his own wedding. 🙂 Wouldn’t be the first time she’s drugged him. 🙂

    Immature… Hmm. Giving a toast to the bride and groom? Desecrating property – the cake perhaps? A fight? Possibilities unfortunately seem endless.

  • eileen

    I think Wilson or Cuddy could die because what is happening isn’t real. So, they are not really dying.

    And if I’m wrong and Cuddy dies, then it’s all over for me.

  • Committed

    Susan – I’ll be right behind you. Too sad, past the point of entertainment if that happens.

    As sad as the break-up is, it is worth talking about and challenging each other with various theories. You kill that, you kill the discussion about the journey and the desire to continue to watch. Even HL wouldn’t be able to fix that.

    It would be best if no one died for budgetary reasons. Creative reasons, well even though it’s painful, you can see it but to force someone out over $$, well it’s as silly as … starting characters out on a relationship with the intention of breaking them up.

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    I don’t for a minute believe either Wilson or Cuddy will die in the finale. Wouldn’t make sense to me. I don’t know how House could survive either loss. And frankly, I don’t have the patience to stay with a show for two more seasons as they try to find a way to fill that loss. It would be better to just end the show. Seriously. Because those three are integral to the show working. Just saying.

  • eileen

    This was written on another site regarding the episode of “Unwritten” and how many foreshadowing statements it has if you believe that this part of the series is all in House’s head. Someone asked for more detailed thoughts on this matter. The reply was:

    “You would really need to re-watch it and listen to what House says. Throughout the ep, he kept talking about the fact that even though Jack Cannon wasn’t real, he was real to HIM. In other words, House is a fictional character, but he (and Cuddy) are very “real” to us. Also, he yelled at Amy Irving’s character (the author) when she said she wasn’t going to write another book. House freaked out and said that the prior book held no answers. She said something like, “well, then each reader can decide what fate they want for Jack themself.” House then said, “That’s stupid, it doesn’t make any sense. You can’t leave it on a cliffhanger…who does that? Books have to have a beginning, a middle, and an end.” Then she said, “His story is done, there is nothing you can say to change my mind.”

    And House is obviously fulled with frustration that HE (as one of her biggest FANS) is not being heard! Just like we are ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATED AND FEEL LIKE WE ARE NOT BEING HEARD OR APPRECIATED FOR BEING SUCH LOYAL FANS FOR SO LONG!

    I’m telling you…just re-watch that entire episode. It’s fascinating!”

    I am more convinced than ever that we (the fans)are not seeing anything other than what is going on in House’s mind.

  • housemaniac

    Susan #278: It is possible to work together with someone you have been (still are!) in love with. I speak from personal experience. 🙂 Maybe you are saying that these particular characters couldn’t pull it off? I would say they probably can since they are both experts in denial. I don’t think it will necessarily be pretty, however. Grr. This is so frustrating!

  • Susan

    #277 RedTulip – if they kill Cuddy, I may as well stop watching now.

  • Susan

    Barbara #262 – Who wants House and Cuddy to be in love but “not be able to be together”. That’s the ultimate in frustration. After that great kiss in “Joy” and the moving love scenes in “Now What” I don’t see how they can work together and put all that behind them.

    Another point – we’re all worried by the interviews and statements by TPTB – but isn’t the first rule of House – EVERYBODY LIES?”

  • RedTulip—Ana

    Note for all: someone on House will die on season finale. This died is about an important character, said Ausiello. I first thought about 13, but now I think…Is it possible Lisa Edelstain will leave the show, so all the break up will have sense?

    Well…I am trying to find my explain…

    Oh, I just join to 276-housemaniac to ask Barbara…

  • housemaniac

    Barbara, it sounds like you are saying that House and Cuddy will never have a romantic relationship again (just as House and Stacy will not). But you have seemed to leave this possibility open in other articles/posts, so I’m a bit confused. Tell me where I am wrong. 😉

  • Mimi

    @54, Try watching the GOOD WIFE,watch season 1, and follow season 2 now, you’ll be HOOKED by strong characters and you’ll enjoy it. don’t let this show depress you.

  • smk46

    about the watch: here’s a scenario that seems believable and has nothing to do with hallucinations or dreams ex machina…hugh laurie accidently misplaced or lost house’s watch during a shoot and looking for it has become a running gag on the set. first it was ad lib references to it being missing and has now expanded into a line or two being inserted in the script just for laughs. they seem like the kind of crew who would like an in-joke.

  • RedTulip—Ana

    Sorry, where I said Sara I really have to said Maya!

  • RedTulip—Ana

    Hi everybody! It is saturday and we all are still talking about the last episode and even the next. But that is not all, the most part of us are worried about all this Seven Season because we Do Not Understand NOTHING. We (the fans) are trying to find a credible explain for that new storyline. We try to find something solid to catch. We even believe the possibilty that all this season is a dream. 

    Particulary I did read Sara’s theory wendsday night. My first thought was FANTASTIC…really I was thinking about the dreams possibility, but only since the night when House was drunk and went to Cuddy’s home to say her ‘I will always love you’. Even I said at Barbara’s review of Bombshells last week the idea of Masters never exist!

    Well, When I did read Sara’s theory I felt that it was possible and I slept very well that night.

    But yesterday I did read Lisa Edelstein interview and all my hopes downstairs quickly, because she was ever a Huddy, and her words really dissapointed me. I don’t know if she is folowing order from DS but the way she call the fans like ‘Huddy obsesed’ is very disrespectful, and its remember me when GY said ‘HuddyRIP’ with a very big smile. Now are not only the writers who are telling us that Huddy is over. 

    Note for Lisa: Do you believe we were watching House MD only to see the girl’s and boy’s wedding? Do you believe all the Huddy fans are obsesed 15’s year old girls? Well, I am watching House for seven years, I live in Spain and I have never listening the Huddy’s name before last year. We didn’t create Huddy, writers do. We see only they want to show us, and it is a real possible love’s relationship between two doctors. Sincerely, I was more happy when Huddy doesn’t never exist, because that wasn’t the relationship House and Cuddy deserved (the one they shown to us) So, please, don’t say again we only will be happy with Huddy’s love.

    Now I believe that it is true! Huddy like a love’s relationship is done. I don’t understand why and I Still think that Huddy didn’t have a real chance to be, because without sense they decided to break up it.

    I don’t belive their words about they knew that it will be finish soon since the begining. I just have the impression that they never know if it will be possible more seasons, so this seven would be the one for Cuddy and House if the show ends. 

    Well I want to belive that all was a dream after episode three, even I really think it has more sense, because if it was real it is a no-sense reality. But I am tired, so many interviews to tell us Huddy is done, why? 

    They are not listening their fans, they are trying to shut up huddy’s fans but they are not seeing that complaints to this new storyline come from so many fans that are not Huddy. 

    If fans have to create their own House Md, it is a bad signal! And actually I like more the false House Md invented by Sara than the House Md I was watching since Bombshells.

    I hope David Shore listen his fans…If he created that fantastic show is because hi is a genious!

    Note for Barbara: I don’t sure if you are happy about we are using your blog to talk about things that are not only of House’s humanity… I said my opinion of this at a previous post…Well I really want to say to you thanks again for this chance to express our opinion.

  • 54

    vicpei (#268), I agree with everything you’ve said! “If it’s unintentional, it’s depressing.”

    fatOlady (#267),I may be wrong, but I think 3M is being written out on Ep. 19, which Shore wrote, so I think we’ll see her around for a few more episodes.

    I do think that we’ll be left with some sort of cliffhanger or added heartbreak at the end of the episode (because all kinds of heartache are a valid form haha.) In my mind, I’m picturing Cuddy, who had been feeling guilt for dumping House, will be so hurt by something that House does (maybe that something is not even the marriage itself but something worse) that even her feelings of guilt evaporate and she sees that it is really, truly, definitively over. In the process of this realization, during her “hurt” phase, she will do something unexpected.

    You know, if all of this isn’t some sort of dream or hallucination, I really hate that GY egged people on with his tweets. “Huddy is over, unless you can get some hints from the beach scenes…” He’s being cruel if he just said those things to mess with us.

    I guess he’s a master at using anger to keep people talking about the show because even anger is, in the end, attention.

    BTW, this is a potential *spoiler* so don’t read if you hate them.
    Apparently Ep. 22 will feature a strip club (speculation). Had too many hookers so now moving on to strippers? Before, I thought that the hookers and strippers served a purpose or were funny. Now, it’s not. And…a strip club? Hmm… The two times I can remember a strip club being on the show were in House’s Head and in that episode where Thirteen and Foreman go to a strip club together to scout for Chase’s bachelor party. I hope they have a point to the strip club thing other than gratuitous “look, House is an ass. he’ll never change. he LOVES hookers and strippers. there were strippers on the show before, now we bring them back with full force. cuz, you know, house doesn’t change. wait, did i say that already?”

    Ugh. Okay. My obsessing needs to stop. I’m really going to try to suck it up and stop being so upset about the show. Thanks, writers. I think you’ve driven me to put my energy elsewhere. Maybe I’ll be more productive on my own journey since I’ll have this excess energy that I used to follow House’s journey with. In all of the responsibilities and duties we have in life, this show was one of the joys that I always made sure I made time for, to do it justice…

    I remember an earlier episode of House, with the little girl who had cancer, who was so brave that House thought it was symptom. She said something like, “It’s a beautiful day today. You should take a walk outside.” This season has given me so much heartache that it’s driving me away from it and making me realize that I should focus on something else.

    Thanks for the life lesson, writers and producers of the show, but I hope you know that you turned a near-religious viewer into a casual one.

  • ruthinor

    Barbara, while I do believe that House believes in monogamy, he didn’t mind committing adultery with Stacy. So it seems like he believes in it for everyone else! Or maybe, like always, he’s the exception to the rule. So I don’t rule out friends with benefits. Who does it hurt?

  • Natasa

    This is my first post here, but I’ve been around here for a while.
    I’m not even sure anymore what I think where this season would go (or how it will end up being). Maybe it’s all someone’s dream, maybe not. Dream would be plausible, that we all have to agree, not? The reason is, this season has just way too many odd things happened. I guess we’ll have to wait till the end to find out. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier than to anticipate and to think what would be on the end of the road (at least for this season).
    I just have a couple of questions and would like to see what you all think of them (especially you, Barbara). I really need to know why is House not wearing his watch anymore? I mean, he’s worn it always and suddenly after the teaser in Now What its MIA. That is weird, isn’t it? And there are a few subtle clues that he is not wearing it (in Unwritten he’s using nurse’s watch for pulse, in Bombshells he’s pointing to his watch-less hand and also making a joke about it being displaced). It’s not like he didn’t wear it for one episode, it’s been for 15 so far and I don’t find that as just a coincidence. Are they telling us something with that (other than it being a dream as @maya said #229 – btw remarkable comment)? And everything else pointed out by so many others in this thread that is strange, don’t want to repeat all that. But the watch is really bugging me.

    And it’s just so weird that every episode was just a bit strange to me all season long. I mean, they had some great moments, writing was ok in small pieces but when you look at the whole picture it doesn’t add up, at least IMO. Not so sure I’d like it to all be a dream/hallucination but I guess I’d buy that story if they would sell it. Because, as I said before something is missing. And if it stays this way, if it is not addressed by TPTB until the end of this season, in order to explain all this strangeness, I’ll be a bit disappointed. But nevertheless would still be a huge fan of House.

    (not an English native speaker, so sorry – hope you understood most of my thoughts ?)

  • vicpei

    Barbara, I would not like it to be an hallucination, too, but I hope to God it is. If not, I am on for my personal House breakdown because, even if they have been goofy before, they are way too many inconsistencies/weirdness/coincidences this year. If it is unintentional, it is depressing.
    But maybe that is why David Shore was called back to handle the show, and they cancelled/changed the last part of the season? Because it was going nowhere?
    Against all odds, I’m clinging to the hope for a brilliant finale ; at least, not another complete breakdown for House ; give him a break, really. We have come to pity him ; he does not deserve it. He may be an ass, a jerk, an addict, but he deserves more than pity. I am talking of HL’s House. I don’t know if it is DS’s House anymore.

  • fatOlady

    I think we are in for a cliff hanger on Monday, with the 3 week break coming up.

    Here is my theory but I am never right, so don’t put to much faith in it.

    House goes through with it and gets married. The POTW turns out to be a younger version of House (homeless, alone, abandoned, scared from abuse), this realizaton shocks him out of his coma/dream and he wakes up. Martha M. Master’s disappears. Fade to black and we wait for 3 weeks to find out the beginning of the dream.

  • nemesis

    I seriously hope at the end of the season, lisa cuddy’s character leave the show. she has done her part, she will look very stupid if she’s still in the show. house no longer respects her so what’s next. In addtion her character is no longer intresting. If I were the actress I would even ask to leave. they’ve made her look stupid enough. I really feel sad for her. it’s like the writers don’t respect her character.

    P.S, the relatioship is over, it is done. they writers put them together to make house miserable again.

  • Committed

    Barbara –

    I can see your point all along the way with the exception of House “not going to go there again”. Maybe it’s another step on the road to recovery for me. Somehow by agreeing with you on that one point, I am allowing myself to feel that House will always be alone. After all why would he be willing to trust that it would work out with someone else? It hasn’t worked out with anyone yet. If it can great, but its going to take a lot of convincing.

    At first I thought this whole break-up event was going to be a nightmare (and it is to many) but it offers House many opportunities. Thats why I can’t rule Cuddy out yet because I can’t figure out how much his love for her drives him. Maybe I’m wrong, probably a hopeless romantic, but I have always felt she was his best hope at having someone in his life to love.

    The saddest ending to this show for me would be for him to be alone.

  • Heather

    Barbara, I totally get what you’re saying, and my (rational) mind agrees with you.

    That being said, I was *that* upset with the breakup that I would literally never watch again if I took TPTB at their word.

    So I’m watching and hoping that I’m wrong (even though rationally I know I’m probably not). In the meantime, maybe I’ll calm down. 🙂

  • Heather

    Does anyone remember the Superbowl commercial where House threw his cane at a kid and then walked (not limped) away?

    Someone asked TPTB about that (I forget who…GY? Shore?) and then said something along the lines of, “Great catch! You’ll have to watch to find out!”

    Now maybe it’s just TPTB covering up for the fact that it was a goof, but if you take them at their word…I don’t think we’ve seen anything (yet) that would explain why House wouldn’t limp.

  • There’s still a lot of frustration among a lot of fans with the breakup, the way some feel about the way the show’s been written the last couple episodes and where you feel the show is going based on promos and clips.

    But we’ve heard these refrains before: “Fore-teen,” the scuttling of Cameron from the show (which was handled terribly, in my opinion at the time–I liked the way Chase and Cameron got closure, however).

    Relationships are messy, especially when the characters are guarded, flawed and frankly, screwed up. People act irrationally. Cuddy acted irrationally, but then entrenched herself (as she does). I hated what she (and Wilson) did to House at the end of season two and the beginning of season three. Hated it. But it was compelling and the writing (for the most part) was good (and still is).

    There have always been goofs, continuity stuff, occasional (and I do mean occasional OOC) writing. I hate when House is written as an ass just to make him an ass. There’s a fourth season episode called “Whatever it Takes.” House could not have been written more buffoonish and vulgar. He slightly redeemed himself at the end, but it still stands as one of my least favorite episodes.

    In my humble opinion, the past two episodes has not written either House or Cuddy out of character. (Don’t flame me, please.) I may not have liked the breakup or the conditions under which it occurred (Cuddy was acting irrationally and rashly and impulsively, something she admitted.)

    Wilson is acting like a man who remembered how badly House fell apart after Stacy left him (and before we knew him). He is frantic. My guess is that Cuddy will come to her senses and want to reconcile in some way with House. But House will not want to “go there again.” He was sure this would happen and tried to protect himself until Cuddy reassured him that there was no cause for concern. Well, he was right. He’s not going to “go there again.” So I think they will be in love–and not be able to be together. House will not be able to have a “friends with benefits” relationship. It’s not in his (generally monogamous) nature (whether you read that as he’s for monogamy — or he just doesn’t like to share)

    I do not believe this has all been a dream or hallucination. If it is, it will take us back to before any of this started (IMHO), and “Huddy” will never have take place (and won’t) except in House’s mind (or Cuddy’s–or Wilson’s).

    Again, this is my opinion. I have nothing to base this on except my understanding of the characters (as I see them), for what it’s worth.

  • Committed

    #255 Bob, #257 SeraG – I actually took this LE quote to be kind of hopeful and defining. I think she is trying to tell the fans that they are asking us to move on from this “form” of the relationship which many seemed to consider doomed anyway and open our minds to the possiblity that it might actually improve. It might not look the way we want it to right now but it might be more revealing and interesting.

    She doesn’t rule out a return to a romantic relationship at some point (consistent with TPTB) – after all we have found out over the course of the last few months that they both have issues they need to deal with. If all we focus on is the romantic side of this we are going to miss quite a bit – maybe many of us already have. We should let them rebuild this relationship. We shouldn’t deny them the opportunity because we are not willing to be patient enough. Everyone complained (including myself) that the writers didn’t do this couple justice. Maybe the point is that the characters themselves didn’t make the best attempt at it. If this is the opportunity to improve it, do you want to miss that just because House is in a little pain right now?

    The fact remains that they love each other and on that everyone agrees. We saw it, heard it, know it. You can’t put that genie back in the bottle. Inasmuch as they can’t deny Cuddy the right to have House at her side at a difficult moment, they can’t deny that they will always have deep feelings for each other – so what do you do with that? Isn’t that the issue? Does anyone really think that TPTB will leave it unresolved?

    My guess is you will see some hint, and I stess hint, of the direction/form this relationship is going to take by seasons end. If it stays as it is right now then I would agree it’s time to leave. That really would say to me that they are determined to make House live in misery for another season and no one will find that entertaining or compelling because we have already been to hell and back with this guy and there will have been no reward. Cuddy, like it or not, is part of his reward – it’s just going to take a little more time.

  • Amie

    And on a good note:

    The teaser was beautifully shot and the choice of music was awesome (the teaser and “my body is a cage”). They really always find the perfect songs.
    And Masters having the hots for the patient with Taub mocking her was fun.

  • Amie

    If all this ends up being a hallucination, I would think it was even crapier writing than what they are already doing.
    As much as I would love all this to be a bad dream, I don’t think it is (and I don’t wish it).

    The coincidences could be inside jokes (someone has a friend named Bert, another Dominica).

    A lot of discrepancies from the 4 first episodes (“how was you weekend?”, bike shopping) can be explained by the reshooting of the first episode. The original script was too joyful and “fan-ficcy” to be a real House episode. “Now what” is more nuanced, introduces the doubts ahead. The first script was supposed to happen over the weekend and they cuddy crashes House’s bike.
    It could not have been meant to be shown afterwards as the B story (all the scenes in the hospital and on the phone) are the same as in Now what. I think they realized it was too cheesy and reshot the A-story.

    And they can also be from writers’ oversight (other examples : cuddy’s age, house’s date of birth…)

    And yes, the writers have disappointed me before :
    – season 4’s Chase, Foreman and Cameron : either get rid of them, or keep them, but don’t give them these 10 seconds scenes just to fulfil terms of their contracts.
    – remember when 13 went blind??? and all those 13 uninteresing storylines
    – chase and camerons breakup

    On the other hand, TPTB have never lied. They have been vague, but never lied.

    If you guys want to be hopeful, I think you should wish for House dealing with his issues season 8 and trying to win Cuddy back season 9.

    My hope is that they write the breakup better than what I’m imagining based on spoilers.

  • What the Freud

    Indeed. A relationship is not a valid form if it is OOC and a cop-out “I love you but can’t be with you so let’s be friends” route.

    I don’t see how two people with House and Cuddy’s 20year plus history (House said he’s been interested in her since Med school. He had wanted to pursue something with her even then. “Known Unknowns.”), the years of angst, the dramatic get-together, and the hole-in-the-heart breakup can get closer in a different “form”. I just think there’s too much *stuff* for that to happen. Realistically, wouldn’t one of them leaving be more plausible? (Well I can be friends with exes, but only with exes that didn’t break my heart and leave me reeling) If they’re going to go with the “I love you but can’t be with you so I’ll pine for you while standing next to you and being married to/dating other people”, I say no to that too.

    If they just used Cuddy as an exploration (as Shore put it, tried it, explored it, and moved on), I don’t see how she fits into the show anymore. After all of that, does she fade into the background as just House’s boss and the hospital administrator? I’m not saying House and Cuddy would have never broken up. I’m saying that if the character of Cuddy was used as a device, after she has fulfilled that purpose, where does her character go? Am I supposed to believe that she can go back to light-heartedly bantering with House as in pre-relationship? If they did get together and had to break up, I would have preferred for that to happen in the final season, so that they could kill all hope once and for all and not torture us with “I’m not saying they’re broken up forever”(Shore) and “for the time being”(Lisa) stuff.

    “Why do you have to negate everything?” (because the writers wrote themselves into a corner)
    “You can’t go backwards” (but they’re backpedaling so fast!)

  • Sera G

    Hi, bob, #255
    Here I go, getting caught up again.
    May I ask where this quote came from re: LE?
    I am trying not to be hopeful, as I said in my last post (even though my broken heart wants it to be an hallucination/dream/alien encounter/bad seafood…)
    The reason I ask about LE, is that usually she is more enthusiastic about Huddy. Even when things were going on with Lucas, she would say, well, Cuddy needs to find out what she really wants or Cuddy has been alone so long she deserves a little ‘action’, she even said that perhaps Cuddy will see that what looks good on paper isn’t what she thinks it is, etc.

    This quote is really the party line in keeping with DS and GY. So either they are really being cagey about what is ahead, or House has relapsed, badly, and Huddy is doomed. This c%$p about “every relationship is a valid form” is ridiculous; they are both so angry and conflicted and miserable, what kind of relationship can they have?
    LE has never been dismissive of the fans or of the hopes for a relationship between House/Cuddy. She was often the cheerleader; telling Ausiello in an interview about 2 years ago, “They are each others true love.” Granted, that was when they were moving toward the kiss in Joy and all of season 5s back and forth, but still…

  • Sera G

    Hello, although I wish with all my heart that a twisty surprise is ahead, I can’t regain the trust I once had.

    Regarding Maya’s theory; I dug out this article (I think it was from Entertainment Weekly, as Ausiello’s name is on the edge of the photo) that I found online in June. It shows the famous beach scene and quotes David Shore: Shore hints that all is not as it appears in the photo above. “What that [image depicts] is rather different from what you’re going to experience when you watch the episode. It’s not Beach Blanket Bingo.”

    When I first saw the photos and then saw that the episode locale/events were very different, I just assumed that they went with a more private and “honeymoon” experience rather than the two of them playing ‘hooky’ as was described at the time. I would love to believe that this is all a master plan by TPTB to show us how truly clever they are, but as I said, my trust is shaken. Believe me, I HOPE to be proven wrong and unworthy and that they really are geniuses and what the heck do we know. But…

  • bob

    beating around the bush….

    Lisa Edelstein tells me that while she thinks “they’ll always love each other,” their relationship is, for the time being, pretty much done. “She didn’t say she fell out of love with him, she just said she couldn’t handle a relationship with him,” she says. “I think the people who are really, really Huddy obsessed will only be happy with Huddy, but that’s not what the show is about. It’s about his journey, and she’s a part of his journey. Their relationship will continue in whatever form it continues. Every relationship is a valid form. So perhaps now they can get even closer in other ways because they’ll no longer be tangled in that specific way.”

  • Dream weaver

    Theres is no pain or addition in many of season 7 episodes if the majority are a dream.

    I like the idea of martha being made up I think her wardrobe is a clue as its always so mixed matched.

  • 54

    I saw the page reload and couldn’t resist commenting.

    (#250 To hopeful people): I think that I know in my head that you’re right, but my heart doesn’t want to fully believe it. When a show has been so brilliant for six seasons, I think it’s hard to accept that the brilliance can evaporate so quickly. Hence, the hope for clues that the brilliance *hasn’t* evaporated.

    If the writers really did not intend for all the coincidences and are really that lazy and careless, that will be the end for me. I think I’ll try to stick it out until the season finale, though, because I want to be believe (huh. x-files line…)

    What Chase said in “Bombshells” strikes me in this situation, where our love for the show is bringing out all this angst and hope: “Love hopes all things.”

