High Tech War

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The technology of this war will make the Gulf War look primitive:

    If the United States launches a war against the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, it is from this windowless, high-tech room that senior officers from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps will direct the battle.

    The Joint Operations Center is at the heart of a sprawling, 262-acre base built up in recent months as the diminutive Persian Gulf state of Qatar has emerged as the region’s key U.S. ally.

    ….In contrast to the Persian Gulf War, more than a decade ago, officers said they expect to be able to link spy planes, satellites, ships, troops, tanks and bombers to develop more exact information on targets and movements much more quickly — a big picture of the battlefield in “real time,” or something very close to real time.

    That, they say, can go a long way toward minimizing so-called friendly fire accidents, which accounted for a quarter of American battle deaths in the earlier conflict.

    At that time, according to chief of operations Marine Col. Tom Bright, officers in charge often had to rely on units radioing their fast-changing positions up the chain of command, with a precision often eroded by the heat of battle. Missions were frequently planned with outdated photographs and maps.

    This time, technology is meant to prevail. Every Humvee, tank and truck moving on Iraq will be equipped with a $10,000 radio device that automatically transmits its position back to headquarters, said Air Force Col. Steven Pennington, another operations chief. It is called a Blue Force Tagger and Tracking device: U.S. forces are “blue,” the enemy is “red.” [LA Times]

Blow up red only.

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  • All I know is that Sun Ra wouldn’t approve of any thing the Bush junta is doing.

    I curious, how do you reconcile the obvious contempt the US government has for the public and any intelligence they may have?

  • “I curious” I just want to point out this is in an “I and I” sort of way, rasta-wards tip. After all if Jah has the answer, his poodles piddled on my shoes. And since the fascist air force did bomb the fuck out of Ethopia, well, the comparison holds true. And we can hope Bush will hang well with Il Duce.

  • Eric Olsen

    I hesitate greatly to open the floodgates, but what contempt is that exactly?

  • I hesitate greatly to open the floodgates, but what contempt is that exactly?

    All I ask of you is to read the link to a blog post of a fellow citizen, is that so much? Really, it was like I was offering cubic zirconiums. I get some leakage from the White House propaganda machine, and if you don’t think Ari wasisname has total contempt for the public, then, you ain’t watching the same teevee I am. Just turn off the sound when you see him and look at the body language.

    But also read this link:
    Here’s an excerpt:

    So here is my own position: I’m pissed off at being treated like an idiot.

    Specifically, I’m pissed off at being asked to believe that the most imminent threat to our safety, in an age of militant religious Islamic terrorism, is a third-rate secularist dictator whose ass we have already kicked from here to Sunday.

    To hear the Bush cabinet tell it, Iraq is now a greater and more imminent danger than North Korea, a country that actually has nuclear weapons and is busy making more, a country that will sell weapons to any buyer who can pony up the cash. More importantly, a country that now has an untested ballistic missle capable of hitting the West Coast.

    And tell me how this doesn’t make sense, and why you have any confidence in the corporate oligarchy which rules your country. I don’t say govern, because they don’t. I don’t say lead, because they don’t. They rule by distraction, by disinterest.

    They rule. I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum.