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Guitar World’s “100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time”

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Let the flailing begin! Guitar World picks the "100 greatest metal guitarists of all time" in its March issue, due out next week. Tony Iommi is numero uno – pretty hard to argue with that.

According to Guitar World editor-in-chief Brad Tolinski, the criteria for the list were purity and innovation. He said Iommi never strayed from a basic formula of B-tuned guitars played very loudly, plenty of power chords and slower rhythms.

"He's essentially the guy that created most of the conventions for heavy metal," Tolinski said. Iommi's "shining moment" is the track "Warning" from Black Sabbath's self-titled 1970 debut album, according to the poll.

If Black Sabbath started the heavy metal ball rolling, then Metallica kept it alive, Tolinski said, pointing to the 1984 track "Creeping Death" as the band's stand-out.

Page's relatively low No. 6 ranking raised some eyebrows since Led Zeppelin also helped pave the way for heavy metal. But Tolinski said Page would be the first to admit that his playing also incorporates blues and folk. Similarly, Eddie Van Halen has always had a foot in the pop world, he added.

Hendrix, who died in 1970, introduced some of the genre's conventions, but Tolinski termed him more of a "futuristic blues player" than a heavy metal guitarist. [Reuters]

This is called a poll – as with the Rolling Stone guitarist poll – who did they poll? I am unfamiliar with a lot of the hardcore and death metal guitarists mentioned here, but it sure seems to me like if you're talking about "innovation" that some of these earlier guys should be much higher: Budgie's Tony Bourge, Blue Cheer's Leigh Stephens, Blue Oyster Cult's Buck Dharma, Robert Fripp, Rudolf Schenker and Uli John Roth of Scorpions, and no Steve Hunter at all? The definition of metal is a little vague here also – a lot of these guys I would call "hard rock" rather than metal, but the definition of "metal" has changed over the years.

01. Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH)
02. Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield (METALLICA)
03. Angus & Malcolm Young (AC/DC)
04. Randy Rhoads (OZZY OSBOURNE)
05. Eddie Van Halen (VAN HALEN)
06. Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN)
07. Dimebag Darrell (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN)
09. Adam Jones (TOOL)
10. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman (SLAYER)
11. Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN)
12. Jimi Hendrix
13. Glen Tipton & K.K. Downing (JUDAS PRIEST)
14. Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley (KISS)
15. Slash (GUNS N' ROSES)
16. Ritchie Blackmore (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW)
17. Yngwie Malmsteen
18. Joe Perry & Brad Whitford (AEROSMITH)
19. Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (MEGADETH)
20. Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH)
21. Brian May (QUEEN)
22. Michael Schenker (MSG, UFO)
23. Nigel Tufnel (SPINAL TAP)
24. Jeff Beck
26. Head & Munky (KORN)
27. John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER)
28. Kim Thayil (SOUNDGARDEN)
29. Vivian Campbell (DEF LEPPARD)
30. Daron Malakian (SYSTEM OF A DOWN)
31. Scott Ian (ANTHRAX)
32. Tom G. Warrior (CELTIC FROST)
33. Chris Degarmo & Michael Wilton (QUEENSRYCHE)
34. C.C. Deville
35. Marten Hagstrom & Fredrik Thorndendal (MESHUGGAH)
36. Alex Lifeson (RUSH)
37. Paul Gilbert (MR. BIG, RACER X)
38. Jerry Cantrell (ALICE IN CHAINS)
39. Mantas (VENOM)
40. Jason Becker (DAVE LEE ROTH)
41. Phil Collen & Steve Clarke (DEF LEPPARD)
42. Mikael Akerfeldt & Peter Lindgren (OPETH)
43. Fast Eddie Clarke (MOTORHEAD)
44. Nuno Bettencourt (EXTREME)
45. Warren DeMartini (RATT)
46. Mick Mars (MOTLEY CRUE)
47. George Lynch (DOKKEN)
48. Ted Nugent
50. Rudolf Schenker & Uli John Roth (SCORPIONS)
51. Oystein "Euronymous" Aarseth (MAYHEM)
52. Scott Gorham & Brian Robertson (THIN LIZZY)
53. Steve Vai (DAVE LEE ROTH)
54. Reb Beach (WINGER, DOKKEN)
55. Trey Azagthoth (MORBID ANGEL)
57. Hank Shermann & Michael Denner (MERCYFUL FATE)
58. Richie Sambora (BON JOVI)
59. Jon Donais & Matt Backhand (SHADOWS FALL)
60. Stephen Carpenter (DEFTONES)
61. Alex Skolnick & Eric Peterson (TESTAMENT)
62. Brian Tatler (DIAMOND HEAD)
63. John Christ (DANZIG)
64. Scott "Wino" Weinrich (THE OBSESSED)
65. Pepper Keenan & Woody Weatherman (C.O.C.)
66. Tommy Victor (PRONG)
67. Leslie West (MOUNTAIN)
68. Vernon Reid (LIVING COLOUR)
69. Glen Buxton & Michael Bruce (ALICE COOPER)
70. Bjorn Gelotte & Jesper Stromblad (IN FLAMES)
71. Jim Matheos (FATES WARNING)
72. Gary Holt & Rick Hunolt (EXODUS)
73. Donald Buck Dharma Roeser (BLUE OYSTER CULT)
74. Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY)
75. Robert Fripp (KING CRIMSON)
76. Andre Olbrich (BLIND GUARDIAN)
77. Joe Satriani
78. Frank Hannon & Tommy Skeoch (TESLA)
79. Ty Tabor (KING'S X)
80. Mark Morton & Will Adler (LAMB OF GOD)
81. Dino Cazares (FEAR FACTORY)
82. Pete Townshend (THE WHO)
83. Jon Schaffer (ICED EARTH)
84. Timo Tolkki (STRATOVARIUS)
85. Neil Young
86. Abbath Doom Occulta (IMMORTAL)
87. Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY)
88. Uffe Cederlund & Alex Hellid (ENTOMBED)
89. Leigh Stephens (BLUE CHEER)
90. Jim Martin (FAITH NO MORE)
91. Michael Romeo (SYMPHONY X)
92. Bill Steer (CARCASS)
93. Piggy (VOIVOD)
94. Tony Bourge (BUDGIE)
95. Sammy Hagar (VAN HALEN)
96. Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM)
97. Akira Takasaki (LOUDNESS)
98. Michael Angelo
99. John Kay & Michael Monarh (STEPPENWOLF)
100. Nick Bowcott (GRIM REAPER)

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  • Jamie Colasacco

    How come I don’t see Tommy Thayer’s name up there

    • Jamie Colasacco


  • The other guy

    Some guitarists on this list have nothing to even do with metal ! Bryan may from queen ?Richie sambora from bon jovi?
    Isn’t this supposed to be a list of best “METAL” guitarist ?..
    This list is messed up ! Iron maiden !Judas priest ! Scorpions! Black Sabbath ! That’s where it all started.! These guitarists should be in the top.

    But all said and done…its better than rolling stones list .

  • RFR

    I understand including guitarists who influenced metal, and metal players…that makes sense to me. But Neil Young? I don’t know about that. And Malcolm Young? I disagree with that also. But believe it or not this list is better than anything by Rolling Stone.

  • Morley

    Scott Ian is a fucking rhythm guitarist.

  • beurbs

    Nigel Tufnel isn’t real, Buck Dharma should be higher, and it’s ridiculous to rate two-man teams on the same number… Hetfield and Hammett are nothing alike. And Jeff Beck is not a fucking metal guitarist.

  • Awenmyst

    Dave Murray & Adrian Smith should be in the top five, example they are far better and have as much influence as Hetfield and Hammet

  • detors

    Hail Euronymous m/


    Guys!! Did You read the title its say ”

    Guitar World’s “100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time”” METAL is Billy Gibbon is metal I think he is a Blues Player playing techo blues Song Or Disco Blue you got to analyze the Title

  • moma

    I’m sorry,but where are Mick Thompson and James Root? These guys are beasts!

  • Preston Lange

    Can I just ask why Jeff Waters is left off?

  • Giovani Smith

    23. Nigel Tufnel (SPINAL TAP)

    A fictitious person comes in at #23. That pretty much sums up this list…

  • Cally Trask

    I don’t even want to start on this list. These lists are a balance of talent and songwriting ability thus they are ‘very’ subjective choices. That said, just re-adjusting ‘your’ list: EVH needs to be higher, Jake E. Lee is better than Zak Wylde and look how far down Jake e. Lee is. Hendrix should be higher. And NO Neal Schon???! Alot of glam rock guys you forgot also who were pretty accomplished virtuosos. Like I said, I don’t even want to start. What about Billy Gibbons? How about Springsteen? The Allman Brothers? It’s tough to do an all encompasing list but this wasn’t really close to a very thorough or accurate effort. Not even close. Some young kids did this list. Drag ’em away from Eminem and they don’t know sh!t

  • Ba

    Chuck Schuldiner, Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman , Alex Skolnick, John Petrucci and Ritchie Blackmore below Slash and Kirk Hammett? Mega Fail

  • wroooong

    This is ridiculous hahaha jimi hendrix, pete townshend, neil young, jeff beck, the guys from thin lizzy… Aside from the fact that a lot of these guys are NOT metal guitarists by any means, the list is incredibly biased towards fame and not talent. I LOVE metallica, but you cannot seriously tell me that they beat Alexi fucking Laiho and Michael Amott by over 70 places. More influential, yes… but as far as metal talent goes not even close

  • Kill Me

    Failed to notice Synyster Gates in the line-up I know a lot of people will jump to disagree with me but I think that he would be very tough to beat technically. I don’t believe he is the best but top 100 for sure.

  • Meh

    many of those fags arent even metal

  • Chathura Hemal

    Alexi Laiho is the best!

    • Beka Kh


    • The other guy

      Alexi is god!!!

  • Tinderbox

    Also, what is Neil Young doing on a “100 greatest metal guitarists” list? I feel like HE would have been confused to find himself on a metal list

  • Tinderbox

    Buck Dharma should be WAY higher up, and putting Townshend at #82 is just plain blasphemy

  • hauud

    There’s no way James and Kirk are better than Dave and Marty or Yngwie. No way

    • Mark

      Oh, ok so James’ riffs have nothing to do with Metallica’s popularity? Maybe if Dave and Yngwie wrote better guitar riffs, they would be more popular and could place higher on lists.

  • Dissection777

    Okay micheal Keene and Ryan knight

  • Metalmilisha

    Welcome to violence : Eletric
    Noche accendor : acoustic

  • Metalmilisha

    Where the fuck is Jhon 5 he is easily the worlds best guitarist and you people think I’m wrong watch Welcome to violence okay best acoustic and best electric don’t agree well then you haven’t lived.

    • James Rockford

      he’s not really innovative though

  • Indepthmetal

    1.Jhon 5 2.kirk and James 3. Synyster gates 4. Alexi lahio ENOUGH SAID!

  • Will

    Where are Synyster Gates, Matt Heafy, and Corey Beaulieu? Like really, Have you seen what Syn and Corey have done? and the fact that Matt is able to sing songs like Forsake not the Dream while playing the guitar part, they deserve to be on the list

  • Angel Sims

    Where the fuck is Rammstein on this shit list???!!! Their guitar solos are eargasmic!!!!

  • Lina

    ALEXI LAIHO 96??? You must be kidding me…… He’s the best.

  • a7x

    Synyster Gates!

  • The Boss

    Kirk is no 1 you shitheads,look at the album sales idiots…you comment about something you dont know anything about.

    • truth

      They are talking about best guitarist. Not most popular

      • Bomma

        Well said. It was Dave and Cliff that made Metallica anyway

        • Mark

          It was Dave and Cliff, but Metallica didn’t reach their heights until they both were no longer around?

  • Daniel

    Fuck!!!!!! Dave and Marty should be higher then James and Kirk
    All Kirk can use is the basic five note pentatonic scale.. James learned from Dave…. What else can I say besides the fact that more talent ran down the leg of Marty’s mother then James and kirk have combined lol

    • musician

      hahaha, if technical abilities is the most important indicator, john petrucci, michael angelo batio, steve vai, yngwie malmsteen, paul gilbert, & jason becker should be on the top 6, far far away in front of dave and marty that just fit on 30’s-50’s 😀

    • USER505


  • uki

    you are fucking idiot… what about synyster?

    • Brian

      Yeah, I think the same,

      • zafeer

        Matthew Tuck and Michael paget from Bullet for my valentine deserve to be on this list as well

  • gfp

    steve lukather is missing????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

  • This is a horrible list

    Niel Young…… ? NO ANDY LEROQUE!? NO IHSAHN!?



  • Childofbodom

    ….why is alexi so low….

  • A7X

    Omg this guy who made the top is obviously NUTS
    If not 1st but atleast top 3 wtf! Synyster Gates has the most amazing solos!

  • LOL MASter

    what a thrash, there is no synyster gates

    • LOL MASter

      he is the best

  • wawawaw

    where the fuck is Synyster Gates ???????????????????

  • tuamadre

    ever “greatest guitarist” list that doesn’t start with Jimi Hendrix is rubbish.
    but leaving him out of the top ten is beyond a joke.
    this eric olsen guy should be arrested.

    • sdfag

      It says ”100 greatest METAL guitarists”, some of these dudes shouldn’t even be in this list, Hendrix included

  • Suldog

    Nigel fucking Tufnel?

  • winger.steve

    Randy California- Spirit; if the ‘Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus’ isn’t
    Psychedelic Metal Rock then
    I don’t know what is.

  • winger.steve

    Mark Farner-Grand Funk

  • Billy

    The reason why korn guitarists are so high is cause there original and no one else will ever be like them, there actually really talented

  • Joshy

    Yngwie… 17th place? Come on guys!!!

  • Joshy

    Where the fuck’s Yngwie?

  • guitar hero69

    So angry I can’t count ha. Meant 66 places ahead

  • guitar hero69

    Absolute shit. How is daron malakian better than Scott Ian? How is he also 36 places ahead of Alexi laiho?

  • wtf

    No Trey Spruance. This ranking is shit.

  • alan

    joe satriani….77….???? this list is all crap

  • rob

    Schenker genius

  • Kingfor1000years

    Oh Bettencourt and Gilbert are amazing also

  • Kingfor1000years

    Picked the axe up because of Van Halen and Lynch got into Rhoads, Vai, Malmsteen and Vaughn later

  • Kingfor1000years

    kirk is too high on list, George lynch too low but both top 10! who the fuck are guitarist for KORN?

  • Matthew

    This list completely ignores the underground sub-genres of Metal that’ve been the primary innovators. To add insult to injury, it places utter trash like Korn on the list while excluding Varg Vikernes, Orom, Gaahl and others. Named said it right, what a joke.

    • Alex Paulsen


      Varg isn’t much of a guitarist, Gaahl is a vocalist not a guitarist.

      As for subgenres… if you wish to discuss them and advertise them, perhaps mention just more than one. What we need is LESS subgenres, more emphasis on “Heavy Metal” and that in my books puts the 80’s underground in the spot light. Tom G. Warrior deserves his place, even if he didn’t actually possess any great talent as an instrumentalist.

    • detors

      No it didn’t the god father of black metal is number 51 see Euronymous is here! : )

  • Named

    So many horrid placements…one thing that stands out to prove the worthlessness of this list, korn before John Petrucci? What a joke..

    • NewClassTraitor

      Geebus cripes indeed. of course, if the purpose is rattling the guitar owner’s ‘sack’ with low-A power chords from his monitors, then Korn have Petrucci beat. If it comes to actual musical talent, Petrucci blows almost everybody on this list away — he can play literally anything, and play it with feeling. In an “all-around rock guitarist” list, I’d put him 2nd after Jimi Hendrix himself (and yes, ahead of Clapton).

      Now if the list were “100 most INFLUENTIAL metal guitarists”, then Tony Iommi does deserve to be at or near the top. And admittedly, Korn’s puerile scrotum-rattling was quite influential…

  • KCfriedchicken86


  • William Jacobsen

    Since when were Brian May, Ted Nugent and Jeff Beck Metal?

  • Leo Uwazuruonye

    The very fact that Hetfield and Hammett sit firmly at #2 while Alex Skolnick & Eric Peterson are at #61 is a huge turn-off. I know we all have our basis, but just wow. The only thing that redeems this list is that Iommi is placed as #1, and that is it.

  • Pinak wildchild sk

    So where’s herman li and sam tottman of dragon force. . .they are indeed top guitarists of all time

  • Luz

    wow! Black Sabbath!

  • Confused

    Hahahaha So according to this list skill has nothing to do with greatness?

  • Wolf

    James & Kirk @ #2????????
    James has nvr played any solos ibn his life, and kirk is an average guitarist.
    u gotta be outa ur mind, visit a mental hospital once. Dave shud be up there u faggot Metallica fanboy!!!

  • Msin

    Mark morton and willie adler at 80?!korn 26?? And you made this list absed on what again?

  • RM

    And there is no Michael Schenker. At all.

  • Christian Joeansson

    27th- John Petrucci. Is this a joke? The man is the most talented guitarist who has ever entered the scene. He defines technicality, innovation and above all perfection. Skills that should be the criteria of this list.

  • guest

    where the hell is synyster gates???? :O

  • lol

    Man you all cry a lot, make your own stupid post with top 100 if you care so much

  • where is chuck from death??!

    where the fuck is chuck schuldiner from death??! i cant believe hes been completely left off the list. hes one of the greatest metal guitarists of all time. what bullshit!

  • Brutha V

    WTF, no Robin Trower?!!

  • e

    Jake e. lee top 5. In his prime, could have played circles around just about anyone. He mismanaged his own career. ps the MAJORITY of these guitarists are not metal

  • Chris

    Angus, Malcolm, Jimmy Page, & Hendrix are some of my favorite guitarists. But they shouldn’t be on a metal list at all, let alone in the top ten.

    What an indictment on metal!

    Iommi is great -no doubt the man who established metal, but Randy Rhoads would be #1 on my list.

  • John Petrucci

    What a shitty list!

  • keith

    oh my god.. you guys are kidding! John Petrucci of DREAM THEATER must be the number 1, he has a dramatic melody which you can’t find in other guitarist..

  • Ben

    dimebag should be in the top 5.

  • Never mind all those eejits – where’s Waldo??

  • Justin

    Wheres Tony Rombola? Curt Kobain?

  • Justin

    Where are Trent Reznor, Twiggy Ramirez and John 5? Wtf! And how is Hendrix #12? Thats blasphemy!

  • bear

    where the fuck is Janick Gers from iron maiden?!!!!

  • Doesn’t matter


  • amir


  • iGouger

    I would agree with the original post, which says that “if you’re talking about “innovation” that some of these earlier guys should be much higher.” I’m not going to dispute Iommi’s place at the top, but as for a lot of other guys, I think they should be a lot higher. And some guitarists are plain overrated or don’t belong on a metal list.

    Michael Schenker. If he hadn’t played in UFO, the NWOBHM wouldn’t have happened. He needs to be much higher on the list. Unquestionably the second most influential heavy metal guitarist. Hell, if it wasn’t for Schenker, we wouldn’t have Kirk Hammett, Dave Mustaine, Adrian Smith, Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Slash, Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman… the list goes on.

    Schenker’s older brother, Rudolf, and the great Uli Jon Roth also should be much higher on the list. “Sails of Charon” was undoubtedly the first neoclassical-metal composition, and yet Malmsteen, Becker, Gilbert, and the like are listed higher than Roth, despite the fact that they were influenced by him. As for R. Schenker… it’s hard to deny his influence on 80s metal. Arguably, Scorpions were the first glam metal band.

    Ted Nugent. Hard to believe he’s at 48. He was playing metal before it really took off, and his riffing and soloing outclassed that of Angus Young and Jimmy Page, both of whom are considered highly influential in heavy metal. Uncle Ted had more influence on the genre than both of them combined.

    Joe Satriani. He is, simply put, raw talent incarnate and taught at least two of the guitarists on the list–Hammett and Vai.

    Ritchie Blackmore. Doesn’t even need to be explained.

    Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing. I don’t think 13 is high enough for them.

    Buck Dharma. Shame on people that only voted him as 73.

    Leslie West. Ever heard the monster riff from “Mississippi Queen?” Need I say more?

    Richie Sambora. If Def Leppard got #41, then Sambora should deserve at least 42. He, along with Clark and Collen, defined what Glam/Hair Metal was in the mid-late 80s.

    Brian Tatler. “Am I Evil?” YES I AM!

    Michael Angelo Batio should be higher up on the list if they’re going to include other neoclassical shredders.

    I don’t know what to say about Jimi Hendrix. I’m convinced that he’s the most influential guitarist in rock and roll… but where does that put him in the realm of heavy metal? You have to either put him at number 1, or not include him at all.

    As for guitarists that I think are placed too high, let’s start with Jimmy Page. Page never played metal. Led Zeppelin were never metal. And yet they’re always hailed as one of the two seminal metal bands (the other being Sabbath). THEY WERE NEVER METAL. In the words of Eddie Van Halen, he was decent in studio, horrible live. In my opinion, Page is the single most overrated guitarist of all time.

    Hammett and Hetfield…. I love Metallica, but I don’t think they should be so high on the list. They were nowhere nearly as influential as Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, UFO, Thin Lizzy (speaking of which, where’s Phil Lynott?), Blue Oyster Cult… heck, even Dio. Hammett and Hetfield belong closer to the likes of the Megadeth guys, the Slayer guys, and the Anthrax guys.

    Angus Young. Seriously? Number 3? AC/DC sold the second most popular album worldwide, but this was in 1980. They didn’t influence anyone, save for maybe those oddball nu metal modern bands. By the time Angus Young started playing guitar, Sabbath and Purple had released several albums each. And don’t get me started on Schenker…

    Zakk Wylde, while a decent guitarist, doesn’t belong anywhere near the top 10. He was influenced by a lot of the guitarists on this list; it wasn’t the other way around.

    Adam Jones didn’t play metal. Tool are a great band, but I’d classify them more as prog rock… maybe prog metal. But again, how does he stand in terms of influence? Pretty much any metal guitarist from the 70s or 80s is more influential than he is.

    Alex Lifeson never played metal.
    Robert Fripp never played metal. He’s a genius though.
    Pete Townshend never played metal. He’s a genius though, and was very influential in rock-and roll.
    Did Neil Young ever play metal…?

    Brian May never played metal. “Stone Cold Crazy” is the hardest they got, but I still don’t call that metal. I guess you could argue that he did influence a lot of metal guitarists, so I’ll let that one slide.

    On a side note, Vivian Campbell also played 3 albums with Dio; the list incorrectly says that he only played with Leppard.

    Korn should not be on this list. Anyone can play two chords on a disgustingly overdriven guitar. Not to mention the fact that they didn’t influence any metal bands.

    Slash is kind of overrated in terms of talent, and he wasn’t influential at all in the world of metal. There are at least 5 guitarists listed after he is on the list that influenced him.

    Also, where’s Gary Moore, Phil Lynott, Janick Gers, Adrian Van den Berg, the Wishbone Ash guys (Andy Powell & Martin Turner), Steve Morse, Eric Clapton (wasn’t metal, but neither are half the guys listed on there; he was at least more innovative and influential than they), Rick Nielsen, Billy Gibbons, Robbie Krieger, Tom Scholz (without him and his Rockman amps, Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” album wouldn’t have been recorded), Keith Richards, that guy from Twisted Sister, the Gaines brothers from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Craig Goldy (Dio’s 2nd guitarist), and Carlos Cavazo? All of the guys I listed are much more influential and/or innovative than most of the players on that list.

  • @Californa Boy

    You’re totally wrong, its just that metal fans are not gay. They love their music and enjoy it, they don’t buy music to boast.

  • lol

    Totally enjoyed the first 3 pages of Josh and California boy

  • Jon

    Whoever compiled this list of greatest metal guitarists needs to be fired immediately. First of all, many of these guitar players aren’t in the genre of ‘metal’. Secondly, John Petrucci-No.26…Kirk Hammett-No.2…???

  • Where is Syn?

    ^ Amen.

  • Guitarplayer

    Srsly NO Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) in the Top 100? Was this list made by a retard or a monkey? “Metal Guitarists” –> 21. Brain May (QUEEN). I mean; QUEEN? Metal?! Just 2 words: HAH GAYYYYY!

  • devil

    This list of Guitar World’s “100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time” is awesome. Most of my favorite metal guitarists are in top 10 (kirk, james, dimebag, zakk, kerry and jeff). Unlucky for dave mustaine and marty though. But at least their on the list.

  • SkiDRowFan

    I laughed at CC Deville being number #34 get real hahaha

  • s.kche

    no way

  • JAckS

    Bricklayer- The dude in the gorilla costume IS the bald dude from slayer (kerry king)

  • Nice post. Tony Iommi for importance but not really the greatest IMHO.


  • edward

    Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley better than Blackmore? hahhaaha…stupids don’t know anything about guitar!!!!

  • edward

    Stupid list…Wylde 8th??¿WHY 8THHHHHH!!!! …and Tipton and Downing 12th?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿

  • Oscar

    Iommi number 1 slash 2, buckethead 3

  • Miguel Burney

    Randy Rhoads Should Have Been Second! Ugh and why is Vai and Hendrix so far down the list?

  • sachin

    Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM) 96????.. no way!!

  • paquita ladel barrio

    Woow srsly guys Alexi Laiho in 96 and Petrucci in 27 , what kind of dark sorcery is this!?

  • Joe

    So…. where are either of the guitarists from Avenged Sevenfold

  • The next EVH :D

    Look guys. I’m a metal-head forever. Guitar is my life. But it’s very ignorant to say that one type of music is better than another. They are just DIFFERENT. I love rock, metal, jazz, reggae, classical, fusion, rap, r&b… It’s all great. The only music I don’t like is scream-o and statanic music (which is not the same) because Im a more chill person (and a catholic). You just have to listen to what people are saying, try to feel what they are feeling, and not judge people. Saying that all rap fans are thugs or white people trying to be thugs is a stereotype. Saying that all metal fans are satanists with tattoos and peircings all over their body is a stereotype. That’s why the world is so messed up. Everyone is different and everyone thinks they’re right. I love everything. From Zeppelin to Jay-Z. From Sabbath to Drake. From Van Halen to A Tribe Called Quest. From Mozart to Firewind. That’s true music appreciation.

  • Ben

    Wow this list is horrible. I like Metallica, but no way in hell are James and Kirk better than Glenn & KK, Dave + Janick & Adrian, Friedman and Mustaine and many more.

    And KORN? TOOL?!?!

    While he’s not anywhere near the level of Glenn Tipton or possibly even Kirk Hammett, I would put Dan Donegan before any of those two bands.

    Overall, this list is total crap. It’s either a shitload of bias or from someone who doesn’t know crap about guitar.

  • kalbe

    tosin abasi should be number 1 animals as leaders, look em up

  • Cats

    What about guys from cannibal corpse and dimebag from pantera


    Someone is missing from top 10 and yes its Criss Oliva (SavaTage)

  • Renga

    Rap…hahaha, you’re kidding right? Dude, i call them ‘black recitation’. Think this way a marijuana(cheap) or A Blacktooth Grin. This page is for man, dude. It’s for those who use their dicks, not assholes. I tell you, there cannot be more than 10 styles in rap, and that circles around n around, wheres the originality, man? The uniqueness? Your fuckin ‘yo momma’ shits are gay, man. Talking thrash is for women. I’ll shredd the shit out of you with some harmonic squeals

  • Renga

    Whoa…Dimebag #7 n Page #6. Wtf is wrong with you people. That dude(only 60%) who wears tight jeans play heavy metal? Dimebag could not have rank less than #5, he revolutionised the great ‘Harmonic squeals’ which no other guitarist could pull it off like he does. Moreover, if he lived as long as those that you put above him he would defenitely be #1, i’m fuckin sure about this. The days when they really get into the skin shredding real heavy metal is too short… You really need to reconsider this

  • go

    What about Devin Townsend?

  • bruce

    Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield SECOND?

  • Me


  • Me

    For once in my life, I just want to see a “Top ___ _______ Guitarists of All Time” that doesn’t have Jimi Hendrix on it. Seriously, the guy was extremely influential, but most of the other guitarists listed here blow him out of the water.

  • tommychong

    2 things, California dog, since you love rap so much, i am gonna kick your ass, and 2 Dave Mustaine of Megadeth just got burned by Joe Perry of Aerosmith.

  • Atreyufan

    and stefan weinerhall of falconer!

  • Atreyufan

    Where’s dan jacobs and synyster gates on here? Lol

  • Gustav Holst

    Where is Robert Fripp… Thats a genius for ya… Oh yeah don’t forget Adrian Belew.. As per way above, The reason why Adam Jones is above Hendrix is because Hendrix played blues really.. lulz

  • articlemonkey

    This list, while slightly out of date, was nonetheless a hunk of rubbish when it was first devised. John Petrucci BELOW the guitarists from Korn?! Joe Satriani at 77? Is the author of this article deaf?

  • I see him. He’s over in the corner near the hot dog cart.

    Right there, look – next to Waldo.

  • RedMonkeys24

    this is bullshit!. Where is John Frusciante!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shredder79

    Where is Muhammed Suicmez from Necrophagist??? He is if not the best than one of the best technical metal guitar players to ever walk this earth! Not very impressed with the list. Could have gone much deeper.