  • DebbieJ

    I don’t know if this was discussed yet or not as I’m not even half way through the comments, but I wanted to mention this. House did not take Vicodin “for Cuddy’s sake”, so he could find the strength to be there in her time of need. He took the Vicodin because he is an addict.

    It kills me to no end that his addiction was practically non-existent after Broken in Season 6 and completely non-existent in Season 7 – until the 56 minute mark of Bombshells. How convenient that the writers are now using what once was an integral part of the narrative and of House’s personality as a plot device. And let’s not even discuss the absence of his leg pain!

    I feel there was so much missed opportunity regarding these two subjects within the relationship. Just like Cuddy told him, you have to be willing to take on your partner’s problems, fears. This works both ways.


  • 54

    The dream/hallucination idea’s analysis by fans is so compelling! If the writers aren’t going with something like this, then, I think I will conclude that the fans of the show are more detail-oriented, motivated, and creative than the writers of the show. If all the match-ups are a coincidence, I will have to scratch my head and just wonder whether the writers are extremely lazy or just don’t care 🙁 I hope not!!!!

    Good night everyone!

  • To hopeful People

    There is no hope, it’s time you all move on.
    Frankly the world is depressing enough, the crisis, the economy and many more. You don’t need a fictional TV show to depress you more. If you keep hoping, you are all going to end up in despair. The sooner the better, the writers took the easy way out and they are going to stick with it. Those who enjoy the forever miserable House will love it, and it seems you all don’t so ask yourselves why are you still watching? it’s hopeless. Also stop over-analyzing everything, those are just careless mistakes the writers make.
    From the writers and actors interviews, they are telling you accept their storylines or stop watching it. It’s sad but it’s the truth. I am not trying to let your spirits down, I’m telling you being in denial about the direction of the show is not good for hearts. There are many other shows you can analyze good signs and invest in it, they give relief, not head or heart aches.

  • eileen

    Housemaniac: Thanks, I lobe you, and good night!

  • Sera G

    housemaniac, #247. Thank you my friend.

    Isn’t if funny how Maya’s whiff of hope revitalized so many? I try to be an opptimist, but it isn’t my first reaction. So I will stay in my burrow and let my friends cushion the blows.

    Maya, you often commented on Fox’s site, didn’t you? I thought you had some very articulate and insightful posts, especially in the years when Huddy looked bleak. Ha, Ha, as opposed to now when all is rosy and bright.

  • housemaniac

    Sera G.: Welcome back, and I will look forward to my role as enabler, as long as I can take it!

  • housemaniac

    Eileen #245: I can’t quite get to where you are, but I haven’t stopped watching yet either. This is what I am telling myself these days: at least there’s hope that if the show doesn’t right itself then its dedicated fans will create a parallel Housean universe in which the show *is* still interesting and true to character, etc. 🙂

  • eileen

    Okay, so my husband told me yesterday after DS comments in Brazil that “he’s done and will not watch anymore this season.” (that made me really sad.)

    Now, I think there’s hope! And I have renewed vigor for this show! Gosh, what a great feeling! Now I need to convince my husband and my friends who have said they wouldn’t watch anymore that there is hope for Huddy and for House. Phew!

  • Dream weaver

    The restaurant and shared future bride name have sealed the deal for me :

    “Reservation for Dominica’s isn’t till 8:00, so we got plenty of time”

    The people who write the show are not that daft, as much as they’d like us to think they are.

  • Spec22

    @CathyB #238

    House had the skull cane in “selfish” ep 2.

  • Spec22

    I like the idea of these speculations all being a dream/hallucination etc. Some small corrections and logical reasoning though…

    @Carpenter #206

    The music playing during -NOW WHAT- as Cuddy undressed House was Max Richter “The nature of daylight” in -OUT OF THE CHUTE- it was Edvard Grieg “In the Hall of the Mountain King”.


    Great try and some very interesting points!

    * David Shore didn’t say House was doomed though, he said he would always be striving for happiness he couldn’t really have told us that House will eventually achieve it because that would be giving away the whole premise of show and seperate the fans more so.

    * DS also didn’t say this season was about House “fixing himself”, he said this season was about exploring “relationships” and most significantly the one between House and Cuddy. The sex part has now been removed but they still have a “relationship” (once House get’s over himself) and still hold deep feelings for each other so there is a lot of exploring still to come.

    I agree they did a crappy job of exploring an intimate relationship between them but maybe that was intentional. Both of them are very complex and emotionally flawed and get on each other’s nerves because they cannot stand being wrong so it was understandable there was always going to be conflict there but at the same time they hold a great love for each other.

    I wanted to add more to your thoughts on why certain aspects didn’t make sense but i am too tired tonight so will try to do so tomorrow.

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    Maya(#229), I really enjoyed reading your hypothesis (read it on I Watch for Cuddy) and I’ve been a believer from the start that this is a dream sequence/hallucination but your rundown is even more complete and thought-provoking. I would say though that his comments about suspending his cynicism, as far as we know and as House stated to Wilson, were lies made up to appease Cuddy. But that doesn’t necessarily negate their importance. I don’t know.

    As for the watch, I’m not sure it has been in any episode since Now What? but I could be wrong. I think what makes it’s importance more certain is that House brought it up in Bombshells. It was MEANT to be a clue. And as for what TPTB are saying, if this is all a ruse, they are GOING to cover it up. They don’t want to be deprived of the shock value headed our way. And remember that GY was making comments and then all of a sudden they were deleted and he has for the most part, been silent ever since. I think that’s code for DS telling him to shut his mouth. 🙂 I don’t think his personality is such as to decide to stop commenting unless he’d been instructed to. 🙂 Maybe it was okay to give us something but then DS became worried he was giving us too much.

  • Sera G

    I am such a hypocrite! I am furious with House and TPTB that he is back on Vicodin and I can’t stay away from this site!!!!!
    The addict metaphor was intentional.

    housemaniac,#163, thanks, I agree with you, too.
    eileen, #174, I too loved the imtimacy of those moments. I am all for passion and hot sex, but when House stroked Cuddy’s arm it made me melt. Those scenes belie the notion that he is an unfeeling jerk; only interested in sex. Ha!

    Maya, #229, could you hear me cheering for you through the ‘Inter-web’? I loved it. Even if none of what you wrote turns out to be true, perhaps you should send your resume to David Shore, c/o Fox Studios. You have a career ahead of you.

    I just can’t bring myself to watch Monday night. I don’t want to be sad anymore and as several of you have said, it is remarkable (and a little scary) how much this show influences me. I am a responsible adult, with a wonderful family, a career I love, great friends…you know a REAL LIFE, and yet I can’t stop thinking about HOUSE!
    I will rely on you all to be my enablers and fill me in on Monday. If things turn out ‘right’, (eileen, susan and housemaniac, among others), know what I mean, I will watch the episodes I taped.

    Heather,@239, yes I am disappointed with the last two episodes, for all the reasons I have said, and said, and said. I would rather an interesting twist than the cruel, callous, OOC developments of “Bombshell” and “Out of the Chute”.

    The only reason I am allowing myself a tiny shred of hope that there is a major twist ahead, is that the comments from TPTB are so out of line, don’t make sense (alienating half your audience?) and heavy handed that either they are messing with us or they have lost their minds!

  • Heather

    Well, I certainly think it is interesting that a signnificant minority of House fans are so disappointed with the way the season is going that they would rather have halluciantion/dream be the explanation than this be House’s reality!

  • CathyB

    I also noticed in the beach pictures, he has that cool skull cane which we haven’t seen since one of the first episodes.

  • Committed

    Okay – since it is the weekend try to watch “Locked In” from season 5, co-produced by GY, complete with beach scenes, motorcycle accidents, a failed trip to the shrink (House) and a patient who is “locked in” able to hear and see but can’t communicate.

    Not sure how it plays into the theory above if at all but it will give you a reason to watch a House episode this weekend and give us something to talk about it regards to this whole relationship/return to vicodin/finale thing.

  • Susan

    #234 – CathyB – I always wondered what happened to Cuddy’s assistant….

  • ruthinor

    I like Maya’s hypothesis because it’s so far out! One other thing…House’s watch. These are not things I notice, but others have pointed out that it’s been missing for a while. When did we last see it? (and I don’t mean in Cuddy’s urogenital system!). If it was after Unwritten, it would support Maya’s idea that perhaps there was an accident and it was lost then. I remember it as large and sort of black, but again, not my strong point. I’ve erased all the early episodes from my DVR, so I can’t check. Anyone else notice the missing watch?

  • CathyB

    Something else that supports Maya’s theory is that we haven’t seen Cuddy’s assistant since Now What. He seemed like a good character and worth keeping around. He was new that day and House never saw him, only talked to him on the phone which would explain why he didn’t get into House’s subconcious.

    Also, the way Master’s dresses would be how a fashion-challenged unconscious mind might create this character. House may be neat, but he’s never been fashionable.

  • fatOlady

    Lee #232 – I read that post on House Daily Dose yesterday. Thank you for your reply.

    I have a question for all you (very intellegent) House SUPERFANS that I think is the best argument for an “altered state / dream /hallucination theory.

    Maybe it has been, but I have not seen this point addressed or discussed yet. Okay for 6 and 1/2 years we have been getting to know a wonderfully complex, romantic, damaged, multi layered, super intellegent antihero – hero.

    David Shore and the writers (with HL’s help) have created this person. They have added to this a creative, intellegent, & attractive group of characters to provide the stimuli to explore this character.

    Have these writers who have been thrilling us for the last 6 and 1/2 years EVER done anything before that seemed lazy or stupid even in one episode? How could we believe that suddenly they got lazy and LOST their amazing talent for an entire 15 + episodes?

  • Lee

    fatOlady: I was just about to tell you and now see that maya, one of the moderators of the PPTH Conference Room on delphi forums has posted the most well developed theory above. You can access the forum from her livejournal page. Although you won’t have access to spoilers and speculation on the forum right away–just read the welcome page or email the mods.

  • eileen

    @Maya – WOW! That was a brilliant diagnosis! I so want to have hope that Huddy will happen for real now, and I think I do based on your comments. House and Cuddy love each other so much. You deserve a gold star for all that work and analysis!

  • 54

    carpenter (#206), I noticed the music from “Now What” in that scene, too! I was wondering whether that was the theme for love or romance on the show, but it did strike me that they used it again.

    Speaking of snippets of music, did anyone notice the beautiful music that played in the background when House and Cuddy were talking by the bed in the beginning of “Bombshells”? I think it’s a piano piece, but, man, I want to hear the whole piece! I thought the use of that piece was excellent in adding to the “happy” mood the beginning of the episode set up.

    I remember that someone mentioned on here the restaurant that House mentions in “Unwritten” is Dominica. How did you catch that?? You are made of awesome! I went back and watched the scene, and he does indeed say Dominica (sorry if spelling is wrong). The difference is that in “Unwritten” he says Do-MI-ni-ca and in the promos for FFG, he says Do-mi-NI-ca. I’m amazed that you caught that! In light of all the amazing analysis the fans have been doing for the dream/hallucination hypothesis, I wondered could this have significance, too. (I personally think a lot of the things that don’t make sense are just because of bad writing, but I hope against hope that I’m proven wrong!)

    Also, did anyone notice in “Recession Proof” that the name “Bertie” or some variation of it was used in the episode more than once? Wasn’t the patient’s name Bert or something like it, and even the bar House is in near the end of the episode was named “Berta”. There was also a “Bert and Ernie” reference. Maybe it’s a tribute to someone named “Bert” whom the cast knew or knows, but I noticed that the name reappeared in the episode several times.

    BTW, though my feelings about the overall direction of the show have not changed, I have to say that I like what they are doing with Chase’s character. I like how they touched upon his relationships with women after Cameron left, how he still banters with Foreman about the power issue at work, how his religious background comes out in the scene with Cuddy in “Bombshells”…I like how they subtly show different facets of his character romantically, at work, and spiritually. I wasn’t particularly that interested in Chase as a character before, but he seems to be shaping up as a 3-D character, which I appreciate. (Can we have this for eh-hem, like , the main characters, too, please? Haha.) I like how you can see that he’s still basically out for himself in the workplace but not really mean about it–he’s just indifferent to certain things. I like how that hasn’t changed but how his failures (Debala, marriage with Cameron) color his interactions with people, as we saw in “Recession Proof”.

    I’m actually interested in seeing how he’ll interact with Thirteen once she comes back.

  • Maya

    I have a crazy theory that I want to share with you.

    Too many things just don’t ring true and this giant mess feels more and more like a masterful orchestration of what could be an amazing twist for [H]ouse. I grant you, after “Bombshells” aired, I was down; completely stunned actually which, I perfectly know, is exactly what the writers have intended and I’m sure they reveled in absorbing our anger and bafflement.

    However, I can’t just put that to rest and decide to give up on my favorite hero, just because I’m told that he’s doomed forever and there’s no hope for him to be with the woman he loves anymore. That, in itself, is the first sign that should have long ago been taken by the entire fandom as the most tricky challenge thrown at our faith. We’re told to give up so that’s exactly why I think we shouldn’t.

    “I just have to suspend my cynicism and believe. Maybe it’s time I took a leap of faith.” This is what House tells Cuddy at the end of “Small Sacrifices.” And if House can, why couldn’t we?

    Anyway, after days of long and draining sorrow, I’ve decided to revert back to the positive me who wants to believe. And slowly, little clue after little clue, I tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together to try and rationalize the irrational.

    What do we know for sure that we can take as premises before we start to speculate?

    (1) TPTB always said that “Help Me” and its (immediate) aftermath were REAL. So House and Cuddy really started a relationship. The relationship is NOT a hallucination. (That’s why I choose to believe that should it turn to be unreal, it would necessarily still include a bit of House and Cuddy being together for real; which dismisses any theory that anchors its starting point of the hallucination/dream/coma prior to, at least, Cuddy saving House in “Help Me,” telling him she loves him and them having sex.)

    (2) In the bathroom scene, House asked Cuddy: “Do you think I can fix myself?” This is, in my opinion, the starting point of this season’s theme. House must fix himself.

    (3) House and Cuddy were fine in their relationship at first; “Now What,” “Selfish,” and “Unwritten” were all positive and moving forward, until it slowly started to go downward with the hooker-masseuse problem, and the babysitting gone wrong and the lies and the toothbrush issue and so on until the last straw, reached in “Bombshells” with Cuddy being sick and unmasking House’s inability to step up for the one he loves.

    (4) What we also know, but have less proof of (although it’s been largely filmed and shot and reported by fans who were on location, observing the events LIVE) is that, last June, House’s crew filmed outdoors scenes of House and Cuddy canoodling happily in different places such as Malibu Beach, Redondo Beach, USC campus, and on a boulevard near a restaurant where they were photographed both riding House’s bike.

    Greg Yaitanes, when asked about those scenes (because as a matter of fact he was the director of this “phantom” episode) said it never existed and dismissed all comments about it very early in the season, so that after a stubborn period spent harassing him on Twitter about it, virtually everyone gave up on this issue and moved on. Those scenes, however, do exist, and they come from the script called “Thunder Roadtrip” that was mysteriously released online not so long ago. After reading it (if you haven’t already), it indeed looked like it was supposed to be the season opener in place of “Now What,” until it was inexplicably shelved for unknown reasons.

    But even so, I still try to put those hints and premises together and see what could come out of it. Here is my theory about what is happening in Season 7:

    I think the events of “Help Me,” “Now What,” “Selfish,” and “Unwritten” are indeed real in regard to House and Cuddy’s history together because of several reasons. First, everyone has been fuming in anger about how much out of character House and Cuddy were this season, and most importantly how much they were betraying everything they had promised to be to each other in their moments of intimacy professing their faith and love. But then, in truth, when you think of it, Cuddy IS true to herself up to and including “Unwritten,” as she is professing her love to House in all those episodes prior to “Massage Therapy,” where she suddenly starts bitching him around, withdrawing sex because House gets massages from a hooker. That’s also, quite surprisingly as it comes out of nowhere, with no warning whatsoever beforehand, the first time Cuddy accuses House of wanting to sabotage their relationship. “Massage Therapy” is also the first episode where, by the way, we have a gloomy foreshadowing for the relationship. In their first scene together, Cuddy is getting dressed, ready to leave, and House lies in bed playing a video game (where the settings — desolate places with wires falling off of the ceiling — resembles the setting of House’s zombie dream in “Bombshells”). Cuddy approaches the bed and says (with a sarcastic smile): “This is when she realized that the romance was already dead.” As if it was the signal that the train of fate was now driven by House’s mind only and it was obviously going to be a wreck. I also want to point out that a lot of moments this season showed Cuddy leaving for work and kissing House goodbye while he is still lying in bed half asleep, whereas one would think that as a Dean, she would more likely remind him his duty and kick him out of the sack to go to work, unless he couldn’t…

    Now let’s move backward a little. In “Now What,” when lying in bed with a laptop on House’s lap, House and Cuddy plan to go on a romantic week-end together and Cuddy, hesitant at first, finally says yes but convinces House that he has to grant her two more weeks before she can make arrangements with her mom to take care of Rachel.

    TWO weeks.

    So that means that weekend, which we never saw, was supposed to happen after “Unwritten,” third episode of the season (one episode, one week in House time) and oddly, after that, it’s exactly the moment when things start to go downhill. And, even weirder, in “Massage Therapy,” fourth episode of the season, it starts with House, shopping for a bike with Wilson which baffled a lot of fans at that time since there were no prior signs of House ever needing to buy a new one. We, by the way, clearly see his bike in the parking garage of PPTH at the beginning of “Selfish” and it looks fine. We also clearly see it again in “Unplanned Parenthood,” but since he bought one (or was looking for one in the previous episode) it would be illogical to reuse the previous version of his bike. However, it makes sense for a processing mind, within the inward experience of past events, to imagine it back, if the mind also imagined buying a new one. What is odd, though, and should be a sign, is the moment when House shops for a bike when the one he has is NOT supposed to be broken.

    So what happened to that bike and why did House need to buy a new one? And that’s where my theory takes root. In the script for “Thunder Roadtrip,” House and Cuddy spend a day together doing all kinds of crazy, romantic things and, at some point, they ride House’s bike together. And while doing so, they have a minor accident, both of them falling off, since Cuddy loses control of the bike (because House is teaching her how to ride and she’s the one driving). And that’s where I throw my hypothesis out there: what if, given the timeline, “Thunder Roadtrip” WAS that weekend House and Cuddy had planned to spend together, and that it happened, but (conveniently for the plot) it wasn’t shown yet to the audience.

    What if House and Cuddy indeed had that bike accident, but much worse than what was once depicted in the original script? What if House gets badly injured in that accident, enough to leave him in a near death situation (“I love those 8 seconds,” the bull rider says to House in “Out of the Chute.” “So what were you? An astronaut or a bullfighter?”Cuddy asks House in “Two Stories”). The connection with the bull rider and those “8 seconds” are too enthralling for me. Then, virtually, “Unwritten” would be the last episode depicting House and Cuddy in a REAL relationship together (going quite well) and then, starting with “Massage Therapy” it would be their relationship as depicted by House’s subconscious.

    This would explain why, first of all, right in the beginning of “Massage Therapy,” House shops for a new bike even though we never see him crash the old one. This would also explain why Greg Yaitanes said early on this season that we would understand everything about the mystery of the bike, a cryptic message at that time, but maybe not so much now. It would also explain a lot of the OOC behaviors of the characters because, inside House’s mind, where those successions of inceptions and subconscious fears would slowly unravel, everything would get mixed up, tweaked, transformed, amplified, reverted and so on.

    So actually, maybe House and Cuddy weren’t that much OOC after all (not in the way we mean it anyway) because the picture we were shown after “Massage Therapy” and up until “Bombshells” was one slowly turning House into Cuddy (resilient, kind, attentive to Rachel, willing to do good) and Cuddy into a female version of House (snappish, mean, sarcastic, selfish, demanding, bitchy), then back to being themselves again. On and off, confusing, misleading, puzzling, as a mirror effect of House struggling within his unconscious state against terrifying thoughts that everything would go wrong, and hence us being confused more and more by this apparent mess.

    The first 15 episodes (actually the first 12 minus the trilogy of “Now What,” “Selfish,” and “Unwritten”) would then be House proving to himself the very logic of his speech to Cuddy at the end of “Now What”:

    “I can see the past. You’re gonna remember all the horrible things I’ve done, and you’re gonna try to convince yourself that I’ve changed, and I’m gonna start doing those horrible things again, because I haven’t changed. Then you’ll realize that I’m an insane choice for somebody who has a kid. And from there it’s a short step to the inevitable conclusion that all of this was a mistake.”

    And, while between life and death, his mind will project every kind of visual proof, raw and brutal, that he was right. Thus, making it sound as abrupt and exaggerated and inane as it did in “Two Stories,” for example, where Cuddy’s tantrum because of a toothbrush felt as out of the loop and completely unfair as can be.

    So from “Massage Therapy” to as long as it would take to get House out of his coma (and judging by TPTB’s recent press declarations, misery will last until the end of this season, so probably the finale) we are NOT in the real world, while at the same time being in some distortion of the real world but not yet aware of it. We are inside House’s head, but it’s neither a dream nor a hallucination, and everything we see of House and Cuddy being together in a relationship, and then being apart, is House trying to fight his demons, to fix himself, leading him to ultimately decide whether or not it will be worth coming back to reality.

    To give examples that there is a permanent back and forth role reversal, with Cuddy sometimes acting like House and House like Cuddy, there is the fact that in “Out of the Chute,” while on her doorstep talking to Wilson, Cuddy said, “You can’t go backwards.” Why would she use the second person if she, in fact, supposedly talks about herself? Because maybe it’s House, struggling against this doomed leitmotiv pervading his mind. What are the proofs of him trying to chase away those demons? The constant re-emergence within the dialogues of little sentences such as “I can do better,” “Let me try harder, “Give me another chance,” “I need to suspend my cynicism,” and “It’s time I take a leap of faith.” So House is torn between two selves: the one that wants to believe, and the one that is sure that everything is doomed from the start.

    Now many would object that the major stumbling block to my theory is the persistent messages of gloom and doom that have been delivered by TPTB since the breakup occurred in “Bombshells,” which is meant to forcefully convinced us that the relationship is over for good. But bare with me because I still think it’s not and that TPTB’s speeches actually make sense all the same, and here’s why:

    First, last season, when asked about the House and Cuddy relationship, TPTB declared they would take it seriously and really try to give it a go; whereas the attempts shown this season are anything but that, since — as a lot of people protested — the relationship very early on just felt as a succession of cheap plots, a poor exploration of the depth of House and Cuddy’s feelings for each other, contrary to what was conscientiously depicted throughout the course of six previous seasons. But, if you actually think of it, (and in a perfectly twisted way that fits Shore’s evilness to the tee) the writers are not really messing with the relationship like they promised they wouldn’t do. Following the idea that House is in an unconscious state after a bike accident or between life and death, this (what we’ve been shown) was NOT the House and Cuddy relationship, but only a vision of it through House’s tortured mind.

    So, conveniently, the writers are not responsible for screwing it up, the titular character is the one at fault and therefore, the true, meaningful exploration could come later in Season 8. It would also justify why Shore can perfectly say that the relationship is over for good, that they’d planned it like that from the start and that it will never come back now because it’s done, while still not lying and neither jerking us around. Let’s not ignore the fact that Shore is a former lawyer, hence one must not forget he’s very good at using double meanings and choosing the right words that can trigger enough interpretations so that his interviews remain truthful (and coherent) in the end. He also said back in January that, should House and Cuddy break up, they wouldn’t return together, unless he had a good reason to do it because (paraphrasing here) he didn’t want it to be an on and off relationship.

    And if you assume that everything that we saw was not the REAL relationship, David Shore — once again — masterfully gets away with it with a clean slate because:

    (1) They didn’t break their promise that they would give the relationship a real try, because we have not really explored the real relationship yet.

    (2) It’s logical to say that what occurred with Huddy is now DONE for good, and somehow this is even a good thing, because we don’t want a fake, convoluted relationship to return, we want the REAL one! The one that was budding in “Now What,” “Selfish,” and “Unwritten,” where Cuddy believed in House, didn’t want to change him and still thought that what they had was uncommon and that she had never been happier.

    (3) Not doing it (aka: not putting House and Cuddy back together) in this specific context is therefore truly NOT jerking fans around since this is just a profound thought process at the end of this season.

