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I have pics but they’re buried in boxes best left undisturbed, but my high school baseball teams from ’72-75 (hey Merle, you out there?) had the longest hair ever. EVERYONE on the team had serious flow and some of us had CRAZY long hair (I hadn’t discovered conditioner yet) – we looked like a very young, very large rock band.

I remember we played some team from out in the sticks in a tournament – probably my senior year – and these farmers were yelling and screaming at us about it until we kicked their red-necked asses back to the rutted dirt roads from whence they came. Man, that was satisfying.

So all this talk about Johnny Damon’s hair is piffle – he looks like a military man compared to our team.

Check out ESPN’s tribute to baseball’s all-hair, all-time team, which only includes the majors, or course. Otherwise, we would rule!

I love this caption for Ross Grimsley: “Ahh, baseball in the early ’80s: cocaine, bad uniforms and the white-man ‘fro.”

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  • the chatter on bosten-area sports talk radio has been pretty danged brutal with regard to damon’s hair.

    stuff like: “when the sox go back to the hotel at night, does damon have his own room or does he sleep in a cardboard box on the sidewalk?”

    best new damon nickname: Johnny Damon Superstar.

  • Eric Olsen

    Baseball needs some nonconformity. Tell the fans to shut-the-fuck-up for me, please.

  • sheri

    Speaking of rednecks and Stephen King on another thread, I didn’t know rednecks existed anywhere else other than the south until I started reading his books.

    But rednecks don’t automaticaly equal “christian morals”. Actaully when I picture that it’s hilarious.Unless rednecks are different up north.Those in the south I would say fit the stereotype of redneck, don’t give a shit what you do, just as long as you leave them the hell alone, so they can continue fishing, racing, and drinking beer. Oh, and hunting.

    Now. You do have a problem with conservative republicans from Michigan who don’t want, or can’t, fish, hunt, or go to races.Nevertheless, they have decided to make Georgia their home.Stirring up the natives with their high fa-luten ways, and all going to the fahncy First Baptist church in town.

    This makes them in their mind not only superior to rednecks moral wise, (they be all at the races on Sunday, instead of in church you see, those stupid rednecks),but somehow also just better folk overall cos they are from up north somehwere.

    It’s all good ! Great post . I, myself, love long hair. :0)

  • Eric Olsen

    These were just plain farmers, who literally do have red necks from hoeing the back 40 and other rural pursuits.

  • so Eric, did Chris Bando have long hair back then too? 😉

  • Eric Olsen

    Hey Mike! No, Bando was a fascist. But there was a guy on the Solon team who had the longest hair in the league, at least halfway down his back. He pulled it through the back of his hat. Very freaky.