  • T(h)rash

    And unfortunately, I left out one person. Chris Poland. (These Boots)

  • T(h)rash

    Personally my list would go (with examples of killer songs where I feel that the below guitarists show off their ridiculous skill):

    1) John Petrucci (ridiculously fast and melodic shredder – try In the Name of God)
    2) Herman Li (Same as above but slightly slower and more random, whammy bar playing – Obvious choices include TTFAF or Valley of the Damned)
    3) Buckethead (Fast but super random notes – try Jordan)
    4) Marty Friedman (This guy pretty much goes everywhere on the guitar – Hangar 18)
    5) Dave Mustaine (He may have a certain pattern to his solos but he can do it consistently fast and I particularly like the style – again, Hangar 18)
    6) Kirk Hammett (Similar to Mustaine but only with a lot more Wah – One)
    7) Scott Ian (Simply the backbone of Anthrax with his riffs. I really love the riff in A.D.I./The Horror of It All when the song goes into hyperspeed near the end)
    8) James Hetfield (Can also lay down good riffs in his day. I particularly love the one from That Was Just Your Life)
    9) Kerry King and Jeff Hannemann (They may be lower than Ian simply because the melody is harder to distinguish, but you cannot deny their ridiculous riffs and speed. Angel of Death or Raining Blood, anyone?)
    10) Synyster Gates (He may be fast, true, but I do not prefer his solos as much as the rest. However, I do like Strength of the World.)

    The top 6 and 10 are in the list simply because they shred fast and hard, the rest due to their riffs. True, Buckethead’s not entirely metal, but on a good day he can probably shred just as fast as, if not faster than, Petrucci. He’s only lower because Petrucci’s solos have a lot more melody and are a lot crazier.

    People like Tony Iommi are not in there simply because their solos are simply repeats and repeats of a certain 4 notes (even War Pigs is guilty of this!).

    I would probably put Schaffer 11, but I haven’t really listened to Iced Earth yet.

  • Aniket

    with you deraj man alexi should atleast be in the top 40

  • Deraj

    and Alexi Laiho at 96? That man has some serious skill

  • Deraj

    i dont think korn deserves any spot on this list…. many more capable guitarists. throw sweet sweet Jon Schaffer in thier spot I say!

  • Wolfgang Duskfang

    I’m a metal fan and DAMN proud of it. I’d play my music so loud, you could hear it a full minute after I pass. Unfortunately, I don’t have a car. Also, I’m severely disappointed at the lack of Synyster Gates in this list. Syn can shred AT LEAST as fast as Eddie Van Halen and is just as good at tapping. Don’t believe me? Listen to Scream, Afterlife, I Won’t See You Tonight Pt. 2, MIA, Dancing Dead. This is undeniable proof that Brian Haner Jr. is one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Where’s Lanslow Paniflas FOR GOD’S SAKE?

  • Carl Eden

    Can’t see Buckethead anywhere.

  • old

    thislist was made before Ax7 was famous, and even it was i doubt they’d be below 50

  • Jacob Johnson

    The fact that you have Adam Jones ahead of Alex Lifeson, Pete Townshend, Yngwie, Hell Jimi Hendrix … negates the entire thing.

  • Sevenfoldism

    where is Syn Gates and Herman Li?

  • Burzum

    Matt Heafy should be on

  • Wino

    FuckHead and munky from KORN is better than John Petrucci from DREAM THEATER???? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? And Jeff Loomis isnt even here?!!

  • Stefan

    Haahahahah! Jimi Hendrix 12th. What a shame. He’s not even metal guitarist…He should be either first either gone of the list.
    James Hetfield, rank 2? He can barely solo, Good as singer, bad as guitarist. Tony Iommi? Rank 1>? I admit he’s great songwriter, but not so great guitarist, I mean, when I see Ozzy’s solo band with Zakk Wylde, my adrenaline is up, when I see Black Sabbath… I barely mention the song. Maybe Tony wrote the songs, but Zakk got them up to the sky. So this list suck balls.

  • torres

    finally!!! Dimebag is top ten!…how can he not be anyways

  • HellSpawn

    Glad to see Schaffer, Morton and Adler are there.

  • tleddahead

    what about synister gates a7x and mick and jim root of Slipknot!? come on man

  • tleddahead

    where the fuck are jim root and mickthomson(SLIPKNOT)

  • chuck church

    Wow, never saw this before. Anyway, the list in quite humorous. As low as Petrucci, Vai, and Satriani are rated, it’s a wonder if the pre-famous Jonas Brothers picked it out. Ugghhh…

  • Mr.CheesecakeMan

    AC/DC and Led Zeppelin aren’t even Metal, and Dave Mustaine deserves to be way higher

  • CJ Jones

    Guys…. umm.. i know blah blah he is a new guitarist… well kinda.. but he and his rhythm are great… Synyster Gates, or Brian Haner jr… of Avenged Sevenfold…..

  • FlammenMeer

    yeah, and have u seen Wess Borland in this list?! I didn’t!!!

  • FlammenMeer

    GUYZ!!! and where the FOCK is Richard Kruspe form Rammstein????! if Alice in Chains and Scorpions made here…!! THAN HOW IN THE HELL RAMMSTEIN DIDNT?!


    Wow I have to admit I almost cried after seeing Robert Fripp lower than Richie Sambora.
    Did I spelled him right? Doesn’t matter…

  • Jared Brooks

    to me, it’s a four way tie at first with Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, Jon Schaffer, and Andre Olbrich.

  • Biggie

    NOOOOO, it should be Jason Becker at 1, and never say hammett is better then friedman, and we all know that dave is way better then james. so why the hell is mustaine and friedman at 19 and hammett and hetfield at 2. This doesnt make sense.

  • jc3

    the list is pretty good except Paul Gilbert should be in the the top 10 as should Yngwie Malmsteen, and EVH should be 3rd, no disrespect to Angus, God Bless him, but EVH is my personal favourite, so I’d swap him and Angus. and Mustaine should be in the top 15. other wise its quite a good list.

  • Ilya

    What the fuck? such a great fail
    Metallica 2nd? they should be 90
    korn better then John petrucci ? => FAIL!

  • najlae

    Mikael Akerfeldt should be number one he is the best

  • hdhdhd

    thats a pretty solid list but why is santriani so low ? some suggestions id maybe say john 5 should be somewhere ,mick thomson -ok his band is abit weird but man he can play aswell as jim root, randy rhoads ??

  • George

    Oh god! Whats wrong with u guys? Some one named dave mustaine?! And compare him with hammet? Listen up dude… This solos may ring a bell to u…one,fade to black,master of puppets,and justice for all,ride the lightening,damage inc., all nightmare long,.. Now just think about this riffs,.. Seek and destroy, master of puppets.for whom the bell tolls,cyanide…kirk and james made the metallica the greatest band of all time…and u cant c that they’ve gotten the power that just any other band may only dream of

  • George

    Oh god! Whats wrong with u guys? Some one named dave mustaine?! And compare him with hammet? Listen up dude… This solos may ring a bell to u…one,fade to black,master of puppets,and justice for all,ride the lightening,damage inc., all nightmare long,.. Now just think about this riffs,.. Seek and destroy, master of puppets.for whom the bell tolls,cyanide…kirk and james made the metallica the greatest band of all time…and u cant c that they’ve gotten the power that just any other band may only dream of

  • Kirk fan

    Kirk is epic

  • FateSlayer

    And had to add, DragonForce cannot be on this list to anyone who mentioned them because…he is not skilled. Watch them live, judge his skill based on that. About equal to that of a dying cat.

  • FateSlayer

    Blind Guardian + Iced Earth. 2 Best Bands of All Time

  • Kamamazee69

    Hey !! Where is Jason Becker? Snake Sabo is worth being mentioned Rather than Neil young.

  • andrelawas

    hey this sucks the guitarist of dragonforce is not included better watch this heroes of our time-dragonforce and theres no joe satriani joe satriani even teaches the one on this list

  • fretburner

    Where the hell is Andy Larocque?

  • James G

    I think its a real crime buckethead wasn’t on the list yet Michael Angelo Batio was. Too bad they didnt recognize buckethead as the genius he is.

  • Yiovan

    John petrucci 27? He should be top five! Listen to glasgow kiss and Steve morse should be top 5 too listen to too meni notes

  • joey

    yo this was suppose to be about heavy metal in case you’ve all forgotten it has nothing to do with punk or hip hop or whatever you connoted braindeads

  • spaceace#1

    anyone disagrees with me they should listen to kiss’ milestone “alive” acees solos are so originaly good and well played

  • spaceace#1

    good to see ace and paul at leats in the fucking list , there not even in the rolling stones list maybe cause there stuck in the 60s high of there dumb arses!

  • chris

    how is marty friedman forgot about? tornado of souls beats any metallica solos

  • Fan

    What about At The Gates guitarists?

  • Chris

    Where the hell is Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold on this list?

  • M

    Ok, this gets worse as you go, its more a list of best known guitarists as opposed to best guitarists, Alexi Laiho, Micheal Angelo, Bjorn and Jesper stromblad, and kirk hammet should all be top ten, hands down

  • Silas

    Ummm, whats with everyone giving Paul Stanley credit ? all he did was play rythym guitar. Ace Frehley deserves all the credit, and deserves a spot in the top 10, cuz without him, there wouldnt have been some of the greats such as Eddie Van Halen. Just sayin

  • marko “mustaine” jnr

    kirk and james no 2?
    you must be kidding me, dave mustaine no 19
    go stuff yourselfs guys

  • A GUY

    Adrian Smith And Dave Muray Should Be In The Top 10

  • lol

    this list sucks lol.Kirk Hammett and james seconds? where is buckethead? vai should be at place of hammett and hetfield
    @james herman li is only a clown who can play only in the studio,in live dragonforce sucks

  • james

    This list is incorrect
    these should be in top 10:
    1.Joe Satriani
    2.John Petrucci
    3.Chris Broderick
    4.Kirk Hammett
    5.Herman Li
    6.Eddie Van Halen
    7.Steve Vai
    8.Randy Rhoads
    9.that guy from iron maiden
    10.Marty Freidman



  • jake

    I really think that synyster gates and zacky vengence should be in here and I also think alexi laiho should have been ranked higher

  • JOhn Doe

    Where the hell is Vito Bratta from White Lion? That guy is awesome!

  • jamie

    i personally like the list, the only thing that could of been improved would be Randy Rhoads at 1., jimmy page at 2., and tony iommi at 3.

  • 12-year-old guitar prodigy

    Uh, bon jovi metal? They were never even playin metal! N california boy rap isn’t real music 2 me n other sane humans of the world. N I ALWAYS play loud music in da car. N I like all kindz of heavy metal death metal n allllll that stuff n I want every1 2 kno that I am a fan! 2 da author of this– I think u did a fantastic job. O n again 2 “california boy”: my littl sister plays the REAL bass in my HEAVY METAL/DEATH METAL BAND. We all hate rap n ur opinions.

  • A Metal Fan

    While it is true that some of these artists aren’t truly metal, like Queen and Ted Nugent, but its pretty good. I think Metallica is in its rightful place, they are (in my opinion) one of the greatest metal bands, although maybe its just the Metallica fan in me.

  • -42-

    Jimmy Hendrix? Guitarists from a bunch of mediocre nü-metal bands? This list is shit.

  • baboon

    WTF!!! wheres buckethead!!!!…

  • Andrew

    California Boy, you have no idea what you’re talking about. If you like rap so much, go on a poetry forum.

  • Aishah Bowron

    Death to Adrian Vandenberg and Steve Vai, they must die !. Long live Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody !. Long live early Whitesnake !.

  • kuhnchris19

    Adam Jones? Really? He isn’t that good, come on. He plays bass riffs most of the time, lol. Head and monkey? F-OFF! They suck too. Well, mark morton and willie adler are the most underrated guitarists today. A FYI, Buckethead OWNS all of those on that list by far. He could play anything any of them ever wrote and make it sound better.

  • f

    Daron Malakian is way too high on there.. and synyster gates should be on there, he’s got some of the best solos i’ve ever heard

  • chocolove

    the chinese and his guitar partner frm the band dragonforece

  • Aishah Bowron

    Forget Adrian Vandenberg and Steve Vai ! . Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody and Mel Galley are the best. I have all the Whitesnake albums from the Snakebite EP to the UK version of Slide It In. believe it or not, Whitesnake died in April 1984 after Mel Galley and keyboard master Jon Lord left.

  • blakep

    how can you have this list and not have buckethead placed anywhere on it? He should easily be on the top 30.

  • Akerfeldt (Opeth) – most impressive guitarist – much better than most of this list (sorry, it’s my opinion only)

  • grandmaster FADE

    Tony Iommi shouldn’t be on this list. instead he should be on Mount Olympus laughing at all these idiots who don’t recognize his greatness

  • grandmaster FADE

    Iommi is the Greatest. nothing else needs to be said.

  • GNAA

    This list fucking sucks. Queen? Jimi?

    They’re not fucking metal. Did the writer look the genre up in Wikipedia or something? Idiot.

  • nig

    horrible list!

  • DeeDee

    I agree with this list but i believe Randy Rhoads, my hero, should be the top 1 he was amazing and played beautiful solos and riffs.

  • CharlesIguana

    Man, stop doing Metal lists if they’re going to be not exclusively for metal. Hendrix never did metal, so if he’s on the list, Why’s not Duane Allman or you directly copy the list from the Rolling Stones? Please difference what Metal is from what it’s not.

    Talkin’ bout real metal guitarists, and in no particular order, this are my preferences:

    -The Judas Priest combination
    -The Blind Guardian combination
    -Randy Rhoads
    -Henjo Richter
    -Nunno Bettencourt
    -Kai Hansen
    -Kirk Hammet
    -Marty Friedman
    -Zakk Wilde

  • crypto

    lolmax… ppl r actually coparin rap n metal… Metal is the music of the underground, music of the masses, music with a message, not some shadey commercial hip hop bullcrap……. peace..

  • Nello2147

    i would like to say that why isn’t syn from avenged sevenfold there he has one guitarist of the year award so im quite ashamed to not see him there but other than that Great list

  • Darien Hockley

    oh and Dimebag Darrelll should be first

  • Darien Hockley

    you forgot Kurt Cobain replace him with Nick Bowcott and you’ve got a perfect list

  • George

    First off, James and Kirk should be listed seperataly…with James being higher than Kirk. And second…Dave mustaine should be in at least the top 8! This list…like all the rolling stones lists… really sucks. The only spot most people would agree on is Tony iommi being first. Oh well.

  • The Necrophiliac

    Sorry about the double but… WHERE THE HELL IS AVENGED SEVENFOLD?! Yeah, they aren’t considered metal anymore, but less than 3 years ago they had a gold in a week, City of Evil and Waking the Fallen were great metal albums… They Need Avenged Sevenfold in at least the top 30!

    P.S. R.I.P. The Rev, we’ll always miss you. or at least those who aren’t jackasses will.

  • The Necrophiliac

    Nightmare: Mind you that Black Sabbath is the pioneer of Heavy Metal (Randy Rhoads and later Tony Iommi) This is why Iommi is at the top, pure metal and the pioneer. Why the fuck is Metallica rated at #2 when you have actual good bands like Megadeth and C.O.B. rated so much fucking lower? They say they rate it on purity and innovation… Metallica sold out after Black, they even admitted to it. Completely simple, not much real meaning, same thing Megadeth I suppose…and I don’t see how Youngs’ are rated 3, I do like Ac/Dc, but they were considered metal back in the 70s/80s…this is 2000s/10, good fight.

  • Jason

    Why would they put James Hetfield higher than Dave Mustaine, he is much better, and he shouldnt be in 2nd place at that

  • ryan

    No Phil Demmel and Robb Flynn?
    glad about kirk and james tho:)

  • InsanityInspector

    I also agree with many saying that Chris Poland, Jeff Young and other ex-Megadeth players (Including the man, Dave Mustaine himeself) Should be MUCH higher and certainly higher than freaking Kirk Hammet.

  • InsanityInspector

    It seems odd to me that Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman of Megadeth are that low. Metallica played far less difficult and innovative songs than Megadeth and they still are up that high? Bullocks I say!

  • I love guitars but wished I had the skills to play it.

  • Christno2

    Bill Steer & Michael Arnott from Carcass?
    Greg Mackintosh from Paradise Lost? (Check out on Draconian Times)
    Rocky George ex Suicidal Tendancies?
    Chris Poland ex Megadeth?

    Where were they?

    Dave & Marty should be higher than James & Kirk also!!!

  • Megs

    james and kirk to no16 dave and marty to no. 8, Adrian smith & dave murray no. 5

  • Megadeth85

    Um hope you guy do know this isn’t a ranked list or else bill steer,chuck,alexi laiho,dave mustaine,and michael amott would have been in a higher place….and abbath was a bass player before bieng a guitarist,what a mind fuck

  • Reidy11

    Dave Mustaine should be number 1.

  • Nightmare

    Here’s The Real List:

    1: Dave Mustaine
    2: Chuck Schuldiner
    3: Trey Azagthoth

    That’s It…

    These Three Dudes Are The Only Ones On The List That Took Metal To A Different Height…

    Everyone Else Either Just Turned Blues Into Rock Or Played Rock And Inspired Metal… But None Of Them Made It Thier Own… They Are All Great, But They Are Iether Not Metal Or Fail To Really Expand The Genre…

    All The Other Metal Guitarists Fail To Do What These Top Three Have Done… And That Is, “Take The Music Somewhere Better Than They Found It”!

  • andronicus Laiho


  • Billy

    ACDC IS NOT METAL, for the love of fuck. And why is Azagthoth #55, And metallica does not deserve #2, SLAYER does, how did def leppard beat shadows fall, hmmm, curious. I can agree with Dimes spot but….wait, what the fuck, tom morello, sorry, thought this was a metal list not a posers hangout.

  • John Luthier

    This list it’s far away from reality!

  • Powerslave

    There’s a lot of names that should go down there. Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Muhammad Suicmez (Necrophagist), Jon Leveassuer (Cryptopsy), etc. All these guys should rank somewhere right at the top. This list sucks!

  • Snowman

    And at least put Lexi Laiho higher than 96!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is crazy at playin

  • Snowman

    wy is Mark Morton and Willie Adler so low? being a Lamb of God fan thats hurtfull. in my opinion, let me repeat so no one gets butt hurt, in my opinion they should be way higher. some of the best HM guitarists today

  • Slash

    how came paul gilbert and michael angelo were down below 30? and slash is above yngwie? u got to be kidding.. yngwie should be in the top ten.. and how can daron malakian is above the great jason becker?

    i respect kirk & james, but i think the great van halen should be on top of them behind iommi..

    and where the heck is dave murray & adrian smith (iron maiden)?

    this list should be reviewed again..

  • blue_strat

    Iommi is the natural and only choice for the #1 spot, end of story. And although some on the list are some of my favs, meaning no disrespect, I have to question just as many of the other choices for obvious reasons. Lots of great guitarists on the list (some of which are legends), but as far as innovation, originality, influential, longevity, style, etc, etc is concerned … in my opinion this is mainly a personal fav guitarist list more than one of greatness.

    All mentioned above are obviously better than average guitarists, but I feel many on the list shouldn’t be. For instance … Perhaps I missed something, but doesn’t it say … 100 Greatest “METAL” Guitarists of All Time?? When did Hendrix ever play metal? Or what about Pete Townshend? Other styles of rock and blues have distorted guitars, not just metal.

    And what about the “greatness” part? Many fine guitarists on the list, but very few are what is, or should be, considered great … in the big picture. Maybe one day they will be, but not yet folks. Few on the list will even be remembered in yrs to come. Many on the list are known mainly by the ones who follow their music, or “cult guitarists” if you will. VERRRY few on the list are widely known by their legendary name alone, regardless of ones musical tastes … like Iommi, Hendrix, Van Halen, Neil Young, etc.

  • conorm

    horrible, horrible list….atrocious….just fuckin retarded…this is an insult to anyone that knows anything about metal…apparently Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley and those pussies from Korn are better than the guys from lamb of god…lol…half these guys aren’t even metal guitarists, didn’t know jeff beck played metal…..WHERE THE FUCK IS CHRIS POLAND….the worst fuckin list i’ve ever see

  • Mohib

    Rap is crap…. So Tupac was not a musician but a douch*

  • Why is it that everyone loses almost all standards of behavior on the internet? Anonymity I suppose. Can’t we just stay on topic rather than simply insulting each other? This supposed to be about a list of metal guitarists; that’s it. So here’s my opinion on the list;

    Everyone is going to have their own opinion of who’s really the best, but this list doesn’t identify exactly what is the “Greatest”. It’s sort of hard to pick, but if it’s influence (that was the justification for Iommi), It might go

    1. Tony Iommi
    2. Glen Tipton/K.K. Downing
    3. Dave Murray/Adrian Smith
    4. Kirk Hammett/James Hetfield

    One could argue, but I feel they were the 4 (are pairscheating? They did it) to really change the face of metal.

    As for those who are sort of metal, I would have liked to see Buck Dharma, Jimmy Page, Ian Anderson, Ritchie Blackmore, and Alex Lifeson higher. And if Robert Fripp (King Crimson) is here, can I justify including Steve Howe? Neil Young is often subtle too, so why not?

    One last one: Jan Akkerman! He’s right up there with the one’s just listed.

  • WTF

    How ’bout “Dimebag”? (Pantera)

  • WTF

    there’s a reason why rap rhymes with crap!

  • WTF

    Where is Buckethead on this “list”????

  • d

    or jeff loomis??? what the hell

  • d

    no andreas kisser either???

  • Fat boy phil

    why the hell didnt u include Buckethead hes fuckin awesom

  • MK

    Anyone who thinks Malmsteen is unmatched for speed hasn’t listened to much Classical or Jazz. There’s alot of guys like Yngwie that play scales and arpeggios fast but can’t make it work in a song. I have much more admiration for someone like Pete Townsend or Ian Anderson. They may not play fast but they see the big picture. Real composers imagine how all the instruments will work together in a song, and then make their vision reality. How cheap is it to come up with a cheesy progession just because it works with some scale that you can play fast if poorly? What’s fast without melody or harmony? Noise, that’s what. I could explain these things all day long but if you could appreciate what I was saying you would have already thrown your metal cd’s in the garbage by now. I take that back. You would have not bought them in the first place.

  • Haven’t had your morning coffee yet?

  • Rafi

    All of u fucks should cut it out. For all you guys bitchin about how metal is gay, go suck a nut. For everyone generalizing all rap music as gay……I guess youre not wrong especially with all this bullshit on the radio now. But if anyone wants to do more then fuckin yell and scream through their damn keyboard about how gay this list is…go ahead and do it but keep it out of my sight man…that shits not cool.

  • Slix36

    hey, if u don’t like metal then fuck off and let everyone else enjoy it… what’s the point in coming here if you’re just going to annoy the hell out of everyone? i’m not gonna hold you here, and i’m sure no one else is…

    i myself do appreciate classical music (and don’t you dare say i don’t), and i’m a full on metalhead. people can enjoy more than one style of music.

    when you said “Metal is about a half step away from rap, and that’s being generous.” i was utterly disgusted. rap being nothing more than nursery rhymes for adults, the same old stuff over and over… sure, a lot of old metal/rock bands did that, but i never used to like that anyway. anyone can rhyme…

    you say “I could give more facts, if you want to keep beating yourselves up. I would have to warn you though that the facts are not on your side.” yet you have not actually proven that any of these “facts” are indeed true… as far as i’m aware it’s an opinion from someone who doesn’t look at both sides of the argument, just his own… please, link us to some hard evidence that what you say is indeed true, if you can find it. and i’m pretty sure that the facts are indeed very much on our side…

    i agree there’s more to guitar than shredding the same stuff all the time… but the novelty with malmsteen is that he’s virually unmatched in speed, and for a metalhead, that’s really cool. i don’t know why, but the reasons why metal appeals to some people is that it gives them a feeling of raw power and speed, which i can’t exactly explain.

    lets see you perform as well as metal guitarists mythkiller… i’m sure we’ll enjoy it…

  • Mythkiller

    Great spelling bonzo. You make this too easy. I’m just giving you a taste of the crap that metal heads put out. Only the difference is I’m right. Gluteusmaximus, you want facts? How about there’s is more to playing guitar then running through the harmonic minor fast. Yngwie can compose? When is he going to start? His songs? are just feeble excuses for doing the same old harmonic minor badly. The same harmonic minor which was used to infinately better effect hundreds of years ago. I could give more facts, if you want to keep beating yourselves up. I would have to warn you though that the facts are not on your side. Furthermore, stop pretending that you appreciate Classical music. If you did you would not listen to metal. Your’e just trying use Classical to validate the mindless garbage you listen to.

  • well then, too bad ya ain’t made anybody shut up yet…and ya will find “stupid people” when you look into your mirror

    try harder, cuz you seriously suck at this…and not in the good kind of way, but in the awful “drag your teeth” way


  • Mythkiller

    Brian-Was there a question in there? I couldn’t get past your bad spelling. For a second I thought I logged on to a foreign website. Oh well, that’s my job. Making the stupid people shut up. You’re right guitarkid Metal is a completely different kind of non-musical garbage altogether. Why don’t you just listen to monkeys bang on guitars.

  • Guitarkid

    Who ever said “Metal is about a half step away from rap, and that’s being generous.” IS WRONG. Metal is miles away from rap.Rap is the way people sing in their song.
    rap comes from a different style of music all together and its mostly used with electronic music such as Techno etc. So Metal is real music form thanks to using live instruments. I know of metal bands that rap(Vocals in this particular style) in there music but thats how they sing using their vocals.!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Metal is about a half step away from rap, and that’s being generous.”

    Blah,Blah,Blah… Sure, whatever you say. You win!
    You are so intelligent and I can’t spell nor do I know anything about music.

    That’s kinda funny seeing how you haven’t pointed out one fact other than that you have a retarded opinion.

    You still haven’t answered my question from
    post# 604…

  • Shouldhavestoppedwhileyouwerebehind

    Metal heads are all the same. They sit around and talk down to the rest of the world about that which they know little if anything about. That being music among other things. Then they act angry when someone who knows better gets the upperhand in the conversation. So they isolate themselves, and pat each other on the back attempting to legitimize one another. When someone offers up something they can’t understand they simply dismiss it saying thats not metal. And people say Classical musicians are arrogant. At least Classical players have a point. Metal is about a half step away from rap, and that’s being generous. As far as your retorts, maybe if you learned to spell I might get something more out of them. You spell about like your metal head heroes, or is it whoroes, play

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Most Definitely, I do concur with your points 100%.

    I do get carried away with labels but that’s how I was introduced and that’s how I “kept it real” with my friends back in the day.

    “Motorhead showed the Way in that bands had one foot in the Punk ethic, and the other in Metal.”

    Yea, Maiden was that way for me, especially with their s/t & Killers album. Then I stumbled upon Ironchrist(Sorry,couldn’t find an A/V link). Unfortunately, they only had one major outing & disappeared but they definitely blurred the lines of Punk & Metal.

  • ripping tune d00d!

    well am i Aware of what they called Anthrax…and my band at the time, among many others…

    the HC scene in NYC and down the Jersey Shore and Philly was a bit of a catch all for many new modes of Sound at the time…most within it referred to Anthrax and the like as “skate rat”…a new version of Surf stylings to many

    but the HC at the time, which spawned all kinds of sub-genres, tended to have one common Concept in it…

    Motorhead showed the Way in that bands had one foot in the Punk ethic, and the other in Metal (Sabbath and the like)…skate rat, grindcore, thrash…all came from that Scene, those and more

    so i tend to take the various Spawn stylings of Metal and differentiate on their Labels…

    but it’s still all Metal…and still all Rock ‘n’ Roll ta yer olde gonzo…


  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “nuff said…” & Well Said!!

    Just an F.Y.I.(Not a diss @ Mr. Marx): Anthrax was considered NYHC before & during their reign of success, thus, that is why they covered hardcore & punk influencing tunes such as the Joe Jackson cover(which is f*cking great, might I add)and “Protest & Survive” which was a Discharge tune.

    While you’re catching up on some Anthrax, check out these guys because they took it to another level!!

  • how about some Education here…

    this is a song by the original Artist…New Wave…well written/composed…solid stuff of Rock

    this is the same song….but done in Metal mode

    if ya can’t hear the difference, there ain’t no helping…but i’d advise having headphones crazy glued to yer ears while the entire discography of this band plays on an endless loop

    nuff said…


  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Well, Thank You Gonzo!! I do truly appreciate the B.C. back-up!!

    “I’m pretty sure he could compose any of that basic easy shite that The Who has ever released.

    Actually, I apologize, I shouldn’t have dropped to that @$$hole’s level. I like The Who and Pete Townsend was a great guitarist. I may not have liked Jimmy Page but I cannot deny his talent. The Blue Oyster cult was pretty damn good as well. Personally, I’d much rather listen to classic rock than any of the boring, mediocre modern rock that’s choking the airwaves…

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Come on now, don’t cry lackofanamebecauseyourascaredasslittlef*ckingpanzy. It makes you look useless…I’m sorry, your writing already does that.

    Keep whipping out all your useless dated,non-metal guitarists because you have no sense of anyone that f*cking Rolling Stone magazine hasn’t mentioned.

    “If your going to rant at least make sure you know something about the subject to begin with, you music hating fool.”

    Hey, you’re the moron who says Yngwie can’t compose.LOL!! I’m pretty sure he could compose any of that basic easy shite that The Who has ever released…Yea, I’m pretty sure I could do that as well.