    (4) Saying that they won’t be an on and off couple is also not a lie, since, assuming this theory is valid, once House wakes up from his coma, or comes back to life, or whatever he was in, he can be with Cuddy, just like he was before the accident. There would have been (minus the accident) no disruptions in their relationship, since there would have been no real breakup. So no “on and off” concept indeed.

    (5) That’s also probably why, even if that’s the last thing people focused on when he delivered his interviews, Shore still declared, however, that he wouldn’t put them back together UNLESS he had a good reason to do it and that truly would be one. He also said to Ausiello that Huddy was over as it was, but he added that he couldn’t say it was “forever,” throwing what at that time looked like just a purely cruel statement, but which in fact would only be the blatant truth.

    (6) Greg Yaitanes teasing fans with unnerving messages such as #RIPHuddy would do nothing other than mislead people to force them to focus on the wrong priorities, but at the same time, he would also not be just a jerk since, when he declared to TV Guide that House would suffer until the end of the season, he is most likely telling the truth as there a real chance in this scenario that the BIG revelation will wait until the finale, or maybe the ante-penultimate episode, to unravel.

    (7) Retrospectively, it would also explain the promo posters for this season: House as a clown, because it’s all just a masquerade, and under his makeup, he’s lying to himself and pretends to be someone he’s not, or TRIES to become someone he isn’t yet. It would explain the open heart poster too, since it could show both the metaphorical message of House being broken by this challenge, experiencing the real pain of Cuddy’s loss inside his mind, and also something more medical, that would be related to the consequences of the accident itself, showing that House has a near death experience, or some other such situation.

    (8) Cuddy’s health problem could be “real” within the realm of his unconscious state, as in a consequence of the accident, but inserted into the “story” in House’s mind as the reason why she dumps him. Maybe he feel that she needs him and he finds himself incapable of being there (which would obviously not be his fault), except that true to his self-loathing self, he immediately transforms this situation into the reason why Cuddy would leave him.

    In “Bombshells,” by the way, the last dream sequence (the musical) where we see House and Cuddy dancing and singing to “Come On Get Happy,” it could be a metaphor of the moment when Cuddy goes back to the surface (assuming she’s unconscious herself) and leaves House alone in the confines of his mind, to end his journey and find the answers himself. This “stairway to infinity” as Mia Michaels the choreographer wanted it, could be the opposite of what we all thought the dream was saying, because back then, we assumed it was House leaving Cuddy alone, whereas, in fact, it could be Cuddy emerging before him and waiting for him to choose to join her again in the real world.

    Another thought makes me think about episode 20, in which Arlene Cuddy is scheduled to come back, and there again, it could be House having extra-sensory experiences of Cuddy’s mother being there visiting her daughter at the hospital, assuming that Cuddy recovers much faster than House. But the time concept would inevitably be tweaked and who knows, the entire season could equals the “8 seconds” mentioned by the bull rider, when it feels like eternity before accelerating back to reality and he falls on the ground. It could be a near death experience on the operating table, while his heart is shocked back to life. It could be a few days, weeks. But it wouldn’t be a several month long experience.

    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING including the incomprehensible PR job done by TPTB lately would make a lot more sense in retrospect, at least to me. It wouldn’t condemn Huddy for good. It would deliver an amazing finale. It would offer an entirely new perspective to a lot of things that’s been puzzling in this season so far. Because, “novelty and hostility and forbiddenness doesn’t have to end bad,” (“The Itch”) so this trip inside House’s mind would be a great pretext to make him take a real leap of faith next season and most of all, give House and Cuddy a real (coherent and in character) chance.

    I know this is crazy, and I know this seems delusional, but actually it’s the only theory that I have been able to gather up that takes into account as many elements in the equation as possible and especially TPTB’s statements of misery which, to me, were until recently the hardest thing to insert into the whole picture. I’m not preaching and I’m not asking people to join me in my newly-found faith if they want to keep protecting themselves from disappointment and stop hoping.

    I, for one, realized that I can’t. I almost did, but in the end, I’m a believer. And if House and Cuddy are indeed meant to never be together again, then there’ll still be time to be angry, disappointed and bitter for all the waste. Until then, being hopeful again is like getting a time out during a game: I finally can breathe and step back and enjoy. And sincerely, that’s what I’ve been longing to do this season.

    Post-script about Masters’ role in the whole picture:

    Everyone wonders what purpose she plays. First, Masters doesn’t come into the picture before “Office Politics.” And the moment she arrives, she is blatantly pictured by House as Cuddy’s doppelganger: very young and already so successful, same carrier-driven mind, same discipline in her work, same guilt, same obsession with rules, same empathic focus on the patients. However, at the same time, it’s impossible NOT to notice the obvious connection with House himself as well: genius mind, boldness (she dares to stands up to House several time despite her young age), great logic, obsession with truth (she refuses to give up, even when it seems hopeless) and also a type of reasoning that seems to function on epiphanies, like House’s (the way she solves the case in “A Pox on our House” is totally House-ian). So it’s very possible that she’s an allegory inside House’s mind which incorporates both the core personalities of House and Cuddy, which also explains her very odd, sudden changes of attitude: one day she wants everyone to cure the patient obsessively, makes sarcastic, very House-ian jokes, decides that curing the patient is more important than being at Cuddy’s bed, and other times she’s reporting House’s breaking the rules to Cuddy, she admonishes everyone about their morals, she has doubts, she cares too much…it’s a mix of too many things (or more like too many personalities) to be real. Anyway, who believes that someone like her, being this freak of Nature (a 23 year old, third year Med student with PhDs in architecture and the arts) capable of challenging the team, especially Foreman, and being better than all of them united can be REAL? What is also baffling is that, in “Out of the Chute,” first episode after the breakup, she has a crush on the POTW (again with those “8 seconds” and the cure to save him: blown up his heart, and the consequences, him forced to renounce what he loves) and it all happens, just after “Bombshells,” where in the musical dream sequence, Cuddy runs up that stairway to infinity and it could be her coming back to the surface after the accident, before House, leaving him in limbo behind her. In “Out of the Chute” (interesting title if related to the accident) Masters would be Cuddy, caring for House — the patient, which would explain again the “Two Stories” quote: “So what were you: an astronaut, or a bullfighter?”

    Also, a lot of people noticed that in the scene where Masters comes to ask the bull rider out, the music playing in the background is the same as in the opening scene of “Now What.” Metaphor here? Maybe…if Masters is Cuddy, at House’s bedside, caring for him, and hoping to bring him back from his numbed state, whatever that state is, we have a nice parallel between the beginning of the relationship and how House would appreciate that same situation, in light of what his mind just imagined would happen to him, should he accept Cuddy’s profession of love in “Help Me,” leading to them starting a relationship. And, yes, you see where I’m going, because the patient declines Masters’ offer…although, it’s subtler than that, because actually he just looks dumbfounded that she could ask him that, I think, considering how damaged he is; which is very House-ian: self-loathing and lack of faith. I think it could possibly foreshadow House’s REAL reaction towards Cuddy, once and IF he comes out of this strange parallel world his mind is in at the moment. Moreover, that scene happens while, in parallel, House is going haywire, binging on drugs, booze, hookers, and all sorts of debauchery…which as symbolic interpretation, could be House realizing that actually saying yes to Cuddy in “Now What” was a bad idea; because it happened too soon as he was not ready or strong enough to cope with everything that is at stake for him or her at this moment in his life; which is why he convinced himself that it would inevitably bring him downward, and when he realizes that he also needs to fix himself, for good, but that until then, he can’t be with Cuddy.

    That would give a finale, or an episode close to it, where House would emerge from limbo and return to the reality of his relationship with Cuddy, but deciding to suspend it to SAVE it. He would explain to Cuddy why he does that sacrifice, saying that he loves her and that, should they one day hope to be together, he needs to heal first, if he ever wants their relationship to work. Then, given David Shore’s latest press conference in Brazil, where he declared that House was not meant to be happy forever, that he thought House and Cuddy had to break up, BUT that the relationship was a good idea…considering that he’s thinking about a 9th season…THAT would be the perfectly evil yet winning recipe for both Huddy and House.

    Season 8 with Huddy still existing, trying to heal, banter, sarcasm and longing…Huddy would be safe, AND at the same time still fresh and full of hopeful future promises. “Back to square one,” indeed!

    So, what do you think?

  • housemaniac

    Lee, your distinction between GY and DS makes complete sense and does your comment on the strangeness of it all. But…would one hand really jerk around the audience while the other hand is saying “we don’t want to jerk around the audience”? Possibly, but this seems too awful to contemplate as well. I’ll never again believe what anyone who works for television says. Could they really be *that* cynical? Or maybe they think it’s all part of the Housean mystique. Either way, I’ll feel sucker-pucnhed if you turn out to be right!

  • Lee

    Heather and housemaniac: I teach college too (not math or science either) and I agree with you both. Just like I don’t want to contemplate a House with no hope, alone, and on vicodin, I won’t get started on how the American educational system is preparing the next generation. Just too depressing!

    As for GY, apparently he’s a real jerk when it comes to PR so he could very well be yanking everyone’s chain. I’m actually more interested in DS and the writers massive and coordinated effort to telegraph that there is no hope for House, he can never be anything but a heartless ass, and that Huddy is done for good. It’s all just too strange.

  • fatOlady

    Oh my gosh Lee #212 the same thought struck me. I am beginning to have hope that the writers are going to have us shaking our heads in absolute, unadulterated AWE by the end of the season. Please tell me the name of the forum you have been exploring this on??

  • housemaniac

    Heather #221: I teach college and couldn’t agree with you more about the changing nature of education. And to be fair, let’s just say I don’t teach math or science. 🙂

    On dreams, etc. over on Twitter (where I am not a member but some of the tweets have been re-posted), GY has been more-than-encouraging the “it ain’t what it appears to be” scenario by telling fans to pay attention to the “beach stills” and replying to one tweeter that they were “getting warmer” when they speculated that the entire season has been in House’s head, since he started on the bathroom floor at the end of Season 6 and ended up back there, Vicodin (still?) in hand, at the end of Bombshells.

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    Well, and think of how many times they’ve reused music or character names this season. What show does that?! There’s a point to all this whackedoutness. 🙂

  • Heather


    I REALLY badly want to believe this is all some sort of hallucination but I find everything seems against it (the writers and actors’ comments) other than the fact I *want* to believe it.

    But you are right, the speculation is cathartic because it helps me keep a bit of hope alive.

  • Lee


    heather: “(In my mind, the dream sequence gets a bad rap for being a reset button….but if done in a way that helps reveal House’s innermost thoughts, dreams, fantasies, fears, etc, and then when he wakes up, him building on that…that wouldn’t actually be so bad.”)

    And unlike ‘Dallas,’ it also would fit so well with the show. We’ve basically been high with him in Seasons 1-5, taken an acid trip with him, been in his head in No Reason, HH/WH, and experienced his vicodin induced hallucination. If ever there was a show in which it would work, this would be it. For me, we’ve already reached the “WTF this can’t be real” point, so maybe that’s why I’m more prone to the speculating. When he drives up to PPTH in a Mack truck next week, maybe you’ll decide to join me! Either way, I find reading the comments by you and everyone else on this site cathartic and most helpful.

  • Heather

    #219: ITA with what you are saying!

    I also wonder if it isn’t a bit of a generational thing. My father, who is a bit older than Hugh, went to a prep school where they were drilled in Latin, classics, and literature–especially British literature…because these were the facets of a well-rounded education!

    All of that kind of thing is out of favor anymore….I don’t think students today are per se dumber than they were 50 years ago. I just think education in general has shifted from liberal arts/classics to more maths and sciences.

    (I’m just kind of thinking out loud here, though, so if somebody knows better, feel free to contradict me..)

  • Heather–I agree, that my statement referred to the realm of tv/film actors.

    Of course you will find schools like St. Johns or many of the liberal arts colleges do provide an excellent grounding. That’s not what I’m saying.

  • housemaniac

    Heather #215. I think you’re absolutely right–the differnce is more about training than education here in the U.S. vs. elsewhere. Also, while HL is obviously very bright, he didn’t graduate from Cambridge, as I understand it–he got a third. By his own account, he was not a serious student; he was more interested in sports and acting/comedy. He said he majored in anthropology because it seemed relatively easy. I imagine, though, he did get the classical English literature training at Eton. But I don’t think he’s ever been all that intellectually inclined. He’s more of a creative type, and that’s where his brilliance lies. The point is that I think some Americans (myself included) tend to romanticize British education and to lump it together with the training that some British actors get. It is true that a higher proportion of British actors seem to have stage training (though not HL, as far as I know) than Americans, and this could explain the discrepancy that Barbara is referring to. All of this is to say that I think we might be overinterpreting a bit here (and I do not mean to be snarky either!).

  • Heather

    If it was a dream, it would be great to see House get more and more bizarre, and then totally weird things happening…

    Like I said, things like Cuddy telling House she’s pregnant, then maybe Masters getting arrested by Interpol for being an international criminal mastermind, then Thirteen coming back with the revelation that she took a leave of absence for gender changing surgery…etc etc.

    Just things getting more and more weird until the fan says, “NO F-ING WAY is this real!”

    And then House wakes up from his coma or whatever.

    If they played it out over a series of eps with each one getting more weird than the last before the big reveal, I would actually not mind the whole dream sequence.

    (In my mind, the dream sequence gets a bad rap for being a reset button….but if done in a way that helps reveal House’s innermost thoughts, dreams, fantasies, fears, etc, and then when he wakes up, him building on that…that wouldn’t actually be so bad.)

    Of course, I know none of that would ever happen…but nice to speculate about.

  • Committed

    Heather – I do agree with you and I hate to burst anyone’s bubble because believe me, I too think this is now one nightmare of a season and would love for it to be somebody’s bad dream but I don’t think so.

    At some point I read an article about David Shore being summoned back to the House set from his attempt at resurrecting the Rockford files. Maybe the writers were headed in some strange direction at that time. That might explain the inconsistencies. Now they are righting the ship so to speak and things are a bit awkward for the moment. Not sure but it would provide an explanation for all of this mess. It might also provide a reason for the incessant interviews and tweets – allowing for some clarification, consistency and clear path forward even though we may not like the path.

  • Lee

    Heather: Believe me, I hear you. I am fully aware that I am practicing wishful thinking and that it helps make it tolerable for me as I watch House spiral out of control. Again. For the zillionth time. Like most of us here, I don’t want to give up hope. DS has proved time and time again that he is a diabolical genius and I’ve invested way too much of my psychic energy and time on this journey with House to just stop watching. Dream/hallucination/coma/altered state or not, it is going to be one bumpy ride. For me, the speculating is like fastening my seat belt so that I can hold on and try and get some enjoyment from the roller coaster that is currently going down a VERY steep incline. In the end, I am totally prepared to be gored by the bull and will acknowledge that they just did a crappy job all around this season. But I’ll decide whether that’s the case after the finale. I just can’t give House up. Not yet.

  • Heather

    “More so than most American actors would be.”

    Speaking in an sweeping, stereotypical generalization, I think you’re right if you’re speaking about exclusively television/film actors.

    But stage actors (or actors who got their start on stage) tend to be a bit of a smarter bunch, and I don’t think they’d be unfamiliar with the themes you’re speaking of.

    Also, do you think the American adjective in your post was necessary? (That sounds snarky, but is not meant that way…)

    What I mean is, do you think an American actor who had highly intelligent parents,and was schooled at Groton and Princeton would be “dumber” than Hugh? I think the “American” has little to do with it. I just think Hugh comes from a privileged socio-economic background.

  • Heather

    Lee, I think that the idea that this is somehow a dream/hallucination on House’s part is a great idea that integrates some of the inconsistencies we’ve seen here lately and makes sense of it all.

    But I really think there is about 0 chance of that happening, and it’s just wishful thinking on the fans’ part. I think the inconsistencies are more just lazy/inattentive writing and what you see is what you get.

    It’s fun to think about, and if it makes watching the show more tolerable for certain people, I’m all for it…but I seriously think there’s more chance of Cuddy being pregnant, Taub and Foreman getting involved in a relationship, and 13 coming back as a man than for this all to be a dream.

    But I will say I would be pleasantly suprised if it is a dream! A reset button on this season would be great…

  • Bobble Head: I have always seen House as a Byronic hero: a dark, moody individualist tortured by secrets from his past, but capable of deep love and heroic gestures. It turns out, Shore is telling us that his is the story of Sisyphus, doomed to push the big boulder up the hill and down, only to do it again and again for all eternity. Or he is the Ancient Mariner Coleridge wrote about, gaining redemption in very brief spurts, only to find out he has more suffering to do, and doomed never to achieve a lasting redemption.

    This is (as most of you know) how I see House–the chapter in CZ on House is called “Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know” from Lady Caroline Lamb’s description of Lord Byron.

    I think that’s an interesting take using Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner. It fits very well–and Coleridge was a romantic poet of course of the same era as Byron. I totally see House coming from that tradition. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons I think HL understands the character so well. He is undoubtedly well-schooled in English literature given his education… More so than most American actors would be.

  • Lee

    Not sure if you want to go there with me, but to assuage my disappointment with the inconsistencies and shallowness of how House and Cuddy’s relationship was explored, I’ve been doing some crazy speculating with some fellow travelers on another forum. My moods and delusional thoughts swing almost by the hour but at this moment, I’m thinking that Masters is an allegorical character. She exists only in House’s head and that’s where we’ve been for quite some time. You can call me crazy (and believe me, I have done so myself) but I cannot shake the feeling that something is just not right in Houseland and the speculating (which by the way has yielded some pretty cool things) is the only thing that is allowing me to keep moving forward with the show without being utterly depressed and bitter.

  • carpenter

    It’s what I think. It have to be a metaphor. But for what? They are always very subtle with the music. Big mystify.

  • Lee

    carpenter: The music is yet another indication to me that all is not as it seems.

  • Committed

    carpenter – It was the same music indeed – not sure it was the exact version but it was very similar. Why do you suppose they did that?

    I remember thinking that it was supposed to be another more subtle reminder of the break-up and really at this point I took it be a little dig. It didn’t work out for Masters sooooooo….. let’s just remind you that it didn’t work out for House/Cuddy either. Not sure we really needed that.

  • Lee

    Yes, it was the same music from Now What.

  • carpenter

    I did mean 7×01 and 7×16 – sorry

  • carpenter

    Was a Hero today and watched OOTC a second time. Now I’m very confused:

    Ep. 1×01 Cuddy undresses House.
    Ep. 1X16 Martha M. Masters ask her patient out.

    Was it not the same music?

  • bluehue

    Thanks for the reviews, recent Liz F. interview, & encouraging many good “students of the show.”

    In “Bombshells,” I felt the art or spectacle nearly overwhelmed the message, but am able to begin to look at that epi in retrospect.

    In “Out of the Chute,” I was glued to every second, bc I was relieved to see we can better guess where the show is going & really must go.

    It is necessary to push Huddy as we “know it” aside for now to learn & understand what we do not know about House & his scars, the ones that run deeper than those on his leg. I can accept the show’s treatment of Huddy as a “stepping stone” if this is indeed the darker journey ahead.

    The promo for “Fall from Grace,” seems to indicate this possibility. At last, finally, a window into the abuse issue via the homeless potw whose story will surely intersect some how with House’s current collison course.

    P.S. I was interested in the (obvious?!) reference to the William Burroughs & the William Tell legend in “Out of the Chute.” House shooting the apple was but one of his “stunts,” ever the clever man in his descent & escape. Tell & his “test of faith, Burroughs in his “man-woman power struggle.” All in “good company,” these drug addicted enigmatic figures of Sherlock, Burroughs..& House.

  • 54

    Thank you Amie (#196), eileen (#197), Committed (#199)! And I am so thankful for all the commentators who come here and share their opinions! I’m so glad that we have this place to feel that we are not alone in our attachment to the show.

    I agree with Susan (#198). I enjoy the analysis and opinions of the commentators of this blog more than the show itself now!

    Still not sure if I’ll watch Monday’s episode. I think I will definitely tune into the episode (is it 19?) where Arlene Cuddy is supposed to appear again. At least the reappearance of Arlene would be a possible step towards exploring something new (How has Cuddy’s relationship with her mother changed at all since she or her her boyfriend at the time, saved her life? how does an invested third party observer within the show–other than Wilson–view the breakup?) I’ll definitely be reading all of the comments about next week’s episode, though. You guys are made of awesomeness, and, like I said above, I think I enjoy this blog more than the show itself now.

    Have a great day, everyone! 🙂

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    Well, and Cuddy’s mannerisms when Wilson got after her in her office – I mean when she was saying it was her fault… it just didn’t feel right. I’ve never seen her move her body like that. And the words didn’t seem right. They were like others have said, more like the writers talking to fans than Cuddy talking to Wilson. It was a bit bizarre. Guess that sums up this season but especially what the show has done with Cuddy.

  • Committed

    Susan – my apologies. Glad you are part of the club, 🙂

  • eileen

    Poor Delia_Beatrice hasn’t commented at all on this episode. She must be beyond crushed and upset at the direction this show is going because she has always had some of the best commentary on every House episode. Sorry D_B…thinking of you!

  • Susan

    #199 – Committed – Hey, what about me? I feel the same way.

  • Committed

    @54, eileen – wholeheartedly agree – you are not alone. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – it’s just a TV show right? I should be able to just dismiss it as part of my entertainment but it doesn’t work that way. Amazing.

    Nice to know there are others who feel the same way.

  • Susan

    Just a quick comment for the morning –

    I think it’s official – I enjoy this blog now more than the show!

  • eileen

    What if this is not a dream/hallucination in House’s head, but in Cuddy’s? Doubtful, but one of the tweets regarding Cuddy’s sleeping pills kind of jumped out at me.

    @54 #184 – You said, “Lately the show has upset me more than I’d like to admit that a show can have an effect on my life.”
    Trust me, Darling, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  • Amie

    @Figaro (#193) : I totally agree!

    And it seems next episode is about House trying to get Cuddy to show some emotions…

    As 54 (#184), I’m ashamed a show has this affect on my state of mind. And even though I am really disappointed and have no hope, I still come here to be proven wrong…
    Thank you guys!

    Ruthinor, thanks for the LA article, it was very insightful as to how an episode is made. As well as all Barbara’s numerous interviews of the writers.

  • espejoses

    #68 Susan The date of the patient if it was Wilson, and is implied by reference to refer to her as his cousin. It is customary for married men tend to have their affair or love for any name that implies a relationship familar either niece or cousin when they want you to know that relationship. As if he’s married or not is not important, Wilson has a tendency to infidelity as Taub, for reasons less selfish than this, but the fact is you can not stop being unfaithful. The only relationship in which he was not is that of Amber, but we could not say that it would stay in that status. Abrupt and tragic death took what would have happened later.
    House who was not brought to light, although sonrrio when Foreman said. I had said but then had his revelation.

  • M.Jared

    fabulous arguments..I totally agree with you,Barbara. Dr.house actually have the deep humanity,Hugh’s performance is brilliant as usual,this episode is quite special in season 7,we’ll go to see something meaningfully change in House in the near future..BTW,I’m fond of these songs picked up for the ‘Out of the Chute’..

  • Figaro

    Like other posters, I’ve had a problem with TPTB writing Cuddy suddenly needing someone there all the time since she brought it up to Wilson last season. Being single, independent, extremely successful and have chosen to go the route to have a baby on her own and then adopt defies the logic of her being so dependent on finding that “rock.” Would she want someone who will be there all the time? Yes. Would it be a deal breaker for him not to be? No. Would she get frustrated when the man didn’t show the strength to be there for her? Yes. Would she walk away? I’m not so sure. Even if you think you “deserve better,” at this point in your life you know reality. And contrary to what many assume, that’s not settling. You simply recognize perfect is not reality. You know you’re not perfect and that someone will have to put up with your shortcomings, too. The alternative is being alone without love and the many joys that come with imperfection. And in that case you still don’t have a rock. Settling is being with someone you don’t really love and with whom you don’t really have a connection or common ground. It’s not being with someone you love and adore who has faults.

    That being said, I do feel that Cuddy did not show or tell him what and how she does need him. When she has truly needed him, he has usually there in the past. TPTB wrote her this season as demanding and bossy, sometimes whiny, but she didn’t reveal to House her real vulnerability. He needs to be needed, too. He was flailing most of the time because she was creating an imbalance of power. He was afraid of losing her, but she didn’t share her fears with him. She was controlling, and that was not a healthy approach.

  • ruthinor

    The following exchange was on “House tweets” today. It seems more confusing than the episode. Any thoughts?

    @KaramelwithaK: @Solether ending of Bombshells didn’t seem real to me either. I sure hope this isn’t another dream. I say all this b/c I love [H]OUSE. 🙂

    @Solether: @KaramelwithaK well I’m not a writer so I can’t explain everything, but Cuddys mess were just sleeping pills so it could be a higher dosage,
    @Solether: @KaramelwithaK whereas vicodin is lower MGs. Also, breakups always happen differently. Sometimes people just want to avoid eachother…
    @Solether: @KaramelwithaK but are forced to interact because something besides their relationships forces them together, like the patient.

  • ruthinor

    Article in the LA Times about the last House episode.

  • housemaniac

    I agree with you Blitz #189. What’s interesting is that with all the fandom’s speculation, virtually the entire rest of the season has already been written (not to mention shot)! So we can speculate all we want about rabbits and dreams and, well, any sort of redemption for this season, but what will happen on the show has already happened, if you know what I mean. We’re really just waiting to see what it is. Still, speaking for myself anyway, it’s hard to think of it as already a done deal. Yikes!

  • Blitz

    These next 7 episodes are going to make or break us. It’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride, and where it will take us is both exciting and terrifying. Between GY’s tweets, Ausiello’s blind items, and the comments by Shore and some writers…it’s making my stomach churn thinking the unthinkable.

    I am extremely nervous about what lies ahead for our show and this fandom. I really think that if TPTB don’t pull a “white rabbit” out of their hat by the season finale, they could be in for a major fallout!

  • Jaim

    Just a thought I’ve been having for a while. Does anyone else think that Thirteen’s departure had to do with House in some way?

  • Rolando

    Obviously, I can only speak for myself, but thought I’d try to share my perspective here: I don’t need House to “do better” or “get better” or change, except in small, believable ways. I don’t mind at all if the end of the story ultimately finds him still surviving, still trying, still winning some and still losing some. This has never struck me as the kind of story that has to have a clean cut ending, or even a “point,” so to speak.

    I know those who hoped to see House in a committed relationship, with or without Cuddy specifically, are very disappointed. But I’m just the opposite because it just doesn’t fit the character as I understand him. I’m pleased with Shore’s decision, and I’m also grateful that he’s communicating his intent. After all, he’s talking as much to fans like me as other types of fans. I think no matter what he did or said, he would make some fans unhappy, and I’m sure he’s aware of that. He chose being up front and honest now rather than be later accused of stringing some fans along. I understand and respect his decision.

  • Year of the Pig

    @Bobble Head –

    I think Shore said when Hugh smiles, not House…and I think he meant it as a joke. Could be wrong, but that’s how it struck me.

    I think the reasons for the character inconsistencies is that Shore and Co. had an end in mind and had to find reasons for it. They are hoping to go to (at least) Season Nine, they can’t have House in a relatively stable relationship for three seasons. They also couldn’t put off Huddy any longer since they had stretched it out too long in Season Six. They started the arc intending to end it so everything was just a way to get to the end. They ignored the characters’ histories and just kept ticking off reasons for them to breakup. It’s pretty common to change supporting characters to fit the story, but they are starting to do this with House as well.

    I agree that these DS interviews and the GY tweets are questionable public relations wise. They are likely to turn off a segment of viewers. Internet fan bases are probably just a drop in the bucket ratings wise, but it is odd to be trying to drive away fans. My problem isn’t that I need House to have a happy ending, I do need it to be interesting. Watching him push the same bolder up the hill isn’t all that interesting.

  • ruthinor

    Thanks for your input on the Cuddy-House IVF last scene. I just thought it was really curious. Still not sure what I believe.

    There are several promos for next week’s episode on the live journal site. We are in for a bumpy ride! Then there is a 3 week hiatus until the next episode. Lots of time to ponder!

  • 54

    Barbara, while I respect your opinion, I still stand by my own that the show is using tactics that increasingly make House look more like a teenager than the complex person we’ve seen until now.

    I saw a strong possibility of House identifying the patient. Most definitely.

    Last thought.

    Lately the show has upset me more than I’d like to admit that a show can have an effect on my life.

    The seasons of House have been six and a half years of awesomeness. The show always made me think about things in life from a different angle, to challenge what I thought to be true or evident, and struck such a chord with me that I couldn’t pull myself away from the show. Most of all, I have been gripped by House’s journey.

    When I have to continually justify my reasons for watching the show, I guess it’s time to pull back. I just can’t accept the way the show is being written. If anyone is interested, I read an open letter to David Shore online that expressed what I felt, only it was written a million times better than I could ever have written it.

    I think I’m past the shock stage and am accepting that, either I keep complaining about the show, or I stop watching. I guess it’s better to do the latter if I disagree with the writing in general.

    House is still good television. Hugh Laurie’s performances are astounding. So are the supporting cast members’ performances. But I just can’t accept the writing in Season 7, which doesn’t feel like a change to me, but a regression to the point where the show is at a point it never was before. Some people may point at me and say that I should accept the show’s evolution(?) in Season 7. Well, maybe I should, but I can’t accept this kind of evolution. Maybe I can’t change, either.

    The commentators I’ve seen here are astoundingly astute and witty. My best to all of you!

  • Bobble Head

    I have come to terms with the break-up and House’s return to Vicodin. I operate on the assumption that what we are seeing is most likely real, though part of me really believes, and hopes, there is more going on here. I don’t want to theorize that we are somehow in House’s head, for whatever reason, to give Huddy a chance, because even if we are in his head, he will surely decide against trying the relationship and he will let Cuddy go for her sake as well as his.

    Truthfully, though, I’d like to think we’re in House’s head because I want the show to be inventive, and this revenge thing TPTB have planned along with House going off the rails, well, I have seen it before (we have seen the hallucination too, of course, so exploring it in earnest would have been the most interesting and untold story). Also, I want answers for all of the mounting inconsistencies, and the unreliable narrator would provide that. If it is real, as it likely is, it seems cheap to use Huddy to get him back to Vicodin — rather than make a earnest exploration of a relationship between two complicated and broken people. I want to be in his head because House would be capable of being there for Cuddy in “Bombshells” without the Vicodin, as he was for Wilson in Season 6 and even for Cuddy earlier this season when her mother was sick. And while Cuddy may have broken up with him over her disappointment and fear at his lack of being fully present (whatever that means), she would not have said that line about him always being selfish. It isn’t true and she knows that firsthand.

    And all of this brings me back to David Shore and his recent comments in Brazil. It seems he said Season 8 is a sure thing, and probably so is Season 9. He also said an episode where House smiles is a bad one, and basically insists that House won’t find happiness. He also adds, ironically enough, that he hopes not to disappoint fans with the series finale, presumably in the next year or two.

    Here’s my thing — whether the current journey is real or imagined, I can only remain interested if I know there is a chance House can do better. I understand that Shore wants to be cryptic, and he may even be spearheading a public relations campaign to make all of the fans think a certain way only to surprise us, but I am wary of the tactic.

    I have always seen House as a Byronic hero: a dark, moody individualist tortured by secrets from his past, but capable of deep love and heroic gestures. It turns out, Shore is telling us that his is the story of Sisyphus, doomed to push the big boulder up the hill and down, only to do it again and again for all eternity. Or he is the Ancient Mariner Coleridge wrote about, gaining redemption in very brief spurts, only to find out he has more suffering to do, and doomed never to achieve a lasting redemption.

  • Jaim

    People keep pointing out how everything after Unwritten is actually a coma induced dream. Others think that Recession Proof was the beginning of House’s dream. But I think that if this is true, then the writers have taken an easy way out instead of actually giving this relationship a real chance. I also don’t know how fans will feel about a whole season being a dream/hallucination.

  • Re: the Fall From Grace promo. I didn’t see any slapstick. I saw House still careening from the breakup. With a healthy dose of bitter.

    Anyone else see a possibility here of House identifying with the patient?

  • Yaakov

    NLF – ditto – I already cancelled the DVR. I’m done.

  • 54

    My take on the “you came all the way up here to tell me that?” scene was that she had gotten pregnant or the IVF procedure’s initial stages had gone better than she thought, so she was really happy. She came to thank him for helping her (with the shots and all) but didn’t want to say the words outloud for fear that the “good thing” would be jinxed somehow? That’s my personal take on the scene, because I remember how she said in a later episode that she had miscarried once.

    BTW, I saw the promos for “Fall from Grace.” I can see how some people would like it for its almost slapstick-like humor (You hurt me, I’ll punch you back), but, I’m beginning to wonder whether the writers fell on their heads.

    For all of House’s childish antics since Season 1, I always felt like House was portrayed as a man. I feel like they’re moving closer and closer to portraying him as a crazy, genius-boy teenager instead of a troubled, at-times-childish, but ultimately complex, 51-year-old man. I can see how they’re trying to stress his denial, but, I think they are being one-sided in handling it. Unless, of course, the whole point to this one-sidedness is ta-da, it was all a halluciation/dream that will be revealed in the end. While I doubt that the writers will take that route, I am actually hoping that they do, because at least that would explain the heavy handed, far from three-dimensional treatment of House and Cuddy’s characters this season.

    I also seriously question the makeup department’s choice in believable beards, but, I do like what I’ve seen of the POTW.

    Some random thoughts I’ve been having.
    (1) If they ever kill/have Cuddy leave PPTH before the show itself ends, that will absolutely definitely be the last straw for me. I will think they’ve written her out because they don’t know what to do with her character after having messed it up so badly.
    (2) Why do I keep thinking that House will hallucinate parts of “Thunder Road Trip” in the season finale?

  • eileen

    Baby Seal: Yes, he was affectionate with her. Very comfortable and loving with Cuddy. I know that many of us wanted to see MORE passion, but I loved their closeness and the way they could look into each other eyes and KNOW what the other was thinking…

    So sad that that is over…

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    P.S. She WAS going to ask him to be her sperm donor, yes. Then she chickened out at the last moment.

  • Dream weaver

    Its a dream have you read this its adds up

    it actually makes sense. How many reference do you need to bullriders.

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    #174 – I agree. It was a little weird in the first episode this season how he asked her in the tub if she wanted an open relationship (well, implied it was an option anyway), because that isn’t him AT ALL. But I guess I figure he was very insecure in this because after all, losing Cuddy isn’t just losing a girlfriend you’ve just started seeing. I think he very much craves those moments and touches. He holds her hand (well, he DID) – initiates it. That was the weird thing about his affection question in the two stories episode because I don’t see him as not being affectionate with her. She was pressed up against him on the couch that weekend, in bed he’s always got her up against him, strokes her arm and skin… I didn’t see how it made sense. I hardly imagine it was implicating a lack of sex either, for… I’m pretty sure House is all about that too. And back to affection, he kissed her before leaving the house – not a passionate rip your clothes off type kiss but an affectionate one. I guess I still don’t get that suggestion on his part. Hmm.

    (Night Carpenter!)

  • eileen

    You can have a committed relationship, live together, but still have alone time. My gosh, all of the married couples I know (including my own) have that! Just because people are in a relationship doesn’t mean they have to be together all the time or do all the same things all the time. That would be “common” as Cuddy says!

    Don’t forget two things:
    1) In BSN, House asked Cuddy if she wanted him to move in with her (and his face showed that he was all for it!), and
    2) How many times during the first 15 eps of season 7 did House ask or imply that he WANTED to spend time at Cuddy’s house and spend the night with her! He LOVED the closeness and cuddling with Cuddy. I think those intimate moments fed his soul.

    Anyone agree?

  • Amie

    #161 ruthinor :
    “The only realistic relationship I see between them is one where he keeps his apartment and they are together whenever the mood hits them. I want the old House and Cuddy who felt free to fight with each other, make fun of each other, try to trick each other, but with perhaps some more tenderness thrown in.”

    This is exactly how I always imagined the relationship would work. They both need their alone-time. Cuddy too! I always imagined that they would have dealt with Cuddy having too much to deal with work and Rachel and House would have been frustrated that she didn’t spend enough time with him (I’m convinced House is more romantic than Cuddy).

  • Susan

    ruthinor #170 – I always thought she was going to ask him to be her sperm donor.

  • rjw

    Totally agree with your #137 comments.Also,during the bar scene,when he turns around to watch the partiers,he hears muffled voices,which (to me) indicates his deep depression.Depression makes it
    difficult to see beyond yourself.He’s doing all sorts of things to self-medicate,but nothing’s working.It probably won’t until he gets credible help.I know that the show is fiction,but constantly find it fascinating.

  • ruthinor

    I have a question: I just finished watching a rerun of “Whose your daddy” about the young Katrina victim who was brought in by House’s old friend. In that episode, House gave Cuddy her fertility injections. At the end of the episode, Cuddy walks into House’s office pauses for a while and then thanks him for the injections. She then starts to walk out and House asks her if that was all she came up there to say. Cuddy then just enigmatically says “no” and walks out. I have never understood that scene. Was she about to ask him to be a sperm donor but then changed her mind? I don’t find that answer satisfactory, but I can’t think of what else it could be. Anyone have any thoughts?

  • Jaim

    I wonder how he can practice medicine while on vicodin, considering his stint at Mayfield? He had to work to get his license back. Are there any doctors out here that can tell me what the ethical board guidelines are about a relapse and it’s consequences on one’s ability to practice, especially after a psychotic break? Would he be automatically suspended?

  • carpenter

    Barbara – YES YES YES. I’m totally with you. But that’s exactly what I did mean. My favorite episodes: Merry Little Christmas, House’s Head, Wilson’s Heart, Under my skin … But I knew all the time: It’s going to be better, easier.

    But after the interviews and the TV Insider News from Greg Yaitanes … (I’m afraid I can’t express myself very good in english) … There is only a minimum of hope.

    But indifferent.
    Ruthinor, Baby Seal on the Run, Heather … (where are you, SeraG? you haven’t to watching but stay with us) … et cetera … Good Night you wonderful people out there. I have to work tomorrow morning. It’s 23.20 (11.20 p.m.) here and I have to stand up at 5.00 a.m.

  • housemaniac

    My sentiments, exactly #166!

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    You know what I was just remembering? What is it? Small Sacrifices where she’s in her office and he zips her up? Right after as they are walking out, Cuddy passes what looks to be her purse back to him to carry. How many total jerks willingly carry their girlfriend’s purse without protest (how many girlfriends would expect their man to)? Sigh. I love House. I love the glimpses of the man under that exterior.

  • Committed

    Ruthinor – that is exactly how I see it. I guess it will depend on whether that will be enough for Cuddy or whether she is going to go back to her pursuit of the white picket fence.

    Now that he has been a part of her personal life, she might find it hard to walk away from him.

  • Carpenter—my fictional taste has always run towards tragic heroes. I think those House eps I’ve watched most are the most emotionally draining episodes.

    These episodes are usually so intense and powerful, they just drag me in. OOTC was the first in a long time that (unless it featured House directly) I would fast forward through.

    The teaser in this (along with the incredible song) really speaks of House in a fundamental way as does the final sequence. My heart bled for House, definitely during the episode (so to speak). But it wasn’t the first time.

  • housemaniac

    Heather and others–I meant to add about the show’s “reality” that I don’t think it’s as simple as reality/unreality. I could list numerous things about the show that are not 100 percent realistic, but I don’t think fiction–even when it is grounded in reality–has to be 100 percent realistic to be believable, just pluasible most of the time. I often heard TV writers (I think even some on House) talk about a mythic quality to their shows that exists side-by-side with “reality”.

    Sera — don’t leave! Your comments are so great!(Of course, I happen to agree with almost all of them, but they are also very well expressed.) Interesting that you used an addiction metaphor for your last post!

  • carpenter

    Sorry for my english, I’m a Berliner.

    Dear Barbara, how could you watching “Out of the Chute” again? Doesn’t it hurt you?

    Totally agree with you:

    “He jumps–he survives (I don’t think he was suicidal–I think he simply didn’t give a damn anymore. Trying to break free from his pained body, mind and soul). And he feels–if only for the moment–the adrenaline rush of the jump.”

    But this isn’t helping matters. That isn’t a fun thing to do anymore. I watched every episode at least four times, but that I can’t bear it. Maybe I love House too much. And – don’t get me wrong – I thought so far you too (sorry, but your book depicts so much love for him) …

    But your masochism let me think you know more than all of us.

  • ruthinor

    Committed, I would like to hope so, but not in the way they were handled previously. The only realistic relationship I see between them is one where he keeps his apartment and they are together whenever the mood hits them. I want the old House and Cuddy who felt free to fight with each other, make fun of each other, try to trick each other, but with perhaps some more tenderness thrown in. I don’t see House as a daddy figure, but he could still be part of Rachel’s life. I just don’t think he’s cut out to live with someone full time. He really needs his alone time. I think Cuddy could live with that, because I don’t think House is someone you WANT to be with full time! OTOH, if TPTB intend to keep him totally miserable, I’m not sure what might be in store. I find that to be unrealistic too, since he has had a prior long-lasting relationship.

  • housemaniac

    Heather #145 and #149: If House can do his job properly–as he could previosuly until right before Mayfield–then Cuddy has nothing to worry about. Many people are on all sorts of medication on the job; so long as the drug is legal, it’s a matter of whether they can still do their job properly. House functioned just fine on pain killers until he started taking more than his body could handle. I don’t see the problem with it unless the drugs start affecting his performance, which they did not seem to do when he saved the bullfighter’s life! If he’s obtaining the Vicodin prescriptions illegally, that is another matter for which there would be legal liability. But if he has a prescription from another doctor to take Vicodin to treat his pain, then there is no legal issue, unless he starts having symptoms that indicate he’s taking more Vicodin than he can handle (or than he has been prescribed).

    On House being happy, I don’t see what the big fuss is. Most people who have posted here seem to agree that House is not and never will be a happy guy. It’s a matter of degree: does he have to be devastatingly unhappy, as David Shore seems to think? Or can he have a modicum of happiness once in awhile as he did surely during his relationship with Stacy and–more to the point of the show–while at Mayfield and when he was with Cuddy. A truly unhappy and complicated man like House is not going to be transformed by a relationship anymore than he would be by Vicodin, a trip to Paris, or even saving 10 patients’ lives a day. He sees and lives on the dark side, and he always will. What I wanted to see was the show substantively explore how someone like this *does* have a relationship. Depressives have relationships too and often very interesting ones. A number of fiction writers and artists come to mind….

  • Committed

    Ruthinor – do you think they will eventually get back together as a couple or do you think this is it as far as Cuddy is concerned?

  • ruthinor

    OTOH, the Cuddy of old never thought she was possibly dying, and w/o the support of her lover. Sometimes emotions just get the better of you even if you come to regret it later.

  • Michele1L

    Eileen – I totally agree with you that the Cuddy of old would never have doen what she did to House —
    not after all they’ve been through. The executive producers (minus HL) just told the writers the relationship had been explored long enough (so I read) and told them to “break them up”.

    Christina (109) Please, please watch “Out Of The Chute”. More and more I’m thinking the showrunners, to some degree, may be toying with the viewers. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    Heather (131/132) Not all men in their early 50’s require “performance assistance”. I happen to know one who doesn’t, so naturally, I felt the need to defend those who are in this age bracket and are still quite viril … but I understand your comments about the depressants — although I’m sure that many of us may not have considered that so intently …

  • Committed–Your final comment is quite true. It’s that semantic dissonance I was talking about in the article. “If House is happy, the show is dead.” That’s correct, I think.

    House has run the gamut between despair and as close to happiness as he can be (and I would suspect with one foot on the other side, should things go south). He is deeply suspicious of love and happiness. He gets as close as he can–and one of the wonderful things about the character is that he is always striving for some modicum of happiness within his bleak world view.

    This is not a happy man, and even years of therapy aren’t going to fix that for a long, long time. His relationship with Cuddy made him happy (as he can be). But that happiness was fragile. Very fragile. And Cuddy can’t be responsible for his happiness (or his fragility), but breaking up with him like that was impulsive, not deserved and ill-timed (which she admitted).

  • Committed

    Barbara – I agree with you that House is mainly angry at himself. He may be angry with Cuddy now but in the end the lasting anger will be at himself.

    Call me an eternal optimist but I think this will work out for him. I don’t know how his relationship with Cuddy will end up and I fear for what is going to happen to Wilson. I know that he would never leave House alone but this has to be taking a toll on him. Remember, he is coming off a break-up of his own which he has not fully dealt with. How much can one guy take – especially after the balcony dive!

    Anyway, TPTB said that House will never be happy – doesn’t mean he can’t be happier than he is. Here’s hoping that is so.

  • fatOlady

    I have a question just a little off topic. I know HL has an album coming out in May in the UK and September in the US, but does anyone know if there are any plans to release a new House sound track? I would love to have new album with some of this newer music on it.

  • Ruthinor–Yes, he’s angry. And I think most of his anger is directed at himself. He already hates himself to such a degree, that he has to have taken this on to his load of self-loathing.

    I think his anger at Cuddy is secondary to this anger, but he is very angry–at the world, his father, at Cuddy, even Nolan–but mostly at himself

    Heather. This was one episode. Cuddy’s guilt (and her denial, likely) that House may have really relapsed has her off guard. She’s going to be acting out of guilt re: House (esp knowing that he had originally warned that it would end this way–and that she knows he deserves better). Is she wrong to give him some leeway? Technically, that’s true. But she’s not acting rationally here either.

    But for the narrative, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe there will be repercussions we don’t yet know of (7 eps to go is a lot of the season unfolded).

    I’m just sayin’….

  • Heather

    Actually, now that I think about it, if the writers are determined to go down this rabbit hole of House being miserable, it would be awesome (in the dramatic sense) to have Cuddy (finally) be fired for something House has done.

    Then House would probably blame himself even more, and grow even more despondent, etc.

  • ruthinor

    Derdriui, why don’t we just agree to disagree. You believe things are worse now…you just don’t like Cuddy so that affects the way you look at things. You also don’t like the relationship. My view is that things have been unethical from the beginning. House was strung out and working in a hospital, for pete’s sake. He was stealing meds and prescription pads. He broke into people’s houses, he stole from lockers, I could go on. All of this was true from the beginning. It seems worse now because he was off drugs for a while, but crickey, doesn’t anyone still remember the bad old days? Remember when he dated Cameron? That was professional?

  • Jane

    Sorry to distract from the present discussion, but I want to say to Kara #86: Thanks for your beautiful and excellent comment on House’s humanity. Couldn’t have expressed it any more eloquently.

  • Heather


    I get what you’re saying about it “could” be a bender (although if it was JUST a bender, I would question how realistic that is…are most addicts able to go off on a bender, then quit in 2 weeks?)

    However, I stand by the point that even if it was just a bender, Cuddy has absolutely no leeway in this, and needs to at least put House on a vacation and/or leave of absence.

    That wouldn’t prevent the team from consulting with House if need be, but it would prevent House from being around the hospital and patients and Cuddy/the hospital being liable.

    I mean, I know IRL Cuddy would’ve lost her job a long time ago (along with House) but my perception of the way the show’s “rules” have been set up is that after House is allowed to start practicing again in season 6, there is absolutely no room left for slip-ups with the Vicodin, and Cuddy was sticking her own neck out as well as the hospital’s.

  • ruthinor

    House is not only despondent, but he’s incredibly angry. Obviously that anger is at Cuddy, but I wonder if he isn’t also angry at himself, for his inability to be there for for. After all, it isn’t too much to ask that you be by the bedside of someone you claim to love when they are possibly facing a dreadful outcome.

    In a scene in Bombshells, House is in Wilson’s office talking about why he doesn’t understand Cuddy’s irritation at him since she’s supposed to love him “unconditionally”. Surely he must understand that there is no such thing?

  • Derdriui


    So you’re saying Cuddy never had any control over him?

    I’m saying that we suspended our disbelief about that, but then she got into a personal relationship with the same guy, and it just makes NO SENSE that she still has her job after behaving so unprofessionally, protecting him every step of the way, taking the public humiliation and then publicly announcing their relationships. Why would the management keep her when she’s willing to compromise herself so much?

    Other doctors don’t respect her and don’t have any reason to… TPTB showed that with Kaufman in Family Practice. And yet none of them are actually addressing the issue.

    You’re saying ‘something’s gotta give’ and I wish I could agree with that, but the writers have screwed up so badly… and they don’t get it. After Peter Blake’s comment that he thought Cuddy was MAYBE unethical but with good reason in Family Practice, that’s pretty much the level they’re at. Another doctor catches his boss switching meds behind his back while in cahoots with her employee/boyfriend and knows that if something went badly Cuddy would sell him out for House.