  • for comment #16 – you are so full of shit, yer eyes are brown and seeping…

    do show something to back up yer claims of pwnage…

    ya can’t

    nowhere did Brian ever state that Townsend, Page et all weren’t great fucking guitar players…

    they just ain’t Metal…and if ya look at the topic…well, either ya can’t comprehend simple english…or ya know shit about the genre

    step up or step off, junior…


  • Youjustgotyourasskicked

    Ok doofusmaximus, Buck Dharma. Oh wait a minute. He actually plays leads that work so he is not metal. Page, oh no wait he can play songs that make sense too. Pete Townsend, whoops, he has a sense of composition, sorry. If yngwie is going to pretend to be classical then comparison is unavoidable. If he doesn’t measure up who’s to blame for that. I’ve also heard the rest of the poser bands you listen to and they’re all about as much of a joke as you are. You don’t even know when you’ve been bested. I’m obviously not the first to make an ass out of you. But, I’m sure you were the first. Here’s a clue. If your going to rant at least make sure you know something about the subject to begin with, you music hating fool.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Oh Yes…Thin Lizzy:) My fav is the Cowboy Song. I can say they had the twin leads first & the celtic feel. I do give’em props.

    Little did people know what to do when they heard these guys nor did they realize how much this band influence metal nowadays.

    Here’s some more crazy Stuff for ya… I love the leads.

  • yer a bit younger than me, so it all makes a lot of sense

    no worries, bro’

    and for you, a Treat…we all know how important Maiden was in the genre…

    but before them, there was this Stuff

    but this guy changed my View on so much in Music way back when videos could only be found on Don Kirchner or the Midnite Special


  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    I totally agree, Gonzo. I’m a Metal/(wannabe)Fusion drummer and I have always loved when a musician could spin my brain with emotion filled complexity.

    Though, for me, in H.S. people were stuck on 80’s new wave & glam rock. I was always looking for something challenging and was dropped into the world of Watchtower,Death,Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Atheist and OFCOURSE, first and foremost, Iron Maiden.

  • i hear ya Brian..as a former *metal* bassist, i’ve always been about innovation…bringing something new to the table, as it were

    hence my early predilection towards Rush and Sabbath when my high school contemporaries were listening to Zeppelin and Floyd

    but i digress…


  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “…without objective criteria”

    My criteria has always been about the guitarists that not only influenced others but re-invented the genre.Plus, I feel that alot of people are stuck on this heavy Blues/Doom kick when they speak of metal. Imo, that narrows the field significantly.

  • might i suggest that Dimebag is indeed important enough for top 10, top 25 at the least…

    and Fast Eddy from Motorhead needs to be brought up, imo

    plenty of others, in many bands over the years, but without objective criteria, it al comes down to who scratches that headbanging itch

    Scott Ian does it for some, while Malmsteen does it for others

    vive la differance, imo


  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Their idea of improving their tone production is to add another stomp box and play louder.”

    Again,clearly,someone who probably hasn’t made it past Slipknot in their listening experience…

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    *F*ck This*… It’s so easy for you hacks to cut down Yngwie because there hasn’t been anyone like him since. So, Mr. Musicality…why don’t you tell me who would be a better pick and why!? Remember, this is a Metal list so don’t go dropping your classical names on me,i.e. Christopher Parkening, Dijengo Reinhardt(?)

  • Purged

    And you know what else bites about todays metal guitarists? Their idea of improving their tone production is to add another stomp box and play louder. Good tone production is the difference between a good guitarist and a mediocre one. There aren’t more then a few guitarists on this list to have even achieved a level of mediocrity.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Brian your sense of musicality is pretty warped.”

    Sure, on a classical scale, Yngwie may not be the best but were talking Metal Guitarists! If I have to explain what that man did for Metal then you should just move your ill-informed mind over to the alt/indie shite section.

    All in all, none of you have answered my question.I could bet you dollars to donuts that you have no clue what a real Metal offering might be!

  • Justtossedmycookies

    I know metal has been redefined in recent years. It seems that anyone who can play an actual song is not considered metal today. Brian your sense of musicality is pretty warped. Yngwie, GOD? What a sick joke. If I want to hear the harmonic minor I would prefer to hear someone who can use it in a musical context.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Why do metal fans think that metal is so cutting edge.”

    Well, I guess that depends on what you consider “Metal”.

  • Sicktomystomach

    Wow this list is really screwed up. Why do metal fans think that metal is so cutting edge.Please tell me this is all just a bad joke

  • Zeppelin6

    What about Synester Gates?? I know Avenged sevenfold is new, but he’s an amazing guitarist. Metal is still alive, though it has changed

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Anyone disagree!?

    Yup…I do. Hendrix,Page,Clapton & EVH were NOT Metal guitarists!

    Here’s how the list should look:

    1. Yngwie J. Malmsteen
    2. Andy LaRocque
    3. Chris Impelliteri
    4. Ron Jarzombek
    5. John Petrucci
    6. Alex Scholnick
    7. Dave Murray
    8. Rand Burkey
    9. Steve Vai
    10. Tony Iommi

  • Gunnah

    Top list SHOULD be:

    1. Hendrix
    2. Satriani
    3. Malmsteen
    4. Vai
    5. Van Halen
    6. Clapton
    7. Page
    8. Darrell
    9. Iommi
    10. Wylde

    Anyone disagree!?

  • VK

    Sorry but… Maybe I am a bit crazy, but I think that Hideto “hide” Matsumoto [X-JAPAN] should be into the list…

  • charley

    +hendrix wasnt metal but other wise he should be first metallica kicks everyones ass mega death cant even come close to “one” seriously name one song that mega death made that is even a wisp of “one”

  • Brian

    #23 is Joe SATRIANI, not Sartani or whatever you put in. Watch the new dvd he has out and tell me he isn’t worthy of being ranked higher if not #1.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    1. Dimebag Darrel (Pantera, Damaplan)

    I’m sorry that he was tragically murdered, BUT – No F*cking way is he numero uno!!(as for why?, read below)

    I agree with post #595 – We all have our own ideas, though, wether or not Mr. Malmsteen may claim to be a guitarist, he did the most re-inventing & pioneering than any musician could ever do for this genre…PERIOD!! He is the reason why classical was honored in the heaviest of Metal. MALMSTEEN IS GOD!!

  • Elvis

    Well I not going to give my list of great Metal/Rock Guitar players of all time, as I have my own ideas(like everyone else!). But sometimes these lists are sometimes made on peoples own options and how well known a guitarist is….

  • Hedgehog

    i didn’t have the time to fill up my list so here you’ve got it

    1. Dimebag Darrel (Pantera, Damaplan)
    2. Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden)
    3. Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (Megadeth)
    4. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
    5. Eric Clapton (Cream, solo)
    6. Jimi Hendrix (Jimi hendrix experience)
    7. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman (Slayer)
    8. Zakk Wylde (Ozzy osbourne. Black label society)
    9. Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)
    10. Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
    11. Herman Li & Sam Totman (Dragonforce)
    12. James hetfield & Hammet (Metallica)
    13. Angus & Malcom young (AC/DC)
    14. Alexi Lahio (Children of bodom)
    15. Glen Tripton & K.K Downing (Judas Priest)
    16. Slash (Guns n’ roses)
    17. Yngwie malmsteen
    18. Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley (KISS)
    19. Randy Rhoads (OZZY OSBOURNE)
    20. Steve Vai (David Lee Roth)
    21. Brian May (Queen)
    22. John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
    23. Joe Satarni
    24. Adam Jones (Tool)
    25. Chris Degarmo & Michael Wilton (Queensryche)
    26. Fast Eddie Clarke (Motorhead)
    27. Scott Gorham & Brian Robertson (Thin lizzy)
    28. Pete Townshend (The Who)
    29. Glen Buxton & Michael Bruce (Alice Cooper)
    30. Silenoz & Galder (Dimmu Borgir)
    31. Mark Morton & Will Adler (Lamb Of God)
    32. Michael Romeo (Symphony X)
    33. Wayne Static (Static-X)
    34. Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel)
    35. Phil demmel & Robert Flynn (Machine head)
    36. Matt DeVries & Rob arnold (Chimaira)
    37. Adam Zadel & Shaun Glass (Soil)
    38. Euroboy (turbonegro)
    39. Alex Leifson (Rush)
    40. Jim Martin (Faith no more)
    41. Mick & James (Slipknot)
    42. Head & Munkey (KoRn)
    43. Daron Malakian (System of a down)
    44. Michael McCready & Gossard (Pearl Jam)
    45. Chuck Schuldiner (Death)
    46. Tony Bourge (Budgie)
    47. Kenny Hickey (Danzig)
    48. Wolf Hoffman & Fischer (Accept)
    49. Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme, Mourning Widows)
    50. Vernon Reid (living colour)

    Okey if you dont like plz make a comment that makes sence instead of just saying that you don’t like it!
    Thank you.

  • That l.Really, it cant be true that alexi laiho is the 96th.Someone can say that he is just fast but his riffs and solos are awesome, not only fast.He should be in the top 10.And I say that Dimebag Darrel should be in the top 3. R.I.P dime.

  • Jimi returns

    Guitar World got it ALL wrong.
    In my opinion, this is a bad list.

    PS: (Where is Herman Li? lol)

  • Hedgehog

    Okey here is a fair and square list and its kinda true too tho! dont like it plz comment and explain why dont just be a lame ass and pretend to know..!

    1. Dimebag Darrel (Pantera, Damaplan)
    2. Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden)
    3. Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (Megadeth)
    4.Kirk Hammet & Hetfield (Metallica)
    5. Eric Clapton (Cream, solo)
    6. Jimi Hendrix (Jimi hendrix experience)
    7. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman( Slayer)
    8. Zakk Wylde (Ozzy osbourne. Black label society)
    9. Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)
    10. Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
    11. Herman Li & Sam Totman (Dragonforce)
    12. Alexi Lahio (Children of bodom)
    13. Angus & Malcom young (AC/DC)
    14. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
    15. Glen Tripton & K.K Downing (Judas Priest)
    16. Slash (Guns n’ roses)
    17. Yngwie malmsteen
    18. Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley (KISS)
    19. Randy Rhoads (OZZY OSBOURNE)
    20. Steve Vai (David Lee Roth)
    21. Brian May (Queen)
    22. John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
    23. Joe Satarni
    24. Adam Jones (Tool)
    25. Chris Degarmo & Michael Wilton (Queensryche)
    26. Fast Eddie Clarke (Motorhead)
    27. Scott Gorham & Brian Robertson (Think lizzy)
    28. Pete Townshend (The Who)
    29. Glen Buxton & Michael Bruce (Alice Cooper)
    30. Silenoz & Galder (Dimmu Borgir)
    31. Mark Morton & Will Adler (Lamb Of God)
    32. Michael Romeo (Symphony X)
    33. Wayne Static (Static-X)
    34. Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel)
    35. Phil demmel & Robert Flynn (Machine head)
    36. Matt DeVries & Rob arnold (Chimaira)
    37.Adam Zadel & Shaun Glass (Soil)
    38. Euroboy (turbonegro)

  • campo

    was reading the comments and OH MY GOD mossey u seem to write a life story when this is just a forum where a few sentences are required, NOT an essay that takes forever to read (has to be read twice because of the load of bollocks that u write) finally FYI it was slayer-reign in blood that was the ”heaviest album of all time”

  • campo

    buckethead is waaay better than kirk hammett, trey azagthoth is underrated and ralph santolla ought to be on that list (in the top 20 AT least-listen to his solo on homage for satan) having said that jack owen should be to. personally dimebag is good yet is overrated.

  • Oli

    Hauser and Bouchet are more then right. Not only is rock dead, but musical evolution has ran it’s course. All the good blues rockers are dead or well past their prime. All the good classical musicians are dead or very old. Certainly all the good classical composers are long dead. Art rock reached it’s peak over a generation ago. Rap, that’s not music. Neither is death metal. As far as metal in general, Guns and Roses, and Metallica are mere shadows of what they once were, and they were never good bands to begin with. Van Halens style got old after the first album. Will Yngwie ever learn to play a solo that actually works in the context of a real song, or come up with a real song for that matter. Korn, Tool, You’ve got to be kidding. I feel sorry for kids nowdays. They don’t know what they missed.

  • i see a lot of bullshitting about dimebag

    remember he was an amazing guitarist

  • meh, Jimmy Hendrix isnt metal, hes like psychadelic rock/blues.

    This is definately a better list than the Rolling Stone magazines version

    I pretty much agree with “i dont have a name dammit”

    Opeth has decent guitarists aswell, they definately need a more a mention in there.

  • steve harris

    every one has a opion without tony o .and jimi h you would have alot of guys on the list .. just ask them if you meet alot guys you speak about my list goes as follows. 1.eddie van halen 2.steve vai 3.joe sat 4.malmsteen 5.george lynch underratted 6 kirk h 7.marty freedman 8.ty tybor underatted.9.randy rhoads10.dimebag 11.paul gilbert 12.steve ray vau.13.john petr.14.and alot more dont take it personal no real order every name here can rip…

  • I dont have a name dammit

    Ok, theres a huge ass debate here and it all kinda revolves around who’s the best guitarist. It damn well should, seein as this is a top guitarist list, but anyfuck, theres different reasons why these guys are on here. Lay-ho, or whatever his name is is an amazing technically skilled guitarist. I mean, the begining of Lake Bodom kicks ass, but thats only one aspect of guitar. The guys from Lamb of God are just the about the same skill level, same as Bjorn or whatever from In Flames. But theres guitarists like I dunno, he’s sure as hell not metal but Eric Clapton who pioneered somethin new in guitar. Then theres the classic guys like Malcom Young who are decent guitarists technically, but they have ideas beyond making the song as hard as hell to play as they can. I do feel its unfair though that the true metal guitarist of today who are amazing technical players were closer to the bottom of the list. I mean, KISS over Alexi Laiho? Theres something wrong with that. KISS was an awesome band for the time, but I mean, theres no fuckin way they have made more effort in their instramentalism (wtf?) as Children of Bodom. Hmm, if you read all this, I appreciate the shitload of thinking you’ll do on this subject. Thanks, oh, and In Flames rocks the fuck out of my socks. Give em a listen.

  • Tony Iommi are you high? there’s no way at all he could be number one….either eddie, jimi, or Yngwie Malmsteen and all those duel guitarists like Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield and Angus & Malcolm Young. thats dumb, you shouldn’t have 2 for 1…what kind of list is this,- a crappy one…at least hendrix isnt #one like on aother lists


    Jimmy Page is Good

  • great, another fuckin thread about fanboys all going “Jimmy Page is god!”

  • ross

    Where is Silenoz or Galder?

  • joesph anderson

    i i have see many metal shows and guys that can play no real order 1.steve vai 2.eddie vanhalen 3.malmsten4.george lynch5.joe sat.6.kirk hammit7.dimebag8.ty tybor.9.al pitrile10.marty freedman.11.vivian cambell.tom morrello .

  • corosian

    “actually, metal is making a comeback in a way”

    Well, depends what you mean by saying comeback. If you mean those old metal bands that have ran out of money and now they are just trying to keep their living, yes you are right. But theres no new wave of heavy metal, that is, the old good heavy metal. Only nu-metal and rap – metal shit some genres of extreme metal. But again, how can i argue with someone with a different taste of music.

    Stupid italian discomen? Never heard of italian disco? Marvin Precioso? Rings any bell? “like a lot of genres, disco has changed and grown” What the fuck does that mean? Anything to do with italian discomen? I was refering to the disco that i know from the last decade.

    “in what universe does “ringo starr” follow “funk”?” – well ok i didnt put the sentence in the righ order, i was just making a point that their drummer also had influences from the softer side of rock.

  • zingzing

    hauser: “Rock never did recover from Disco. Since disco it has become pretty much impossible for non-corporate bands to survive in the corporate music enviroment.”

    oh horseshit. silly rock went out the window with punk, which created an alternative to the “corporate music environment.” ever heard of indie labels? (you can find the best metal there, and that’s the way it’s been for almost 30 years.) disco and rock, other than for a few years in the late 70s, have always had different audiences.

    “As for as I’m concerned it’s all pretty generic, and commercial.”

    um. one of my favorites, boris, puts out mostly 1-track albums that are mostly bass tones. harsh bass tones, but none too commerical. suno))) is another favorite. they rarely employ anything more than evil drones. jesu is absolutely beautiful and often blissful. khanate is frightening. metal has diversified a lot over the years.

    “Listening to metal has been scientifically proven to lower the IQ. It’s not opinion when there’s facts to support it.”

    and what is it when there aren’t facts to support it? you’re coming off as an elitist idiot.

    BOUCHET: “Outweigh’ to exceed in influence. Nice vocabulary brian maybe some day when you graduate from junior high you’ll learn to spell. Teabagging? Only someone who listens to metal or rap would be dumb enough to have anal sex.”

    you make little sense. do you know what teabagging is? and now metal and rap are gay genres? they are (at times) the most homophobic genres out there. if you want to say something bad about metal and rap, why not say that? you are also coming off as an idiot.

    corosian: “I know its a trend to say that metal sux these days…”

    actually, metal is making a comeback in a way. it’s not the same stuff that was coming out in the 80s, or even the 90s, and is much more experimental. i doubt brian (big guppy) would like much of the newer strains, being as he’s a bit of a traditionalist, a classicist, if you will… and i usually don’t back up brian on his music taste…

    but silly men like hauser and bouchet bring it out in me. they have silly opinions that they really couldn’t back up if they looked into them, and they say silly things like “disco killed rock” and “metal corrodes your brain.” ok. yeah. disco didn’t kill anything, old man, and metal does not lower your i.q., mom.

    corosian, i agree with lots of what you have to say… except the “stupid italian discomen” thing… where did that come from? can you name an italian “discoman?” like a lot of genres, disco has changed and grown… whatever.

    and then there is this doozie: “Iron Maiden guitarists play blues scales, and their drummer can be almost clasified as funk drummer, his influences being men like Ringo Starr.”

    woof. in what universe does “ringo starr” follow “funk”?


  • corosian

    Houser : Im affraid i must disagree with your opinions. I know its a trend to say that metal sux these days, and that it lowers your ICQ and other shit i hear these days. Actually, if you check out some interviews with rockstars like Blackie Lawless, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Rob Halford or Alice Cooper, you will eventually find out they are all very intelligent men, unlike stupid italian discomen. I have been brought up around classical music my entire life, i play pianno, flute, and trumpet, and still im able to appreaciate heavy metal. As you might know, metal is a mixture of hard rock and blues, and thats where it originally came from. I have to agree with you that bands like Slipknot, Korn or Cradle of Filth fail to show at least a bit of their music talents, but saying that rock died when disco rised is bullshit. As far as Im concerned disco began in the seventies and still u can c melodic metal bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden spwaning from the NWOBHM, and please, dont tell me that these bands are not talented. Halford and Dickinson have such vocal range as any opera singer has. Iron Maiden guitarists play blues scales, and their drummer can be almost clasified as funk drummer, his influences being men like Ringo Starr. And still, the band is clasified as heavy metal.

  • Hauser

    Brian, in response to your rantings. Music has been my main source of income my entire adult life. I guess that makes me a professional. I must concede to you that there are not many people on this planet who can play as well as Christopher Parkening. As for Mr. Malmsteen, so he can run through a harmonic minor fast. Big whoop. You know there is not much that is more gay then watching a guy with big hair, in spandex and leather pose and prance around a stage. Mr Bouchet has communicated to me that one of his blog entrys was altered. I guess the people at guitar world don’ believe in a level playing field. As much fun as it’s been watching you lose your cool I’m a busy guy, and I’m starting to feel like a special-ed teacher. It’s been nice hearing from me.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    You’ve got to be kidding…right?? Do you even preview the sh!t that rolls out of your mouth before you publish it?? Check your own spelling!! Ex. Post #571: “Dumm” & “Outways”

    So with that being said, Don’t piss down my back & tell me it’s raining! You kids must be like 12. So take your asinine routine & turn it sideways..

    I’m done with these knuckleheads… Keep believing that there isn’t a “Thinking Man’s” Metal. That’s fine with me. The less f*cking morons I have to deal with at shows the better.

  • Bouchet

    Outweigh’ to exceed in influence. Nice vocabulary brian maybe some day when you graduate from junior high you’ll learn to spell. Teabagging? Only someone who listens to metal or rap would be dumb enough to have anal sex. Most of the metal heads I’ve known smoked crank and you couldn’t leave a quarter lie around them. Just because you’ve heard the name Christopher Parkening does not mean you know anything about music. Obviously you don’t appreciate the differences between Classical and metal. I know alot of metal mongoloids try to validate themselves by saying they’re influenced by Classical. Maybe you should ask yourself why that validation is necessary. Oh never mind your never going to get it.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Obviously metal heads can neither spell or play guitar…”

    Then just a few comments later Mr.Bullshit…oops, I meant Bouchet f*cks his own shit up…LOL!!

    “The stupidity of the many outways the brains of the few.”

    Again, I say, collectively you fucks wouldn’t know what a real metal band was even if they came and gang banged your mothers and I’m not talking about the Homeless Crackheads that were there last night!!

    Though you speak of the classical you teach, you’ll never be able to play like Christopher Parkening nor will you ever be able to adapt that style to metal like Mr. Malmsteen. Though you speak of all these styles that you’re supposed to be able to teach on a dime, you will teach those kids how to play each style without any passion or grace because you, yourself are a shitty-ass guitarist.

    You & your bed buddy (Hoser)should stick to teabaggin each other and leave the music to the pros…F*cking Hacks!!

  • Bouchet

    How many times will metal bands use the sales pitch “we aren’t a commercial band” and still find people dumm enough to believe it? The stupidity of the many outways the brains of the few.


    Rock didn’t die after Disco, what are u guys talking about??? How about bands like Van Halen and the Scorpions, and even Metallica? They’re awesome bands!!! Disco was just a short-peroid of time, like rap is today.

  • Hauser

    Brian doesn’t smoke meth. His Mom did when she was pregnant with him.

  • Bouchet

    Obviously metal heads can neither spell or play guitar. Hey Brian, how much meth do you have to smoke before metal starts to sound good?

  • Hauser

    Rock never did recover from Disco. Since disco it has become pretty much impossible for non-corporate bands to survive in the corporate music enviroment. For those of you who are not old enough to have lived through the change, I suppose its hard to see the difference. For those of you who have not played long enough to play anything besides metal, how can you judge music when you don’t know anything it. I have given hundreds of lessons to metal heads, and all they are ever interested in is learning to copy the latest metal fad. Saying that I have heard more metal than I ever wish to remember. As for as I’m concerned it’s all pretty generic, and commercial. When you give lessons you have to be able to play whatever you are asked to show your student and do it right away. I can play metal, Jazz, Blues, Classical, whatever, and I would have to say that next to rap, metal is the worst, and the least musical. Listening to metal has been scientifically proven to lower the IQ. It’s not opinion when there’s facts to support it.


    How the fuck could anyone say that Metallica and Guns N’ Roses suck? I mean, Metallica’s ST. Anger sucked, but mostly every other album was really good….same for GNR, but Axl shouldn’t keep the name “Guns N’ Roses” going unless 3 of the original band members come back. Any way, Those 2 bands dont suck, and Kirk and Slash are 2 of the Best Guitartists EVER, for kirk, just listen to Master Of Puppets, Fade To Black, Enter Sandman, or One and you’ll see wat i mean. For Slash , listen to Welcome To The Jungle, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Paradise City, November Rain, and even Nightrain and you’ll see wat i mean.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    I take offense to what Hasselhoff,er-I mean Hoser, wait,Hauser…What he said about about Metal.
    Most of the wannabes always cite Metallica and Guns ‘N’ Roses as of which Mr. Hauser & Mr. Bouchet’s opinion is very accurate because G’N’R was NEVER Metal & Metallica stopped producing any worthwhile shite after And Justice….

    With that being said, to say that all metal is shit shows Mr. Hauser’s ignorance. To which, I don’t think he has listened to anything beyond the commerical scope…So he shouldn’t talk shit about the Metal head wannabes on this thread!

    As for Mr. Bouchet… You are clearly Re-Tah-Ded!!
    “Rock’s Dead”…Yea..OK…Sure, whatever you say, Jackass.

  • Steve

    Disturbed? David Kmak is decent.

  • angus young and randy rhoads are the greatest guitarists ever!!!!!!!!!

  • Hauser

    Once again my point has been proven that none of you metal heads can even discuss music and say anything that makes sense. I guess listening to heavy metal really does lower your IQ.

  • bouchet

    metallica rocks, you have clearly mistaken hype, and a sound marketing campaign for talent. It’s called brain-washing. While I could say Kirk and Slash can’t play their way out of a wet paper bag, it would probably make more of a point to say they are un-skilled corporate sell-outs. Rock is dead. It had been sick since the disco-era.

  • Hauser

    Metallica rocks ? You have a real way with words. You can’t even spell the word retard. You spell about like Kirk and Slash play guitar. If you would bother to learn some musical fundamentals you would see my point of veiw.

  • Metallica Rocks

    Kirk and Slash Rock!!! Whoever says that they suck are retarts!!!

  • hauser

    In classical music being a professional means something. In rock the only difference between a professional and an amateur is that a professional jumps around and/or poses while he/she bangs on their instrument.

  • Bouchet

    Rock music stopped evolving well over thirty years ago. Everything in popular music today has been recyled over, and over, and over again. Each time being more simplified than the last time. Many so-called guitarist of today have attempted to compensate being less musical by playing more notes, or simply being louder. It has also become very trendy for sell-out bands like metallica and guns n roses to claim that they are not corporate bands, and at the same offering their record sales as proof of their supposed skills. Ask yourself, which lie would they have you believe.

  • Alex

    Personally, I find Petrucci owns both Hammett and Slash. Don’t get me wrong; both of them are amazing guitarists, but Petrucci man….Wow.

  • Bouchet

    What is it with you modern metal heads? If a guy can actually play rhythm, or write a real song that makes musical sense, he’s not considered metal these days. Metal players today all play with out any sense of melody or harmony. If it’s not actually music, who cares how many notes they bang out?

  • Hauser

    The United Way sponsors outreach programs helping metal heads overcome their disabilities. You and the United Way together making a difference.

  • Hauser

    Being one of the best heavy metal players around is alot like winning a medal in the special olympics

  • bouchet

    I never intended to imply that Hendrix was the best at anything. That wasnt’ the point I was trying to make. Still, in the world of rock music he was one of the most important innovators. Debating who is the best guitarist is kind of like arguing who is the best looking woman. Alot of it is taste. Personally I feel that the best guitarist are in classical, as all other kinds of music were invented by people who couldn’t play very well. Except for rap, which was invented by people who couldn’t play at all.

  • James

    im sorry to all you hendrix fans, maybe onna classic rock list, but i dont think he should be that high onna metal list

  • James

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!! ALexi Laiho number 96!!!!! wow whoever wrote this needs to sit down n listen to sum serious bodom. “downfall”…masterpiece “kissing the shadows” one of the ebst duel solos of all time, nobody is more dedicated to there instrument, and nobody comes up with more creative riffs, clever key changes, or heart breaking solos then that man.

    and one last thing, jimi hendrix sucks, its unfortunate people like his music, all he did was drop a shitload of acid n mess with his feedback. his live stuff is terrible, NO CONCRETE TALENT WHAT SO EVER

  • hauser

    Matt and Mossey, I thought you guys didn’t know a perfect fifth from a perfect fourth. Now I know that you don’t. If you think that Kirk and Slash are difficult to copy, then you obviously can’t really play guitar. John Williams and Julian Bream, now those are real guitar players. Please don’t further display your ignorance by saying that you haven’t heard of them.

  • Bouchet

    Am I actually to believe that there is someone out there ignorant enough to not know who Segovia was, and at the same time trying to pretend they know something about guitar? I can play metallica and guns-n-roses. So what? I just think its alot more fun and musical to play Hendrix, Zepplin, the Who, Yes, Jethro Tull, Bach, Tarrega, or about a million others. Having said that I still am not buying that Kirk or Slash are skilled or talented. And mossey, you really think Segovia isn’t world known? And you think I’m weird?

  • Hauser and bouchet, what the fuck are you talking about, you are relating Kirk and Slash to a big mac, you two are really wierd!!!
    I will say again they appeal to a lot people because they are good at what they do, if your guitarists were any good then they would become well known and appeal to a lot of people, but thank god they don’t, you two sound like you are jealous that the guitarists that you listen to are not as good as Kirk and Slash, it is like you are saying that because they are probably your favourite guitarists then they have got to be the best, but if they are the best then they would be known worldwide and appeal to a lot of people.
    Also Bouchet, who the fuck do you like then, because i am sure that most metal fans drink a lot, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are too stupid to know any better, metal fans know a good guitarist when they see one!!!!!
    So tell me the guitarists that you like before you start criticising other guitarists, and then we can compare.

  • Matt

    And i bet you never heard a Metallica or Guns ‘n’ Roses song in your life have you, Listen to Metallicas songs from And justice for all and you’ll notice that no one can play like Kirk, And listen To the songs from Apetite for Destruction from G’n’R, seriously, they became famous because of their quality of music and not limiting themselves just to please their fans.

  • Matt

    Bouchet, dude, if you think that Kirk and Slash are crap, then seriously man, pick up a guitar and try to learn one of their solos and you’ll see how talented they really are.
    They appeal to so many people because they can play, i bet you probably consider Dimebag Darrell to be better or Dave Mustaine to be better, that is just laughable!!!

  • Bouchet

    I agree completly with you Mr. Hauser. Slash and Kirk are successful because they are a couple of corporate whores. They appeal to the lowest common denominator, like drunks , meth heads, and people who are too stupid to know any better.

  • hauser

    Buck Dharma is the original heavy metal guitar player, and still the best. Heavy metal has become pretty generic this days. Of course as far as guitarists all around Segovia was still the greatest pioneer of the 20th century. Lastly, sure enough Slash and Kirk appeal to alot of people, but so does a Big Mac. I guess it’s the Walmart approach to making music that Bouchet and I have a problem with.