    … Kaufman does nothing. No consequences.

    This vicodin thing… it’s just one out of many issues in which Cuddy’s character makes no damn sense. Where’s the discourse between subordinate and authority? We’ve whittled it down to ‘Aaaand she caves.’

    Just like how stopping House wouldn’t have been hard in many ways, she could have done SO MANY other things rather than switch meds. Get another doctor, speak to Kaufman and recommend directly etc.

    The romance is bad but looking at that relationship close up really over stretched suspension of disbelief. I get that they were implausible before, but they’re so much more so now. It’s absurdist writing with no substance between them.

  • Heather–What I’m saying is that we don’t know if this is a short self-indulgent (as House says 2 week) bender, and then he’ll get real help (I’m hopin’ for the return of Dr. Nolan!)

    We can all speculate, but the show seldom does what we think it will, so with seven episodes to go (almost a third of the season), there’s a long way to travel between now and mid-May.

  • Heather


    I just have a problem with the “House on Vicodin…AGAIN” arc because I don’t think, with the past of Tritter and the hallucinations that Cuddy has ANY leeway to let House work it out on the job. She has no plausible deniability if it’s found out she’s back on Vicodin.

    Even if House isn’t completely batshit crazy, working within the realms of what has already transpired in the show, I don’t see her letting him do it because she WOULD be fired and perhaps prosecuted.

    Just my $.02.

  • Heather


    Actually, I would presume from your posts that your entire view of male sexuality is garnered from sensationalist books that you haven’t bothered to scientifically verify but have taken as fact.

    (But if you’re interested, please read the criticisms of Kinsey’s and Freud’s methodologies…there are many.)

    But of course, I would never say something like that, because of the problem with assuming something about another’s personal life via one or two comments on anonymous message boards.

  • Committed. I think House is despondent for a great many reasons. And perhaps the breakup with Cuddy triggered something deeper within him–bringing back the breakup with Stacy (perhaps over much the same sort of situation). Maybe it’s proof to him that his is essentially undeserving of love–something he’s contended all along (probably back to his youth).

    House’s psyche is too complex to separate into what is and isn’t driving him. He loves Cuddy, has demonstrated it to her–yet it’s not enough. But is it that simple? Probably not. Like you said, he’s very complex (and why I find him endlessly fascinating in the end).

  • Committed

    Barbara – Do you think House is this despondent over Cuddy or what the break-up with Cuddy means and I don’t just mean him being alone? I think this is a deeper failure for him but I just can’t figure that out. Maybe it’s both but trying to separate it in my head is a challenge.

    That’s why I watch this show. It might have taken me awhile to come to this conclusion because I really wanted it to work with Cuddy and I wanted House to be happy but really I think it’s because I love the guys psyche. He is a very complex character.

  • Boeke

    Heather, you must be very young (16?) to show such charming naivete about male sexuality. Yes, it’s true, men are rotten. But you don’t yet know the full depravity of the male mind! You are still focused on the simple in-and-out, the old rumpy-bumpy (as the Brits say) and don’t recognize the full spectrum of male sexuality.

    Men use prostitutes for many purposes: surrogate mother, trophy, dominatrix, slave, etc. Even as a paid-for buddy. Watching our friend House the experienced viewer sees each of those roles expressed and very little evidence of rumpy-bumpy. Anyway, that’s usually just a sort of afterthought in most prostitute encounters beyond the streetwalker phase.

    You might try reading Freud (who said one can learn more about human psychology from prostitutes than psychologists), Kinsey, or even novels from less inhibited non-Americans (the classic Chinese “Dream Of The Red Chamber” is good).

  • Heather,

    We don’t know how this will play out at all. Not at this point. How can we? At this point, he wasn’t even in the surgical suite. And none of the team (with the possible exception of Chase) have any reservations about ratting him out. They are all more experienced than the seasons 1-4 team, so there are a lot more filters between House’s craziness and just plain insane.

    You’re right that we don’t know if House will relapse with a complete break from reality (and I’m not convinced that’s not what happened to him when he leaped from the balcony). Was he fantasizing or did he slip into his own world as he jumped?

    He’s off the rails right now. The story arc is to get him stable (or not) by the finale.

  • Heather

    I’m sorry, it just extremely bothers me that Cuddy is apparently going to let House take the Vicodin willy-nilly and still work in the hospital and make controversial decisions. (Not to mention the fact that if she knows House is on the Vicodin and still lets him work, she’s probably as legally and morally culpable as he is, if not more so.)

    There is absolutely no way of knowing for sure when House will “lose it” (hallucinate, lose his grip on reality) this time, and in the meantime, she’s just going to let him run around doing his thing?

    She can’t supervise him every minute of every day.

  • ruthinor

    130: Baby seal on the run (love that name, but I hope the seal survives!) One other thing to ponder. When House is in the room with his team in Bombshells while Cuddy is having her “Urethra” looked at, he makes the joke about looking for his watch. But aside from the joke, others have noticed that, in fact, his watch is missing and hasn’t been seen since maybe the beginning of this season. Meaningful? Who knows.

    Derdriui: We just see things very differently. I could point out that early in the “Huddy” arc, in fact House was bending to Cuddy’s every wish regarding procedures, and until last week, I don’t recall him doing or saying anything outrageous or against Cuddy’s wishes. She wasn’t upset about the hep c lies, and the outcome, only that he never told her the truth about it. Furthermore, towards the end of the Tritter arc (season 1-3 I believe?) he was in far worse shape and behaving far more erratically, yet carrying out his job w/o Cuddy or Wilson stopping him. What about the time Cuddy was cradling the little girl in the shower because she had a high fever and House comes by and screams insults at her that actually brought her to tears later and she’s not a crier. I think that was the same episode in which he punched Chase, and again I believe it was during the Tritter business.

    And I totally disagree with you that House had to really fight to get around Cuddy. I remember lots of times when he and his team did all they could to avoid running into her just so they could do whatever they wanted to. Throughout seasons 1-7, House’s modus operandi is to come up with 3-4 wrong diagnoses and treat the patient anyway. Often this led to bad results, but Cuddy couldn’t stop him because she never knew about it. The ONLY time she ever stops him is when it involves surgery and she believes it is possibly life-threatening or unnecessary. (Or if a team member is so disgusted they rat House out). That has been true since the beginning. As for House not respecting her, he thinks he’s better than everyone else and that includes Wilson. One scene sticks in my mind. When they were treating the woman from NASA who did not want her name to be known, Taub suggested the breast augmentation to get to her real problem. Cuddy shows up and House tells her that he can’t divulge the actual reason for why the surgery is necessary, but if she knew, she would understand and permit it. So she lets it go. I think he respects her as much as he respects anyone. He’s just incredibly pissed now and she feels guilty. Wilson couldn’t stop him now either. Something’s gotta give.

  • just watched OOTC again (no commercials). I occurred to me that it was the first episode in a really long time that needed to watch every second, without being distracted.

    I may be in the minority here (and everywhere in the fandom) but everything about this episode worked for me on second viewing–even more than the first time through.

    The patient’s story was interesting and paralleled House’s at the end: he didn’t care that House wanted to “blow up his heart”–his illness ripped from his his only love.

    He reacted–not as angry, not overtly upset, but by not caring.

    I loved the House-Wilson story. Particularly when H/W are standing on the balcony and W says: “I understand” (which he probably does more than House realizes). But then House comes back to “I understand”

    ‘You think I’m falling apart, but you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re wrong.” House realizes that W is trying to reason out that H is “getting it out of his system” But both W and H know that’s not true.

    House is not unaware of what he’s going through, and as someone said above, he’s testing and testing to see if anything can bring him out of his funk. And nothing’s working.

    Also House’s awareness that his emotional turmoil, and not the physical issues are magnifying the pain in his leg. Not where he was in season one.

    So then there’s the bar scene: Barkeep tells House that to those kids, there are no worries: their life is ahead of them and they can be wastrels now. Something dawns in House’s head through the depression and the booze. He sees nothing left of his life, and has nothing to lose either.

    Is he thinking to go out in a blaze of glory? The scene back in his hotel with the fabulous sound track has to be very soon after House leaves the bar, because the barkeep still thinks he’s somewhere in the pub.

    House obviously isn’t answering his phone and isn’t in his hotel room when he probably went to check on him, so he went looking for him in the bar. So the time span is prob. very short, and whatever dawned on House in the bar is fueling whatever’s going on in his very depressed head.

    He sits on the bed (clearly despondent)–at the end of the day, none of his bender–none of the debauchery did anything to stem his depression. Is this what happened after Stacy? Wilson is seeing something here that is very worrying to him, practically pleading with Cuddy earlier to not do this–don’t cut House out of her life.

    I think when House propels himself up onto the railing, he really doesn’t care much at all about anything. My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love…my mind holds the key.

    He jumps–he survives (I don’t think he was suicidal–I think he simply didn’t give a damn anymore. Trying to break free from his pained body, mind and soul). And he feels–if only for the moment–the adrenaline rush of the jump. Something changes as he’s in flight (the endorphin release?) But I think it will only be temporary. And I think he’ll try to “treat” his depression by continuing these reckless acts.

    I loved the Masters subplot! Completely.

  • Derdriui

    And yes, it’s ironic that I find the week with him jumping from a balcony as the more plausible week, but this works as representative characterisation. And it’s supposed to be a materialistic wonderland he’s gone into.

    Whereas the place where he and Cuddy break all rules of plausibility? yeah, that’s supposed to be in a hospital.

    As for Vicodin, I think we’ve been left to fill the blank? He had some before, hidden away in the apartment.

  • Derdriui

    This season has taken this show from ‘Oh, isn’t that really, really interesting, that point you are trying to make?’ into ‘… how do I quit this show?!’

    Other than the H/C people finding their flawed romance or whatever, there hasn’t been… anything this season. And they get most of their ideas from last seasons and from the fic based on the last seasons. Those of us who don’t read that stuff just get the shallow, weird crap that the show’s giving out. Just like the H/W relationship isn’t very interesting this season at all. People are interesting because of the last seasons and the fic.

    But the show itself, what weird season. The last episode I still say is a great depiction of the pointless shit people would do if they had the money and the complete lack of meaning in their lives. The other episodes of domestic angst, domestic bliss, them getting away with completely implausible crap… eugh.

    And the promos are out. We’re back to House, Cuddy and their completely implausible romancing next week. Knew this week was just a break.

    The writers have written themselves into a hole. House can’t get fired because Cuddy won’t let it happen. Cuddy won’t be fired because the writers are too stupid to think that far or they know that if she goes, then House would have to go too. They’re too big to fail! And them both still having jobs is too implausible after their romance to make any sense!

    Did you know David Shore used to be a lawyer? And that Peter Blake, who wrote the ‘The Dean of Medicine did WHAT?!’ episode Family Practice, graduated Harvard law? I kid you not.

    It’s one thing to say House does all this stuff to tell and interesting story. But they’re not telling very interesting stories and Cuddy’s character has been written so implausibly… stupid, stupid mess. They’ve managed to write the soul out of their own show. Should’ve quit while they’re ahead.

    On the other than, it’s tough economic times and we’re all still stupidly watching… cash in, David Shore.

  • Heather

    Also, two other things:

    1. House tells Cuddy, “Either let me do this procedure, or call the police on my team” and she backs down.

    How about Cuddy calls in Taub, Chase, et al, and says, “If you do this, you’re fired.” How about she tells the hospital not to let House have an operating room? Isn’t she still the Dean? She has many choices to resolve the situation besides the ones House presents…but she seems to take his either/or seriously.

    2. Where on earth is House getting Vicodin? No one within 150 miles of the hospital is writing him a prescription for it, which means he’s either stealing it or getting it from a dealer…

    Cuddy doesn’t have any plausible deniability left, IMHO, she knows he’s taking the Vicodin and he’s not getting it from the Vicodin fairy.

    She needs to fire House or she should be fired. Of course, that will never happen, but it’s stretching the bounds of credibility (even for the “rules” of this show) to think that a guy who went to an asylum for his Vicodin addiction and fell off the wagon HARD should be allowed to continue to practice medicine in any way, shape, or form.

  • Heather

    #132: I don’t know if it actually could be addressed by Viagra. Taking opiates in the amount that we are supposed to believe House was taking them in (just gulping them down) are pretty powerful depressants, plus copious amounts of alcohol thrown in there as well? Viagra helps, but it’s not magic.

    The more I think about it though, the more it’s probably just an oversight, not any kind of tipoff that the thing was so unrealistic it must be a dream/hallucination.

  • Derdriui

    Heather, I think one of those issues could be solved by viagra. And also, I like that they addressed the ick factor (House nearly made 3M throw up when he said something was happening under the sheets). The fact that he had his team there was pretty gross.

    As for the balcony and jump, they had a bit of a leg massage, some alcohol and some vicodin before. I don’t know how that could make him balance quite so well or that he could put weight on the leg like that but leg pain hasn’t been around all season.

    That’s why this relapsing thing was a bit weird. Was he using vicodin back at the start of season 3 when his leg was magic ketamine cured? I don’t think he was. Back then they didn’t have separate the vicodin and the legpain.

    Inconsistant writing is pretty much a staple for this show.

    On the plus side though, what a great depiction of a mental crisis. I don’t think it was motivated entirely by his overwhelming love for Cuddy (he barely respects the poor woman). It was interesting though, to see him represent the materialist madness that most people would indulge in, had they that kind of money.

  • Heather

    I apologize if this has been pointed out before, but how the heck does House climb up the railing, balance on it, and then do cannonballs into pools with no apparent ill effect? The man can barely WALK without a cane, but he’s climbing railings and jumping five stories?

    Also, not to be incredibly crass (but to be incredibly crass….) but how many hookers were there in that episode? Six? Doesn’t that kind of “activity” involve some measure of, uh…leg strength/stamina? And while I suppose there might be work-around for that…I’m struck by another thought, that of 6 hookers in a 24-48 hour-ish period for a 51 year old man is largely a waste of money, (especially since opiates and alcohol are noted depressants…) but I don’t want to think about that any more. (I apologize for the significant “ick” factor there. Sorry.)

    Anyway, as House would say….”FOR REALZ?”

    I guess that lends credence to either:

    a) This whole thing is just a dream/hallucination sequence, or

    b) Fodder for those who say the writing is getting lazy and inconsistent.

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    How long were House and Cuddy together? Maybe then we could subtract 6 months and figure out what House said to Carnell really meant. And what was with all the Burt references in Recession Proof? The patient’s name, Burt and Ernie (Foreman and Taub), the bar – Berta’s? There’s more to that than we know. Hmm…

  • elena

    I feel like TPTB have kill the show and we doing CPR desperately.

  • Rabble Rouser

    All we can do is go along for the ride and anticipate that House figures out that Cuddy is not really his problem. The depression and it’s root cause(s) is where he has to go looking. He will never be able to open up until that really happens. But if he gets there by season’s end, there is hope that he is not really at square one and that is all I need from a season. Some kind of growth. And I really don’t believe they just threw the last two seasons away. There is a method to the madness.

    Let’s not be frightened by all the rhetoric that abounds. TPTB are not going to reveal the season’s end. Why would anyone watch if they already knew beforehand what’s going to transpire? And really, as the season starts to wind down and we get closer to the finale, the deflecting will get worse. I don’t blame them since they obviously want it to be a surprise, for both creative and commercial reasons. I just hope it is not the kind of shock that makes you not ever want to touch the wire again, so to speak. I do think they misjudged the audience’s collective reactions, though. In fact, I’ve been surprised that even groups that I thought would be rejoicing at the return of the darker aspects of House’s persona did not like this turn of events. The percentage of people who enjoy House just being an ass is much smaller than the percentage of people who were rooting for him to make it. It is hard to root for him when he is this much over the top.

  • Derdriui

    Ruthinor, you’re grasping at straws here. In the earlier seasons, House really had to fight to get around Cuddy. There was some idea that she had boundaries. There was a threat that he COULD go too far. Now, they’ve shown her to have no such boundaries.

    Yes, it’s fiction, but you know it’s supposed to be set in reality, right? That’s what made House’s medical decisions TENSE before, because not only were they original ideas, they had to get around authority to carry them out.

    It’s not Doctor Who or Lord of the Rings. It’s fiction, but it’s supposed to be a fictional reality which is set in a hospital and the tension between House’s unorthodox methods and ‘reality’ was one of its key points.

    If you don’t agree with that, please refer to seasons 1 – 3, at least.

    There were episodes with transplant committees, there were episodes when House told Cuddy she should have stopped him, there were episodes when Cuddy had to fight for him with higher-ups. There was an idea that House was really pushing boundaries.

    Now, Cuddy just lets him get away with things with a bit of frowning and yelling, and nothing happens to her either for acting so unprofessionally, nobody reprimands her for doing so. It’s absurd. Suspension of disbelief has limits. She was supposed to represent authority.

  • ruthinor

    Jane, I think when House comes into the room the POTW is grasping the blanket like he would grasp the bull as he prepares for the ride. Then when House tells him that he won’t be riding again (or it’s unlikely), he lets the blanket go. I think this was a terrific scene because the POTW says he’ll just find something else to like and House just stares at him with disbelief, because he could never react that way to such a loss.

  • Jane

    I noticed that the POTW was holding on to his blanket before House came in to his room to tell him about the heart surgery. Then the camera intentionally showed him letting go of the blanket when the conversation ended. Can someone please tell me the significance of that?

  • I am hoping at some point later in the season (they’re very busy wrapping S7 right now, but after that) to sit down with Katie Jacobs and get her take on the season and where the show is heading. I asked my contact at the network, and was told perhaps a few weeks from now. I also sent him the link to this article..

    I interviewed her mid-season 5, so hopefully it will work out.

  • housemaniac

    Eileen #114: How depressing! And I agree with you. Where can I find this interview with David Shore?

  • Lee

    ruthinor: It was also the episode where we meet John House. I wonder if that was an important reference and/or clue as to what is to come.

  • ruthinor

    Elisabeth, I took it to mean that instead of starting the relationship with Cuddy that just blew up in his face, he could have been enjoying all the prostitutes and other things that Carnell has presented him with at the hotel. Anyone else have other ideas?

    BTW, it was pointed out elsewhere that Carnell was also the name of the black college student who was dying of radiation poisoning in an episode a while back. It was due to a gift given to him by his father that was radioactive. Strange that two people would have that unusual name.

  • Elisabeth

    Sorry, just joined the discussion, what did House mean when he said to the consierge “Carnell” – “Where we’re you six months ago?” or something like that?

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I’m a tad bit stunned by how sad I am about the show. There are certainly worse things going on in the world. [H]ouse used to be something I looked forward to, but not now…

    Thanks to Barbara and all who post here. Makes me feel much better knowing that I’m not alone in my sentiments. I feel like I’ve lost a close friend.

  • Sera G

    As you can see, I fell off the wagon. I was determined to stay away and I just couldn’t!

    eileen, #114, at one time, reading that there would be 2 more seasons of House, would have been my greatest joy! Now, I am so apprehensive at what damage they could do in 2 more years. Will the show even be recognizable?

    I want to say two things:
    1. Why do TPTB continue to give interviews and hammer home that House must be miserable? It is like they are trying to brainwash us or make us forget the incredible journey THEY started. I am wearing a rubber band on my arm and snap it every time I dwell on this show. I am bruised, frustrated and still thinking about what it USED to be.
    Many have written to wait until the end of the season to see why this was all necessary. I tried telling myself that and find out another interview has reiterated the same nonsense: “There can’t be a happy House.”
    Gosh, they spent 61/2 years telling us that House wanted to “be less miserable”, was trying to find his own type of happiness, etc. Each season ended in a way that seemed to propel him to continue that search for ‘something’.

    Season 1: Stacy returns; House comes to terms with the end of that relationship.
    Season 2: House is shot and confronts Moriarty and how his actions contribute to his loneliness and isolation. Ketamine and loss of pain, for a while.
    Seson 3: the loss of the team; of whom I think he was growing fond. Can he handle change?
    Season 4: Amber’s death/his sacrifice for Wilson and the potential loss of his only real friend.
    Season 5: the loss of Kutner, continued drug use leading to hallucinations and admittting his love for Cuddy.
    Seson 6: a long hard year. Working with Dr. Nolan and stiving to remain sober, attempts to move forward and deal with Cuddy’s time with (ick) Lucas.

    Now what do we have: an angry, self destructive, numbed and imo, unlikable man.
    The only reason he is still compelling is because of HL. A lesser actor would have people turning away in disgust.

    I can’t even write, “what are they doing to his character”, because, obviously there is no adherence to any character qualities they established for 61/2 years. That is the same with Cuddy. I know all that has been written this last week, but now that we know they wrote the thing just to blow it up, there was no need to stay true to characters or things we held as ‘canon.’
    They make the rules, I guess they get to break them.

    Second and last comment, for a while, I hope:
    I predict this is all an opportunity to write RSL out while he performs on Broadway, to return? Who knows.
    This is a way to write LE out. Many fans, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM, is angry with her. They have the perfect excuse to get her out, bring in the new boss with whom House can butt heads, and sneak behind his back. Oh, it all sounds like great fun to me.

  • I’m with PAW PAW. But I love the name, Baby Seal on the Run!

  • This IS a great review. I do think House feels too much, also. And I believe that the two (C and H) will be back together again. They aren’t done with one another. There’s at least one more season in this show, I believe. Let’s give it a chance and see what happens. This show has never really been a disappointment in the way that so many are. I love the creativity of the writers and the power and passion of H. Laurie as an actor (and love Wilson, Cuddy, and Chase. I miss Cameron, and think that relationship is not really finished either). I like Thirteen. I hope to see things happen yet– and I believe they will. Probably House and Cuddy will end up married, or she will be pregnant with his child!

  • Susan

    Can the above few comments please forget David Shore and an interview in Brazil and try to be positive. (I, by nature, am never positive, but it would help me out if the rest of you were). Thank you.

  • eileen

    Amie #111 – You said:

    “Reading Shore’s interview (the one after Bombshell and a press conference from today in Brazil), I feel desperate because he keeps saying “if House is happy then something is wrong”, “house can’t end up happy”. If all hope is gone, then there is nothing left.”

    You are right. They have killed our show.

    Shore also said, “When Hugh Laurie laughs on the episode is a signal that the ep sucks.”

    Just because you are in a committed relationship, it doesn’t mean every day is wonderful and rosy. There is generally a lot of crap that goes into the BEST of relationships. But TPTB have chickened out. They are afraid to write an amazing long-term, rocky and bumpy relationship.

    After today’s interview, I really see that it’s done. I am not waiting around for two years (because it looks like there will be 2 more seasons) to see if maybe House and Cuddy will look nicely into each other’s eyes once again.

    What a shame.

  • ruthinor

    We’ve seen house on a downward spiral before, but I don’t think he’s ever handled it quite this way. To me, this time, he was really ANGRY. Before, he was depressed and sarcastic and biting. I don’t remember House ever saying to Wilson, actually shouting at him, “leave me alone”. He has generally used sarcasm to make fun of Wilson and belittle his caring.

    I also think that House was so afraid of losing Cuddy that he was continually testing her. Why do the small irritating things like slamming doors, leaving toilet seats up, toothbrush etc. when it was so easy NOT to do them? I just don’t believe those were unintentional. And why continue to do them after she asked him not to? Why tell her that she’ll make him a crappier doctor? How is she supposed to react to that? I think House wanted to prove to himself that what he believed all along, that she would dump him, was true. It was a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  • Amie

    Eileen, Christina, thank you for sharing your experience!

    Of course nobody is perfect and one should take all the good things of his/partner and dismiss the bad. Otherwise, you end up alone.
    Maybe that is why Cuddy is alone. Sad, because she seemed genuinely happy with House.

    My only hope left (if I ignore what TPTB say) : I hope her mother talks some sense into her!

  • Amie

    Barbara great article. You just proved that House is someone who does care deeply. Just wish the writers of House read your article too.

    As for the episode, as brilliant as the teaser was, I really didn’t find it amusing. As some said, the writers are so afraid of making House change that he has become a caricature of himself. I was very uncomfortable watching the parade of hookers.
    And as House was climbing up the balcony, I realized I didn’t care for him anymore. Which made me sad. End of an era kind of thing.

    The only confort I had was that they answered some of the things we thought were out of character for Cuddy : she admits she was hasty in breaking up and that House deserved another chance and that she was wrong, she did want him to change. As some has said (HouseMDFan?), everybody lies, and first of all to ourselves and Cuddy is no exception.