  • OK bouchet, what is your idea of a good guitarist and a good metal band? surely Slash and Kirk Hammett are good guitarists! and why do you think they have become so big commercially? because they have got good songs, good riffs, good solos and they appeal to a lot of fans.
    Secondly elias shut up you are just an idiot and are making stupid comments, them guitarists don’t even compare to Hammett and Slash.
    Thirdly hauser, who do you think can play a perfect fifth and a perfect fourth? because you have to back up your claim that none of us even know the difference!!!

  • bouchet

    Guns n Roses and Metallica are the burger king and McDonalds of rock bands. Just because they are commercially succesful doesn’t mean they have quality. Why do so many metalheads only gauge talent in decibels?

  • hauser

    Can anyone on this blog actually play guitar? I mean actually play real music, not just metallica or ac/dc. I get the idea that none of you know a perfect fifth from a perfect fourth.

  • elias

    and tracii guns should be second because i siad so

  • elias

    alexi laiho from children of bodom should be first everybody else sucks


    I’m just going to say that I think Slash and Kirk are even, but Kirk has a better Solo.

  • THE MASTER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
    How is everyone, as i can see everyone has deserted this website now, well we will have to change that!
    Another debate…………..
    Who is a better guitarist between Kirk Hammett and Slash?
    It doesn’t have to revolve around metal, i just mean in general.

  • Leem

    Why is the head banger from In Flames not higher up on the list? He kicks ass, whatever the hell his name is. And Pettrucci should have a better spot too.

  • Blake

    that punka ss anthony G deserses to die
    i’ve been reading the same intolerent shit for 40 minutes
    mind you i have a life..unlike Anthony…
    so thats why its short and sweet

  • Fuckity fuckity fuck fuck fuck! The whole fucking list is completely fucking wrong! Fuck! Shitgoddammitmotherfuckerbitchass! With your bitch slap rappin’ and your cocaine tongue you get nothin’ done! Listen to Metallica because they’re probably the most musically talented metal band that I’ve ever heard. Kill ’em All through …And Justice For All were the greatest albums, and through the rest of the millenium they were pretty good. Kirk Hammett is the only member of the band that doesn’t suck anymore. I don’t know about Trujillo, though, why do metal bands even have bass guitars? Slayer is pretty catchy and easy listening, but Hammett completely kicks my ears’ asses.
    As for Led Zeppelin, they were the only successful band of their heaviness during that time, and The Who was pretty fuckin’ sweet, as well. Without them and Black Sabbath, metal would have remained underground forever (yes, The Who had some heavy music).
    KoЯn is also a good band, but I do not recall hearing any guitar solos. Not many good metal bands sell well anymore, which goes to show that album sales usually mean shit. By the way, I’m making an extremely heavy metal band in Des Moines , Iowa, so feel free to try out for lead vocals if you have that special heavy metal voice.
    Some recommendations that I have for all of you are “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles and “Stone Cold Crazy” by Queen, both unusually heavy songs for their respective bands.
    One last note, Reign In Blood is an extremely worthy listen, and every single song on Master Of Puppets kills a thousand Britney Spears fans when played, so listen to the greatest album of all time!

  • Alex

    Yes ColdKill, we’ve astablished that…

  • ColdKill

    This list isnt right wth …. y isnt the guitarists from 8 foot sativa in this … they r bloody amazing … and where the hell r mark and will from lamb of god this is disgracful …. list is messed up

  • Alex

    Happy fucking new years everyone!

  • Lee

    And the same with Dimebag, I mean you can see he’s good and you only have to listen to “Hollow” and “Cowboys from Hell” To see that, but he is not the greatest metal guitarist!!!

  • Lee

    Randy Rhoads was good and I can appreciate his music and why some of his fans in this forum who are mostly bias would like to say that he is better than Hammett and Iommi but he is not!!!

    Listen To “Crazy Train”, and then listen to “Fade to Black” or even “One” and you’ll see How Kirk is better than Randy Rhoads.

  • Alex

    Haha, wow HHH&BH, your just trying to get picked on, aren’t you? Nano-Handeld…..WTF? If you think guitar sucks, get the hell outta here. HHH&BH, Iommi could total Angus and Malcom. Dimebag is amazing, but I think he’s beeing a little overrated since his death.

  • HHH&BH

    Dimebag darrell is the best guitarist ever!! tony iommi sucks!!!!!! top ten is
    1: dimebag
    2: kirk hammett
    3: zakk wylde
    4: angus young
    5: steve vai
    6: yngvie malmsteen
    7: Dave mustaine
    8: jimi hendrix
    9: eddie van halen
    10: malcolm young

  • nano-handheld

    top 10

    1. laiho
    2. michal angelo batio
    3. me
    4. mustain
    5. navarro
    6. hendrix
    7. syn
    8. zakky vengance
    9. guy from canibal corpse
    10. omar-rodrigues lopez

  • nano-handheld

    i still think guitar sucks

  • George

    I know this is a little late, but I just want to say I’m sorry mossy, i thought you were talking to me, but you weren’t. I had know right to call you a Fuckhead.

  • phillip

    mossey, who the hell are you to call me a dickhead? what billion selling album is your guitar work on? why is your opinion so much better than mine where you think you have grounds to insult me? i still stand by my list, kirk hammet was a great guitar player, but randy rhodes is 100x better period, and yngwie was bad ass, listen to some of his stuff, and you will see hammett ain’t got shit on him, besides i thought that this was a list of guitar players in terms of how good they were, i did not realize this was a popularity contest, all of you who say hammett is the best, are just into metallica, i used to be the same way, but then i realized, he’s not the best, he’s really good, but not the best, also evh was overrated, and so was hendrix, again this is not a list based on influence, but on skill and ability, hence, toni iommi should not be on top, he was onnovative, and influential, but not that good, same as hendrix, altough hendrix was much better than iommi, but i say again, srv was the all time god of guitar, nobody can touch him, not even the all mighty hendrix, srv was the best period, as far as metal though, randy rhodes was it, and that is all i am going to say, i am done with this board

  • nano-handheld

    actually i say alexi laiho is the best ever

  • Chris Philbin

    Alright, I’m just going to leave my opinion, why not? I think Iommi IS the greatest….He just is. He basically IS metal. I’m not saying he’s the best guitarist to ever roam the Earth, but without him, Folk would be popular 😛 Also, Hammett and Petrucci would top the list at #2 and 3. Hammett can shed, he can play nice melodic stuff, he can do whatever. Petrucci is a little more technically skilled than Hammett, but they’re both tanks. So, my top 5 would be…

    1. Tony Iommi
    2. John Petrucci
    3. Kirk Hammett
    4. Paul Gilbert
    5. Eddie Van Halen (If Considered Metal)

  • Alex

    Alright, Corey your right. I apologize.

  • Corey

    Wasn’t really looking for an arguement hence “just my personal opinion”. Meaning, its what I think. I mean theyre all obviously great guitarists but thats just my top 15 + Yngwie, so 16 (Yngwie is before Herman Li and all the others below him). Think what you like. Its what I think that matters to me.

  • Alex

    Herman Li and Synyster Gates…..Wow……That’s kind of sad. Herman isn’t bad, but Syn is a shredder, and there a lot better shredders than him, I.E-Jeff Loomis. And Alexi Laiho?!?! Haha! That’s almost as bad as Herman being 10 and Syn being 15. At least your top 10 is decent.

  • Corey

    forgot Yngwie Malmsteen… hes definately up there too!

  • Corey

    1- Eddie Van Halen – Van Halen
    2- Michael Angelo Baito – Nitro
    3- Slash – G’N’R
    4- Zakk Wylde – BLS, Ozzy Osbourne
    5- Kerry King – Slayer
    6- Kirk Hammett – Metallica
    7- Tony Iommi – Black Sabbath
    8- Dimebag Darrell – Pantera
    9- Paul Gilbert – Racer X
    10- Herman Li – DragonForce
    11- John Petrruci
    12- Joe Satriani
    13- Timo Tolkki – StratoVarious
    14- Alexi Laiho – Children Of Bodom
    15- Synyster Gates – Avenged Sevenfold

    Just my personal opinion..

  • I cannot believe there is this long of a debate over this:0

  • Lee

    I don’t think that Jimmy Page is overated, he is a bloody good guitarist and Tony Iommi was good too but his solos are nothing compared to Kirks but maybe he wanted to play his solos that way so i dunno.

  • Lee

    Wow, this a forum not a fucking great debate. Read the comment policy dickheads.
    I don’t really have a reason to argue against this list because i agree with pretty much all of it.
    I was reading some of the comments and read something about someone thinking that they should switch over Kirk Hammett with Dave Mustaine, I can’t remember what their name is because i don’t know this thing like the back of my hand but i think that was the stupidest most ignorant thing i have ever read.
    Dave Mustaine deserves the position he was put in on that list.
    (And i agree with some of Mosseys comments and i agree with some of I am bored shitless so i thought id join in’s comments)

  • George

    Ok Mossey, i was just going to say my opinion but you had to be a fuck head and critizize me, so here we go, Jimmy Page is not boring and isnt overrated, and he influenced all these other guitarists,and i’m srry i didnt put Kirk Hammet as #1, he’s fucking awsome, but i couldnt think of an order to put them in, at least he’s in the top 10. Lets see wat you can say now about me now, always getting into fights online with people see, and i’m not saying that u dont have a piont it’s just that u had to be a fucker towards me, thats all

  • Alex

    Hey Mossey, have you ever heard of John Petrucci? He came a little later then EVH, but he’s about the same time has Hammmett. He’s not a shredder, but he can shred, and I think that he plays some beatiful solos.

    Also, have you heard the solo from Hammett on “Dyers Eve”, that’s a pretty crazy solo.

  • Ok shithead i don’t even care that i have been on it for about 3 months i was just making a point to the other shithead. You don’t belong here you just come in to debates and don’t say anything about the debate, fucking idiot!
    Who the hell is Chuck Schuldiner, no mark compared to guitarists like Hsmmett and Smith and Murray and EVH and Hendrix.
    Yes Iommi was influential for metal, but he wasn’t really that good, he just wrote some good riffs, if you are talking about overall influence then Hendrix is top of the list, then Eddie Van Halen because his solos are just amazing. Also Hammett’s solos are brilliant so they, in my eyes are better guitarists and are more influential for solos.
    Actually Paul McCartney could play bass and lead guitar, and what is wrong with the Beatles, they are probably the most influential band ever and a lot of bands probably listened to them and wanted to start their own bands.
    Coming from Liverpool, England i have grown up on the Beatles and they are just an amazing, and people like Iommi, EVH, Hammett probably listened to them when they were younger, as the Beatles started Rock n Roll, Soft Rock/Ballads which then evolved in to Hard Rock and then Metal.
    JameSKorn91, bands like Metallica are metal but Korn and Slipknot are nu-metal and are not original metal, Lacuna Coil are a really good band, but they are not heavy enough to be classed as heavy metal, they are probably nu-metal or a lighter version of metal. Lamb Of God and Demonhunter are shit compared to bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, they are the true Metal gods!!!!!!
    I personally think that Jimmy Page’s Stairway to Heaven is highly over rated, it is too slow, puts me to sleep. Eddie Van Halen’s Erutpion is the best solo ever in my eyes. Tony Iommi is not that good a guitarist, some good riffs but not good solos, he just has a big reputation because Black Sabbath were the first metal band.
    Jimi Hendrix had better solos than that like in Voodoo Child and other songs, but it is ok. Slash’s Sweet Child O’ Mine solo is brilliant, in my eyes the third best solo ever. But you are forgetting about one man…….
    Kirk Hammett’s One solo is in my eyes the second best solo ever and i am surprised that you have put guitarists like Iommi before him because Hammett is clearly a better guitarist than him!!!!
    Page is a good guitarist but he is too boring for me but that is my opinion and like i said before Stairway To Heaven is too boring.
    Slayer’s guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman are good guitarists but they play their guitar differently to other metal guitarists and they shred their guitar, they shred the best on the Reign In Blood album.
    George in my opinion Jimmy Page is highly overrated and he is very boring, but Eddie Van Halen and Kirk Hammett are very creative and geniuses on the guitar and should be joint no.1!!!
    I am also surprsied to see that you don’t have the Iron Maiden guitarists, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith or Janick Gers in there becuase they are briliiant also and should definitely be on the list.
    Again Iommi is a shit guitarist and only makes good riffs not solos so therefore should not be that high up the list.
    I am bored shitless so i thought id join in!!! i hate you and i don’t even know you, if you are bored shitless then do something else productive, please, the only good point you made is that Kirk Hammett should be no.1, and if you read the other messages i sent to the other idiot i was arguing with then you will see that he criticized me for not making good points and i made the point that i have been on this for a while and have made a lot of good points since then, so fuck off!!! read the rest before you criticize what i say!!!
    Also i know it has got nothing to do with this but Oasis are not the most overrated band ever, they are a really good British rock band/soft rock band, but they will obviously never be as good as metal!

  • Alex

    Well, if part of the criteria was how influential the guiarists were, then Iommi would rule the list.

  • bizz

    Chuck Schuldiner should be in the top 5.

  • I am bored shitless so i thought id join in!!!

    Wow Mossey you have been on the debate for 3 months, I don’t think anyone cares cause thats pretty sad!!!

  • I am bored shitless so i thought id join in!!!

    Ye who cares if hes a bassist i don’t listen to Beatles!!!
    Anyways the guitarist from the beatles isn’t the best rock guitarist of all time because he created rock is he, therefore i think it is ignorant to say Tony Iommi is the best metal guitarist because he created metal, thats bullshit!!!

  • JameSKorn91

    most of these guitarists arent even metal. like angus young? wtf….ac/dc is a preppy rock band…whoever wrote this doesnt even know what metal is

    METAL is -Lamb of God
    – Korn
    – Metallica
    – Lacuna Coil
    – SLipknot
    – Demonhunter

  • George

    to add to my comments before, here’s the top 5 guitarists best songs they ever played on guitar:

    Jimmy Page: Stairway To Heaven
    Eddie Van Halen: Eruption
    Tony Iommi: Iron Man
    Hendrix: Purple Haze
    Slash: Sweet Child O’Mine


    Iommi,Page and Hendrix are gods.Love their bluesy influences.
    On a technical level the boys from Slayer erm..reign.More than playing they seem to be operating with no anesthesia on their guitars.

  • George

    alright, before i get on with my opinion, thers 2 things i want u people to know: i’m 12 years old, and that rap is a bunch of shit mixed together.
    Anyway, i think this list is retarted. It has the major names but in the wrong order. i know all u die-hard metal fans are pissed that Jimmy Page and people like that aren’t acually metal, but thats your opinion. though Tony Iommi started the heavy metal style of playing, he shoudn’t be 1#. Guitarists like Jimmy Page helped carve the way to metal. without them, metal might never exsisted. so Here’s my list of the 15 best metal guitarists:

    1.Jimmy Page
    2.Eddie Van Halen
    3.Tony Iommi
    4.Jimi Hendrix
    6.Kirk Hammet
    7.Randy Rhoads
    8.Brian May
    9.Richie Blackmore
    10.Zakk Wylde
    11.K.K Downing And Glen Tipton
    12.Angus Young
    13.Joe Perry
    14.Mick Mars
    15.Ace Frehely

  • Alex

    Umm….Paul McCartney was a bassist….

  • I am bored shitless so i thought id join in!!!

    Kirk Hammett should be no.1 in my opinion and you know why?
    Alot of people say, “Tony Iommi inovated metal, so he should be no.1”, that doesn’t mean hes a better guitarist.
    I mean The beatles inovated rock but that doesn’t mean that Paul McCartney is the best rock guitarist!!!
    You listen to a Metallica solo then listen to a Black Sabbath solo and you’ll see what i mean!!!

    Oh yea and if people say stupid shit like Randy Rhoads is better than Kirk Hammett then thats just bias, because Kirk actually puts more excitement into the song when he adds a solo whereas Randy Rhoads totally ruins the flow of the song!!!


  • Ahjayem

    I just knew this list was going to be the most outrageous document in the history of music. Eversince the first note of music was created when the caveman banged his batton against the thick skull of the first ancient woman.Some of the “guitarists” featured are still batteling to tune the guitar by ear, never mind playing it. Kurt Hammit who was the student of the ingeniously brilliant , to say the least,Joe Satriani feautures in spot number 77. This either makes Joe the best guitar tutor ever or your list the best bullshit ever.Your number #1 man is regarded by most, of course those who knows what guitaring is about, as the worst guitarist ever……and Kurt Cobain….good God! May we be protected against these self gratified coke sniffing buskers.

  • Ok listen zingzing, i have been on this debate for about 3 months and won a lot of arguments and you have been on it a few days so don’t talk to me about getting my debate skills up.
    Also i use words like tit, idiot, retarded because i don’t like the shit that you are writing, and it expresses my anger, and i will use words like that if i want, are you calling me an asshole??? you are an asshole for coming in to a debate halfway through and attempting to speak your mind, why don’t you leave and come back when a new debate starts!!!
    Also like corosian said, that billboard.com is shite, i don’t remember them ever gettin that many no.1s, and i follow them a lot.
    So because Prince does that you think EVH does it too cos i don’t remember him ever shooting anything out of the guitar like he was wanking.
    Also you surely are not comparing Prince to EVH are you? because there is no comparison, EVH is clearly better, his solos speak for themselves, also Prince should not even be mentioned on a Metal debate, cos he is far from it, where as Van Halen were originally metal but changed their genre later on.
    Also i know Eric Clapton should not be mentioned on a metal debate but you mentioned him first, so i just have to say Clapton is way better than Prince, again no comparison!!!
    How can you compare guitarists like EVH and Hendrix with your three guitarists, again i have to say no comparison, the influence they have had on guitarists and bands over the years, and listen to their solos, especially eruption, in my eyes, the greatest solo of all time, and listen to Hendrix’s guitar playing and solos and realise that he was performing solos and great riffs in the 60s, maybe they were not the best ever but they are still really good and he paved the way for other great guitarists and different genres as they had Jimi as their idols, so you cannot compare guitarists with no influence to EVH and Hendrix!
    P.S. i would never watch a Prince film as i am not that sad, i watch real films!!!

  • corosian

    zing zing: “a lot of which is wankery, some of which is quite impressive, but still wankery.” UM, or else ur fuckin Einstein or fuckin dumb. What are you defining wankery as “creative”? Or im just not getting you at all. Maybe you should check out the dictionary.
    Second thing, if you want to class someone as the best guitarists ever, he got to have everything, from melodic sence to technical skill, it has got to be everything, and im pretty much convinced Eddie has got pretty much all of it.
    Alex, yes Jimmie P. was a great guitarist, i do respect him, he was actually one of the first heavy metal guitarists icon and made many good riffs. Very influential.
    BTW billboard.com is a piece of crap, nobody takes it seriously, i mean its even worse than freakin Rolling Stones.

  • zingzing

    “But Zingzing they were not that successful, they were successful but you went a bit overboard with saying 9 top 5 albums and 5 no.1 albums.”

    billboard.com, darling. that’s what they say. and they’re the authority.

    “What the fuck does wankery mean you tit, he is playing a guitar you idiot, how is wanking in public got anything to do with him playing guitar, he is just amazing, the sound he gets from the guitar, knowone can beat that, if you think playing fast on the guitar is like wankery then you need to sort yourself out.”

    you ever seen purple rain, the prince movie? you know that bit near the end where he strokes the neck of the guitar until stuff starts shooting out the top? yeah, wankery. i use it in the sense that the guitarist is just getting off on his own greatness, to the detriment of actually expressing some emotion through his guitar. playing fast or slow has got nothing to do with it. clapton was a wanker, old “slow hand.” prince, of course, was also a wanker. but he was good at it.

    “It is good to have technical skill and it is not for engineers at all, EVH and Hendrix have technical skill but they are probably the greatest guitarists ever!”

    bah. phil elverum, kevins shields, keith levine. great guitarists, with no technical skill to speak of. all they have is their creativity.

    “It is just good to have an argument and tell other people your views to see what they say about it, so that is why everyone argues, it is also fun to do!”

    true. tis lovely. but you have to get your debate skills up. they’re okay, except for your use of phrases such as “you tit,” “you idiot,” and “you are really retarded.” just makes you look like an asshole. you don’t want to be an asshole, do you?

  • Alex

    Page’s relatively low No. 6 ranking raised some eyebrows since Led Zeppelin also helped pave the way for heavy metal. But Tolinski said Page would be the first to admit that his playing also incorporates blues and folk. Similarly, Eddie Van Halen has always had a foot in the pop world, he added.

    Hendrix, who died in 1970, introduced some of the genre’s conventions, but Tolinski termed him more of a “futuristic blues player” than a heavy metal guitarist. [Reuters]

  • Alex

    I know EVH was influential! I’ve told you this. I’m saying though, the metal shreddy guitarists all use EVH’s tapping style. I didn’t put him on the list because I didn’t think he was classified as metal.

  • Sorry to disagree with you again corosian, maybe EVH was not technically skilled but Jimi Hendrix was, the way he was left handed and played a right handed guitar upside down n changed the strings around is just amazing.
    Also he was on of the first people to use the wah-wah pedal, also he was the first person to use the Axis fuzz unit, the Octavia octave doubler and especially the UniVibe, they to me are classed as making the guitar more technical and have better sound. Hendrix for me is the best ever because he was the first hero of electric guitarists, even the likes of EVH, Eric Clapton, the Beatles (best band ever! even though they are not metal) kieth richards were all fans of Hendrix so he must surely be the best ever to be that influencial.
    But i do agree with you about the Eruption solo, it is true, knowone had seen that style of playing the guitar, the last one to stand out at playing the guitar before him was Hendrix, which shows how rare great guitarists come around, and these two are certainly one of a kind in their own style of playing, if anyone thinks otherwise then they deserve a slap!!!

  • corosian

    Alex, for fucks sake, Van Halen was one of the first metal bands from California, they were actually getting quite a name in the seventies, i think he used to play in Quiet Riot, and Van Halen was trully a metal band in the seventies, as Mossey has reffered in here, and Eruption was played for the first time by him in 1978, or at least i think it was.
    Yes i do consider all your guitarists shreddy, and they all are, Buckethead is not that bad actually, ive been researching him a bit and i found much better soloes than those that u have reommended. But hes simply not as creative and competent as those on my list.
    Well, moving to Eruption again. Wankery? Oh you gotta be shitin me. Show me a better solo from the seventies. God, whad Eddie did nobody has ever seen before, that was something completely revolutionary, something new, something CREATIVE for fucksa sake. Its not wankery, it looks as though a guy from a metal magazine decided to like it and so did everyone. Its a solo with amazing harmonies, unlike all those repetitive shredding soloes.
    As to EVH and Hendrix, actually they werent that technical, they were mostly very influential, yet still great guitarists.
    Chris is perfectly right, its all about opinions. But Mossey is right, its always good a to have an argument about these and these things.

  • Oh My God! does that mean Alex has left the debate, should we celebrate cos we don’t have to listen that idiot chat shit again.
    Buckhead is ok but compared to Dave and Adrian’s solos, and Kirk Hammetts solos which i recommend to everyone, Amazing!!!
    Again Alex Eddie Van Halen started out as metal in the late 70s but then they changed their genre so technically he revolutionised the metal guitar and rock guitar.
    I have heard of Jeff Loomis i just don’t think he compares to the likes of Hammett that is why i have never mentioned him.
    Corosian, i am normally on your side but Van Halen did have a lot of success, they are probably one of the most successful rock/metal bands ever.
    But Zingzing they were not that successful, they were successful but you went a bit overboard with saying 9 top 5 albums and 5 no.1 albums.
    What the fuck does wankery mean you tit, he is playing a guitar you idiot, how is wanking in public got anything to do with him playing guitar, he is just amazing, the sound he gets from the guitar, knowone can beat that, if you think playing fast on the guitar is like wankery then you need to sort yourself out.
    It is good to have technical skill and it is not for engineers at all, EVH and Hendrix have technical skill but they are probably the greatest guitarists ever!
    Eruption is one of the greatest solos of all time and i hope you are not saying that it is not technical and that it is shreddy the way he plays because you are really retarded if you think that!
    Solos are just solos and are not realted to anything, but sometime people can tell the difference depending on how loud it is or who is playing the guitar.
    Chris Philbin we all know that knowone is going to agree with each other totally, except on some points but they all have their own views.
    It is just good to have an argument and tell other people your views to see what they say about it, so that is why everyone argues, it is also fun to do!

  • Alex

    Yeah, I agree with Chris. So, screw this.

  • Chris Philbin

    Why are people even arguing about this? This list is based COMPLETETLY on opinion. If everyone on this forum made a list, no one would agree with anyone. No one would be happy with one list. It’s because people like different things in a guitarist, they look for different skills. The only thing everyone agrees on, is that the Guitar World list is fucked 🙂

  • Alex

    Wow, you’re so hypocritical! You say the people I choose are all “Shreddy” and they aren’t real musicians because they’re only technically skilled, yet Eruption was EVH randomly playing a bunch of random notes and giberish on the spot! Any One of my guys could do that. What’s this “Eruption is a metal solo”? That is the gayest thing you have said so far! A solo can’t be “metal”, it’s a solo.

  • zingzing

    9 top 5 albums (5 #1 albums as well) and van halen isn’t “mainstream?” sure they are. doesn’t add or detract from eddie’s guitar playing, a lot of which is wankery, some of which is quite impressive, but still wankery. if anyone taught teenage boys how to masturbate in public without going to jail, it’s eddie van halen.

    then again, buckethead likes wankery enough to take precaution against unwanted facials. (overblown, i say.)

    justin broadrick. best ever. not necessarily because he can hit 1500 notes at once, but because he can hit just a few and destroy everything around him. you know, with creativity, not technical skill. technical skill is good for engineers, not musicians. stifles real creativity, i say. guppus!

  • corosian

    OMG, your clearly uninformed. Van Halen? Mainstream succes? Lol thats total bullshit. I bet Van Halen barely broke the million sales copy. Van Halen never was a commercial band and we both know that. If you think Eruption is not a metal solo, well then, good luck with your “playing” guitar. Anyway, whats up with all that “you obviously dont play guitar”. I do play, i may not be the best. SO what? i think im acomplished enough to judge music, im involved with music since I was 5.
    Um, those Buckethead soloes uv just send. Are you joking? whats that? what do u call it? masturbating the guitar? playing nonsence scales? or “look im the man cuz i play high notes real fast”?

    thi is what i call a real solo, not your buckethead crap.

  • Alex

    And heres a Jeff Loomis guitar solo, if you haven’t heard him

  • Alex
  • Alex

    Mossey, I’m not denying that EVH is a great guitar player. I just don’t consider him metal. I don’t consider half the people on GW’s list metal. EVH revolutionized ROCK guitar, not metal….Well, actually, not true. He did revolutionize “hardcore tapping”. I’m not denying EVH is a great guitar player, but he dosen’t belong on this list. There is no fucking way in hell that Buckethead is overrated, if anything he’s underrated. He may not be the best, but dude check this shit out.

  • Alex why do you consistently chat shit!
    Eddie Van Halen is not hailed as one of the best guitarists in the world because of Van Halen’s success, he wrote most of their music and if you listen to Eruption it is one of the best solos ever and i doubt your shitty guitarists could top that. He revolutionised guitar playing and a lot of your bands guitarists were probably influenced by him and Hendrix as they put guitarists on the map, your guitarists just changed it to a different type of guitar playing.
    Secondly Phillip, where the fuck did you come from, the debate about your list is well over now, i thought i got rid of you, fucking hell!!!
    Fuck off!!!!!
    Kirk Hammett is probably the best guitarist, his solos speak for themselves, also he writes most of their music so you said that Metallica’s music is the best, and he writes it so he must be pretty good, don’t you think dickhead!
    Back to shithead Alex, if you are basing your guitarists on skill then why at the top of your list does it say skill and influence, you just contradicted yourself. Randy Rhoads is no where near the best guitarist in the world, Ozzy Osbournes band made good music but he did not help them whith his solos, you need solos to stick in your head, and Randy’s solos just don’t stick in your head.
    Also Van Halen started out as a metal band, but entered Rock at a later stage, the fact that a few of their albums are in the 100 greatest metal albums of all time, now that would make them metal if they are in there, also the greatest metal album of all time is Metallica-Master of Puppets, wait there didnt Hammett write them songs with Hetfield and Ulrich and didnt he perform the solos, oh i think he did!!!
    Buckethead is not that good, he is overrated, Slash is clearly a better guitarist than him!!!!!
    Also Billy Joe Armstrong is not that famous, his band are but he is not, if you ask a load of people if they know his name and know who he is they won’t have a clue but if you say Green Day they will know then.
    Also phillip, you said you base your list on skill but you said that Eddie Van Halen performed awesome solos and awesome riffs, and that he revolutionised guitar playing itself, well hasnt he got to have a lot of skill in order to be able to achieve all of that, fucking idiot, think about what you said!
    Now tell me dickhead, how do you know when a guitarist is skilled and why? cos i really want you to tell me, cos you ain’t making any fucking sense!!!!!

  • Alex

    EVH didn’t even invent tapping in the first place! Tapping was used by guitarists in the 50’s like Djengo Reindhardt. I don’t see HOW EVH was influential. He’s hailed as a great guitar player because of the mainstream success of Van Halen. You obviously don’t play guitar, and you obviously don’t have a good set of ears, because if you did, you’d be able to hear who’s good, and who’s not…..What’s bullshit about guitarists that are more famous? IT DOSEN’T FUCKING MATTER WHO THE FUCK IS MORE FAMOUS! THEY’RE GOOD GUITARISTS AND THAT’S THAT. Who fucking cares if people laugh at you? Just laugh right back in their faces because they don’t know some of the greatest guitarists there is. God.