    As for House being angry when talking to Cuddy in the hospital, that may just be because she was so professionnal and doesn’t seem affected by their breakup. That must upset House even more.

    As some have said, the leap in the pool could be some kind of baptism. In the christian religion, baptism symbolizes the resurrection of the christ (one “dies” going underwater, and one relives coming out), you could also compare it to the water in the womb and a baby being born.
    It would be a very hopeful ending if that was the parallel the writers intended But I don’t think so. First of all his smile was very scary in the water. And as I’ve been spoiled watching the teaser and reading blogs (this one and others), the spiral downward is not even close to ending! I think House was just proud of his stupidity.

    Reading Shore’s interview (the one after Bombshell and a press conference from today in Brazil), I feel desperate because he keeps saying “if House is happy then something is wrong”, “house can’t end up happy”. If all hope is gone, then there is nothing left.

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    I don’t think anyone should throw ANYTHING away until after the season ends and they know where this is all going. I still think this is all in House’s head. BUT, saying that, I wanted to add to the Cuddy looking for a family thing that it seems clear before Cuddy even has the surgery (House showing up only with Vicodin’s help) that she doesn’t see House as her family yet. (And remember, at this point she still believes he WILL come so it’s NOT based on her feeling she’s not able to rely on him being there for her in this hard situation). When speaking to her sister and asking her to look after Rachel, her sister asks if House will mind/object and Cuddy minimizes her relationship with House as them only having been dating for a short period. (How many other reasons could she have given and yet that’s her first response). For me that shows a hesitation to commit to the relationship (or at least, to considering it as ending up to be a successful one) on her part. She’s distrustful still/dubious. (Of course, I think this is HOUSE’S fear – that he’s projecting this upon her in his mind. I think he thinks she’ll be fine without him – perhaps better off – and he’s the one who needs her, not vice versa. And really, with the Cuddy they’ve shown of late, that seems an accurate conclusion to make, but… I don’t think that is the truth. Mainly because I don’t think these episodes are legit. But… we can definitely see right now that Cuddy’s issue is that she hurt him and feels guilty about that while House is just devastated at losing her.) Either way, I’d be interested to know if others don’t see that as well – the lack of commitment to the relationship being projected upon Cuddy/represented on Cuddy’s part.

  • Christina

    Thank you for all of your posts. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It seems that most people who have been in long relationships themselves feel that House and Cuddy could have made it together.
    I’ve been married for over 28 years and have been with my husband for 32 years from the time we started going out with each other. He is far from perfect (and so am I, of course). In a lot of ways, he is similar to House (which is probably why he likes the show so much too). He thinks mockery and humour is a good way to help me through something that is bothering or worrying me. The idea being to lighten up my mood and help me laugh at my seemingly insignificant problems. It doesn’t work for me but I appreciate that he is trying to help me in his own way and I couldn’t imagine living without him. I’m just trying to say that I agree with your statement that nobody is going to be perfect for you all the time.
    I can’t imagine that Cuddy would choose loneliness over being with “the one” she loves. It seemed to me that he really enhanced her life. She even told him that he made her better in “Unwritten” and that she loved their uncommon relationship.
    I haven’t seen the latest episode yet. I can’t bring myself to watch it. For me, the series may have ended a few minutes before the end of “Bombshells” after Cuddy wakes up from her surgery and finds House there for her, smiling lovingly at her. I’ll try to let myself believe that her dreams were just a result of him not being with her initially. The musical one could be from her fear of dying. House even discovered that he still had his mojo because after all he had been through, worrying about her, he was still able to diagnose his patient. I’m afraid that if I continue watching, that the whole series will be ruined for me, which would leave a gaping hole in my life because I watch a couple of episodes per day. I almost threw out all of my House DVD’s, Blurays and books last week but my daughters talked me out of it. House is just a ficitonal character so I should be able to decide for myself how things should end for him. I hope it works.

  • Committed

    I’m going to defend House here a minute. I think he was caught off guard a bit in that break-up scene. I don’t think he ever thought she would end it, I don’t think he thought she was coming over there with the end result being a break-up. To me, he was terrified and desperate at the moment he said “I can do better”. That to me was the abused child speaking.

    Now I’m not saying that Cuddy was abusing him, not at all so please, please do not get me wrong. She thinks she is dealing with the adult House, after all we, much less Cuddy, don’t even really know if he was truly abused but his constant pleading with her throughout the relationship is in anticipation of rejection. The terror that hits you when someone rejects you – well in the abused eye you are never good enough and here once again, House was not good enough. I don’t see it as House being wimpy, I see it as the ultimate sign of damage.

    As far as Cuddy goes – she does deserve someone who will be there for her of course. I just wish the writers had allowed her to take her own advice when she told House that “..you can’t love someone without opening yourself up to their problems, their fears …”

    House has a lot of problems, a lot of fears. I don’t think I saw her trying to deal with that too much. Matter of fact, the scene in “Now What” when she says “….can’t this just be nice.” was in retrospect the wrong thing to say. He wanted to talk, she stopped him. Sometimes you need to go deeper and I always saw that as a missed opportunity.

  • pawpaw

    IMHO, but for HUGH LAURIE, I doubt I would still be coming back week after week for 7 years for just the angst. There is so much in Laurie’s performance that makes me feel for him, in spite of everything he outwardly professes to be…so yes, I do see the humanity in House. That’s why I care about House and for House. It matters to me that he is not just another one-dimensional ass. I haven’t watched or followed another TV show like this since M*A*S*H!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    104 – ruthinor

    “In the farewell scene, House should have fought FOR her, not begged”


    House and Cuddy OOC…not a good way!

  • eileen

    Ruthinor – Yes Indeed!!!

  • ruthinor

    #102 Eileen, totally agree. I also don’t like what they did to House. Seeing him say “I can do better” over and over again is not House. They should have fought and bantered their way through the tough times, not turn House into a scared rabbit. In the farewell scene, House should have fought for her, not begged. It just was not them!

  • What the Freud

    Watching this season right now, I remember the brilliant one-liner from Season 4.

    Can I hear it again, for the writers?

    “You all suck.”

  • eileen

    Jane – I don’t need to give Cuddy a break because I’m not mad at her. I’m extremely mad at the writers!!! They are the ones who made this happen because the Cuddy that I have grown to know and love wouldn’t have knee-jerked like that. It was so OOC and I still can’t wrap my head around it. It was over way too quickly.

  • Jane

    Okay. Of course Cuddy loved House and chose him because she wanted to grow old with him. Maybe looking for a family was a wrong choice of words. What I meant was that Cuddy had a need for someone who cared for her and will be there for her like a family member who was supposed to make you feel important and was going to stick it out with you “on this crazy road we call ‘Life'”. So, I stand by my defence of Cuddy, I don’t blame her for wanting that void filled. Unfortunately, House was not yet this man that she wanted. I agree with you that they needed counselling and not a breakup. I wished that Cuddy had remembered and hang on what she said to Chase, that “Love hopes everything”. But being a young couple (and I suspect that Cuddy is an inexperienced lover) and just after a major death scare and the looming bleakness of House starting on vicodin again (which she might feel guilty for since she knew he took it so he could face her impending death), it’s understandable that Cuddy followed her impulse to stop plunging into darker waters with the relationship. Cuddy was scared, and scared people don’t make wise choices. Give her a break.

  • Susan

    Eileen #97 – “You go, girl!”

  • Jane

    Oops. I misheard House. Thanks for pointing that out. But my point still stands about Cuddy might be guilty about House’s crappiness. Yes, we never got to see how Cuddy reacted to that. But considering House was drunk, it was pointless for Cuddy to respond to him at that moment. And Bombshell came immediately after just as any blood in pee came at unpredicted timing. Granted, there could have been another episode before Bombshell to deal with that. I don’t know. I happy with the distance the writers have covered, enough to make a logical plotline for me. I could accept that they’ve worked at it, stalled and progressed at times and realized that there are voids in their lives that they can’t fill for each other and so better end earlier than later.

  • eileen

    ruthinor – you and I just talked about the same scene at virtually the same time! How cool was that!

  • eileen

    @Jane #94 – You said, “Cuddy was needing a family and she was definitely expecting House to fill that void. I don’t blame House for failing because that’s just who he is although it’s a pity. I don’t blame Cuddy for wanting that void filled too. It’s a pity that as much as they loved each other, they couldn’t complete each other.”

    I disagree with that statement wholeheartedly. Cuddy got the baby she so desparately wanted and did not need a man to complete her. If she just wanted a “daddy” to make a family, then she could have stayed with Lucas. But she CHOSE House! She wanted to be with him because she loves him and “gets” him. She is financially independent and does not need anyone to help in that area either. She wanted (and, I hope, still wants) House to be with her driving down this crazy road we call “life” because he is THE ONE for HER.

    NOBODY IS EVER GOING TO BE PERFECT FOR YOU ALL THE TIME UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. But if you can share your life with someone who loves, respects, and understands you, then go for it! If loving someone and having a relationship was easy, then there would be no breakups or divorces. Rather, it is tough, but can be quite fulfilling. I adore my husband and vice versa, but we don’t “complete each other”. That’s such garbage. But even after being with him for 27 years, I still look forward to seeing his face when he walks through the door. When he travels for just a couple of days, I miss him a lot. Yes, House has a long way to go and so does Cuddy for that matter, but they needed counseling — not breaking up. I just can’t stop thinking about how cute her little face looked when House grabbed her ankle when he was under the bed. She was startled but was immediately on the floor kissing him passionately. That’s them! How great is that!

  • ruthinor

    Jane, enjoyed your comments, though I don’t agree with some. For example, I think they could have explored the relationship between House and Cuddy with much more depth and seriousness. We never got to see Cuddy’s reaction to House telling her she made him a crappier doctor. But we jump immediately to Bombshells and this happy morning scene which, to me, seemed so out of context as to be a dream sequence. We know that both these people are screwed up but we never get any deep insight into how they got that way. Blaming everything on parents is just too easy.

    BTW, in the Cuddy hallucination you mentioned, I thought House said “I cured”, not “I killed” all my patients. At least it didn’t strike me as weird at the time, and that certainly would have made an impression!

  • Marian

    Regarding no. 8 I think he said “I cured all my patients today.”

  • Jane

    There are so interesting points brought up by all of you that I don’t know how to organize my responses in a cohesive fashion, so please bear with me as I jump from points to points now:

    1. The roots of House’s emotional handicap: Some of you have suggested that House’s emotional handicap originated from his abusive childhood. This ties in with the question of whether the leg was the origin of House’s misery. I agree with #18 (Baby Seal on the Run) that House must know that it’s not. His leg is but a front and convenient excuse to avoid dragging up his past.

    Yet, as much as I agree that House’s childhood have damaged him, I don’t think revisiting his childhood is going to help House find the answer to his misery. What’s past is past. It’s the ineffective coping mechanisms he has developed that are killing him now, not his lack of relationship with his parents. Masters and the physics genius POTW some seasons ago are also evidence that part of House’s loneliness is due to his intellectual difference. Masters have a happy family but still feels disconnected.

    2. I disagree with both hands up that the Huddy relationship was without depth. It is, IMO, the most intricately explored relationship on TV ever. Starting from Cuddy’s acceptance of House’s “unfixableness”, to House’s doubts about the feasibility of their relationship once Cuddy step out of House’s apartment in “What Now”, to their confessions of holding back from the relationship in “Massage Therapy” and their success at moving pass that so that House starts to bond with Rachael, to actually seeing House’s fear of his happiness compromising his diagnostic abilities materializes, to how they interact on mundane everyday activities like taking the trash out or closing the door quietly, to House expected and not always going to be there everytime Cuddy needs him. I’m sorry I have gone on for too long, but that’s really how much the writers have explored the relationship.

    3. Some of you are concerned about the sublty that has been a main strong point of the show. Just think about “Chute” again. House partying is all but a front. So far, we know that he is reacting to the breakup, but this episode has actually NOT told us anything about what House thought about Cuddy’s breakup. Is House really angry with Cuddy or was that just a front when he lashed out at her so that he could act authoritative and get the procedure he wanted for his patient? I thought the part when House faked shooting the hooker so that he could trick his conceriege to buy him a gun was great writing to hint at House’s suicidal tendency. This suicidal tendency was then tampered by House’s cannonballing into the pool from his balcony. Has House really reach the stage of being suicidal or is he still struggling to find a way out by seeking thrills to feel alive?
    Also, since he’s going to retreat into his jerk persona now, I’m sure the writers will have to infuse more sublty in the lines to keep House’s inner struggles apparent despite his outer facade.

    4. Someone mentioned the slow motion and sound going off at the last bar scene. I didn’t strike me as House recalling young Cuddy although come to think of it, it’s plausible. My impression was that House was experiencing numbing of his senses, which sometimes happen to patients with Mood Disorders. But since the breakup was only a day ago, it seems impossible that a such advanced symptoms of mental illness should set in so quickly. Does that mean that through all the 15 episodes of season 7, House’s depression had been quietly getting worse. Recall that he gave up with Nolan in the second last episode of season 6 and experienced a very bad trauma when Hannah died at the end of season 6 AND working on his relationship with Cuddy must have been extremely stressful for one who is so deeply fearful, doubtful and desperate. And finally, add the whole drama of Cuddy’s dying and their breakup. If you have complained about House going soft and unwatchable for the past 15 episodes, are you now fully appreciating the magnitude of his burdens all through season 7?

    5. @#75, Committed: Excellent comment about House and Cuddy were both using the relationship to fill voids in their life. Cuddy was needing a family and she was definitely expecting House to fill that void. I don’t blame House for failing because that’s just who he is although it’s a pity. I don’t blame Cuddy for wanting that void filled too. It’s a pity that as much as they loved each other, they couldn’t complete each other.

    6. @#59, Vinnie: You proposed that House was lashing out at Cuddy like John House lashed at him. I have a slightly different take. I think House was lashing out at Cuddy like he had lashed out his hatred at John House despite how much he loved him (he loved him enough to admit to Wilson that he still grieved for his late father and talked to John House’s ghost on his bed at Wilson’s apartment).

    7. I must say Robert Sean Leonard acted really well this episode. When he was pleading with Cuddy, he looked like he was going to cry any moment. The look on his face when he opened House’s arrow-struck hotel door and when House jumped of the balcony… his expression was priceless. He was so heartbroken and anxious and worried for House, it was harder to watch him than House. I’m glad we’re going to see more of RSL in the coming episodes.

    8. Regarding Cuddy’s guilt: Has anyone noticed that in Cuddy’s hallucination/dream in “Bombshells”, House said “I killed all my patients today so I can come home early”? I think Cuddy was guilty or at least fearful that House would blame her for his becoming a crappier doctor no matter what House said about he would rather choose her. Who would want to be responsible for such a thing? Just like House was afraid Cuddy might blame him for not saving her mother, Cuddy might have been afraid that House blames her for his patients’ deaths.

    9. On the writers’ adament stance on ‘People Don’t Change’ and House’s doomed misery. I don’t know how the writers are going to end the series. Maybe some people can’t stand a story with sad ending, but I’m perfectly fine with a tragic ending as long as it’s done tastefully. Of course any person with a heart will wish that House get some happiness after all the misery in his life, but like House said before, ‘You don’t get what you deserve. You just get what you get.’ It’s the same in real life. @#28 (Goodbye): while there is no wind that always blows a storm, there will always be another wind to blow up another storm. And till the end of the world or till one is dead, life is a endless hardship. But what compells me about House is that he always chooses life (as Barbara pointed out). [H]ouse is a show set in very dark contexts, but it also exudes utmost strength and optimism. So for anyone who accuses House with no humanity, I say to you he has more human spirit than the average man.

  • Heather! I be an ex-X-Phile. I gave up the show at the end of Season 6. I actually had a site/blog about–very popular (and fanfic galore!). Early in season 7, I felt the series had really lost its way–which is deadly on a show that is about the central character’s journey. One day I stopped caring. Some of that had to do with the fact that Duchovny simply started phoning it in every week.

    I first stopped writing my “character-based reviews” and angsty UST-y fanfiction and then stopped watching and contributing on the old atxfa listserve (alt.tv.xfiles_analysis, I think it was called). Oddly enough, that forum really was the inspiration for my writing about House originally in a Live Journal.

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    I think I get a little crazy when people jump on the Taub bandwagon. The LAST thing that would have been in everyone’s best interest last episode was forcing House to be at the hospital. He was doing his job. He didn’t ignore the team. Heck, he didn’t even fire Masters to see if he could get away with it. He carried on. Just from outside hospital premises. And when he had to go in to see the patient and work the situation over, no one dragged him in. He went in on his own. There’s at least SOME maturity there. Besides, had House been forced to be there, he either wouldn’t have shown up, exacerbating the problem (and also leading to the patient dying in the end without his help), or his behavior would have escalated and affected more people, as well as the patient, because he’d have been lashing out all over the place instead of channeling his pain into other venues (inappropriate though they were). House might not have been there but his being on the case was still in the patient’s best interest.

  • Baby Seal on the Run

    Eh, House was House. He wasn’t anywhere near as cruel as he could have been when confronting Cuddy. Honestly, he wasn’t. I don’t think he’s done anything TO Cuddy at this point that lays outside the past realm of his behavior. And Cuddy has let him talk like that to her before. It seems more shocking now because he loves her and HASN’T spoken to her like that as much this season but loving her isn’t enough right now to keep HIM from speaking his mind to this extent, given that he’s hurting and she was the one who hurt him. (Really, he was just as hard if not harder on her in Family Practice but he had to be and Cuddy got that).

    Too, is it so unimaginable that she would give in when he’s hurting and she feels responsible? How many times has THAT happened? Tons. When House is in pain, Cuddy toes the line she herself has drawn. There’s give and take there. I think it’s an overreaction to think that Cuddy has lost all control over him. And really, House hasn’t even BEGUN to push her buttons to see where she’ll draw the line now. (Looks like that’s coming though, at least on the personal front. 🙁 Sadly.)

    In any case, Cuddy WILL lay down the law when it’s necessary. Don’t underestimate her strength. House made an argument there before her that revealed where he was at (hurting) but was also stated in a way that let her know he’s still in control of his faculties. He was honest. He didn’t evade the conversation or work further around her. He didn’t deny things or hide things. And I don’t feel he steamrolled her either. If he was going too far and she believed that or she really questioned whether he wasn’t already beyond being reasoned with, Cuddy would have been angry and in his face, rather than reasoning with him regarding how she read the situation.

    Anyway, like she WASN’T going to cave. He knows her. He knows her guilt complex. (His ridicule wasn’t outside the norm – in fact, it was fairly mild for House when he’s at his worst.) In this circumstance, I think she’d have done the same before they ever got together. That to me doesn’t make Cuddy weak. It makes her human. And honestly, smart. Because she knows him. And she also knows when he’s out of control. This wasn’t that.

  • Heather

    Off topic: Is anyone here a former X-Phile?

    Do you remember near the end of the show’s run, people were complaining that Chris Carter was making up the story as he was going along (something that was becoming more and more apparent), and the overall writing quality had gone down?

    And his response was something along the lines that he did *so* have a plan, and the writing was as great as ever, and if people didn’t tune in, that was their problem?

    I thought of that when I listen to people complaining that this group of writers doesn’t make any sense. I guess at least they haven’t ventured into “Chris Carter totally lost touch with reality” ground yet.

    🙂 (And yes, this post is an attempt at being lighthearted….Don’t take it too seriously…)

  • Michele1L

    Bravo, Barbara! Everything you’ve said about the character House I’ve been saying in bits and pieces in my posts. I had never read a “House” script, but I was convinced that pretty much all of the nuiances of the character which make him sympathetic at all are in Hugh Laurie’s fantastic portrayal of him. You need only listen to the writers who often can’t seem to move beyond the word “jerk” in their description of the character. As far as House being a romantic at heart, Hugh Laurie has said in interviews that he interprets House as a romantic.

    I love your comment that House doesn’t feel “too little” but too much. — I totally agree. I’m of the mind that he’s afraid his deep feelings would consume him.

    I, too would have stopped watching after season one if House was nothing more than a jerk. Ironic that HL was initially viewed by David Shore as “all wrong” for the part. I can’t imagine (in hindsight, of course) anyone else playing the role better or even as well.

  • gg

    # 84 i agree. she should fire him as u know nonworking asset is to be written off or at least give him and his soon to be wife chick tickets for honeymoon cruise to southern france or somewhere

  • Heather

    Ruthinor, I guess we’ll just agree to disagree…I feel that House’s behavior has been gradually getting more and more out of control as the seasons have gone on, in the sense that people who used to act as a check on his more outrageous behavior have lost their control over him.

    Therefore, I am less “entertained” by House’s outrageousness because there is no appropriate follow-up.

    Then again, maybe it HAS been the same “shtick” since the beginning but what was amusing initially has become boring as the same pattern has been repeated over and over again with no apparent consequences.

    I *think* it’s probably more the former than the latter, but who knows, I guess.

  • Kara

    Hi Barbara,
    I totally agree with you on House’s humanity. He is so cynical and caustic because he is intelligent and sensitive enough to see all the bad things happening in this world. House knows people hurt each other without a reason. Violence is inherent in every aspect of life. A random accident or illness can claim anybody’s life at any moment. Disasters can happen in any time. None of these happen for a reason. They just happen. Life is filled with random moments and death can be equally random.

    House, as many other intelligent and intellectual human beings are, is aware of the things I mentioned above. It is not easy to watch them happening. It is not easy to be there knwoing there are things you have no control over. Even the nicest person can end up going through the most gruesome experience. The show depicted many examples via the patients introduced.

    Therefore, House is tortured by the need to find a reason for everything, yet he knows finding out a reason is not the same as finding out a meaning. Still, he tries. He tries to make some sense of it. He tries to do his best. This is why, he is a diagnostician. He works to figure out the tough cases that no one else could solve.

    Looking at what the writers have been saying about the character, I think they fail to see the aim of healing hidden behind his need to understand. Even in the show, he is blamed for treating medical cases as mysteries rather than prioritizing the patient’s wellfare. The important thing to remember is that you have to solve the mystery to help the patients.

    So, his humanity is not a side dish. It is the core of his character. His ability to observe makes him see the worse case scenerios all the time. That’s why, he rarely has hope. This is not beacuse he is an insensitive self-centered jerk. This is because he is capable of seeing what the others can’t.

    He once told Cuddy: “You see the world as it is and you see the world as it could be. What you don’t see is what everybody else sees: the giant, gaping chasm in-between.” His quote summarizes his difference. He can clearly see the gap.

    As I said, he still tries. In early episodes, there are many examples: He doesn’t tell the parents of his underage patient that she had an abortion, he tries to convince the mother who caused the death of her baby to accept treatment and he helps the girl who was raped in “One Day, One Room.”

    He does show humanity, yet he tries to hide it. In the show, the fellow characters seem to believe his pretense. When he tells Wilson that she trained Rachel since he doesn’t want to deal with being a supportive boyfriend after her failure, Wilson right away believes him. Then, Cuddy blames him for taking Vicodin to end his own pain rather than being there for her, she doesn’t see he took it to be there for her.The writers seem to be taking a similar stance: Everything he does, House does for himself.

    No, I beg to differ. He struggles everyday. He lives in world full of meaningless bad things happening every seconds. He is in constant pain. He fears losing people who cares about him. Nevertheless, he carries on. It is not easy to go on when you have no faith in the possibility of change for good. It is not easy to go on when you don’t believe in hope.House manages that. Maybe that’s what makes him larger than life. I think that’s what makes him human. This is pretty much what most of us do. We continue living despite the threat of pain and suffering brought out by the unknowns.

    House is depicted to be driven by a strong need to know. This need to know does not hinder his humanity as some say. This need not only roots from basic human curiosity, but also reflects House’s need to hold onto something.

    The same writers were upset about House being called a jerk a few years ago. I really wonder what changed their minds.

    All I know is I am having difficulty to understand this change and I am not happy about it.

  • ruthinor

    Heather, what you described has happened in one episode in the aftermath of a traumatic break-up. During the Cuddy-House relationship they still talked and argued over procedures and I don’t recall House getting away with more than usual. In my mind, since the series began, House would get away with much more than your average doctor and Cuddy would stop him from REALLY overdoing it. But even early on, House would try to get his team to work around her. I just don’t see that this (other than the last episode ) is any different than it always has been. Again, just IMO. I guess we’ll have to see what happens next!