  • corosian

    Well ok, Iron Maiden is the shit! Thats right, check out my list, both Davey and Adrian are my greatest influences and my favourite guitarists ever, and they are in my list, unlike your list, buddy.
    EVH is not fuckin overrated, cmon, if EVH is overrated, than Jimi is as well. Thats bullshit, those two guitarists should get all teh respect from the whole lot fo all guitarists that are out tehre since they influenced every one of them. “He just made some tapping”. God, that made my day. When Hendrix began playing the guitar the way he did, people also said : God, hes jsut playing faster, it sux anyway. How come EVH is hailed as one of the best in the world? How come he is more known than any of your crapy death shredders? He didnt do commercial stuff, thats for sure.
    Romeo and Batio graduated blah blah blah. I dont give a fuck, honestly, the main thing is that when i first listened to them id go def. A piece of crap. Well thats only my opinion, rite.
    Stop twisting my arguments. I said that i wanted to make a list from “more famous” guitarists. Nto whos the most famous, u fuckin prick. I mean id pick guitarists from my own favourite underground bands, but i dont, because people would laugh at my face and wouldnt even knwo what im talking about.
    2philip: Yes i have heard wasted years and trooper, but, those are not far the best soloes that theyv got. Try Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Stranger in a stranger land, ALexander the Great. Oops, sorry, you probably know only the most commercial hits like Run to the Hills/Wasted Years/NOTB/Trooper.

  • Alex

    Phillip, you rule. Man, Iron Maiden are the shit! Your also right about EVH being overrated. He is good, but not great. Oh, and Vivian Cambell was in Def Leppord for a bit. Corosian! You say Romeo and Batio don’t have a musical cell in their ears? That’s why both of them graduated at a grade 10 level in the royal conservatory of music, with not only theory and examtination, but with ear training as well. Buckethead is not only in GNR, he is in his own band, and like 9 others. There is NO way Slash is better. Go to http://www.youtube.com, and check out his stuff. As for Kirk Hammett, your wrong. If there’s ANYONE who will move up on my list, it’s Zakk Wylde. EVH isn’t metal anyways….I guess he has a little metal roots, but not enough to be considered metal anyways. NO ONE is trying to set up a list of who is more famous ya dumbass! Billy Joe Armstrong is more famous then all of these players, does that make him the worlds best guitarist? Yeah, that’s it. He’s my new #1.

  • phillip

    ok, i stand by my list, first vivan campbell was from dio not def lep, second george lynch from dokken, was a bad ass, kirk hammet is an amazing guitar player no doubt, but he is not the best, metallica’s music may be the best, but he in himself is not, randy rhodes, i don’t care if he played for ozzy or tiny tim, he is the best, listed to his riffs, and harmonics, forget about putting anyine in front of him, also zakk wylde, he has to be the most underrated guy in the world, everytime that name comes up almost nobody knows who he is, but i promise you if you listed to some black label society, and pride and glory you will get it, he owns hammet and van halen, speaking of van halen, he is one of the most overrated guys out there, all he did was tap his finger on the fretboard and suddenly he is god? i think he played great, and he had awesome solos and riffs, but i just don’t think he is as great as everybody said, yes he may have invented a new style, and yes he may have revolutionized guitar playing itself, but i thought this was a list on skill, not influence, and how can anybody say that adrian smith and david murrray don’t belong in the top 10, have you ever heard iron maiden, listen to wasted years, or the trooper, and again you will get it, so before you get mad because i said your favorite guitar player was not the best, take some time to listen to the people on my list, and you may not agree with me, and you don’t have to, but you will have a whole new respect for them, i promise you that.

  • corosian

    Well I cant possibly argue with Alex about teh list because half of the list is full of death metal shredders who I barely know! And cmon, if you rate how influential these guitarists wwere, then u wouldnt have forgotten ol EVH, who was perhaps the most influental of em all, next to Jimi. Um, if you consider Buckethead as metal, then WHY THE FUCK do you not consider Slash as metal? Aint they both in GnR? Besides Slash was way better than buckethead.
    Um, ok Randy was good, he was melodic and pretty skilled, but cmon, he wasnt THAT technical. Id definitely wouldn put him on the first place, but yea, he would fit the top 10 even tho i prefer much more guitarists, but thats based on opinion.
    Well i dont know any Ron Thal, im sorry but lets be realistic, we were trying to set up a list of guitarists that are a bit more famous, i mean i couldve put many guitarists from W.A.S.P like Chris Holmes or Darrel Roberts, but i didnt cuz nobody knows them yet they are amazing guitarists.
    Michael Romeo and Angelo are fast, but they simply suck, sorry. They havent got a single musical cell in their ears. They dont!
    Now where the fck is Kirk? Hes way down the list. Thats impossible, Hammet is much better than Buckethead or Gilbert or Friedman. Hes got one of the best soloes ever! Zakkie should be higher as well.
    Sorry for being “negative” but maybe it will give you some clues. Especially Eddie Van Halen!!!!

  • Alex

    Kirk Hammett was influential, but he isn’t that technically skilled. Sam and Herman are not influential, and there are more skilled guitarists in the list. I’d put them 40-ish. Trivium guitarists are NOT influential in ANY way. They are skilled, but not skilled enough to warrant top 30, I’d put them near the 50’s-60’s spot. Randy Rhodes was a phenominal guitarist, and influential. He redefined metal guitar as it is. The reason people don’t know half the technically skilled guitarists on that list, are most likely because they’re in Death metal bands, or in up-and-coming bands.

  • Firstly Jack B, Dave Mustaine is on the list, he is number 19 with Marty Friedman, you ned to look more closely.
    Secondly Alex i no you said no negative comments but i have to.
    You said you based the list on influence and skill, so why on earth is people like Kirk Hammett near the bottom when you have got people higher on the list that knowone even knows about, Kirk Hammett is one of the most influential guitarists for metal, and one of the best, how can he be near the bottom, you forget guitrists like Herman Li and Sam Totman who should be in there, even Trivium guitarists should be in there as they are beter than some of the shite that you have got the list.
    Also Randy Rhoads was not that good he was just considered good because he was in Ozzy Osbournes band.
    I just can’t believe that you have got guitrists that people have never heard of, if they had good technical skill don’t you think that the world would know them, and rate them as good guitarists!
    Also Slash can sometimes be classed as metal, depends on the song he is performing.

  • Alex

    Why is Jimi Hendrix even being mentioned here? He’s not aloud on this list. He’s not metal. Whoever said he is overrated, is right, and wrong. A lot of people think he’s really teachnically skilled, but he isn’t, that’s where he is overrated. The pioneers, like Les Paul, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins, Jimmy Page, they revolutionized guitar. Without them, we wouldn’t even be discussing about who’s the best metal guitarist. Although they don’t belong on this list, they do deserve credit. Anywho, heres my top 30 metal guitarists…..It’s basically based on technical skill and influence.

    1.Randy Rhodes-Quiet Riot/Ozzy Osbourne
    2.Steve Vai-Solo, DLR, Whitesnake
    3.Ron Thal-Bumblefoot, Solo
    4.Paul Gilbert-Mr.Big, RacerX, Solo
    5.Buckethead-Guns N’ Roses, Solo
    6.Steve Morse-Steve Morse band, Deep Purple, DD
    7.Marty Friedman-Megadeth, Cacaphony, Solo
    8.Michael Romeo-Symphony X
    9.Yngwie Malmsteen-Solo, Rising Force
    10.Michael Angelo Batio-Nitro, Solo
    11.John Petrucci-Solo, Dream Theatre
    12.Greg Howe-Planet X,Solo
    13.Stephan Forte-Solo,Adagio
    14.Mattias IA Eklundh-Freak Kitchen
    15.Jason Becker-Cacaphony, Solo
    16.Chris Impellitteri-Impellitteri
    17.Jeff Loomis-Nevermore
    18.Vito Bratta-White Lion
    19.Ritchie Blackmore(Mainly Influence)Deep Purple
    20.Alex Skolnik-Testament
    21.Chris Poland-Megadeth,OHM
    22.George Lynch-Dokken,Lynch Mob,Solo
    23.Fredrik Thordendal-Meshuggah
    24.Michael Amott-Arch Enemy, Carcass
    25.Chris Amott-Arch Enemy, Solo
    26.Kirk Hammett-Metallica
    27.Tony Iommi (Influence)-Black Sabbath
    28.Zakk Wylde-BLS,Ozz Osbourne
    29.Bill Steer-Carcass, Napalm Death
    30.Dimebag Darrell-Pantera, Damageplan

    I left out Slash and Satriani, I don’t know if they’d be considered metal or not….Even Steve Vai was an exception. I’m sure there are guitarists that I forget, but it was really hard condensing 30 metal guitarists in one list….If you do have some guitarists that I have forgotten, tell me, and I’ll tell you where I’d put them on the list. Please NO negative comments!

  • Jack B

    Firstly, in regards to the rap verses metal battle, everyone has different tastes, and people should just live and let die. Comparing the number of strings each instrument has and the volume of your stereos is childish. However, it was stupid and fruitless of Anthony G to post how much better rap is than metal on a metal blog. He’s not going to convert anyone. This show of stupidity also indicates that Anthony G also listens to rap for all the wrong reasons, just because it’s the latest craze. What kind of hardcore rap fan says that the Roots sucked?
    Personally I much perfer metal to rap because it sounds better, has stronger messages, has greater musicianship, and speaks out against the status quo.
    Also, I resent the undertones of racism in #46’s comment “all what those blacks talk about is getting stoned and licking p****y.” Without “those blacks” that started the blues movement, metal would still be just a hard shiny grey material.
    Finally, onto the list. I agree with most people’s comments that sometimes their defenition of “metal” is poor as is their definition of “guitarist.” Queen is one of my favourite bands, but they are in no way metal. I think a definition of metal would have been nice, e.g “modern metal” (typified by pedal notes, tapping, heavy distortion etc.) Also, there is a distinct absense of Dave Mustaine.

  • After i said you don’t know anything about metal, i should have said you don’t know anything about music either but i am sure people reading your views know that!!!!!

  • I agree with Corosian,
    I didnt even notice the Youngs and Hetfield in there cos i was looking at the rest of the shit list. It was only Angus Young who was the good guitarist as he was d lead guitarist who wrote the solos.
    Also i am a big Metallica fan, fucking love them, but Hetfield should not be on that list cos he is a great rythm guitarist but he is not one of the best guitarists ever.
    Also how the fuck does Korn and Slipknot guitarists get in there, they are only good at making riffs and keeping a good rythm but should definitely not be on the list.
    Also i am a Slayer fan, but Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King should not be there cos they are just brilliant at shredding, but i would not have them as no.7 as the best guitarists ever list.
    Also how are Murray and Smith better than Slash, he is an amazing guitarist, even though i love Maiden, i am realistic, i would definitely have them on my top 20 list but not above Slash.
    I agree with Corosian that Iommi is highly overrated, he is overrated cos of him being in the band that started metal off, but time has evolved and there are now better guitarists than that.
    Also HOW THE FUCK is Dimebag Darrell better than Eddie Van Halen, the way he plays the guitar, knowone else in the world can do that, he is the second most influential guitarist ever behind Hendrix, wh o according to you Dimebag is better than him also.
    Dimebag Darrell is overrated cos he got killed so people believe that they should respect him, he certainly is not better than EVH, Slash, Brian May, and Hendrix, he is just a good guitarist like a lot of them are in bands now, but he definitely is not in the greatest ever.
    Your points of view are fucking stupid, what the fuck are you on about, why don’t you fuck off and annoy another debate on another website, and give them your shitty views, see what they say, cos your views here are just fucking stupid, and you clearly don’t know metal!!!!!!!!!!

  • corosian

    Yea, Slash is a very good guitarist, But u should try to check out G3 Vai, Satriani and Petrucci. The song is Little Wing i think. An Amazing trio.
    Um, to Mikes list, well its all bullshit:/ Adam Jones, Hetfield and Youngs should be that high at all. As to Iommi, i think hes overrated. He surely made great rifs, but not solos.
    I agree with Mossey about the Killers album, I dont think the title album and Killers were THAT good, ok, they werent bad, but it was after NOTB that they took of the ground, NOTB, PoM, PS, SiT and SSoaSS was truly a great line of classic albums.
    Well to Rammaholic, no comment rofl, Im sure i have “shyt” in brains;)

  • Ok Mike,
    I agree with you when phillip said that guitarists like Zakk Wylde and Yngwie are better than Kirk Hammett, that is bullshit, Hammett is a legend and his solos are legendary, he is the best ever.
    Iron Maiden’s new album is not as good as the number of the beast but is is still good, songs like the reincarnation of benjamin breeg, different world, brighter than a thousand suns are all brilliant songs.
    Also i don’t think the Killers album is that good as it has Paul Di’Anno as lead singer and he is no where near as good as Bruce Dickinson.
    As I Lay Dying are a shite band as they were supporting Bullet For My Valentine last month, appalling!!! But Bullet For My Valentine are clearly a better band than As I Lay Dying, hence the fact that theyt were supporting BFMV and not the other way round.
    BFMV band of the year is not bullshit, it is true, check it up dickhead!!!, it even mentions it on the album cover.
    In my eyes the best albums of the year are:
    Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison
    Trivium – The Crusade
    Iron Maiden – A Matter Of Life And Death
    Dragonforce – Inhuman Rampage
    Lacuna Coil – Karmacode
    You should definitely look at all of them!!!!!
    Corosian I agree with the top two on your list but i think Slash should be higher, but your list is a lot better than the other dickheads and their lists.
    OK Rammstein are not even that fucking good, they have had one good song. Compared to bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer they are not even in their league!!!
    Also you are a freak for saying listen to them or die, what idiot says that.
    Also Mike if that is a sample list, then where is your list because you are always criticizing everyone elses lists, let us have a debate about yours!!!

  • Mike

    Here’s a sample list from an article i wrote, i even debate my ownj friggin list because of my mood and other ideas that i may now disagree with lol…so u see how bad these ideas are…but this was the “finished” 40 list i had done
    1. Toni Iommi (Black Sabbath)
    2. Kirk Hammett/James Hetfield (Metallica)
    3. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
    4. Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne/Quiet Riot)
    5. Dimebag Darrell Abbott (Pantera/Damageplan/Rebel Meets Rebel)
    6. Adam Jones (Tool)
    7. Kerry King/Jeff Hanneman (Slayer)
    8. Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)
    9. Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society)
    10. Mark Morton/Willie Adler (Lamb Of God)
    11. Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple/Rainbow)
    12. Angus Young/Malcolm Young (AC/DC)
    13. Jimi Hendrix (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
    14. Dave Mustaine/Marty Friedman (Megadeth)
    15. Dave Murray/Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden)
    16. Glen Tipton/K.K. Downing (Judas Priest)
    17. Slash (Guns n’ Roses/Velvet Revolver)
    18. Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave)
    19. Bill Kelliher/Brent Hinds (Mastodon)
    20. Brian May (Queen)
    21. Ted Nugent
    22. Pete Townshend (The Who)
    23. Yngwie Malmsteen
    24. Björn Gelotte/Jesper Strömblad (In Flames)
    25. Vernon Reid (Living Colour)
    26. Matt Bachand/Jon Donais (Shadows Fall)
    27. Jeff Beck
    28. Danny Spitz/Scott Ian (Anthrax)
    29. Head/Munky (Korn)
    30. Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains)
    31. Kim Thayil (Soundgarden)
    32. Daron Malakian (System Of A Down)
    33. Joe Satriani
    34. Alexi Laiho (Children Of Bodom)
    35. Jim Root/Mick Thompson (Slipknot)
    36. John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
    37. Steve Vai (David Lee Roth)
    38. Matt Heafy/Corey Beaulieu (Trivium)
    39. Doc Coyle/Dallas Coyle (God Forbid)
    40. Joe Perry/Brad Whitford (Aerosmith)

    some aren’t even metal but theyre on their anyway cuz theyre amazing guitar players or revolutionaries

  • RAMMAHOLIC!!!!!!!



    LISTEN TO THEM OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEY WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DONT U FORGET IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • corosian

    Well these lists are always debatable. Someone rates the skill of the guitarists, someone their solos, it really depends on the opinion. Thats why im affraid to even make a list, cuz there would be a whole bunch of peope arguing with me. But let me have a go.

    1. EVH
    2. K Hammett
    3. Joe Satch
    4. Steve Vai
    5. J Petrucci
    6. Slash
    7. A Smith
    8. D Murray
    9. A Laiho
    10. Z Wylde

    Umm, i didnt put up Hendrix cuz somehow i dont class him as a metal guitarist, he picked up the guitar to play blues, but metal is a mixture of hard rock and blues. Even though he paved the way for the heavy metal guitar playin, he is NOT a metal player himself, thats why I put up EVH who is probably the second most influential and revoltuionary guitar player in the metal history.

  • Mike

    and phillip, the fact that kirk is 7/10 and u have yngwie at 2 is insane, great shredder, true but still…and i love zakk but he is above hammet as well>?…and lastly mick mars is on your list at all, in a top 10, i wouldve have him in my top 80

  • Mike

    ok mossey, so im not getting it…are you trying to tell me ur a bandwagon-hopper? album of the year? band of the year? who gives a shit, they’re as debatable as these lists…mtv2 said ‘as i lay dying’ were new metal kings over mastodon and lamb of god. bullet for my valentine? band of the year or whatever u sed, it’s all BS, and maiden is a great band, but their new stuff just isnt killers or number of the beast…sacrament by lamb of god and blood mountain of mastodon were amazing album from ’06 that cant be overlooked…long live metal, guys

  • Ok Phillip, Hendrix was not over rated all, he was the main reason people like your guitarists and mine probably wanted to play the guitar.
    He is probably the most influential guitarist ever as he was playin electric guitar in the 60s which not many people could do.
    All that has happened is that as more people have played the guitar over the years, they are planning to be as good as Hendrix, but they also experiment themselves and that is how the electric guitar has evolved, e.g. van halen’s type of playing the guitar and he is probably the second most influential guitarist ever as he changed the way people played the guitar for ever!!!
    Also Randy Rhoads is a good guitaristbut he was only made famous because he was with Ozzy Osbourne, that is all, if he played for another band then he would not be as well known as now!
    Also I love Iron Maiden but i would not put their guitarists in the top five of the best guitarists ever as guitarists like Hammett and Eddie Van Halen are i would say the best guitarists as their solos just prove that, e.g. Eddie Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ and Kirk Hammett’s ‘One’ Also they are more famous because of their musical talent.
    You are probably only putting Dave Murray and Adrian Smith in there because you like the band, but so do i but i am realistic and say they are not the 3rd best metal guitarists ever.
    Dave Mustaine is good but if i remember correctly he was kicked out of Metallica and then Kirk Hammett joined the band and his solos made the band what they are today, the greatest metal band of all time!!!
    I know i am repeating myself but i just don’t understand why you would put Eddie Van Halen 8th, are you retarded or something.
    Also how the fuck does Vivian Campbell get in there when Def Leppard are a pop rock band, their first couple of albums were metal but he wasn’t any good then until they went in to the pop rock genre.
    Also george lynch is in a shit band, and doesn’t deserve to be in there, with good bands comes good guitarists, not a shit band and good guitarist, if he was as good as you say then his guitar playing would have made them more well known as they would have been noticed by loads.
    Also yet again Mick Mars does not deserve to be here as Motley Crue are a rock band, they used to be metal but yet again he wasnt a good guitarist then until they went in to the rock genre.
    I think you need to sort out your guitarist list out!!!!!

  • phillip

    i am in total agreeance with all of you, this list is crap, they have non metal band on here, such as queen, led zep, hendrix, and so on, but in reality all of these bands are good, but not metal, and as far as that goes, hendrix is way overrated, he was good, but he seems to always be regarded as the best whice is bs, when i comes to pure skill and mastery nobody beats stevie ray vaughn, NOBODY!!! but this is a metal list, so my top 10 goes like this.
    1. randy rhodes
    2. yngwie malmsteen
    3. adrian smith and david murray
    4. zakk wylde
    5. vivian campbell
    6. dave mustane
    7. kirk hammett
    8. van halen
    9. mick mars
    10. george lynche
    and all of the nu metal bs can piss off, there is no skil in that, you want skill go play crazy train, the whole song and then you will know what skill IS

  • corosian

    Yes, Mossey is right, A Matter of life and death was the best metal album of year 2006, but perhaps u class it as “nothing hot”.
    As for the list again, i still dont understand why they actually put there the rythhm guitarists who havent achieved nothing, like Hetfield, Stanley or Malcom Young. As for Alex´s comment, Im not surprised there arent any death metal guitarists there, as i have reffered in my comments before, these guys have not any musical sence and shred on and on and it gets repetitive after a while. Also they are not known in the world. If id pick my best friend as the best guitarist of the world, it would be nonsence, yet basically the same.

  • OK Mike,
    Again you make some fucking stupid comments!!!!!
    Iron Maiden’s new album got album of the year, so correct me if i am wrong, but doesn’t that make it a good album. Also it might not be as good as their other albums, but almost every bands albums will never be as good as Iron Maiden’s. Take Number of the beast album, that is brilliant and not many other bands can top that, except Metallica – Master of puppets!
    Also Bullet For My Valentine won best metal band of the year so again, correct me if i am wrong but doesn’t that also make them good. Also The Poison album is amazing, great riffs, great sound. Bullet For My Valentine are probably the most high profile new band around.
    Pantera would be nothing without Dimebag, even though he wasn’t the best guitarist, there are a lot more guitarists better than him, and they did become more famous when he died.
    Also Pantera will never be as good as Iron Maiden or Metallica so they shouldn’t even be worthy of talking about them.
    Buckethead is good but he is not as fast as Herman Li, but he is very creative.
    Also David Soules, Herman Li and Sam Totman are not on the lsit because if you look closely at the date this list was published, it was February 1st 2004, yes that’s 2004 so they wouldn’t of even been known then. Open your eyes dickhead!!!!!
    Kirk Hammett is the best guitarist by far, his solos are known worldwide more than other people on this list for being so creative and unique and amazing. Take ‘ONE’ for instance, got to be one of the greatest solos of all time, along with Eddie Van Halen’s ‘ERUPTION’!!!

  • Alex

    David, I agree with you 1000000%. Like I said above though, this list is whack. You know it’s whack when Satriani is 77 and Adam Jones is 9. 🙂

  • David Soules

    First, i do think that Bucket Head does deserve to be on the list, who most people might not know a lot of. His solos are some of the best i have ever heard. His guitar skills rival those of Herman Li. Yngwie Malmsteen should of been higher, as well as Jimi Hendrix. I didnt see Herman Li and Sam Totman on the list, which proves that this list was not well thought out. Mark Morton and Willie Adler should of been way higher, as for a lot of other notable people on the list. I mean, there are some on this list that are “OVER RATED”. Adam Jones of tool is 9? WOW, didnt know he was better than Yngwie Malmsteen, who is sitting at 17. Not only that, but you have Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley sitting at 14. I think that is a huge error. Especially with Sammy Hagar who is at 95, and you have Daron Malakian at 30, who, yet again is over-rated. Not only that, but Joe Satriani is at 77. Whats up with that? Maybe im just over-reacting, but i think somebody dont know their metal history.

  • Alex

    Yes, I did take a spaz a while back. It’s true though, Metallica are metal. I do not really care what metal you classify them as, but they’re metal. Or, they were. Either way. Kirk Hammett is a terrific guitarist, and deserves to be on the list. Anyways, this list is out of whack….It fails to mention any kind of guitarist from other metal genres, like Death Metal, Black Metal, Extreme Metal, Viking Metal, Symphonic Metal. Man, they have some freackin’ amazing guitarists in those departments.

  • Alex

    Damn. You’ed think people would stop carring about these lists. Especially after they see Michael Romeo at 91. Really….It’s just plain obviouse GW dosen’t know guitar, period. Wait, let me give them some credit. Some of the staff knows guitar, but obviously not the person who made this list! Is John Petrucci even on this?

  • Mike

    pantera is a better bands than the ones you’re listing ever hope to be…maiden’s new album isnt so hot and bullet for my valentine blow although i agree with the other bands +mastodon+lamb of god+bodom+in flames, etc…i take it back, DT ARE progressive metal…

  • corosian

    Well Mike, if u think Dream Theater is NOT metal, well then obviously ur a prick and dont understand absoulety nothing bout metal. Actually DT is a PROGRESSIVE metal? or not? which category do u think it falls in? Pop? i think not…..Yes, Vai may not be a metal guitarists, but he uses techniques that are usually used in metal music so i think he can be noted as a metal guitarist.
    Pantera never was sucha good band, the only thing that kept them famous and poppy was Dimebag, but it hasnt changed anything, and their songs eventually ended up “mediocre”. And yes, I agree with Mossey, the bands that he named + Mastodon are keeping the metal scene alive so far.

  • OK Mike,
    Firstly Pantera did not keep metal alive, cos in the early 90s grunge came in to the music scene with bands like nirvana and soundgarden, metal was taking a back seat, but now it has come back on the scene again with the likes of Iron Maiden bringing their amazing album out ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’ and other amazing bands like Dragonforce, Trivium, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE who are the best so far this year.
    Secondly Dimebag is a good guitarist but he is nothing compared to the likes of Kirk Hammett, Dave Murray, Eddie Van Halen, Slash etc
    I know some of them are not metal but they are very well respected guitarists.
    Jimi Hendrix isnt metal but he definitely started the generation of playing guitars, he was the original!

  • Mike

    just some thoughts…lemme know what u think, early in these blogs someone thought it was bullshit that adam jones of tool was so high…tool, as well as and especially adam, are some of the most artistic, talented musicians in years….great band…another thing, i love about half way down, some kid made his own list with R-H-O-A-D-S as number 4…he adds a liner note with it sayin “if you dont know who this is then you don’t know metal” and he spelled rhoads R-H-O-A-D-E-S haha

  • Mike

    haha this is so entertaining! first of all, corosian…i didnt call murray a pussy, u didnt even name him in the four u mentioned that i spoke of, out of petrucci, laiho, vai, and satch…laiho is the only non-pussy, even tho they are decent players…i have my arguments and havent just been critical, im not going to waste ur time making a list so u can argue it cuz u obviously dont know what u are talking about when involved with “metal”, vai isnt metal, dream theater are barely metal….and yes, pantera did keep metal alive in the 90s u dope, ….secondly, mossey, thanks for backing me on several counts, but dimebag can do more than 85% of the bullshit guitarists that people are speaking of…their songs were NOT made more famous when he died because they are not a commercial band cuz they havent sold out, which is partly why i do respecr dream theater cuz theyre huge, but remain sorta underground….we can argue as much as wunt, but you gotta realize its people like us that are keeping metal alive with the bands we love…

  • Also i scrolled up to September 18th and some fucking idiot called Metal is good!!! had the cheek to say this:
    “Metallica, are not trash metal, I couldn’t be bothered scrolling back up the forum to see who sed that, but the are not trash metal. They fall under the category of Rock/Metal, because they write rock ballads as well as metal.”
    This person needs a kick up the arse, Metallica started thrash metal in the 80s and were the leading thrash metal band out of four and they were, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth, so they created thrash metal, with albums like Master of Puppets and Ride The Lightning, this person cannot class them as Rock/Metal.
    Metallica just grew older and eventually made their way into the Rock/Metal category in the 90s, when cliff burton died that is when they started playing easier songs, and then they got that producer Bob Rock, so he made Metallica play Rock ballads, but now he has left and i have heard that their new album is goingt to be more metal, so i can’t wait.

  • Well said Corosian,
    Bands like Pantera did Not keep Metal alive at all, as Corosian said it just got boring, and when Cliff Burton died that is basically when the thrash metal ended.
    Jeff Hanneman is just as good as Kerry King.
    Slipknot have only got rythm guitarists, they are not classed as great guitarists who can perform amazing solos like Murray and Hammett.
    Also if Iron Maiden are not as good as other peoples so called bands like Panteral, Testament and Anthrax etc etc then WHY are they classed as Gods of Metal and are always placed in the top 5 of greatest metal bands ever along with Metallica and Slayer.
    People only like Pantera because of Dimebag Darrell, in fact their songs became more famous when he died!!!
    Syn made a good point in saying that people place rythm guitarists and lead guitarists who are not that good like Korn and Slipknot guitarists just because they are their favourite bands, they should not do that
    Rythm guitars are there just to support the song when the lead guitarists are performing solos and to keep the beat of the song going.
    And Mike stop criticizing everyone elses comments and start an argument yourself!!!
    How dare people put Synyster and Dimebag in there as good guitarists when you have the likes of Kirk Hammett, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, other bands guitarists do not even compare to them!!!!!
    Also there are different forms of metal, and Jimi Hendrix was the first to start his own kind of metal and then other bands evolved and created their own brands of metal, like thrash, death, power, extreme etc
    So Jimi was sort of classed as a metal guitarist, more than Eddie Van Halen, he is rock through and through!!!!!

  • corosian

    2 Mike: Oh is that so? Well tell me why Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are called the GODS of metal? Well listen, Pantera and all this thrash metal shit didnt keep metal alive at all, the yjust got boring after a year or two, Metallica was good until Burton died, and thats pretty much all of it. Actually, metal WAS sort of dead in the 90s, and it was mainly Dream Theater who took over.
    3/4 is suppose to mean what? Murray? Well probably u state him as fuckin pussy, then how come he is stated as one of the worlds best guitarists in every single chart, try to listen to his fluent legatos, no one can play like him.