  • Heather

    “Derdriui, talk to the writers! They’re the ones who put this together and came up with the characters. This stuff just doesn’t bother me because I accept the premise of the show I’ve been watching for 7 years. The limits of what one could believe were set in the early years.”

    I’m not the original poster, but I had to respond.

    I would argue that the “rules” have not been static, as you imply. Rather, what struck me early on was that one of the biggest reins to House’s behavior was Cuddy (and Wilson to a lesser extent). Maybe we always knew Cuddy wouldn’t fire House(because no House = no show) but she would usually come up with some punishment or some piece of logic to keep his behavior in check.

    At least initially, House had tremendous respect for Cuddy as a boss, and this is what helped keep him in check.

    Now, though, we’re at the point where Cuddy doesn’t even really punish House anymore…just stomps around and says, “Don’t do that!” while House laughs at her and does whatever he wants. At least this season, House’s respect for Cuddy as his girlfriend (miniscule as it was…) acted as a partial check.

    Now, though? I don’t think there’s much left keeping House’s behavior in check at all, and IMHO this takes away some of the drama away from the show. Cuddy is useless, and the way Wilson/House has been written recently, it seems as if Wilson has minimal influence on House’s behavior.

    If House can literally do anything, unchecked, and there are little to no consequences…that’s kind of boring. Again IMHO.

  • Jenny

    Exactly! This is my favorite take on this episode. Thanks for the review.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    80 – Guster

    Like Cuddy said to House in Now What: “Why do you have to analyze things to death, why can’t you just let it be nice?”

    You´re are right! I need to do the same…

  • ruthinor

    “Why does it matter if House breaks the rules if the rules don’t have any meaning at all?”

    Derdriui, talk to the writers! They’re the ones who put this together and came up with the characters. This stuff just doesn’t bother me because I accept the premise of the show I’ve been watching for 7 years. The limits of what one could believe were set in the early years. Nothing was “real”. It was total fiction and I chose to enjoy it within those confines. I don’t understand why this suddenly bothers you now when in season one House was in a waiting room yelling and asking if anyone had drugs.

  • Guster

    Like Cuddy said to House in Now What: “Why do you have to analyze things to death, why can’t you just let it be nice?”

    I am becoming fully aware that forcing my mind to see the dark side completely prevents me from seeing the bright aspect of things. However, I won’t say I’m enjoying the ride if I’m not. Being hopeful doesn’t take away my right to criticize, and I feel perfectly free to say that I dislike certain storylines, or some inane plot twists, or the way the PR is handled and the fans treated. However, I want to be able to catch the little glimpses of beauty there are in things, I want to take the dialogues as they come, the situations as they unravel, and wait to see what it does to me, while it happens.

    I’ve realized that the problem is I am getting gloomy and depressed in anticipation for future events, and this is the worse way to look at things. If I decide that it sucks BEFORE I can actually see if it does, then for sure, it WILL SUCK! And then inevitably, I will ruin all chance I have at getting some pleasure I would have gotten otherwise, even for one tiny aspect, even for a short scene. I can’t expect 45 minutes of pure bliss every week, and clearly now, I know I won’t. But if there are moments of great TV still ahead and I miss them because I’m angry and bitter, then I’m not rewarding myself the way I should.

    I’m not choosing to be delusional. I’m choosing the positive approach because I don’t want to bury myself in self-pity or anger. I’ve been angry since Bombshells and it doesn’t do me any good.

    So that’s really my self-preservation plan, because that’s the only thing that works for me right now!

  • RedTulip_Ana

    77 – Committed

    Well, I think, when House is at the bar seeing that people laughting and happy, yes, he did remember that he has lost Cuddy!

    The girls smiling, even look like young´s Cuddys!

    But, if you remember, the waiter said to him something about that “they won a match…or their team won the match”…well, I think that in this moment House thought what he used to do when he was young after win or lost a game: He (and all) did a party!

    I really, don´t know if that idea were in his head before he jumped into the water…but if we see his face before to jump…he was smiling! so, it seem, he doesn´t pretend to kill himself! he usually want to do a party…

    – About: “You can’t go backwards. I can’t fix his problem, I am his problem”…

    Well, she said it to Wilson, because he told to her that House needs her, even she doesn´t sleeping with him. Wilson said Cuddy, that House needs her like a friend!

    At this moment Cuddy can´t help House like a friend, because the problem of House is that his girlfriend has broken up with him, and his girlfriend is Cuddy!

    This situation is very normal at the real life! I´m not worry about that, I think is one of the things with more sense of all this episode! (I mean, if I acept that House and Cuddy have broken up their relationship, that is not my case)

  • RedTulip_Ana

    – Susan

    Thanks for your comment, I really believe House is a romantic man, though writters don´t want to admit it! This is the House they did show to us.

    About the Pilot…I remember it, of course! I watched it in English, in Spanish…4 or 5 times (yes, I like House Md!)…but I´ve never thought about Wilson and the patient!

    It´s interesting. Wilson is a married man in that moment,I´m sure of that…It´s very possible he stayed the night before with that woman, and it was the reason to lie to House!

    Well, maybe at the pilot writers thought another “role” for Wilson´s character, like an infidel man…but later, they changed this idea!

  • Committed

    One more thing and then I’ll move on for the day – the bar scene at the end, everyone is making noise and House has one of those moments where the light seems to go on (or in this case off). Do you think he is reminded of the first time he lost Cuddy? Looks like the college days – the girl they pan to looks like Cuddy.

    Wondering why that is??? Maybe it reminds him of losing her again, prompting the dip in the pool but is it that simple or is there more to that?

    Not sure.

    “You can’t go backwards. I can’t fix his problem, I am his problem”

    For two people who seem to know each other so well, they sure are frustrating.

  • Susan

    Barbara #73 – House just said to Wilson, “She’s not your cousin. Why did you lie?” (Pilot episode)

    Was Wilson married in that episode as carpenter #69 said? In that case, he was hiding her because he was cheating.

  • Committed

    #70 – josie – I just watched that scene again. I was glad he stood his ground – his reasoning was sound in regards to the procedure – “I was planning on cracking open his heart …. what to pad his bill?”. Brought Cuddy down for a minute.

    What I didn’t notice before though was Cuddy’s comment in response – “I don’t know. I thought you were looking for something to excite you, fill a void and it’s affecting your judgement.” Couldn’t that statement sum up their whole relationship? On the surface it is easy to miss that considering what is going on with House in the aftermath but I think they were both individually trying to fill some type of void while they were in the relationship.

    They both need to figure out what that void is.

  • Susan

    Barbara, Thank you! You made my day. Even if I’m wrong.

  • Susan–I never thought of that! Adler obviously knew Wilson, so that’s an interesting point. Although I wonder if it’s almost too subtle a point for the pilot to have been making.

    The pilot is one of my favorite episode in the entire series.

  • Susan

    carpenter #69 – Thanks for the quick answer.

    RedTulip #58 I loved your comment – “Another thing…The love’s scenes between Cuddy and House in Now what are the most romantic and beautiful I’ve seen on that TvShow…Why they can to say now that from the begining they knew that this relationship could not work?”
    Also the scene in the episode after that where they’re cuddling and kissing in bed and House murmurs to her “Really”. Sigh!. How can the writers say House is not a romantic?

  • josie

    I just realized that I didn’t say in my last post, if Cuddy fired him, he would have to deal with his problems…or not. But forcing him to do something other than taking drugs while treating patients, would be a more compassionate and realistic approach.

  • josie

    I may be alone with these thoughts, but I thought I would share them anyway. When Cuddy approached House outside the patient’s room, she initiated the conversation about “breaking the patient’s heart” procedure, with a hostile tone in her voice. House wasn’t kind in turn, but I thought he could have been much nastier. I think most people would be in attack mode if approached in a hostile manner, especially a man! It doesn’t matter that she softened her tone, he was pissed, and he was pissed with her to begin with. I actually thought it was great that he stood his ground with her. He has enough confidence in himself to go ahead with what he thought needed to be done. He was hoping the procedure and its outcome would have been more exciting for him, but was there any other alternative procedure that could have been done? No.

    This storyline with House being on vicodin is just dumb. By now he should have taken a drug test and been suspended or fired. To me, Huddy has given him the message that the patients are more important than he is. She knows what happened the last time that he overdosed on vicodin (he hallucinated!) and just lets him keep working at his job. She has reinforced in his head, that he is “The Buraku of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital” (term taken from Barbara’s book Chasing Zebras on page 74). In House’s mind, he is like the Japanese janitor from his youth. He is only needed to save other people’s lives. Why doesn’t Cuddy fire him? Does she think he’ll commit suicide if she did?

  • carpenter

    @Susan: Which fan doesn’t remember? – I don’t think so. Wilson was married at the very time.

  • Susan

    The pilot episode of House is on now. Everybody looks so young!
    House and Cuddy were just yelling at each other over clinic hours and trying to outdo each other in insults. Heaven.

    The patient, Rebecca Adler, is supposed to be Wilson’s cousin but I always wondered if she really wasn’t the date that she had told her class she had the night before. (I said this wrong – but she had a secret date the night before and I thought it was Wilson and he brought her in to see House under the cover story of being his cousin. Does anyone remember this episode? Barbara?

  • TulipanRojo79

    65 – fatOlady

    Totally agree.

  • Committed

    Right fatOlady- and next week Dancing with the Stars begins and it will pull some of the part-time House audience away. It will be interesting to see how they hold up after this.

    No matter to them I guess. They must have crunched some numbers somewhere or they know that next season is the last and they don’t really care about the ratings because to some extent that really does give them the freedom to do as they please.

  • fatOlady

    Good morning to everyone. Barbara I loved ths review. You really see House and I agree with everything you have said.

    I still think there is this real disconnect in how the fans see house and how the creative masters see House. I think the difference may lye in the literal perseption. Each week we see the story, the finished product. We don’t see the 8 or 9 days that goes into the production of the story. For the producers (who most of the writers are) they see the parts that make up the whole but miss some of the dynamic that is the whole of the show. For them is “demystified”. It is like the old saying “you can’t see the forrest for the trees. That pespective comes from being to close to the poject. I think it is a simple as they see the trees and we see the forest. I think this is one reason the new writers are so wonderful at it. They are fans, they have seen what we see.

    Now on another note.

    GY has said (more or less) that that the unhappy fans and superfans are not important. If they leave it doesn’t matter as they are not even a percent of a percent.

    Well the Ratings for House for 03/14/11 was 10.4 million (3.5 million in the 18-49 year olds). The week before on “Bombshells” 03/07/11 the ratings were was 11.08 million. I think that is a little more than a percent of a percent. More like almost 10%. And, many of us watched this week who are unlikely to next week.

  • eileen

    gg #61 – Loved what you said!

  • Barbara this article on House’s “humanity” was wonderfully written. It conveyed so many of my sentiments and reaffirmed why I love the character House so much. Thank you to Hugh, Lisa and Bob for putting forth such extraordinary Emmy-worthy performances. THAT is what keeps me tuned in every week!

  • Ali

    Am I the only one who sees House finding God at the end of this personal journey through his life to find peace and happiness with himself? That cannonball in the pool in this week’s episode seemed awfully baptismal to me and the bliss on his face when he hit the water was beautiful to see. I realize that House has always been an atheist and anti-religion but have wondered if this lack of faith in anything and anyone other than his scientific rational God has been part of his painful isolation from the world. He has spoken of having trust and faith in something greater than himself but in that episode it was his relationship with Cuddy but maybe his real journey is all about a search for faith and belief for him personally. The writers’ challenge would be to have him explore that area without jumping the largest shark ever. How does House find faith and his heart without losing his mind? If done hamfistedly the show will be a parody of its own fine history but if done carefully it could be a beautiful ending to the best show television has ever produced.

  • gg

    prove me wrong but i would’t be surprised at all if the next step of house’s journey as u happen to call this farce here is pooping on cuddy’s desk .that would definitely put some ground for further exploration of his inner brilliance and intricate personality

  • Little Starlet

    Here’s an interesting parallel between House and the POTW that hasn’t been mentioned yet:

    (1) The bull rider suffered a complex partial seizure after riding the full eight seconds on one of the toughest bulls at the rodeo. He’s frozen in place as the bull turns on him and smashes him to the ground then pummels his chest and head with his hooves.

    (2) House launches himself off the railing of a hotel balcony exactly eight stories high only to splash down cannonball style into the hotel pool, getting handed a beer for his extreme efforts.

    I don’t know why it took me so long to notice this minor detail.

  • Vinnie

    One point I’d like to bring up concerns why House may be treating Cuddy so bluntly to the point of cruelty. In their only interaction with each other in the episode, aside from the shout out he gave her for spying on him via his team, House manages to drag out exactly what Cuddy is thinking and then hurls insults it back at her. In that short time, he is vicious, leaving her speechless and beaten. At one moment as they talked House looked like he may hold back; like his love for her would rein him in a bit. But just like the bull took advantage of the stunned patient, House rams his anger into Cuddy head on. He is determined to hurt her for the pain she caused him. I can’t help but wonder if this is learned behavior in House. We know her suffered abuse as a kid, but haven’t learned the full extent of it. Is this how House was treated by his father? Did John House lash out at his son anytime he felt that little Greg had disappointed him? Something or someone has done a number on House to make him so miserably emotionally stunted. We’ve seen him lash out like this before at people who mean something to him. He knows that’s not how people who care about each other interact, but that seems to be all he can do.

  • RedTulip—Ana

    Good morning Barbara!

    Thank for your new post. i agree totally.

    Obviously House is full of humanity! House has a lot of feelings! Like he said on Now What: Words are not important, facts do! These words that said House show us how difficult is for him express his feelings but also show us how much feelings has inside his soul!
    Well, I also believe hi is a romantic! Someone said: Is not romantic a man who search your student’s desk for your office! OMG, House is a romantic man. Like Cuddy said: He is a sweet sweet man.

    Then, what is the trouble? I don’t understand, really.

    Writers are still telling us (repetly) that We are wrong, House is House, House can’t have a love’s relationship, House is a jerk….WHY?

    I think HERE is a problem!

    1. Or they were showing us another House.
    2. Or all of us are so wrong, And we didn’t understand the House they were showing to us.

    I choose first option, why? Because I have the sensation that writers are trying to erase some of our thoughts about the show…For example, on Last episode, Wilson said to Cuddy: “You said yo don’t want him to change” and Cuddy said: ” I was wrong”…Well, why? I think that in that moment Writers are talking, not Cuddy…They are talking to us (the fans). They are telling to us: ” Forgot Now what!”

    Barbara, what do you think about that?

    Another thing…The love’s scenes between Cuddy and House in Now what are the most romantic and beautiful I’ve seen on that TvShow…Why they can to say now that from the begining they knew that this relationship could not work?

    Well, I can’t think with the witer’s mind…I only see with my own eyes…And I believe, like you and so many viewers that House is full of humanity!

    Please, writers, explore his problem! Explore why he can’t express his feeling! But, writers, please, don’t kill his soul…

    And a special wish…explore again (really) the relatonship between that two doctors who love each other so much (love is powerfull…a lot of times,love is enough for fix things)

  • C

    “And whether they realize it or not (and I think they do), they have also created a character of deep humanity. If they hadn’t, I’d have stopped watching by the end of season one. What about you?”

    I agree completely, which is why I am so angered and disappointed by them knocking him back down to square one. In the recent Lisa Edelstein interview, she said something about the show not being about how a character changes, but how they get through things; well, you can’t get through things without them changing you — that’s life. That’s how we grow and develop and learn and *change*, by living through it. You can’t get through things without them changing you if you’re human. And who wants to watch someone inhuman? Who can relate to that?

    It’s funny; the more they seem to try to take away his humanity, the more human he becomes.

  • Tumbler

    I just re-watched this episode and was even more impressed with so many aspects of it. The script and direction were phenomenal as well as the cinematography! The final scene of House’s balcony leap from 8 floors up was bloody frightening. House literally teetering between life and death, the music, the crowd, and Wilson below…that awful twisted smile House gave before he leapt, knowing it took this extreme to make himself feel anything…just chilling. House could so easily have missed the pool. His “dial” is now so set way over 11, that I can’t imagine what risks he is going to take to find a new purpose in life.

  • Derdriui

    Ruthinor, I know, but suspension of disbelief has limits. Cuddy was on the outer limits, and she was the ‘authority’ that House repeatedly subverted.

    Getting too close to that makes the whole illusion collapse because this IS supposed to be set in a real hospital in NJ. House gets away with a lot. When Cuddy ALSO gets away with a lot and we see that SHE gets no consequences either, it’s just pure absurdism.

    Also, where does the tension come from then? House breaks the rules. If the rules don’t actually MEAN anything because Cuddy can just let him do whatever after yelling a bit, and nobody checks on what she does (she lets him get away with so much, has money set aside for cases against him, defended him against Vogler very publicly, went out with him and was authorised to be his superior because no one else wanted it and nobody cared that she was dating him etc.).

    Why does it matter if House breaks the rules if the rules don’t have any meaning at all?

  • ruthinor

    Nothing about this show has been realistic since day one, Derdriui. In seasons 1-3, which you seem to revere, House was an addict and behaved irrationally, and my assumption is that everyone in the hospital knew about it. House was generally hated by everyone outside of his immediate circle (and even by some of those in it). Having a diagnostics dept. that solves a case a week? This is realistic? And with a team of 4 or more? Please, if the chairman of the board didn’t do anything during the earlier seasons when House was really off his rocker, why do you think anything will happen now. Remember the whole Tritter arc? I’ve suspended belief from day one, and I don’t know how anyone could not. It’s a TV show on FOX not a look inside a hospital on PBS!

  • dvbfan

    Dear Barbara, thanks alot for your great review.

    I think House definitely has humanity.but because of his troubled childhood and his leg infarction, he has a mix feelings.
    he does not like himself, therefore nothing can make him happy.if he wants to find happiness,first of all he should find happiness in himself and I like to see it happens one day for House in the series .

    Barbara, I want to ask this question , why House MD series is so popular in all around the world ? why people with different cultures, different opinions love House character ? what is special in this character which attracts so many people ?

  • Derdriui

    House did yell about it in the hallway.

    … But Cuddy’s the highest level we’ve ever really seen at this hospital. He’s gotten away with so much because she’s let him. Any authority above her would have to check up on wth Cuddy has been doing, and that would destroy their illusion.

    If Kaufman having the meds switched behind his back didn’t get anyone any review in front of higher-ups, they just don’t exist.

    I don’t think they’d make her choose. They don’t really… seem to know how ‘reality’ works or hierarchy works or anything like that. That’s why going up close to Cuddy’s character was a mistake, because it really makes people question how far they’re willing to suspend their disbelief in relation to what House can get away with, and how she can keep her job and have no control over him at all at the same time (while kissing him in hallways, yelling about plans across the lobby, having him yell stuff about their relationship etc.)

  • Cross-Eyed

    I don’t know if it was clarified in “Out of the Chute,” but does anyone know if the news of House’s relapse is widespread throughout PPTH or just limited to his team, Cuddy, and Wilson? Given the well-known history of House’s substance abuse problems (and related mental health issues), if the whole hospital knows, then it’s only a matter of time before either the Chairman of the Board or an independent review committee steps in to evaluate the entire situation, including House’s continued employment at PPTH contingent on his willingness to re-enter addiction treatment and therapy. Even if Cuddy is somehow able to keep this whole mess from disseminating through the hospital’s grapevine network and ultimately reaching the attention of the Board, House’s drug-and-alcohol binges in conjunction with the reemergence of his erratic, self-destructive behavior will eventually force her to choose between the best interests of her hospital and her loyalty to “the most incredible man [she] has ever known.”

    [Sigh] Where’d I put my Zoloft?

  • TVTherapy

    @annie #34 I asked the same question to David Shore and Hugh Laurie when I went to the Paley center thing in between seasons 5 and 6. How can House, who recognizes that he needs help and needs to change, actually move forward without changing who he fundamentally is?

    Apparently, we’ll never fully understand because Shore is unwilling to go there. When I asked before, Shore acknowledged it was a good question and basically admitted to it being one of the larger challenges of the series. Well, that is painfully and abundantly clear now as we are back to “square one.”

    Now, I’m on this House journey for as long as this show airs, but I think you articulated my sense of frustration well and so did some of the other comments.

    This relationship ended abruptly and prematurely with a lot of wasted potential. Were they broken up mid-season so they can make up by the end of the season?

    When this show is draining, it is really draining and it zaps you for a week easily. Remember all those depressing episodes in a row during season 5? Eek, I shudder to think of the next string of episodes.

    I really just hope that TPTB have a plan that none of us are able to see or understand right now. And it better not involve any dreams or hallucinations.

    Anything involving Inception-esque influences is a cop out and bad writing, which is not a standard the show is used to.

  • Derdriui

    Ruthinor, while i can understand why Cuddy presented the option to Stacy (and it’s completely hypocritical of House to be angry because he pulls the same shit on patients all the time) I think he was angry because of her association.

    He went under trusting both his partner and his medical doctors to stick to his decision. They, under the instruction of his partner, did a medical procedure he did not want them to do. The doctors could possibly have refused because of House’s instructions, but that part is not clear.

    I can understand why he didn’t trust Cuddy too much or resented her because of her involvement. It’s emotional and he’s a hypocrite, but it’s not incomprehensible reasoning.

    As for Stacy, House was different back then. They had a real spark, and they weren’t… settling down. House chose solving a medical puzzle over sleeping with the love of his life, because that’s who he was. They were snarky and hot and the writing held substance.

    This thing with Cuddy, it’s basically just dousing the flame. They were boring. And next week, they’ll be back at it.

    House and Stacy may have lived in the suburbs but they weren’t boring. House was natural with her and drew his boundaries. With Cuddy he was… desperate.

    housemaniac: I get what you mean. I skipped one or two episodes this season because it was just a bit too… soap opera.

    I think this episode is a mini-break from all the nonsense that is upcoming though. It’s a metaphor and an indulgence in the extreme of the American idea of freedom, which is extreme material indulgence.

    Guns, hookers, hotels, alcohol. All big industry. Surprised the tobacco company props didn’t get in there! At any rate, it was pure self-indulgence and empty and ugly. That’s what made it potent. It showed that House had lost all meaning. That Cuddy ‘saving’ him was almost his last shot and he wanted to badly to glean meaning from that suburban life. But he couldn’t.

    It’s not pretty, it’s not House advancing or whatever, but as a representative character, it was nice to see them carry out the materialism in extremis. He didn’t have any basic respect left for anyone. The way he treated his team, the way he treated his employer (coming and going as he pleased) and the way he treated Cuddy and Wilson. It was ugly. But there was a lot of complexity there, more than would have been there if he just… settled down in the suburbs with a kid and lived happily ever after.

    He’s a character. Him being randomly happy is meaningless; his actions are metaphorical, and I think these actions pointed to a gaping void in his sense of purpose. Which is odd, for a ‘Holmesian’ character, and he’s certainly not the same character from the earlier seasons.

    it’s kind of interesting though, for those still on the ride.

  • justabitterfan

    As I have said I am really dissapointed with the character development of House this season, I really wanted to see him happy and not like how he is in Out of the Chute. Second Cuddy’s character have also been dissapointing me since Season 6, she redeemed herself in Help Me and until the early seasons of 7 but it all started during the “Lies Arc” that I really started to think how Cuddy is so shallow and bitter and unforgiving. I have always loved her character eversince Season 1 she leveled to House wit and intelligence and their history which goes back to when they were back in Med School means so much history and development for their characters that I really loved.

    As I have probably mentioned in the articles written by Barbara before (btw this article was a grat read so here I am ranting on again but not opposed to the article this is just me and my thoughts.) I have always watched for the whole package of House md. I loved the characters development and exploration, the story, the medical msyteries, House’ Holmesian approach and similarity, the whole Holmes, Watson & Adler that is to House, Wilson and Cuddy, the patients and thier stories, lies, philosophies but most of all the complex, intriguing character that is House and of course the brilliance of the people behind the scenes esp the actors, and of course TPTB. Now its just sad that I can only watch with one eye closed because I was not as excited as I have always been before. How they handled House and Cuddy’s relationship seemed like a joke for the TPTB, something loyal House and Cuddy shippers have been deprived of. I am now at the point where I have already accepted that they will never be together again but there is this so much big part of me that will always be dissapointed and bitter now.

    Its also sad I am not as excited as I have always been for the show. I dont want to go back when House is all been ended and this feeling of disappointment have not left me.