    As far as i read your comments, u have been just critisizing everyones comments, and havent even put a reasonable argument.

  • RICK


  • Mike

    once again, another of you has missed the target…syn was way off, but corosian has overdone it, where the lists people post ar4e retarded, thrash kept metal alive because of ur shitty poppy hair metal, by the way, satch and vai and petrucci and laiho are good, but 3/4 are F*CKING Pussies!

  • corosian

    Well mr Syn, if they do have opinions, well why dont they keep it for yourselfs, and if they know they dont understand much about guitar or music, well then fuck off, i mean yea, read it , but why fuckin putting stupid charts that dont make actualy any sence, just some shitty thrash guitarists from bands that keep playing the same shit, same riffs, alias Anthrax, System of a Down and Testament. Try to listen to Satriani or Vai, Laiho, Petrucci, Murray and youll see how low will your poppy guitarists sink.

  • hammet

    kirk hammet rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    his solos are amazing

  • Mike

    i missed the rest of syn’s comment, how can u justify synyster gates being good because he can read other players tabs and play their music…he stilled screwed it up and ur logic means nothing…how fcking dare you compare dimebag with synyster gates

  • Mike

    syn has some serious musical issues, i hate lookin at blog and comment pages on stuff that i like cuz people are dumb and its a fact, and they make stupid ass comments, secondly A7X??? are you outta ur mind, they are the worst band since good charlotte, and yet they are cocky sons of bitches who think they arwe th greatest band out there….also i saw a7x at ozzfest this year against my will, it didnt take long enuff to buy a pretzel to miss their whole set…they butchered ‘walk’ the easiest pantera song and then synyster continued to stop the music for his own ten minute solo….the worst i have ever seen in my life, no exaggerating

  • Mike

    thrasher isn’t too bright…although he was correct in saying hendrix as a great metal guitarist, he was considered early metal….secondly, ur list is good, but is way off…hanneman from slayer is as good as king, corey from trivium is not in the top ten ever, jim root from slipknot is as good as mick, marty friedman was as good as mustaine, not to mention ur missing some of the best and testament arent number 2, their not in the top 50

  • syn

    your killer or whatever his name is has a point this is a waste of evryones time its just 2 get people 2 talk about other people behind their backs.

  • syn

    all u people who are just posting your stupid and retarded comments just to piss people off then i shouldjust slap u. u have no right 2 do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(

  • syn

    1 more thing just because i said all the people above shouldnt be in the top 100 doesnt mean i dont like them. all the people i named above are all in bands that i listen 2 ok.

  • syn

    have u all completely forgotten about a7x and the time before they became famous. they covered for pantera. almost all of u like dimebag (r.i.p.) right? then u know how good he is so if synyster can play his solos then synyster gates has 2 be good. 1 more thing rydo or whatever ur name is u obviousky know nothing about metal bands if all u do is judge people who u have never heard of. some people need 2 remember that this list is based on purely other peoples opinions. dont attack somebody on who they like or what they put as there top ten or top one hundred. but some other people also need 2 remember that just because u like a band doesnt mean u shouold put them in ur top ten or one hundred. i understand how some people put korn soad zacky from a7x james hetfield scott ian others from various bands and sure those are good rhythim guitarists but not top 100 material. maybe if lucky they might be on 200 but not 100. sure zacky veengeance from avenged sevenfold can also do some of the solos like synyster but when it comes right down 2 it he can hardly do half of the solos like synytster. rhythym isnt lead its just rhythym so remember that next time.

  • corosian

    Well Kirk Hammet is certainly a great guitarist but i wouldnt clasify him as the best. Id put up Steve Vai for the number one. The top 5 is “ok” but i cant believe that Scott Ian actually made it to top 10, along with Matt Thompson and Malakian, these are maybe good RHYTM guitarists, not guitarists capable of doing good soloes. Yes, i know these duds may be from your favourite bands, but cmon, lets b realistic a bit shall we.

  • thrasher

    Yeah Jimi Hendrix is most definitely the absolute best guitarist yet. But why the hell would you classify him as metal?!?!? I say these are the ten best METAL guitarists ever.

    1: Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
    2: Alex Skolnick (Testament)
    3: Eddie van Halen (Van Halen,close enough to metal)
    4: Dime Bag Darrell (Pantera)
    5: Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)
    6: Scott Ian (Anthrax)
    7: Mick Thompson (Slipknot)
    8: Kerry King (Slayer)
    9: Corey Beaulieu (Trivium)
    10: Daron Malakian (System of a Down)

  • Yeah Trivium are a great band, so Iron Maiden should be proud to have them as a supporting band.
    The Crusade is a great album.
    Another great album is:
    Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison
    Lacuna Coil – Karmacode
    Dragonforce – Inhuman Rampage
    I definitely recommend you get these albums and Metallica – Master Of Puppets is the greatest Heavy Metal album of all time so i recommend you get that album also.
    I can’t wait to see Dragonforce next month in Sheffield, that should be brilliant.
    Then the almighty Iron Maiden with Trivium supporting will be the best concert ever, except if Metallica do another tour.

  • corosian

    Im goin to c them today in Stockholm, i bought the tickets to c Iron Maiden, but since Trivium is supporting them ill have a look at them as well:) I hope theyll play some of their Crusade stuff, whatta brilliant album

  • Yes there has.
    I definitely reckon ‘the crusade’ album is a lot better than ‘ascendancy’ album.
    Where are you going to see them?
    I went to see Bullet For My Valentine and they are amazing live, i definitely recommend them to anyone in the world because they are just fuckin boss. Their supporting bands were a bit shit though, they were Protest The Hero, and As I Lay Dying but it never spoilt the main show.
    Pure brilliance!!!!!

  • corosian

    Yea , Trivium is a very talented band, cant W8 to c them, there has been a lot of debate about them.

  • Also a new topic for you lot to answer to:
    Who do you think are the best newcomers in Metal are?
    I think it is Trivium, who i can’t wait to see when they are suppirting Iron Maiden in Manchester on tour. Also Bullet For My Valentine who i can’t wait to see tomorrow (14th November) at Liverpool University, and Dragonforce who i can’t wait to see in Manchester next month.

    What do you think?

  • 2 Corosian, i accept your apology, but you have made good points also.
    By the way i hate Rolling Stone magazine and VH1, they were off radio shows like Kerrang!, and also Kerrang! from the TV and SCUZZ from the TV.
    As for ‘jauregui’, have you lost your mind, he was an ok guitarist but he played more soft solos that would have suited soft rock or pop/rock, he wasnt really a guitarist who wrote outstanding solos like Kirk Hammett and Eddie Van Halen.
    As for ‘Matt’ James Hetfield is not a lead guitarist, he is only a rythm guitarist, so he cannot go above Kirk Hammett in the best Metal guitarists.
    Personally i hate Jimmy Page, supposedly ‘Stairway To Heaven’ is the greatest solo of all time, but i think it is a load of shit, too slow, too boring. Most of his solos are quite boring so i would never put him in me top 10.
    Also how do the likes of Herman Li of Dragonforce, Dave Murray of Iron Maiden, and Eddie Van Halen not get in to your top 10 they are far better than Randy Rhoads, especially Eddie Van Halen who is a lot more influential as he started a new era of playing the electric guitar.

  • matt

    Jimmi Hendrix is a great guitarist; however; he isn’t a hard rock or a heavy metal guitarist. Heavy Metal wasn’t even created yet.
    Angus Yound is good for AC/DC but he’s no Randy Rhoads so here’s my list. Top 10 of Hard ROck and Metal

    1)Randy Rhoads
    2)James Hetfield
    3)Kirk Hammett
    4)Toni Iommi
    5)Jimmy Paige
    6)Dime Bag Darell (Even though i HATE his nick name)
    7)Mick Mars
    8)Angus Young
    9)Jake E. Lee
    10)Glenn Buxton

  • IMO, Rhodes, Van Halen and Dime all outclass Iomi. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Sabbath fan, I just think there are many better “lead” players than him.

  • Immorgoroth

    Sketchy list, better than a lot of what is out there though. I don’t mind having the proto-metal guitarists on their, the glam and nu metal/metalcore is a little insulting though. If you remove that and reorder some stuff, the list isn’t too bad, really. At least you don’t have a shitload of “-core” bands anywhere to be seen, and we have actual classic metal, traditional metal and even some extreme metal guitarists, which Chuck ranking in pretty well.

  • jauregui

    everybody are lost of mind what about joe walsh (Eagles)

  • Someone…

    I like tornado of souls, its a good song.

  • corosian

    2 Mossey: Quoting u M8: “OK here are the top 10 greatest Rock/Metal guitar solos of all time:”
    Well sry, but i thougt that would be soloes, not the songs, so next time Run to the hills (Dave Murray) (I am a Maidenholic so dont get me wrong).
    As to the maiden guitarists, yea i kinda overreacted there, ma bad.
    Well the Number of the Beast riff definitely stick in my head.
    “Also if Ace of Spades is not that good in your eyes then why is it classed as one of the greatest of all time, by different websites and TV channels.” Well maybe your reffering to VH1 or Rolling Stones, yea ur maybe rite on the commercial website or magazines, which i find useless anyway, cuz all the lists are same, they usually include bands and characters who cooperate with them, refereing to Guns n Roses and other bands of genre bewteen hard rock and heavy metal.
    Herman Li IS maybe the fastest iv ever seen so far, but my ears bleed everytime i hear him soloing, if i would be classing the best guitarists judging their speed, id pick such types as Michael Angelo (Whom i detest) or Dime and so many much more guitarists from different death metal bands.

  • Ok my best guitarists would have to be Kirk Hammett, Kery King, Jeff Hanneman, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Janick Gers.
    Some of them are english but ‘Thatoneguy’ Kirk Hammett is American and he is an amazing guitarist.
    As for ‘Bobby’ fast guitarists are really good like Herman Li and Sam Totman, who are both good and people should give them both credit not just Herman Li. Anyway being a guitarist is also about playing good tunes even if they are slow, the ones that will stick in your head, not all the fast solos stick in your head, for instance, Kirk Hammett – ‘One’ solo is amazing and that sticks in your head, Eddie Van Halen – ‘Eruption’ solo is also amazing and that definitely sticks in your head, Slash – Sweet Child O’ Mine solo also sticks in your head and not all of them are really fast.

  • Thatoneguy

    Its a sad sad day when the retards from Korn even make a list even sadder when thier in the top 50…

    On top of that the list is so screwed up its just another sign of how magazines such as this are unwilling to accept foreign artists.

    In reality there shouldnt be a single american in the top 10 as anyone who has educated themselves knows the best of the best metal artists are all foreign, For example i think #1 should be alexi laiho quite simply just listening to this guy is amazing.

    It gets real old hearing nonstop people saying zakk wylde is the best guitarist of all time etc etc. if you actually listen to his stuff its 99% of the same old crap done over and over just with the pinch harmonics put in different spots. i say to all of you wylde fanboys go buy/steal Children of bodoms new live CD and watch your beloved guitar hero’s image dwindle to nothing.

  • bobby

    the best guitar players are the ones that are different. And ones that can play insanely fast guitar solos and play it exactly the same. Not just solos that are random every time. You have to be able to play the fastest guitar solos the same every time, like Herman li because that what makes a good guitar player. And a guitar player must make a solo that everyone remembers. When you’re listening to it you should be able to hum it until the point that it is too fast too hum. thats a good guitar player.

  • Ok Corosian
    I no Gers wasnt in the band but i am am referring to when i have seen them play live and it was Janick Gers and Dave Murray, at the time who were the lead guitarists, so don’t try and tell me i don’t know Iron Maiden.
    Yes the songs you have mentioned are all great songs with great solos, but the only reason i picked Run To The Hills is because it was the first song i heard from them so it has always been my favourite.
    Oh so sorry for referring to them as Iron Maiden guitarists, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers are all great guitarists and when they all play together its brilliant, i say Iron Maiden guitarists because it is shorter to say or type don’t you think dickhead!
    I am talking about the riffs that stick in your head and you remember all the time and when everyone knows it, they are good riffs but don’t stick in my head as much.
    Also if Ace of Spades is not that good in your eyes then why is it classed as one of the greatest of all time, by different websites and TV channels.
    Also Herman Li is a great guitarist, i have never seen anyone play as fast as him!

  • the best guitarists in metal are

    1. Herman Li
    2. Michael Angelo Batio
    3. Synester Gates
    4. Zacky Vengeance
    5. Dime
    6. Tottman
    7. me
    8. Zakk Wylde
    9. KK Downing
    10. John Pretucci

    And CC Deville sucks

  • Gordan Ramsay

    James Hetfield is a very good guitarist but most of you are forgetting about Dave Mustaine. He is the ‘ONE’ in the metal genre. Sing and play at the same time, write great songs, can play great riff after great riff, and can shred aswell! Listen to Holy wars…the punishment due, Ashes in your mouth, and 1000 times goodbye if you don’t believe me.

  • corosian

    Oh and BTW Mossey…if you consider Ace of Spades as one of the best riffs and Hallowed be thy name and Number of the beast riffs are not even on your list, than there must be something strange going on in your head, or you prolly dont know anything bout metal

  • corosian

    I dunnno who it was, but i gotta lugh at him rite now…Run to the Hills (Murray, Gers) ? oh cmon, Gers even wasnt in the band when the single was released…as to the IM guitarists (which are my idols), they arent that flashy, but their twin guitar duos are simply amazing (Adrian Smith, Dave Murray), soloes like Powerslave, Stranger in a Strange land, Rime of the Ancient Mariner really blow you off…..now you wont hear any amazing shredding techniques or sweeping or anything like that, but its very well melodically done, and so i find them superior over shredders like Herman Li or any neo-metal guitarists…..I am being quite fed up with people who think they understand Iron Maiden, but they keep refereing to them as “Iron Maiden guitarists”

  • IROn_Maiden____



    Fuck GnR .. i don’t consider them as metal band fuck they sing love songs..

    Dave Murray is the greatest !!! always has a smile on his face 😛

  • Jeff Fan


  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus
    The Black Album was not shit it may not have been like the heavy stuff they have previuosly made but der are still heavy songs in the album like Holier Than Thou, The God That Failed, Through The Never and Don’t Tread On Me. [Edited]

  • Metalmania

    Guns n Roses are sort of metal, i mean you listen to welcome to the jungle and that is pretty much metal.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus


    I have listened to all that and more, my friend.
    The albums you’ve mentioned from Metallica are,unfortunately, the best stuff they ever released. BUT, The Black Album was shit…
    Guns’N’Roses Appetite for Destruction was their best work.All the albums after that were mere garbage. To me,G’N’R wasn’t metal.
    I will still have to disagree about popularity being the benchmark for a true metal band.

    If you wanna “anchor” links to infoin your comments, read this site: HTML Reference

  • No i have heard of him but i still don’t think he is as famous as Kirk Hammett or Slash, he is probably more famous than the Iron Maiden guitarists but the band itself is more famous than Yngwie Malmsteen.
    How do you attach files in to this so i can give you information about Slash and Kirk Hammett before you give your opinion and you need to listen to Metallica-Master of Puppets album and Metallica-Ride The Lightning and you will see how good Metallica are!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Or for that matter…
    Yngwie Malmsteen

    Read it for yourself!!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Dude, seriously, if you don’t know who Yngwie Malmsteen is than you truly are lost! I’m pretty sure if you emailed Dragonforce they would tell you exactly what influence they had on them…

    *BTW* I live in Boston

  • Is anyone going to see:
    Iron Maiden play at the MEN Arena on December 14th ?
    Dragonforce play at the Manchester Academy on December 8th ?
    Lacuna Coil play at the Manchester Academy this month and
    Bullet For My Valentine play at Liverpool University on 14th November?
    Then tell me.

  • Ok here we go again, but you attempted to say that that ur shitty guitarist n his shitty band are better than Iron Maiden and that your guitarist is beta than Slash even tho slash has been voted higher than your guitarist in most greatest guitarist lists.
    Also i am good at english but it has got nothing to do with me thinking you sed Metallica and Iron Maiden.

  • thanks Dude De Mondo [Edited]

  • Well this just made my day;

    “Five, No idiot would stab themselves with a spoon, they stab themselves with a knife or something sharp, if you think that is what people stab themselves with then you need your priorities sorted.”

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    I never said Metallica or Iron Maiden were “so shit”.

  • For one i am good at English and i don’t know you so i don’t have to address you as Mr.
    Three, i am 18 so don’t start jumping to conclusions.
    Four, You clearly don’t know anything about Metal, because if Metallica and Iron Maiden are so shit then why are they classed as one of the greatest Metal bands of all time?

  • Metalmania

    Ok thomas miller, I don’t know what the hell your talking about, “For fuck sakes, metalica is the easiest thing i’ve ever heard”, You try playing Master of Puppets on guitar, see how long it takes you to learn the whole song in tune, you should also try playing orion and to live is to die in tune. I would bet my life that you couldn’t come up with shit like that. Or play anything like that!!!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    1. That’s Mr. Dickhead to you Jackass!
    2. You should stop skipping English class.
    3. Slash is most respected because of Morons like you who wouldn’t know a great guitarist even if he kicked you in the twat.
    4. when you threaten people online it shows that YOU are the pussy. People like you get their asses kicked all the time and it’s fun to watch…PUNK!!
    5. It’s very evident that you are like 12, so why not focus on losing your virginity because obviously you don’t know shit about music nevermind Metal… LOL!!!

  • For One Brian you are a dickhead, i don’t even like Led Zeppelin i hate them i never mentioned anything good about them if you look closely idiot!, and two i was meant to put Hard Rock/Metal but i jus 4got as you will see from the other lists i have put Rock/Metal.
    Two if this steeler was so good then why are Iron Maiden a lot more famous and are known worldwide and i have hardly heard of your shitty guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.
    Three if Slash is so shit then why is he one of the most respected and known guitarists in the world and the riff he wrote for Sweet Child O’ Mine is probably the most known rock song ever, i don’t hear any of your shitty guitarists being respected and well known.
    Four, Metal is about power and talent but if you class screaming and you can’t understand what they are saying as talent then you need a kick up the arse and i would love to do it.
    The only bands that are able to scream good and you can understand them and they sound good are Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium.
    Five, No idiot would stab themselves with a spoon, they stab themselves with a knife or something sharp, if you think that is what people stab themselves with then you need your priorities sorted.
    Six, Metallica’s Black Album was classed as Hard Rock, but songs like Sad But True, Through The Never and Of Wolf And Man sound metal to me. Also Metallica’s Master Of Puppets was classed as the heaviest metal album of all time so you can’t class them as Hard Rock with albums like that and Ride The Lightning.
    Seven, there is a fine line between Rock and Metal, that is why it is so similar, if you listen to albums like Use Your Illusion I and II then you will see the similarities between them, for instance there is a song called Don’t Damn Me which sounds like a metal song.
    Eight, As i say again if you steeler and other shitty bands that you listen to and shitty guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen sell as many albums as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Guns ‘N’ Roses then i will consider them to be good and then i will accept your opinion, and it is fact that Metallica and Iron Maiden have sold that many albums worldwide, Guns ‘N’ Roses have sold even more, so keep your opinions to yourself WAnker!!!

  • Top 10 Rock/Metal Guitar Riffs of all time:
    1. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns ‘N’ Roses (Probably the most known rock song ever)
    2. Sad But True – Metallica (People might remember Kid Rock-American Badass with the same tune but he copied the riff)
    3. 20th Century Boy – T.Rex
    4. Highway To Hell – AC/DC
    5. Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
    6. Ace Of Spades – Motorhead
    7. Jump – Van Halen
    8. All Right Now – Free
    9. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
    10. Enter Sandmand – Metallica

    If anyone has another opinion then share it with me because i don’t think many people can come up with a better list than that.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Until you can say your bands have sold over 80 million albums and are known worldwide by billions then you can put these guitarists or the band in a list as prestigious, because with every great band there is a great guitarist or it would not work!

    You speak of Maiden but probably their best guitar work was on their S/T release and Killers, which, was way before they sold anything close to 80 million albums!!
    Yngwie Malmsteen was blazing circles around any of those classic rock hacks when he was playing with Steeler before he went solo and made the big bucks!

    metal isn’t about screaming it is about the loudness of the drums and the guitars and if the lead singer has a good voice

    Metal is about power and talent!! You can be as loud as you want but if you suck at playing your instrument(Yes, you Slash)then you might as well go stab yourself with a spoon!!

    Finally…G’N’R was NEVER Metal!! Metallica’s Black album was hard rock and Led Zepplin was a Blues Band

  • Metallica and Iron Maiden made Heavy Metal what it is today and other bands like stratovarius and symphony x probably had Metallica and Iron Maiden as their role models and if you listen to Metallica:Master Of Puppets album, and Iron Maiden:Number of The Beast album that will tell you how heavy they are, you have probably listened to Nothing Else Matters and based your decision from there, your bands are more like goths cos they scream a lot, metal isn’t about screaming it is about the loudness of the drums and the guitars and if the lead singer has a good voice, and the reason they have guitarists like Kirk Hammett, Angus Young etc in this list is because they are amazing guitarists and the guitarists in your bands probably want to be these guitarists, and the solos that they write are world famous, these are the famous metal bands your bands don’t even come close to these bands.
    Until you can say your bands have sold over 80 million albums and are known worldwide by billions then you can put these guitarists or the band in a list as prestigious, because with every great band there is a great guitarist or it would not work!

  • OK here are the top 10 greatest Rock/Metal guitar solos of all time:
    1. Eruption (Eddie Van Halen) Van Halen
    2. One (Kirk Hammett) Metallica
    3. Sweet Child O’ Mine (Slash) Guns ‘N’ Roses
    4. Through The Fire And Flames (Herman Li) Dragonforce
    5. Enter Sandman (Kirk Hammett) Metallica
    6. All Along The Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix) Jimi Hendrix Experience
    7. Run To The Hills (Dave Murray, Janick Gers) Iron Maiden
    8. Hotel California (Don Felder/Joe Walsh) Eagles
    9. Layla (Eric Clapton) Eric Clapton
    10. Dani California (John Frusciante) Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Why Jimmy Page’s solo for Stairway to Heaven is in there i do not know cos it is a borin and slow solo, people need solos with pace and a solo that will stay in people’s minds
    If anyone objects to these two lists i have created then say so.
    Next Up top 10 greatest rock/metal guitar riffs, and that is riffs not solos.

  • OK The 10 Best Metal Gutarists of all Time are:
    1. Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
    2. Slash (Guns ‘N’ Roses)
    3. Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)
    4. Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
    5. Dave Murray (Iron Maiden)
    6. Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy)
    7. John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    8. Herman Li (Dragonforce)
    9. Kerry King (Slayer)
    10. Ritchie Blackmoore (Deep Purple)

    All of these guitarists are influential and have influenced a lot of new guitarists.
    If we have guitarists from Korn and Slipknot in this list then there is no hope as they are not good guitarists they just play a few notes and some good riffs.
    How some of these guitarists don’t even get in the top 10 is a joke, whoever wrote this list needs shooting.
    Don’t even get me started on the greatist guitar solos of all time…………………

  • stormbringer

    My God! Alex #363, where is your brain? Buckethead is more versatile and INFLUENTIAL than Eddie Van Halen! The guitar industry was revolutionised by EVH. What, are you 12?

  • Well, the list isn’t bad, but there’s definitely room for improvement, as my mother would say. Well, i dont think that Tony Iommi,Kirk Hammett,James Hetfield and Angus & Malcolm Young (etc, Heavy Metal,) shouldnt be there at the top, for even as they are members of great famous bands, their music isnt very hard. For fuck sakes, metalica is the easiest thing i’ve ever heard. I think that there sould be more speed and power metal guitar players, and timo tolkki of stratovarius, michael romeo of symphony x and jani lihmatainen of sonata arctica arctica should definitely be at the top

  • Jimmy

    oh and while im on here, Hendrix shudnt be top, this is metal guitarists. Hell not that ive got nething aginst him, im named after him and hes definitely either 1 or 2 with page, but he isnt metal, which is a good thing

  • Jimmy

    How can ppl from shit like korn and system of a down be on here, they suck. Best metal guitarists are

    1 Zakk Wylde
    2 Adrian Smith
    3 Kirk Hammett
    4 Tony Iommi
    5 Dave Murray
    6 Dimebag Darrell
    7 Slash
    8 Joe Satriani
    9 Eddie Van Halen
    10 Ritchie Blackmore

  • Aus matt

    I can’t fuckin wait until Metallica’s new album. I heard 2 new songs that are gonna be on it that they already recorded, it shits on St.Anger, its like back to the days of Kill em All and Ride the Lightning. There’s solos and everything man CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!!!

  • Sergio

    there is no reason that james marshal hendrix should not be first without him mordern guitar playing wouldnt be what it is. and although the kinks are by no means metal the distorted gutiar playing of dave davies sure as hell influenced it. the metallica guys are too high and some are too low but what can you do?

  • Aus matt

    Best Heavy metal songs:
    1.Master of Puppets – (Metallica)
    2.Cowboys from Hell – (Pantera)
    3.Iron Man – (Black Sabbath)
    4.Creeping death – (Metallica)
    5.Welcome to the jungle – (Guns ‘n’ Roses)

  • Aus matt

    My list:
    1.Kirk hammett – (Metallica)
    2.Dimebag Darrell – (Pantera)
    3.Slash – (Guns’n’Roses)
    4.Angus Young – (AC/DC)
    5.Randy Rhoads – (Ozzy Osbourne’s Band)
    6.Tony Iommi – (Black Sabbath)
    7.Dave Mustaine – (Megadeth)
    8.Kerry King – (Slayer)
    9.Scott Ian – (Anthrax)
    10.Daron Malakian – (System of a down)

    Note: I didn’t put Eddie Van Halen, Hendrix or Paige in there because Van Halen weren’t metal, Hendrix wasn’t metal, and Led Zeppelin weren’t metal.
    None of those artists have been considered metal. That is a fact.
    Although AC/DC weren’t really metal, they came alot closer to metal than Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and Hendrix.
    So thats why I put Angus in there.

    Metallica (James and Kirk combined) wrote the best riffs and Kirk created and performed the best solos.

    Although Pantera didn’t write the best riffs, Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P) had peformed (next to Kirk Hammett) some of the best solos.

  • Slix36

    hmm… not what i would rank them… since you can’t really categorise a player as “the best” unless he is the best in all ways…

    ok, for riffs:
    1)the guys from Nile (unbelieveable stuff, try playing all of sacrifice unto sebek at full speed)
    2)kerry king (slayer)
    3)kirk hammet and jame hetfield
    4)Tommy Iommi
    5)Mick Thompson

    most thought out solos:
    1)Steve Vai
    2)Kirk Hammet
    4)Michael Ammott

    Fastest Solos:
    1)Michael Angelo Batio
    2)both the guitarists from dragonforce
    3)Alexi Laiho (this guy is GOD, insane solos/melodies AND vocals AT THE SAME TIME!!)
    4)Steve Vai
    5)Van Halen

    Best Technique:
    1)Jimi Hendrix
    2)Steve Vai
    3)Van Halen
    4)Zack Wylde
    5)Michael Angelo Batio

    My Personal Favourite is Mick Thompson, but i’m being realistic, he hasn’t done many solos on record, so i can’t judge him very well…

  • notb

    fuck you all………….

    iron maiden 4 ever


    up the irons!!!!!

  • My opinion is based on fact!!!

    Ok, well those who said kirk hammett is the best metal guitarist or is ranked in the top 5 metal guitarists, I praise you.
    Anybody who can honestly say that Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine is better than Kirk Hammett are wrong.That is based on fact. If anybody on this list saw the Vh1 special; Story Of Metal, they would have heard one of the guys from Megadeth actually saying, “Whenever Metallica released a new album, they were way ahead of anyone else”.
    Straight from the horses mouth.
    No other metal guitarist ever, can ever say that they could construct and play a solo better than Kirk Hammett.

    On Another Note, Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P), Was good. I’ll admit that, And the guy from Slayer is not that good, he just plays fast stuff which pretty much anyone could have constructed if they were just playing random shit. But neither Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P), nor The guy from slayer could hold a candle to Jimmy Paige or Kirk Hammett!!!

    Listen to the following songs from Metallica just so I can prove you wrong, Fade To black, Master Of Puppets, Orion, One, Sanitarium, Sad But True, Fuel, Enter Sandman.
    Plus there are many more but I can’t be bothered sitting here another half an hour listing them.


  • That guy whos in the background of your photos

    Dude Alex man, everyones entitled to their own opinion. Metallica are not thrash metal. That is based on the opinions of people who don’t know anything about metal.
    I really don’t know who the fuck Michael Romeo is. You can’t just call everyone a dickhead except for the one person that sed Michael Romeo.

    Based on the opinion of Rolling Stone Magazine, who pretty much know everything there is to know on music.
    The best 15 guitarists of all time:

    1 Jimi Hendrix
    2 Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band
    3 B.B. King
    4 Eric Clapton
    5 Robert Johnson
    6 Chuck Berry
    7 Stevie Ray Vaughan
    8 Ry Cooder
    9 Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin (Metal)
    10 Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones
    11 Kirk Hammett of Metallica (Metal)
    12 Kurt Cobain of Nirvana
    13 Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead
    14 Jeff Beck
    15 Carlos Santana

    I have picked out the ones on that list that are metal or were considered metal in their time.

    Jimmy Paige and Kirk Hammett are the best metal guitarists of all time. According to rolling stone.

  • Ethan

    i think u need 2 take a chill pill

  • Alex

    You guys, again are idiots, cept’ for the guy who told us to listen to Michael Romeo, CUDOS TO YOU! To the dude that spelled Jimmy Page Jimi Paige, get a life. Yes, Metallica is considered thrash metal, if you don’t believe me, look for yourself. http://www.wikipedia.com. If you base this list on what metal really is, mad solos, fast paced (or powerful power chords), speed, technicality, skill, Michael Romeo, Jeff Loomis and Michael Angelo Batio steals the list. If you base it overall, classification metal, then it would be Iommi, Page, Slash, Buckethead, Paul Gilbert, and Ron Thall who would steal the list.

  • Matt

    1. Kirk Hammett
    2. Jimmy Paige
    3. Tony Iommi
    4. Jimmy Hendrix
    5. Slash
    6. Eddie Van Halen
    7. Angus Young
    8. Dimebag Darrell

  • Metal is good!!!

    The best metal guitarists:
    1. Kirk Hammett, undoubtedly the best Metal guitarist of all time. Black Sabbath introduced metal, then bands like Metallica brought it back to life and are the best metal band. Some of the best solos in the world, were created by Kirk Hammett.

    2. Jimmy Paige, although I doubt very strongly that Led Zeppelin were ever metal, he does play good solos, which is part of metal music.

    3. Slash, Guns ‘n’ Roses, are an awesome band, I more classify them as classic rock than metal, but this guy is crazy. Mad Solos.

    4. Tony Iommi, the band he was in created metal and gave inspiration to many metal bands around. So I guess you do have to give him credit.

    5. Eddie Van Halen, although I highly doubt that Van Halen are metal, he’s a pretty good guitarist. You have to admit.

    F.Y.I: Metallica, are not trash metal, I couldn’t be bothered scrolling back up the forum to see who sed that, but the are not trash metal. They fall under the category of Rock/Metal, because they write rock ballads as well as metal.

  • Death_freak

    I m totally confused wit the list…..Jimi Hendrix b4 Kiss and Judas Priest:S…..and megadeath dude at such a low grade……and Alexi Laiho????? da cover of ESP guitars…….dis list is a dead 1…..

  • Ed

    you guys should take 2 minutes to load some songs from SYMPHONY X where Micheal Romeo is playing. Thanks

  • Ethan

    I dont think so, i believe they are rock or hard rock in some cases, not metal

  • Alex

    Yes, but nevertheless, they are still considered metal.

  • Ethan

    Yea i know but they’re not metal any more!!!

  • Alex

    They were considered metal at their time! In the 70’s Zeppelin was metal, hendrix was metal. Ect.

  • Ethan

    Yea, i know metal evolved around bands like Metallica but i still disagree about them being on the list even though they are all excellent players, i recon they are rock now because metal has also evolved. This list wasn’t made 20 years ago. And remember this is my opinion so dont get all angry at me!

    p.s. I think you should give Mark Morton and Willie Adler a little more credit, have u seen them live!! Mark Morton did one of the the best guitar solos ive ever seen.

  • Matt

    Listen hmm…., what the hell are you talking about, mistakes make the world go around, if so then the world would revolve around you, ha ha!!!

  • Alex

    Ok, Ethan, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Every one of those players were considered metal at their time. Some of them still are. If you’re calling Metallica rock, then you know nothing about metal. As most metal-heads should know, there are several genres to classify a metal band. I.E-Metalcore, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Death Metal, Viking Metal Ect. Metallica belong in the Trash Metal catergory. So, indeed, they are metal. As for your Mark Morton, Willie Adler thing. No way they should be in the top 20. Yes, they have talent, they’re uniqe. They’re just not enough. Top 40 yes. I’ll give them top 40-50. The top 20 will have already been filled up by Loomis, Broderick, Romeo and the likes.

  • Ethan

    And I also thaught this was a metal list, not a rock list. I.e. Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield (METALLICA), Angus & Malcolm Young (AC/DC), Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN), and Jimi Hendrix??? since when did these guys play metal?

  • Ethan

    What happend to Mark Morton and Willie Adler (Lamb of God)? They should be atleast be in the top 20.

  • Aleks

    The list has many of my favourite guitarists – however should be Andreas Kisser & Max Cavalera (Sepultura) on it! At their best they could saw riffs and scream solos on par with eg. Metallica and Slayer, while sounding like themselves.
    For example songs: Mass Hypnosis, Escape To The Void, Arise and Territory

    Another good guitarist is Roope Latvala of Stone, like the other user mentioned here. They’re often called “Finlands Metallica”. 😀 Their “No Anesthesia!” -album is well worth checking.

  • Alex

    Ooops sorry Matt, forgot Slash. As for Bucket, listen to Nottingham Lace, or just watch a video of him doing a solo. For my list, you can’t just look at how much skill the guitarist has. Look at overall guitaring stats. Versatility, Buckethead has got that more than anyone, Skill, Buckethead has got that too. Influence, huge influence on guitar techqiue and metal. He just fits the spot. Eddie Van Halen is a great PLAYER but he isn’t as versatile and ifluential as Buckethead. Check out digitaldreamdoor’s top 100 metal/hard rock guitarists and Buckethead is #6. Buckethead is higher then Wylde and Darrell because he has overall stats. Man, Zakk and Dime are incridible, but Zakk isn’t a good rythum guitarists, he can play solos like no one, but he dosen’t know how to make challenging intros or chorus’s, because all he can do is solo. Dime is only metal, Bucket is Bluegrass, metal, Rock, Country, Pop, but he has to be, he’s a session guitarist. Your right about Satch beeing better, so I’d move Buckethead down to #9 and put Satch there. As for Vai. Nope. Out of the question. Great player, again, but not versatile. I think he would make it about the same spot as EVH, maybe a bit lower. I can play Eruption, it is a hard song, but it’s not that hard, and it dosen’t make him the best. Oh, dang dude, I forget Yngwie. Ooops, ok, he is gonna be #8. Again, Angus sucks. He can make riffs, but he is not versatile, he is not even good actually. He just isn’t good. He has the easiest riff, easiest solos, easiest everything. He dosen’t deserve the stop. It dosen’t matter if he’s sold records or he can make good riffs, he isn’t a good guitarist. That’s the difference between him and Iommi, Iommi can make sweet riffs AND solos, he’s versatile and he has influenced guitar. Angus, however, has not.

    if you want to check out the DDD list, here is the link


  • Jebber

    For all of u who are saying that Van Halen shouldnt be up there just listen to eruption and try to tell me hes not incredible

  • mattied

    ok alex heres your problem. eddie van halen is better than buckethead. where is slash. where is angus. buckethead shouldn’t be on the list. he is a great guitar player but not the 7th best, i put in tops 40s. he’s not better than wylde,darrel,van halen,blackmore,satriani,vai,morse,petrucci,hammet, and a lot more. i don’t agree with your list but its better than the main list.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    I am gonna say this again… Without Yngwie you wouldn’t have shit for Metal Guitarists. He raised the bar way the F*ck up!! Sure you can have your lists of Tony Iommi,Eddie Van Halen,Blah,Blah,Blah!! But no one did,*UH-HUM*…NO ONE HAS DONE WHAT YNGWIE HAS DONE FOR GUITAR IN THE METAL GENRE!! You can call it wankery,emotionless,etc… That’s because you are all f*cking jealous of the Malmsteen GOD!! And, he still blows the doors off all these f*cking posers!!

  • Alex

    JEFF Beck isn’t metal

  • Alex

    No, Iommy isn’t the best overall, but he was a inovater of metal, he IS metal. Here is my list

    1. Paul Gilber
    2. Randy Rhodes
    3. Jimi Hendrix
    4. Jimmy Page
    5. Ron Thal
    6. Marty Friedman
    7. Buckethead
    8. Eddie Van Halen
    9. Michael Romeo
    10.Michael Angelo Batio
    11. Ritchie Blackmore
    12. Joe Satriani
    13. John Petrucci
    14. Steve Vai
    15. Vinnie Moore
    16. Dimebag Darrell
    17. Greg Howe
    18. Jeff Loomis
    19. Zakk Wylde
    20. Kirk Hammett
    21. Alex Skolnik
    22. Steve Morse
    23. Chris Poland
    24. Jake E. Lee
    25. Michael Amott
    26. Uli John Roth
    27. Mattiash Eklundh
    28. Chris Amott
    29. Fredrik Arkesson
    30. Alexi Laiho

  • Very agreeable with this list. Except Head and Munky from Korn. I respect them as musicians but they aren’t nearly as good as the artists named after them. I could see them being around the 70’s to 80’s but not 26. It’s awesome to see Daron Malakian in the 30’s.
    Still no Mick Thompson from SlipKnoT though 🙁

  • mattied

    i want 2 see your list alex

  • mattied

    Iommy is a good riff writer but not the best over all guitar player

  • mattied

    2.eddie van halen
    11.blackmore- morse
    -happy alex

  • mattied

    u no what in a way u r right i was wrong putting angus at #2, but to some peaple he is underrated.
    in most song he only uses 3,4,or 5 chords but u no wat it dosn’t matter it sounds great. i mean who dosn’t like ac/dc. if u ever saw him play live or just see him he’s a guitar idol.he is great. ok and morse and black took me awile 2 decide who was better. they r both great but i think they r equal. slow players. think about this all this new scream metal crap they play fast but that dosn’t make them good. and i do play guitar. ill rewrite my list

  • Alex

    Oh, and Joe Perry and Ace Frehly are slow as hell and don’t deserve to be named.

  • Alex

    Mattied, you are an idiot. Angus Young sucks. I don’t even think he should be on the list. You obviously don’t play guitar, because if you did, you’ed know that AC/DC’s riffs are easy. So what if EVH did one sick intro, dude, he is good, but not #1. Jeff Beck did an intro similar to that on “What mama said”. It’s not a hard intro, I can play both of them. Hendrix and Rhodes are accurately placed. As for Iommi beeing a great rythum player, he was also a crazy soloer and riff maker. Dude, listen to “War Pigs” or “fairies where boots”. Another underrated guitarist is Ritchie Blackmore dude, better then Morse. Listen to “Child in Time”. I’m done.

  • mattied

    crap i said adrian smith twice

  • mattied

    ok i want 2 no who wrote this. its horrible. Don’t get mer wrong tony iommiis great he may be one of the best rhythm guitar player ver but not the best over all. metallica isalso one of my favorite bands but their guitarists arnt as good as you think. my top 20 wood be
    1.eddie van halen- listen to mean streats intro
    2.angus young- awsome
    3.randy rhoads
    10.zakk wylde
    13.joe perry
    15.jeff beck
    16.vivian campel
    17.ace freley
    18.kirk hammett
    19.brian may
    20.adrian smith


  • MSG

    lol,that list sucks!

    1.Tony Iommi
    2.Ritchie Blackmore
    3.Adrian Smith
    4.Michael Schenker
    5.Yngwie Malmsteen
    6.Gary Moore
    7.Randy Rhoads
    8.Eddie Van Halen
    9.Glenn Tipton
    10.Marty Friedman
    11.Chuck Schuldiner
    13.George Lynch
    14.Dimebag Darrell
    15.Kirk Hammett & James

  • Alex

    You are an idiot #345. Led Zeppelin and Hendrix were metal in their time, and revalutionized it. As a matter of fact, without Hendrix and Zeppelin, there would be no Megadeath. Dave Mustaine is OK, definitely not # 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Maybe top 50. Some talented metal guitarists that range in your era (trash metal, nu-metal, ect.)

    Jeff Loomis
    Chris Broderick
    Michael Romeo
    Michael Angelo Batio
    Kirk Hammett
    Michael Amott
    Marty Friedman

  • james

    Ya… this list sucks, as do most of the posts.
    I think people need to learn what metal is. Led Zeppelin and Hendrix NOT metal. I do like AC/DC and GNR but neither of them are metal. As for “Synyster Gates”, A7X sucks ass and he is not in any way a GREAT guitarist and does not deserve to be in the top 100… or top 1000. Kirk should be a lot lower on the list as well. Just because Metallica sold a lot of records doesn’t mean Kirk is talented. If you want to listen to a talented guitarist, download any Megadeth album, especially the early stuff like In My Darkest Hour, Good Mourning/Black Friday, Holy Wars, Tornado of Souls… or the greatest… Hangar 18. If I had to make a list it would go like this:

    01. Dave Mustaine
    02. Dave Mustaine
    03. Dave Mustaine
    04. Dave Mustaine
    05. Dave Mustaine
    06. Dave Mustaine
    07. Dave Mustaine
    08. Dave Mustaine
    09. Dave Mustaine
    10. Dave Mustaine

  • Alex

    That’s not a bad list, except for Laiho, he’s probobly top 60. Not that good….Yes he is a good songwriter, but this list is best GUITARISTS.

  • fuzz

    this is crap, i dont get why some guitarists like Head and Munky are on the list. Guys like Yngwie Malmsteen, Alexi Laiho, and Michael Angelo Batio are so much better than them and the Korn Guitarists get a higher number. i also dont get why guitarists like paul gilbert, and michael angelo batio arent even in the top ten.
    Not only that but COB and Stone guitarist roope latvala isnt on here either.

    My Version of the 15:

    1. Michael Angelo Batio
    2. Paul Gilbert
    3. Kirk Hammett
    4. Jason Becker and Marty Friedman (Cacophony)
    5. John Petrucci
    6. Roope Latvala
    7. Steve Vai
    8. Randy Rhoads
    9. Tony Iommi
    10. Eddie Van Halen
    11. Alexi Laiho
    12. Dimebag Darrell
    13. Adam Jones
    14. Jake E. Lee
    15. Zakk Wylde

  • Alex

    That’s true….Synyster and Zacky are pretty good. Probobly top 60-70. Again though, it dosen’t really matter what you say, they made this list built on opinion. There is never gonna be a prefect list that fits everyone!

  • jim

    What about Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold?

  • steve

    Your right Alex. People are making a big deal out of nothing. We cant let our day slip away complaining about a damb list! After all this complaining, if Rolling Stone changed the list to the exact order we wanted it and they posted it in their next issue. This blog thread would close down and we would go hmmm… cool, yeah, ok, ummm… see you guys later. After that we would look back and think about all the time we just wasted complaining about a STUPID LIST! and we would probably never speak to each other again. The point I’m Making is, we wouldnt feel any better, we would not feel like we accomplished anything and we would just get on with our lives. Every one here is just giving Rolling Stone what they want. PUBLICITY! CYA!

  • Alex

    I’m starting to think people are blowing this list out of preportion.

  • hmmmm

    Hey Matt I never said that acdc were ‘metal’, I said that ACDC is just like Guns n Roses. And by the way Matt, you shouldnt call people dickheads for making a mistake. 1. You have probably made a few mistakes in your useless life havnt you, so basically you are also calling your self a dickhead 2. If people never made mistakes then they wouldnt have learnt, so in theory you wouldnt even have a computer, proper clothes or anything that you have, not even money because people would be to dickheadish to invent them. Mistakes are what make the world spin LOSER! I bet your not calling any one a dick head now are you!

  • Matt

    Best Metal Guitarists:

    1.Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
    2.Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)

    I know it’s a small list but it’s right. And what the fuck is this shit about Led Zeppelin being metal, they ain’t metal. hmmm….. your a dickhead, ac/dc aren’t metal either they are rock, there’s a difference. Metallica are the best metal band of all time. I agree with no.323 on this forum. Kirk Hammett is pretty mad.

  • steve

    My top 3 would have to be:

    1. Tony Iommi
    2. Angus and Malcom Young
    3. Slash

    My top 3 solos would have to be
    1.Sweet child of mine
    2.November Rain
    3.Stairway to heaven

  • jmbullet

    Why isn’t Roope Latvala on the list ?? he’s great !

    my own top 5 would be

    1- Alexi Laiho
    2- Roope Latvala
    3- Alexander Kuoppala
    4- John Petrucci
    5- Dimebag Darrell

    but well, this is just a little girl’s top 5…

  • cuz

    There is a lot of critisicm about whether some of these guitarists are actually “Metal Rock”. I think when they said Metal they meant non- “classical” or jazzy stuff like Clapton and BB.King. I think they just meant heavy or “rock”.

  • hmmm…..

    Hey Mettlehead at no.271 that is silly. You say that ACDC is not Metal rock but they are Classic Rock and then you go and put Slash from Gun’s ‘n’ Roses in there, ummmm…. there is pretty much no difference between ACDC and GnR. Listen to “Who made Who” by ACDC and then “Sweet Child of Mine” by GnR and there very similar but thats just one of their similar style songs.

  • hmmm…..

    I absolutely hate bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte and Blink 182, they suck and theyre guitarists play a big part in my hatrid. You listen to or Led Zeppelin and you hear all these different chords and then a classic stlye solo and its amazing, its actual talent but you here Simple Plan and its just this constant DRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRMMMMMMM from a guitar and it sucks. This is in regards to a comment off of this blog that someone else made.

  • hmmm…..

    Hey no. 323 Metallica are not the highest selling metal band in the world. To say that Metallica have sold more than Led Zeppelin or ACDC. I just went onto Wikipedia and found that Metallica have sold around 57 million albums in the U.S and 35 million oustide of the U.S making their total 90 million. ACDC have sold 66 million in the U.S and Led Zeppelin have sold 106 million in the U.S. All together Led Zeppelin have sold more than 250 million albums and ACDC have sold 160 Million albums. But album sales dont matter anyway.

  • hmmm…..

    Right now I’m sitting here listning to ACDC’s “You shook me all night long” a true rock song. If it werent for the guitar it would be nothing. So I think to my self, the guitar was made by a talented person lokking for a new way to tell people their stories. To see people fighting about who is the best guitarist of all time is sad. None of them would be heard of if it werent for the guitar.

  • agss

    Album sales in the U.S alone.

    Metalica – 55 million albums
    ACDC – 66 million albums
    Led Zeppelin 106 million albums
    Van Halen 56.5 million albums

    This has nothing to do with the guitarists skills it is just an interesting chart.

  • agss

    Hey 324 you siad that someone else said that Kirk Hammet is in the highest selling band , Metallica. Metallica isnt, infact Led Zeppelin has sold in excess of 106 million copies in the US alone. No way has Metallica done better.

  • agss

    if i went up to 10 people in the street of america, england or australia and said who is angus young, they would defenetly know but if i asked who is tony iommi they would probably go …err

  • Derek

    Wow, moronic genre fighting hasn’t died out with you metalheads yet? Most of you kids (I mean that in a strictly non-age related way) prove all those metal cliches true. Especially the “rap is crap, if you don’t live for guitars” bullshit. What are you, a neanderthal?

    Anyway, to the actual topic. Where is the Dillinger Escape Plan guys anywhere on here, or the Between the Buried and Me guys?

    Nevermind, I don’t know why I’m even bothering with this. Most of you are morons.

  • Alex

    Besides, if you want to use the Top 100 guitarists of all time list, then your an idiot. They put EVH at 70 and Jack White at 13. Think about it for a second, do you really think they know a whole lot about making lists?

  • Alex

    Ok, “someone who knows more about guitar then anyone else on this forum”. First of all, you spelled “Hammett” wrong. Secondly, just because Metallica sold higher then the other metal bands, prooves nothing too his talent on guitar. Example: Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff are the highest selling pop artists, does that mean that their guitarists should be number one?

    Same with Sum41 and Blink 182. They all have horrible guitarists. Highest selling punk bands, yet their guitarists suck….

    Thirdly, Kirk Hammett is an amazing guitarists, definitely top 20, but didn’t do much to revolve metal. Look at Iommi and Rhodes, they got skill, and they’ve each revolutionized metal.

    Their are allot better guitarists on this list, like Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jeff Loomis, who aren’t number 1.

    Honestly, though, I never take lists seariously when the Young brothers are number 3.

  • Someone who knows more about guitar than anyone else on this forum.

    Kirk Hammet should be no.1. He has a thing called talent, something hard to find in the American music industry. He is even in the top 15 for the best guitarists of all time list not just the metal list. Metallica shit on anyother metal bands, and there’s plenty of proof for it too, they have sold higher than any other metal band.

  • some

    u are furking insane! how is malmsteen furking better than vai?

  • Alex

    Guitarworld probobly did this to get some attention. Honestly, who takes the criteria seariously? For that matter, it’s also based allot on opinion. There will never be a “perfect list”, because, frankly, no one can make a top 100 list without 1 guitarist beeing attacked.

    Secondly, all guitarists on the list are metal, or were considered metal at there time. Wether or not we consider them metal is useless.

    I could complain about a ton of guitarists that got dissed on this list, lie Jeff Loomis, Alex Laiho, Michael Amott, Steve Vai, ect. I could also complain about the the guitarists that were overrated. Kerry King, Head & Munky, Daron Malakian, Mick Mars, but it’s based on opinion, and the criteria. No one really knows what the hell kind of criteria he chose. But hell….Man, it dosen’t matter, no ones gonna change the list and post it in guitarworld anyways.

    Michael Amott, Buckethead, Jeff Loomis.



  • Oliver S Knight

    oh yer and i know this is a metal forum, but my favourite guitarist other than Iommi is Duane Allman – yes i am aware that he is not metal! hah.

  • Oliver S Knight

    Ive read a few responses, and i cant believe that a select few people dont think Tony Iommi should be top.
    1. He invented the metal sound. Therefore without him the others wouldnt exist and im sure every metal guitarist would admit that.
    2. His riffs as we all know are 2nd to none.
    3. He does solo, but more in the 80s output, such as Heaven and Hell and The Eternal Idol. Although there are some nice solos in the ozzy era. Supernaut, Dirty Women, Warning etc. You cant just judge guitarists by solos! Ok, they are important, but metal is much more than just solos. I bet most people just rekon randy rhoads is good because of his solos..yes they are god like, but the chords he uses in his playing, near enough full lush chords, and not merely power chords..the boys a genius.
    4. Iommi is Metal. As are Sabbath, you can’t be a metal fan and not appreciate and enjoy Sabbath…doesnt work. They invented it all..Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Thrash Metal (Symptom of the Universe is insanly good) etc..

  • Gitcher

    Victor Smolski – Rage …seriously. do everything you can to hear this guy. newer albums in particular (Unity, Soundchaser) both of which are UNREAL. Listen to his acoustic intro in Falling From Grace part I on Soundchaser…amazing.

  • Stormbringer

    Well, since Adrian apparently has had his diaper changed and lost his train of thought, I`ll go ahead set the record straight for the rest of you. First, those of you dismissing Zep, Purple, Aerosmith, Queen, Nugent,and VH from the ranks of metaldom should do some homework. Zeppelin was the first. Without them nothing would have followed, not Sabbath nor Purple, Heep or Mountain, no Alice or Kiss, no UFO, Motorhead, Venom, Priest, Crue, Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer, Death…. and on and on. The immediate success of their first album got Sabbath signed and forced Purple to turn up and speed up. Their influence can be heard in any band claiming to be metal today. Sure they played acoustics, and not every song played at maximum volume, but for god sake, respect the tunes:
    1. Dazed and confused
    2. Whole lotta love
    3. Immigrant song
    4. The Rover
    5. Kashmir
    6. No Quarter
    7. In my time of dying
    8. Achilles last stand
    9. Nobodys fault but mine
    10. In the evening
    And for Gods sake dont forget;
    11. Black Dog
    12. Four sticks
    13. When the levee breaks
    If you cant headbang to those tunes, give it up!
    Jimmy Page, albeit sloppy, was well ahead of his time with tone and recording techniques. His look and sound were copied by nearly every Les Paul playing metal guitarist afterward. He was a metal God.
    Deep Purple introduced classical music to hard rock, taking it from the garage to the concert hall. At one time they were the loudest band in the world. Ritchie Blackmore’s looks, style, and Strat were a major influence. And lets not forget the riffs and licks;
    1. Black night
    2. Burn
    3. Space truckin’
    4. Highway star
    5. Child in time
    6. Pictures of home
    7. Stormbringer
    Enough said on that!
    As far as the others; Aerosmith invented sleazy hair metal(Crue, G’n’R), Queen’s early stuff was as heavy as it gets(stone cold crazy, Ogre battle, Sheer heart attack), while inventing Glam and pop metal(Def Leppard) with a guitar player, Brian May, that is one of the most inventive in rock history. And Ted Nugent injected testosterone while playing faster and louder than anyone else.
    The point is that metal is like any other type of music. It evolves and changes over time. Classical, jazz, country and blues have all done the same, revolving with the mindset of the people listening. A true fan can have his fave while still appreciating other styles. I started young as a Kiss fan, grew into Sabbath and Purple(still my faves), jammed to AC/DC and VH, dug Motorhead and Maiden, Priest and old Rush, and was the first on my block to own ‘Kill em` all’. I spread the word of Megadeth and Guns and Roses before anyone heard of them. I know Metal, and they were and still are Metal, Which is music that is aggressive yet melodic, bluesy yet ballsy, sexy yet smart. And they had tunes, which is why I dont much care for todays nu-metal. They have no tunes, just a lot of overly processed guitars and drum machines and guys growling into the microphone. Page and Blackmore had to fight their equipment to get thier sound, John Bonham and Ian Paice could keep time, and Plant and Ian Gillian could sing melodies. With feeling. Thats a lot more than could be said for todays so-called musicians. But thats just my opinion, to each his own.
    So to all you young guys who think everything was invented in the last ten years. The bands and players you admire would’nt be around if it was’nt for the originals, and thats why any list of greatest Metal guitarists should have the early masters at or near the top, while not ignoring the new guys who are re-inventing the style. Heres my top ten, mostly old school, with a song title by each that best represents their style;
    1. Jimi Hendrix- ‘Machine Gun’
    2. Tony Iommi- ‘War Pigs’
    3. Jimmy Page- ‘Whole lotta love’
    4. Ritchie Blackmore- ‘Child in time’
    5. Eddie Van Halen- ‘Eruption’ 6. Micheal Schenker- (UFO) ‘Lights out’
    7. Uli Roth- (Scorpions) ‘Sails of Charon’
    8. K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton- (Judas Priest) ‘Screaming for vengeance’
    9. Angus Young- ‘Let there be rock’
    10. Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman- ‘Hangar 18’

  • Big P

    Steve Morse should be on this list (and very near the top).

    He is retardedly awesome. His technical ability, tone, & solo phrasing are light years ahead of the majority of the folks on this list. Sure, he’s not a metal guitarist per se…but neither are half these guys. He played with Deep Purple, so if Blackmore gets the nod so should Steve. Since rock seems to be close enough, and in that case not having Steve Morse in the top 10 is just silly.

    PS – On a lesser note, Herman Li & Sam Totman from DF should be on there…and Paul Gilbert should be top 10 (just my personal pref.)

  • Stormbringer

    Wow Adrian, what an intelligent comment! Are you out of middle school yet? How about you tell me where I am wrong!

  • adrian

    you don´t know a fuckin shit about metal guitar!!


  • Stormbringer

    Okay, some of you folks are just plain ignorant when it comes to the history of Heavy Metal. Zeppelin, along with Sabbath and Purple were the originals, with help from Hendrix, Cream, and the Who(not to mention the Stooges, Iron Butterfly, MC5, and Blue Cheer). Yes, by todays standards Zeppelin is not metal, but one listen to Pageys playing on Dazed and Confused will set you straight. Nugent was metal when I was a Kid. Ritchie Blackmore invented all the neo-classical stuff along with two truly forgotten greats, Micheal Schenker and Uli Roth(Kirk Hammets fave players). Iommi invented the sound, just as important as solos. Eddie VH should be #2!

  • nikki nine

    yea it’s me again wat the hell is daron from system of a down doing here? he sucks he should be in the 90’s and how can zakk wylde b at 8? i’ve heard him play and he sucks 2 also dave mustaine has a pretty good spot i’d say but he is amazing his “tornado of souls” solo is insane so i think he should b in the 10’s

  • nikki nine

    k this list is fucked up michael angelo is 98??? he should b at least in the 10’s and angus young is #3?? he should b like in the 80’s and jimmy should b 3rd and i don’t think iommi deserves to b number 1

  • Santa Clause

    No such thing as a perfect list but hey it was better than rolling stone. Heavy Metal has many different forms that some consider classic rock like Van Halen, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, ect.

  • sam

    chuck shuldiner should be in the top 15 (even if he is in the 20) because he’is one of the first pionnier of death metal, he has great technicals parts , solos are awsome too !personnaly i thing chuck would be rather by the place of adam jones

    – keep the metal alive!-

  • Jmbullet

    96. Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM)

    This is not true !!! Laiho goes in top 10 🙂

    COB rock !!

  • smash

    static x’s guitarist is lousy and so is the band.
    they’re just a lame excuse for a metal band

  • Da Bruz

    Static x guitarist is heaps good. He should be on the list

  • Mik

    What and the hell are the guitar players from korn doing 26 i thought this list was for great guitar players alexi laiho should be a lot higher than 96 and dave mustaine+marty friedman can out play james+kirk any day and why is c.c deville even on this list awful list

  • Da Bruz

    Soad Daron Malakian rules.He is awesome. He has earned his spot and he should be higher

  • smash

    i went through the entire list and after some serious thinking and by going deep into the matter i have come to the following conclusions :
    1)whoever made this list doesnt even know what metal is.
    2)the list sucks
    3)this list is based on how popular the band was.
    4)the list sucks
    5)the list is an insult to every metal guitarist
    …on…and the list sucks

  • Brandon Latscha desirves to be in the the top 10.
    and if you’ve never heard of him your gonna be hearing from him soon and all your minds will be blown away by his talent. so all you go to hell.
    singed by the (going to be the greatest guitarist in the world) Brandon Latscha.

    im out.

  • smash

    oh, and many guitarists ….or rather a majority of the guitarists arent even metal

  • smash

    here’s what the list should be :
    2)van halen
    has everyone forgot jason becker??