  • Bertnernie

    Having spent the last week or so somewhat P@!$#d off by the break up and seriously considered giving up watching the rest of the season, I returned last night with some trepidation.
    Barbara you summed up what most of us are feeling and I thank you for that.It’s like watching your two best friends break up and there is not thing one you can do about it.
    The brilliant Hugh Laurie has allowed us to feel everything he is feeling, going through and experiencing and we have enjoyed the ride, whether we are yelling at the tv, crying, hurting or laughing. I do not think any of us would have stuck with the show if there was no humanity there.
    I have resolutely decided to stick with the show if anything to watch as Committed says “a trust I can’t explain and an admiration for one of the best actors I have ever watched”.

    It should be an interesting train wreck that we are helplessly enthralled to watch.

    Thank you for your review, it was brilliant as always.

  • BigHouseFan: I loved Chelveston! I think my very first crush was on Diver Dan, who aired on Ray Raynor (IIRC).

    One of the reasons for the two-tiered system is that it gives me a chance to digest the episode a bit before writing something longer. Especially as the episodes have gotten controversial lately, it gives people a chance to vent first. When I’ve been able to get a screener, I’ve been able to post the main article by the end of Monday evening, but I probably won’t have another screener until May…

  • Barbara-

    As I read your review I was cheering as you have eloquently stated what I cannot through my frustration.

    Hopefully, House’s current suffering somehow guides him toward a means to help himself heal. He asked Cuddy in Help Me, ‘Do you think I can fix myself?’ Cuddy answered, ‘I don’t know.’ I hope the writers are taking us there. The ‘How Many More Ways Can We Torture House?’ strategy has exhausted me emotionally.

    I cannot forgive the writers for making a bollox of the so-called exploration of the House/Cuddy relationship. There was so much potential there for discovery wasted.

    But, these same writers in the past through the vehical of their writing have stunned me by their storytelling. And, Hugh Laurie is simply stunning.

    So, I will have faith that in the end (of THIS season I hope) it will all make sense and the onion will be peeled back yet another layer.

    As for your new format, rants first, then your brilliant analysis – selfishly, I like the old way better. I had to go to work this morning without your printed review in hand.

    It was like waking up to find Ray Raynor absent, left with only Chauncy and Chelveston the Duck 😉

  • Thank you all for your kind words. This has been a thing of mine with the show since the beginning–and one of the reasons I decided to start this column in the first place. I wondered if I was seeing something in the character that wasn’t intended.

    I do believe it’s intended, but not everyone sees that particular layer.

    someone asked what I thought of the House/Cuddy breakup and where it will go from here. My feeling is that whether they “get back together” technically or not, it is clear to me as it is to the characters that they love and are in love with each other.

    That’s an interesting place to be, especially because they work together. The unresolved sexual tension will be intense–which is never a bad thing. I’m OK with the way things have gone at this point, and I’m curious to see where it’s going.

  • Sera G

    Thanks, 54, #40.
    That plot is about as believable/compelling as any TPTB are selling.

    This is what popped into my head as I was doing last minute chores before bed:
    DS said that we are going “back to square one.” Okay, this is ALL a dream. House is really still in a coma from “Three Stories” and the entire last 6 years has been in our imaginations!

  • ruthinor

    Derdriui: I understand what you are saying, but Stacy asked what the options were and Cuddy answered. Was Cuddy supposed to do what House wanted regardless of what his health care proxy chose to do? I really don’t know the answer to that because no one was sure at the time what the outcomes would be for either option. If they had followed House’s dictates and gotten a poor result, would House still blame them. I don’t know.

    You keep talking about this “suburban arc”. What do you think Stacy is now? She’s a suburban housewife with her teacher husband (when she’s not on CSI NY!). My negativity towards the current season is that they never explored the Cuddy-House relationship with any depth or intelligence, because all females on House are either bitches, whores, or totally inconsequential. They totally turned both characters into caricatures of their former selves. Given that fact, the entire relationship became a bore, at least IMO, so I would rather they end it then having it continue in that vein. It could have been far more interesting if had been more confrontational and adult. But writers on House don’t do relationships. It’s not in their DNA.

  • housemaniac

    Derdriui, speaking for myself only: if I do stop watching the show it’s certainly not because of the demise of Huddy. I watched avidly six years of the show without romantic involvement between House and Cuddy and loved almost every minute of it. If I leave it’s because I don’t like the show anymore. I don’t like how they handled the rise and fall of House and Cuddy’s romantic relationship and I don’t like (so far) how they’re handling the aftermath. I just don’t find it to be the fantastic television I have long associated with “House”. I can’t ever remember a time that I quit a TV show, a movie, a novel, or a play after a considerable investment (as opposed to, say, in the first few minutes) because I did not like the direction of the plot. My indulgence in these forms of art and entertainment has to do with how creative I think they are and whether that creativity appeals to my particular tastes.

  • 54

    Last comment for a while.

    I couldn’t resist one last post, a hypothetical scenario that, given the extremes the writers are going to, popped into my head as a joke.

    Hypo for “Fall from Grace”:

    (1) House gets married (or pretends to, doesn’t matter) to the hooker/random girl
    (2) Cuddy is hurt, meets someone at the wedding or somewhere and hooks up with him.
    (3) House, being convinced by Wilson and/or his own mind in a semi-clear moment that he needs to talk to/see Cuddy, impulsively goes to her. Not to get back together, but, more on impulse because he feels like he just needs to see her, even if just to sort-of apologize for his crazy behavior.
    (4) House sees that Cuddy has hooked up with another man.
    (5) House leaves, angrier and crazier than ever.
    (6) Rubs leg, pops a vicodin.
    (7) Cue music.

    It’s a ridiculous scenario, I know. But I’m dreading the soap-opera feel of next week’s episode based on the promo, so this just popped into my head.

    If next week’s episode is anything like this, I’m going to start calling the show Gregory House’s General Hospital on Fox.

  • Derdriui

    Ruthinor, I think it’s because she let Stacy make that choice and carried it out for her. Stacy’s just a laywoman in that case. Cuddy was an actual doctor, and she did have some part, even if it wasn’t strictly her who made the decision.

    I don’t know why everybody’s up and leaving when there’s been exactly one episode without Huddy this season. And it’s angsty Huddy, I suppose. And next week there’s going to be more. Us fans who haven’t enjoyed the suburban love fest got one good episode, but you will have this show back next week! It’s nothing to get so worked up about.

  • ruthinor

    #37pawpaw: that’s not the way I took it. I assumed she meant that what House was doing now was due to her breaking up with him, and she was feeling guilty about having entered the relationship with “rose-colored” glasses. So how could she really help him when she was the source of his pain?

    I also don’t understand why Cuddy gets any blame for House’s leg. Stacy was his healthcare proxy and it was her choice. Stacy asked Cuddy what the options were and she chose. At least that’s the way I remember it. BTW, I don’t blame Stacy either. She thought she was doing what was best for House. Sometimes things don’t work out. I understand why some people think she was entirely wrong, but I have sympathy for her decision.

  • DebbieJ

    @Sheryl #32 – That is a really sad commentary to know there is part of the fandom that is glad to see House this pathetic.

    Going down this path again is not something I want to revisit. He’s been there, done that. A few times. We have to see him do it again?

    Could it be that DS claims that People Don’t Change because there is a creative roadblock around the writers’ desk? They can’t think up of something better to explore this for wonderful character?

  • pawpaw

    The scene with Cuddy & Wilson where Cuddy says that she is his problem, was Cuddy referring to her role in messing up House’s leg so many years ago? Has she been feeling and hanging on to that guilt from that time, you think?

  • housemaniac

    Beatifully put #29, and I’m almost with you. Not quite an ex-fan yet, but getting there rapidly for all the reasons other ex-fans on this site have so eloquently expressed. I have lowered my expectations radically; this is the first time in a very long time I have not watched the episode twice. I’ve no desire to see “Chute” again! Most of it was just sophomoric, not my kind TV. I’ve also given up on the plotlines for now and will see if the brilliant acting can carry the show for awhile along with what I hope will be the return of the old dark humor. If the dark humor comes back, rather than the silly gimmicks of “Chute”, then so will some of the best writing of the show, and the best acting.

    Barbara re: your thoughtful post. It seems clear to me–both from his interview comments and his performances–that Hugh Laurie believes that House has a measure of humanity in him, so unless the writers keep writing episodes like “Chute” in which House really is just a self-pitying jerk (rather than a self-pitying jerk who cares about others and, in some small way, even himself), then we’ll always have House’s humanity, no matter what some the writers and producers may say or think.

  • Annie

    After watching the promo for this episode last week, and taking a few days to really process Bombshells, I was also ready to stop watching the show.

    However, I think I’m going to stick with it for a little while. The writers may have disappointed me by not persevering in their exploration of the Huddy relationship, but I’ve been able to salvage some hope for the future. House’s actions are so extreme right now that I have faith that they will be more temporary than before. After all, the past season and a half has indeed happened. House HAS detoxed, and he HAS found true happiness, albeit for a short while. The break-up can’t erase all of that.

    I believe that this season will end with House finally taking some real steps forward. Not simply forward in terms of a relationship, but forward in terms of saving himself. The term “salvation” can be pretty ambiguous, but in House’s case I think it mainly applies to his inability to face and endure the pains of life. I think that because he already experiences such great pain because of his leg, he wants to push away all the other pain at all costs. I hope that House’s journey towards the end of this season will go in a direction that shows that he is ready to start facing his problems.

    Unfortunately, David Shore’s firm logic that “characters don’t change” means that House will not change. That presents a problem in what I hope will happen. Can House save himself without changing who he fundamentally is? I don’t know. My main point is, I don’t think that House is moving backwards. He certainly has been propelled far backwards by the break-up, but as Barbara says, he always manages to start climbing back up. If the writers decide to continue on this downwards-spiral arc, I will be severely disappointed. But, remember that it gets worse before it gets better. I still retain some hope that this season will end on a more positive for House, and possibly his relationship with Cuddy.

  • Sera G

    Thanks, committed. #26, I will for a while.
    Goodbye, #29. Nice job. Believe me, I understand.

  • Madfashionista

    Excellent article, Barbara. I perceive House as a jerk in great pain, which perpetuates his jerkiness. He’s learned to express feelings in an adult way that would leave him vulnerable. But what some people would take in stride, he can’t. Everything is life/death black/white.

    I’m delighted to have him back, hardened, unhappy and addicted. As one writer wrote, House is back!

    I loved this episode, although my heart ached for Wilson. Cuddy will survive. She’s essentially a loner like House.

  • Sheryl

    And once you admit that you’ll choose happiness and love over the puzzles . . . or at least in your mind, then nothing’s going to seem very good after that, is it?

    It was a bummer watching House do the same old things again, and Wilson for that matter, too. Gosh–what a mess! Now what? Sad thing is on the other boards I used to read before finding Barbara’s so-thoughtful-and-thorough reviews, they’re all, “Now this is House! Bring on the hookers!” Sorry–all that seems just pathetic now. Even more so than the last time he hit rock bottom . . . or, um, the time before that. I was half-hoping that the reason he was in a hotel all week was to get it all out of his system, and perhaps return home to a no-Vicodin existence again. But nope.

    I fear that next week he really will get married. And for what? I suppose it will be a way for him to lie to himself–that Cuddy meant as much to him as whatever-her-name-is does.

  • DebbieJ

    #15 smk46 says: ”
    but it doesn’t just go back to the leg. it goes back much further to the abuse and rejection house suffered as a child. that is the foundation of his misery…the sense of his own worthlessness. every other unhappiness is built upon that original one. imo, anyway.”

    This is what I would love to see them explore instead of this old rehashed dreck. I really hope House does not continue with this self-destructing, self-loathing behavior for the rest of the season and we end up with another gut wrenching cliff hanger. Next week’s epi is not looking any better but I hope in the last 5 episodes we’ll witness him getting to the core of his problems and start to heal. Shit, I don’t need a Happy House. I’d settle for a Content House.

  • fatOlady

    WoW…Goodbye #29 – That was awsome and so profound. I love the simple angst, you did good.

  • Goodbye

    Quote 1:
    “As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery… we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.”

    Quote 2:
    “Human misery must somewhere have a stop: there is no wind that always blows a storm.”

    The Fall of a Gregory House, “a Once intriguing character.”

    A former fan.

  • SMaloney

    Great analysis Barbara!

    To quote you – “More logically, House, who is only going through the motions all through the episode needs to know that he can feel. Even the things that would thrill him, aren’t. Does it take a life-risking jump into a pool for him to feel anything at all?”

    I think this was a proof of how much he has grown and him realising that the vicodin doesn’t have the same effect on him as he abused it for before because now he “wants” to feel.

  • Committed

    Sorry it’s late here. Barbara’s articles first, then the posts.

  • Committed

    #25 Sera G. – Believe me, I understand. At least come back and read the posts.

  • Sera G

    Sorry, I’m with NLF and Amber

  • Committed

    #22 NLF – Don’t walk away from it yet. Give it until the end of the season and then decide. I know it’s hard, I really do. I usually watch the shows a couple of times after they air and I have not been able to rewatch the last two in their entirety. As much as I am perplexed at the writers, producers, etc.. I am sticking with it for a couple of reasons, a trust I can’t explain and an admiration for one of the best actors I have ever watched. They have earned it and I still believe in them.

    Try to give it until the end of the season.

  • NLF

    It’s an interesting piece. I hated Out of the Chute, and have decided to walk away from the show at this point, because I’m just not interested in what the writers have to say about this character any more. It’s a hard decision because, as you say, how he’s played and how he’s written are quite different, and Hugh Laurie has made this a complex and interesting character (and the same, for the record, can be said of Lisa Edelstein and the character of Cuddy, who was written certainly initially as wall against which House would repeatedly ram but who proved to be much more compelling and complex). It just seems to me that the show’s writers/runners have run out of ideas except the old reliable crash and burn, and it’s such a shame because they actually took House on journey, finally, from hallucination to the fight for sobriety to the attempts to find happiness. And while character doesn’t change, people do work hard and change their lives and that was what has been interesting about watching House in recent seasons (even the dreary season 6), and what gave it new life. The insistence on this idea that “people don’t change” and therefore House is a jerk and will always be a jerk and we will always end up back in the same place with him, he will never learn any different approach to live, continues to seem bizarre to me, especially when it’s House’s journey that has been so credible and interesting. People change and grow all the time, House had seemed to have done so without changing who he was – but that’s been completely obliterated by the new/old direction they’re taking. Not exactly on the same point as you were, but it speaks to the differing views, I guess of the character as written and performed. I’ll admit to having been somewhat addicted to this show, but people change. When the show isn’t good any longer, you go find a good book to read.

  • fatOlady

    Also, he is quoted in TV guide 03/21/11 edition as saying, “Huddy fans have sent more hate mail than I ever thought possible. But that shows they care.”

    He also says “Houses pain ripples through the rest of the season. Pass the vicodin!”

  • fatOlady

    nope..new today

  • Derdriui

    TBH, I reckon the approach with GY is more ‘the lady doth protest too much.’

    The week before House and Cuddy broke up, he was twatting about ‘Lobing’ things (really guys? Lobes are many things, but turning them into cutesy verbs is a bit nauseating) and generally setting H/C fans up.

    Now I think he’s setting up all of us who are kind of relieved the H/C arc is over, twatting away about how much Huddy is not happening. I reckon next week’s wedding thing will have quite a lot of H/C. She looks upset in the promo and GY’s ‘provocative’ twatting does indicate a bait and switch, for all of us who were happy that the suburban love arc was over.

    Anyway, Huddies, should be a good one for ya’ll next week. ‘Game-changing’ perhaps.

    This episode was interesting though, it showed how little meaning House has in his life.

    He loved Cuddy and he was trying to be this… suburban guy, and find meaning through love etc. and that didn’t work out. He doesn’t find meaning in his work as much anymore (… no idea why, he’s supposed to be Holmesian, but it’s their show so wtv) and the material pleasures and adrenaline rush don’t do it so much for him either.

    And he scared the crap out of Wilson; I think he’s pretty much destroyed that friendship.

    He spiralled, but I think that began in season 6.

    I think a more holistic type romance is possible with Stacy, them both being problem-solvers in their jobs, their interesting dynamic etc. House was more empathetic etc. then. I don’t know why they’ve written away his core.

    Was once a great show, anyway, and there were good parts of representative character this week, a great deal of what House did could work as metaphor.

  • Baby Seal On the Run

    I don’t think she meant that it only went back to the leg. I think she meant that’s how HOUSE sees it. But at the same time, I don’t think that’s quite accurate either. Obviously there is a lot in his past that he hasn’t ever dealt with. House can’t be ignorant of that. And Stacy said he wasn’t that much different before the leg. So I would have to think he KNOWS it goes farther back than that – that his problems go beyond the leg. Especially because for a long time there, he managed without the Vicodin and so it wasn’t like the pain was out of control and causing him to go over the edge. I think House knows very well that the leg ISN’T where it all started going wrong for him. He just… isn’t willing to go back and drudge up the past because it sucked the first time and he doesn’t want to let those feelings,emotions, etc. out into the light of day. I would imagine now he REALLY doesn’t want to. Things are bad ENOUGH. He’s hurting ENOUGH. House doesn’t choose heaping on pain. I think it would truly have been easier for him to face if he’d had no choice but to face it with Cuddy pushing him along (and I believe he would have if it had been the ultimatem – this or me). But she’s ceased to be that person. And I DO know it’s not like it’s her responsibility or WAS her responsibility to be that person for him. It wasn’t. But all the same, I think it’s true that the end of the relationship takes away all potential incentive – at least until he deals with THAT. Obviously now’s not when Wilson can push and actually meet with success either.

  • eileen

    fOl #16: Sorry to seem thick headed, but what do you mean? The Huddy RIP was tweeted 9 days ago.

  • fatOlady

    GY is up to his old tricks on twitter. Huddy RIP. I want you all to think about this and if you agree pass it on to as many fans as possibly as “quietly” as possible.


  • smk46

    but it doesn’t just go back to the leg. it goes back much further to the abuse and rejection house suffered as a child. that is the foundation of his misery…the sense of his own worthlessness. every other unhappiness is built upon that original one. imo, anyway.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Thank you, Barbara. Fans care about House. We see what lies beneath, and we like what we see. With recent developments, watching the show is like watching someone torture a puppy. It’s wrong, and it’s painful to watch, and I can’t intervene. I never wanted the show to turn into a sappy romance, but House deserved an ounce of happiness.

  • Amber

    Barbara, I am very relieved to have read your outstanding review. I hated the episode and knew you didn’t (from the initial forum) and was worried I would feel alienated, but you masterfully captured the many lenses through which people are viewing this episode (and season).

    I do, however, still fear for the show and the comments of a LJ post really hit home for me, so I’ll quote rather than paraphrase: “Whatever the reason, the subtlety is gone. He no longer appears nuanced and layered, but more like simplistic caricature ?” a sad, pathetic man whose intelligence and wit no longer complicate that image, but seem incongruous with it. He is no longer believable, intriguing, or compelling. And that is so, so heartbreaking for me. You have written his tale with moments that have made me ache for him, angry with him, side with him, hope for him. But you never truly broke my heart until your craft was so poorly executed that you actually destroyed the character and made him into a punch line.”

    Last night’s episode did make me feel this way too, but your review has helped to temper my sadness. So thanks.

  • Jane E from PA

    I really liked this article. House does care in his own way and no one can suffer that much without caring. I love this character they have brought us for the last 7 years and you made such a good point about Laurie’s portryal of him.

  • LynnfromBC

    Hi Barbara,

    I really enjoyed your article, thanks you for such insight into this show. I interpreted House’s jump to be like the eight seconds the patient was talking about with bull riding.

    When the patient told him he would find something else to fill the eight seconds, it seemed like a light went on in House’s head. I have heard of people taking up skydiving for the same reason. Apparently it works for adrenaline junkies, why not him?

    Thanks again

  • Laura Saxon

    I think House and Cuddy will get back together. She will probably do something at the wedding and they will get back together. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Val

    Brilliant article Barbara. Your best one yet and I couldn’t agree with you more, so I won’t add anymore. As hard as it can be sometimes, I will see what unfolds…for better or worse (but I am rooting for better).

  • eileen

    Barbara, in the past I’ve seen where people have commented about your being a “Huddy” –and it’s not always come across as being positive. You have generally answered that you don’t label yourself as a Huddy, but that you do very much enjoy the interactions and potential loving relationship of House and Cuddy because that is where the writers have taken us.

    Yes, the humanity issue is certainly important and will dictate the mood for the remaining 7 episodes of the season. But what I’d like to know is how YOU feel about how the House/Cuddy relationship has been handled and how YOU feel that we are being told there is no more hope for that relationship (it was doomed from start). Doesn’t this make you sad?

    I initially started reading your blog right after that amazing article you wrote several years ago about House and Cuddy’s interactions/relationship called “House in Love, Part 2: Cuddy – The Thin Line Between Love and Hate”. YOU had brought out SO MANY things I had not seen — so many things that were said between them or not said between them and what each one may or may not mean. It was actually THAT article that got me rooting for a long term romantic relationship between House and Cuddy. You beautifully showed us the deep level of love and respect these two had for each other. From that point on I watched the show in a different manner and realized that this show could go from good to great to fantastic while the writers took us on a journey through House’s life and eventual relationship with Cuddy.

    So, again, after spending so many years watching these characters finally make their way towards one another only to have it quickly go up in flames…doesn’t that affect your emotional outlook on the show right now?

  • sherlockjr

    Barbara, I agree about the semantic dissonance. (Great phrase, by the way.) On some level, I think at least some of the writers don’t even realize what they’ve created. Maybe they think it’s only the character’s outre behavior that has kept people watching. Or else they’re just bullshitting us.

    Personally, I think it’s the humanity under the asshat-edness that Hugh Laurie responded to in the first place. He’s repeatedly said his favorite episode is the one from Season 1 with Andie, the little girl who has cancer. (Is that Autopsy? I always get confused on the titles of episodes.) The scene at her bedside is one of the best illustrations of his humanity in the entire series, one that catches me emotionally just thinking about it. There’s no logic, no puzzle, no science. Just a pained human being offering another the opportunity to shorten her pain. And accepting — if not totally understanding — her wish to continue that awful existence just a little bit longer.

  • DebbieJ

    Right now, I feel like Wilson did at the end of Merry Little Christmas. He was so disgusted and fed up with House’s self-loathing and self-descruction. This is how I felt after watching Out of the Chute. I really, really hope this arc doesn’t last any longer. From the previews for next week, it doesn’t look it but I really do hope that House comes to some sort of redemption BEFORE the end of this season and not have his state of mind be a cliff hanger – again.

  • Sherlock–I agree with you. Would a man without an ounce of humanity have reacted as he did to the break up?

    I think there is a definite semantic dissonance going on between what the writers say and what they write (same can be said for Shore, I think…)

  • Committed

    Barbara I totally agree with you. I hope the writers understand this. I’m not totally sure of that right now.

    I think this is the whole reason why many fans have the doldrums. We see it and what we read about what is to come does not compute. Now GY is out with his doomsday prediction – just not sure why this has to be. It would be easier to watch it unfold without knowing ahead of time that things were going to get darker.

  • TVTherapy

    Thanks for articulating what fans are feeling and have been frustrated by, especially in the last couple of episodes. I’m with you. I couldn’thave latched on to this character so completely if he didn’t have humanity. He feels, loves, and hurts deeply. And I’m hoping that all the writers acknowledge this and don’t pidgeon hole him as “just a jerk” for the rest of the season.

    I often have to defend this show and why I love it to those who say House is just a mean guy. It’s very clear to me (and obviously to you) he is so much more.

    Well done!

  • tauwja

    Absolutely brilliant article. Totally spot-on. Thank you so much!

  • sherlockjr

    I absolutely agree. I also believe that at least some of the writers put that humanity into their scripts. Or at least they include House’s exuberant romantic streak. Let’s not forget this is the man who restored Cuddy’s desk, who wanted to take her to France, who admitted he was terrified of getting involved again with Stacy, for fear of her hurting him again.

    This is the same man Wilson feared for when Cameron wanted to date him. And the man who was willing to risk his life for Amber, so his best friend could be happy. And the man who was devastated when he lost Hannah at the end of Season 6 and the patient a few weeks back.

    His humanity seems clear to me, and certainly that’s why I keep watching. He’s endlessly fascinating, with depth and layers and deeply felt emotion covered up by that surface jerk.