  • smash

    what kind of a list is this??
    iomi ahead of hendrix,page,van halen??

  • Lukeisonfire

    Ok lets strighten things out. Tom Morello deserves a fuckin higher place. Hes freakin amazing and no one can sound like him. Adam Jones has gotten the respect he deserves. No one talks about him but the truth is, he can make some great riffs solos and eeirie sounds. But i do like the list. And systerister gates cant play guitar and doesnt deserve a place on this list. Petrucci deserves a little higher but thanks for actually relizing adam jones.

  • I must say, this list is wildly biased and very incomplete. Tony Iommi may be one hell of a guitarist, but I wouldn’t exactly call him the greatest of all time. Also, some of the artists listed aren’t even metal (Jimmy Page may have paved the way for heavy metal with Led Zep, but he certainly wasn’t a metal guitarist), and some of the best guitarists of all time aren’t even on here (such as the guitarists from Dragonforce; they have technical adeptness beyond almost anything you’v ever seen), and guitarists Andre Olbrich and Alexi Laiho should be much higher on the list, because Andre wipes the floor with Kirk Hammet overall and Alexi Laiho can play like there’s no tomorrow and do powerful vocals at the same time. So, I say that lists like this should be created in consideration of skill, not popularity.

  • Yes dear…..

  • duane

    Oh, calm down.

  • Uh, the last sentence of Comment #290? I was just fooling around with Chris because I knew he was on duty last night.

    Get a grip on yourself-Gads

    DAMN!!! go on wit yo bad selfl—-my bad—whoosh I gess yo tol me!!!

  • duane

    First of all, it’s Justin Hayward.

    Second, the title of Eric’s post has the word “metal” in it.

    Third, the Moodies miss falling into the metal category by just a nose.

    Fourth, Hayward is not a great guitarist. He’s OK.

    Fifth, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

  • Chris, being gay has nothing to do with it, since when is being a metal head a prerequisit for being a good guitar player?

  • Different strokes for different folks Mr. Rose

  • Jet, you’re a real joy to have here on BC and I love most of what you write. However, you officially have the worst taste ever in music! EVER!!

    The mere fact that you’d (even in jest) make the above remark is testament to that! What next? Tipping The Carpenters for the Top 100 Rap Artists? You may have turned me gay, but that’s going too far. 😉

  • Justin Haywood of the Moody Blues has them all beaten and he’s a much better song writer

  • Rydo

    Shocking, most of these guitarsts are not that great.

    Michael Romeo should be in the top 5 somewhere, if not in 1.

    And that “Synyster Gates” character is such a sloppy and boring guitarist, he shouldn’t even be mentioned as a good guitarist.

    Steve Vai in top 5? nah. Nowdays he’s just full of effects and is really boring.

    And Satriani just does some easy pentatonic patterns most of the time.

  • brandon

    o god, Mayhem’s guitarist??? Tool’s guitarist??? what in the name of satan has happened here???? Half these peopel should not be on this list. and if they have to be, they should be much lower. How did Mayhem’s guitarist rank above Steve Vai and Michael Romeo, when Mayhem play simple raw Black Metal

  • Vinny

    Why isn’t Warren DeMartini on this list?

  • Geege

    Qoute- “Steve Vai, well he’s just fast” by chris no 198. I read that far and jogged on to the next post, “hes just fast”???? go to a website called y0utub3 dot com and watch “tender surrender”, have a look, watch, take it all in, then re-write a post. “hes just fast” lolol its a wee shame for some people i tell thee…

  • Dennis

    Yngwie Malmsteen and Alexi Laiho should both are in the top 10

  • nico

    There is not Jason Becker, this list Sucks, Jason becker, must to stay there, is not the first but he won one place on the list, Think it.

  • the dude who said Alice in Chains isn’t metal is a dumb@$$. they’re more metal than grunge. just because they came out at the same time as nirvana and from the same area doesn’t mean they’re grunge. and about a7x, they have a good guitarists (syn) but he’s hardly top 100 material.

    1. Tony Iommi
    2. Dimebag Darrell
    3. Randy Rhoads
    4. Dave Mustaine
    5. Zakk Wylde

    theres your f—ing top 5. and the dudes from korn don’t deserve to be in the top 500

  • Metalhead666

    top 5
    2.Mick Thomson
    3.Alexi Laiho
    4.Adam Jones
    5.Zakk Wylde

    K’thx and a a very nice fucking day

  • (sigh) *Synyster!* What a guitarist, he is the best metal guitarist I’ve ever heard, the way he tears through the solo’s is amazing. Big deal you don’t Like Avenged Sevenfold because they wear make-up? or you think their vocals suck? well deal with it they try the best they an and it turns out great, and either way you look at it sYn is amazing, I doubt Toni Iommi could ever play And All Things Will End or Eternal Rest.
    Oh And By The Way…
    It’s Synyster Gates
    and check out his father’s work its amazing

  • Gates


  • i agrreeeeee

    man..im trippin ballz. but yeh dood put on A7X so we can not no have shitty guitarists

  • a7x

    Yeh syn and Zacky are fuckin kick ass

  • Drew


  • DragonforcE

    Pff someone mentioned Herman Li (Dragonforce)already? C’mon dudes, a metal guitarist top 100 without Li… ^_^

  • greenmonkies

    Don’t even try to put A7X in a category with these people. Don’t even. And CoF isnt death metal, but nice joke. Glad Chuck Shuldiner gets some respect.

  • Wtf?!

    Were th hell is synister gates?

  • andrew

    ok ummmm kirk, alexi laiho(children of bodom), randy roads, dave mustaine, eddie vanhalen, dimebag derrall should all be in the top ten

  • A Tr00 Mettlehead

    here is the list with non-metal artists removed.
    There ARE more I havent removed, I have only removed the ones I know for sure arent metal. There are some I havent heard.

    Ok, people are confusing classic rock (led zep, the who, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix)
    Country-rock (neil young)
    Nu Metal (korn, slipknot, deftones)
    Metalcore (lamb of god)
    Grunge (Soundgarden, Alice In Chains)
    Rap-Rock (Rage Against The Machine)

    …And pretty much every other type of rock with metal. Wikipedia is your friend. It will tell you, if in doubt, whether or not a band is metal or not. There should be no confusion about whether or not The Who or Queen are metal. They are not, and it makes me sick that there is.

    01. Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH)
    02. Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield (METALLICA)
    04. Randy Rhoads (OZZY OSBOURNE)
    07. Dimebag Darrell (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN)
    10. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman (SLAYER)
    11. Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN)
    13. Glen Tipton & K.K. Downing (JUDAS PRIEST)
    15. Slash (GUNS N’ ROSES)
    17. Yngwie Malmsteen
    19. Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (MEGADETH)
    20. Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH)
    27. John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER)
    31. Scott Ian (ANTHRAX)
    32. Tom G. Warrior (CELTIC FROST)
    33. Chris Degarmo & Michael Wilton (QUEENSRYCHE)
    35. Marten Hagstrom & Fredrik Thorndendal (MESHUGGAH)
    39. Mantas (VENOM)
    42. Mikael Akerfeldt & Peter Lindgren (OPETH)
    43. Fast Eddie Clarke (MOTORHEAD)
    45. Warren DeMartini (RATT)
    47. George Lynch (DOKKEN)
    48. Ted Nugent
    50. Rudolf Schenker & Uli John Roth (SCORPIONS)
    51. Oystein “Euronymous” Aarseth (MAYHEM)
    54. Reb Beach (WINGER, DOKKEN)
    55. Trey Azagthoth (MORBID ANGEL)
    57. Hank Shermann & Michael Denner (MERCYFUL FATE)
    58. Richie Sambora (BON JOVI)
    59. Jon Donais & Matt Backhand (SHADOWS FALL)
    61. Alex Skolnick & Eric Peterson (TESTAMENT)
    62. Brian Tatler (DIAMOND HEAD)
    63. John Christ (DANZIG)
    64. Scott “Wino” Weinrich (THE OBSESSED)
    65. Pepper Keenan & Woody Weatherman (C.O.C.)
    66. Tommy Victor (PRONG)
    67. Leslie West (MOUNTAIN)
    68. Vernon Reid (LIVING COLOUR)
    70. Bjorn Gelotte & Jesper Stromblad (IN FLAMES)
    71. Jim Matheos (FATES WARNING)
    72. Gary Holt & Rick Hunolt (EXODUS)
    74. Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY)
    75. Robert Fripp (KING CRIMSON)
    76. Andre Olbrich (BLIND GUARDIAN)
    77. Joe Satriani
    78. Frank Hannon & Tommy Skeoch (TESLA)
    79. Ty Tabor (KING’S X)
    81. Dino Cazares (FEAR FACTORY)
    83. Jon Schaffer (ICED EARTH)
    84. Timo Tolkki (STRATOVARIUS)
    86. Abbath Doom Occulta (IMMORTAL)
    87. Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY)
    88. Uffe Cederlund & Alex Hellid (ENTOMBED)
    89. Leigh Stephens (BLUE CHEER)
    91. Michael Romeo (SYMPHONY X)
    92. Bill Steer (CARCASS)
    93. Piggy (VOIVOD)
    94. Tony Bourge (BUDGIE)
    96. Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM)
    97. Akira Takasaki (LOUDNESS)
    98. Michael Angelo
    100. Nick Bowcott (GRIM REAPER)

  • bob


    Jimi Hendrix?
    Brian May?
    Pete Fucking Townshend?

    Since when were Jimi Hendrix, Queen or The Who metal? Yes, metal has changed over the years, but it hasnt turned into just a longer word for rock.

  • liam

    look tony iomni kicks all of the rap pop soft rock asses.if every guitar player was like him the world would be a better place

  • I also agree with hanish, Buckethead deserves to be in the top 40’s of the list, AT LEAST!

  • Michael Ammot deserves higher, not popular, but he is king of pick sweeping. Deserves at least 50.

  • hamish

    ok first up this is the 100 greatest metal guitarists. yes i do agree with some of them but. where is the guitarist from sonata arctica. download wolf & raven. also destruction preventer and listen to those solos. also why is alexi laiho at the bottom he is better then like fucking korn or Daron Malakian from system so i would think about totally changing that list and where is buckethead???


    In Respond to Death Metal..You have got the rigth gigs!!
    Randy Rhoads(Six String God) Father Of Heavy Metal Guitarist…

    01. Randy Rhoads ***SIX STRING GOD*** (OZZY OSBOURNE)
    03. Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN)
    02. Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH)
    05. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman (SLAYER) & Angus & Malcolm Young (AC/DC)
    07. Dimebag Darrell (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN)
    09. Adam Jones (TOOL)
    10. Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield (METALLICA)
    11. Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN)
    12. Jimi Hendrix
    13. Glen Tipton & K.K. Downing (JUDAS PRIEST)
    14. Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley (KISS)
    15. Eddie Van Halen (VAN HALEN)15. Slash (GUNS N’ ROSES)
    16. Ritchie Blackmore (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW)
    17. Yngwie Malmsteen
    18. Joe Perry & Brad Whitford (AEROSMITH)
    19. Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (MEGADETH)
    20. Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH)
    21. Brian May (QUEEN)
    22. Michael Schenker (MSG, UFO)
    23. Nigel Tufnel (SPINAL TAP)
    24. Jeff Beck
    25. Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE)

    FOR DEATH METAL- 1. Paul ALLEN (Cradle Of Filth)
    FOR BLUES- 1. Stevie Ray Vaughan
    FOR NEO CLASSICAL – 1.Yngwie Malmsteen
    2. SLASH


    01. Randy Rhodes “SIX STRING GOD” (OZZY OSBOURNE)
    03. Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN)
    02. Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH)
    05. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman (SLAYER) & Angus & Malcolm Young (AC/DC)
    07. Dimebag Darrell (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN)
    09. Adam Jones (TOOL)
    10. Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield (METALLICA)
    11. Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN)
    12. Jimi Hendrix
    13. Glen Tipton & K.K. Downing (JUDAS PRIEST)
    14. Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley (KISS)
    15. Eddie Van Halen (VAN HALEN)15. Slash (GUNS N’ ROSES)
    16. Ritchie Blackmore (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW)
    17. Yngwie Malmsteen
    18. Joe Perry & Brad Whitford (AEROSMITH)
    19. Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (MEGADETH)
    20. Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH)
    21. Brian May (QUEEN)
    22. Michael Schenker (MSG, UFO)
    23. Nigel Tufnel (SPINAL TAP)
    24. Jeff Beck
    25. Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE)

    26.. Jon Schaffer (ICED EARTH)
    28. Kim Thayil (SOUNDGARDEN)
    29. Vivian Campbell (DEF LEPPARD)
    30. Daron Malakian (SYSTEM OF A DOWN)
    31. Scott Ian (ANTHRAX)
    32. Tom G. Warrior (CELTIC FROST)
    33. Chris Degarmo & Michael Wilton (QUEENSRYCHE)
    34. C.C. Deville
    35. Marten Hagstrom & Fredrik Thorndendal (MESHUGGAH)
    36. Alex Lifeson (RUSH)
    37. Paul Gilbert (MR. BIG, RACER X)
    38. Jerry Cantrell (ALICE IN CHAINS)
    39. Mantas (VENOM)
    40. Jason Becker (DAVE LEE ROTH)
    41. Phil Collen & Steve Clarke (DEF LEPPARD)
    42. Mikael Akerfeldt & Peter Lindgren (OPETH)
    43. Fast Eddie Clarke (MOTORHEAD)
    44. Nuno Bettencourt (EXTREME)
    45. Warren DeMartini (RATT)
    46. Mick Mars (MOTLEY CRUE)
    47. George Lynch (DOKKEN)
    48. Ted Nugent
    50. Rudolf Schenker & Uli John Roth (SCORPIONS)
    51. Oystein “Euronymous” Aarseth (MAYHEM)
    52. Scott Gorham & Brian Robertson (THIN LIZZY)
    53. Steve Vai (DAVE LEE ROTH)
    54. Reb Beach (WINGER, DOKKEN)
    55. Trey Azagthoth (MORBID ANGEL)
    56. John Sykes (THIN LIZZY, BLUE MURDER)
    57. Hank Shermann & Michael Denner (MERCYFUL FATE)
    58. Richie Sambora (BON JOVI)
    59. Jon Donais & Matt Backhand (SHADOWS FALL)
    60. Stephen Carpenter (DEFTONES)
    61. Alex Skolnick & Eric Peterson (TESTAMENT)
    62. Brian Tatler (DIAMOND HEAD)
    63. John Christ (DANZIG)
    64. Scott “Wino” Weinrich (THE OBSESSED)
    65. Pepper Keenan & Woody Weatherman (C.O.C.)
    66. Tommy Victor (PRONG)
    67. Leslie West (MOUNTAIN)
    68. Vernon Reid (LIVING COLOUR)
    69. Glen Buxton & Michael Bruce (ALICE COOPER)
    70. Bjorn Gelotte & Jesper Stromblad (IN FLAMES)
    71. Jim Matheos (FATES WARNING)
    72. Gary Holt & Rick Hunolt (EXODUS)
    73. Donald Buck Dharma Roeser (BLUE OYSTER CULT)
    74. Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY)
    75. Robert Fripp (KING CRIMSON)
    76. Andre Olbrich (BLIND GUARDIAN)
    77. Joe Satriani
    78. Frank Hannon & Tommy Skeoch (TESLA)
    79. Ty Tabor (KING’S X)
    80. Mark Morton & Will Adler (LAMB OF GOD)
    81. Dino Cazares (FEAR FACTORY)
    82. Pete Townshend (THE WHO)
    84. Timo Tolkki (STRATOVARIUS)
    85. Neil Young
    86. Abbath Doom Occulta (IMMORTAL)
    87. Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY)
    88. Uffe Cederlund & Alex Hellid (ENTOMBED)
    89. Leigh Stephens (BLUE CHEER)
    90. Jim Martin (FAITH NO MORE)
    91. Michael Romeo (SYMPHONY X)
    92. Bill Steer (CARCASS)
    93. Piggy (VOIVOD)
    94. Tony Bourge (BUDGIE)
    95. Sammy Hagar (VAN HALEN)
    96. Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM)
    97. Akira Takasaki (LOUDNESS)
    98. Michael Angelo
    99. John Kay & Michael Monarh (STEPPENWOLF)
    100. Nick Bowcott (GRIM REAPER)
    100. Head & Munky (KORN)

  • Guitar World’s “100 greatest metal guitarists of all time”
    List….No one is whoelse
    1.Randy Rhoads (OZZY “Listen – Over the mountain solo”)
    3.Jimmy Paige
    4.Zakk Wylde
    5.John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER)
    Plus– Slash not a good guitarist at all..all of his solos are simple even I can play while i’m a sleep…Eddie Van Halen is not Rocking “Eddie influence POP music” that SUcks..

  • Ok, this list has all the right people, in all the wrong order. I mean, how is Steve Vai in the 50’s?! Euronymous ahead of Steve Vai?! You’re out of your minds. I could go on FOREVER about the order of this list. I mean Alexi Laiho, 96?! Head & Munky from Korn are near the top. Ahead of John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Alexi Laiho and Micheal Romeo. I swear this list must of been put in order by four 3-year olds with downsyndrome who drank too much.

  • DeathFan

    Mick Thompson can not play guitar for shit!! Whoever said he should be on the list should suck my balls. This list sucks anyway along with Slipknot. People like Chuck Schuldiner, Dave Mustaine, Bobby Koelble, Alexi Laiho, John Petrucci and Marty Friedman Should be at the top of the list, not Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield

  • Big Daddy

    That list is based on certain things, but musicianship, technicality, etc are not among them. There are a lot of commericalized people and big names but you are missing some of the best players, and the ones that are on there are out of order.

    Look into updating/relisting with players like:
    John Petrucci (yes I know he is on the list, but move him up)
    Jeff Loomis
    Kiko Loureiro
    George Lynch (see Petrucci comment)
    Thomas Youngblood
    Jorn from Pagan’s Mind

    Look beyond what the American corporate music companies want you to hear and you will find some amazing music and guitarists out there.

  • Eclipse – Guitarist

    Kai Hansen/Michael Weikath
    Karl Logan
    Randy Rhoads
    Adrian Smith/Dave Murray
    Victor Smolski (“Rage” – he is probably the best in Technicality, but no one knows it)
    Michel Angelo
    Zakk Wylde

    I have no order, cause all these guys are great!
    And not Satriani, Vai or Laiho!

  • bodom_god

    alexi is god he shits on all uthas

  • junkhead

    Andy Laroque (king diamond) is top 10 dammit. Listen to “King Diamond – Them” and you’ll see the light. Where the f*ck is Jerry Cantrell? He is top 20 at least. And…Kirk Hammett should not be #1 or #2 on any list, except, if the list was “Metal Guitarists that are still in the closet”. He is overrated. I’ll go top 10, maybe…behind Dimebag, Mustaine, Shuldiner and King/Hanneman.

  • Mr. Milkshake

    This List Is Shit…. Ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • king2

    This one is better:
    01. Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH)
    02. Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN)
    03. Glen Tipton & K.K. Downing (JUDAS PRIEST)
    04. Randy Rhoads (OZZY OSBOURNE)
    05. Eddie Van Halen (VAN HALEN)
    06. Ritchie Blackmore (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW)
    07. Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN)
    08. Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH)
    09. Jimi Hendrix
    10. Gary Moore
    11. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman (SLAYER)
    12. Vivian Campbell(Dio)
    13. John Petrucci(Dream Theater)
    14. Dimebag Darrell (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN)
    15. Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield (METALLICA)
    16. Angus & Malcolm Young (AC/DC)
    17. Andy La Rouqe(King Diamond)
    18. Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (MEGADETH)
    19. Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley (KISS)
    20. Yngwie Malmsteen

    Omit laiho from top 100,his music is for teenages.

  • Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM) is top 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • samick

    By the way, Micheal Angelo now plays the Quad Guitar….

  • samick

    i suggest that there should be a concert presenting, if not all, some of the guitar players, but not just limited on the list. kin’da woodstock G3 thing….

  • samick

    I cant believe that micheal angelo is at 98. his the only guitar player that plays the double neck guitar. and just listen to “speed kills”. but i dont know how this guitarist are rated here so i cant say much.

    i would just like to comment on the guys that likes RAP, just listen to your RAP and dont say that metal sucks, they are totally different music and all music should be enjoyed and respected. this guys are all good and working with music is just such a talent.

    and one more thing, yes i respect all the guitar players, but i cant say that there would be no Slash if there’s no Joe Perry……its like saying that there wouldn’t be rock without the beatles. for sure there would be somebody who would come up and start something new like the double neck guitar that micheal angelo plays.

    i should say that this guys are all number one deppends on where you base your rating from. Technicality, Speed, Sales, Popularity, etc…
    but if you ask me who i like:
    (not in order) Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Clapton, Micheal Angelo, Joe Satriani, James Hetfield, Jason Becker, Van Halen, Brian May, Slash. they’re all good.

  • I love Melodic death metal

    Ok first off The best guitar players are the Gods like Hammet, Hendrix, and page I get it. But they are all older and I want to give props to the New Gods like John Donais ( shadows fall) Jesper (in flames) The Amott brothers (arch enemy) and many others. But I am here for one reason (first off i am glad that this has been going on for 2 years) Is that Any person on this earth has more musical talent and morals than any hip hop beat boxin gun blazin pot smokin 14 yr old raping bad example setting So called rapper (Tupac i hope ur in hell with satan shovin pineapples just like hitler in the movie Little Nicky) My sis is brainwashed by Mtv and rap, pop, and modern “rock” bullshit and i think that this world would be a better place if we got rid of any any wannabe thug and simply just tie them down to a chair and make them listen to In Flames for months untill they stop being little corporate pussies. (I swear to God that if Carson Daly told you to suck his cock you would say would green day or 50 cent approve and then say fuck and do it any ways) If 50 cent is the epitome of american talent then i guess In Flames is about 10,000,000 bucks. So to get back to the topic my top 10 guitar players
    1. Zakk Wylde
    2. John Donais (shadows Fall)
    3. Chris and Mike Amott (arch enemy)
    4. JEsper and Bjorn (In flames)
    5. Mark morton (Lamb of God)
    6. Zacky Vengance (avenged Sevenfold) ( i liked them before this one cd expierement on Mtv)
    7. John Petrucci (dream theater)
    8. Anders and Jenson (The Haunted)
    9. Matt Heafy (Trivium)
    10. My sis said to put this as Ryan Cabrera i said fuck off Ryan Cabrera can barely play a sibngle chord without singing like a fucking fairy no I say Peter Wichers and Ola Frenning of the Gods SOILWORK

  • one hit kill

    ok, im leaving one comment and that’s all.

    Alexi Laiho should be at least top 50…at least.
    good place for Chuck Schuldiner.

    (for all you rap fans that commented on here, this is not your time or place. go worship music that actually takes talent.)

  • Zyg

    The guitarists who should top this list are the ones who every one else on this list copied for decades.
    1. Hendrix
    2. Tony Iomi
    3. Tipton & Downing
    4. Blackmore
    5. Rhodes
    6. Van Halen
    7. Yngwie Malmsteen
    8. Vai
    (in chronological order)
    Everyone else on the list was either copying one of these guys or was’nt influential to metal. Page was very popular but learned everything he knew from copying Clapton,Beck, Hendricks & Blackmore (playing with a violin bow). Petrucci is trying to be a neoclast like Malmsteen but lacks the Paganini like mastery of the instrument that Malmsteen has accomplished. This list is more of a popularity judgement. You might as well put Richie Sambora at the top. He influenced no one and innovated nothing but the band sold tens of millions of albums.

  • You know what, it’s all subjective. And we all have our favorites. So i think we must respect them.

    Although i think they shouldn’t be making lists like these at all.

  • MeGaDeTH


  • Dude this list is all fucking bullshit these people dont know crap about metal, it does say GREATEST, so i guess this means with the most talent, speed and accuracy. HA Alexi Laiho at 96 total bullshit. he is amazing.

    It totally needs to change around this list.

    Oh by the way: where the fuck is buckethead on that list, that guy is so fucking amazing nobody can compare him to speed and utter randomness, but he is amazing

  • metal militia

    dude this list is fucked up i mean any list is. all of this kind of stuff is under opinions, there are guitarist on here that should be and some that shouldnt and there are others that arent on here that need to be, listen i dont care wat anyone says about me but even though not all these guys are metal guitar players they all had an influence on it, with out Clapton there would be no Van Halen with out Jimmy Page Van Halen wouldnt have come up with tapping without Hendrix there would be no Malmsteen, without Joe Perry there would be no Slash without Angus Young there would be no Dave Mustain and without Page there would be no Zakk Wylde and without Ace Frehley or how ever it’s spelled there would be no Dimebag and from metal to metal for a change without Eddie Van Halen there would be no Jake E. Lee honestly who cares whose on here they play music with melody at least instead of digitaly processesd music (excuse my shitty grammer, at least i can admit i suck at school) instead of makin fun of em just leave it alone these things are just fuckin popularity contests anyway,and speed dont make a metal guitarist all it does is make u fast thats it (o and kurt cobain should never be on any list ever)

  • Jason

    well you have Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, Tool, Opeth, In flames, and a couple other good metal guitarist in there.. but you may want to check out an up and coming band signed to Lifeforce records called Hell Within. The Guitarist Isiah Martinez blows the doors off most every national bands lead guitar player that ive heard. The dude is nothing but insane.

  • ironeddie

    This list sucks, but only because of the crappy arguing underneath it.

  • gunznrosesRIP

    omg, slash n hendrix should at least be pretty high up in that list!

  • Hank

    Gotta agree with DEETZ this 100 list is bogus

    1)Jimmy Page (for paving the way)
    2)Randy Rhoads
    3)Kirk Hammett
    4)Darrell Abbott
    5)Adrian Smith & Dave Murray
    6)Marty Friedman
    7)Zakk Wylde
    8)Alexi Laiho
    9)John Donais
    10)Jake E.Lee

    these are just a few of my thoughts if you are rating METAL guitarists……who made this awful list anyway, Brad the editor and chief must listen to others opinions or he DOESN’T listen to metal cause this list sucks.


    I think this list is way off not enough time to go through the whole of it right now. For 1 Sammy Hagar over Alexi Laiho? Alexi should be in the top 20 at least does Hagar even count as a guitarist? Jon Donais needs a push up that list also….will re-create a list I think is worthy later

  • Metal sucks.Its all about the rap.50 cent is awsome.

  • homie g

    RAP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Homie g

    Metal sucks yo!Its all about rap!!!50 cent kicks ass!!!

  • Mike

    Though I’m not a metal person, and therefore uneducated about it all, here are my top whatever metal guitarists.

    1 Tony Iommi (3 words: Into The Void)
    2 Jimmy Page (melodic brilliance…it is not always about technique)
    3 Fast Eddie Clarke
    4 Justin Broadrick (Napalm Death, Godflesh) (and that’s for simultaneously inventing grindcore and perfecting it with “Scum”)
    5 Leigh Stephens (just for laughs. Lester Bangs said it best – Stephens “sub-sub-sub-sub-Hendrix overdubs stumbled around each other so ineptly that they verged on a truly bracing atonality.” Brilliant.)

    Done. I don’t care about many of the others. Though George Lynch sounds interesting.

  • Alex

    Dude, u cant make a guitarist list. Because there is a different opinion between people. Is a problem about feelings, damn.i cried when i saw metallica playing Fade to Black in ’99.
    So go and listen ur music and play some instrument. Music is life

  • wheres stevie ray

  • yourmom.com

    Rap sucks dick except for Rage. Thank God you guys scared away all those “homie g’s”

    I think Iommi deserves #1, since he pretty much invented heavy metal. Rhoads at #2, he was like Iommi on steroids.

  • killer

    Laiho at no.96,are you kidding?

  • killer

    Adrian smith for no.1

  • JD

    Marty friedman Vs. kirk hammet ? in my book they would be on par with each other

  • Guppusmaximus

    You guys are definately correct…Guitar World didn’t even take 5 minutes to think about who should be on the list nevermind the best. Ofcourse, the placement could be argued forever but this would be my list. (Top 20-The Criteria is the work that the guitarist has done for Heavy Metal..not the band)

    1.Yngwie J. Malmsteen
    2.Dave Murray & Adrian Smith(Iron Maiden)
    3.Vivian Campbell(Dio)
    4.Andy LaRocque(King Diamond)
    5.Shannon Ham & Chuck Shuldiner(Death)
    6.John Petrucci(Dream Theater)
    7.Alex Skolnik(Testament)
    8.Frank Aresti(Fates Warning)
    9.Kirk Hammett(Metallica)
    10.Chris DeGarmo(Queensryche)
    11.Dan Spitz(Anthrax)
    12.Mikael Akerfeldt & Peter Lindgren(Opeth)
    13.Tony Iommi(Black Sabbath)
    14.Warren DeMartini(Ratt)
    15.Randy Rhoads(Quiet Riot,Ozzy)
    16.Gary Lenaire(Tourniquet)
    17.Jeff Waters(Annihilator)
    18.Eddie Van Halen
    19.Steve Vai
    20.Chris Impelliterri

    (This is my influential list…Just my opinion)

  • yourkiller

    This list sucks… In the intro they said that it wouldn’t be a list of skill or speed and they were right… it’s not, but it’s not a tribute to pissing razorblades either… it’s just fucking bullshit and is just waste of evrybody’s time… just pointless, that’s it!

  • What about Lynyrd Skynyrd they rock u know Sweet Home Alabama their guitraist has some mint solos

  • spencer

    ‘scuse me but wheres Jeff Loomis? he outplays them all by far. Steve Vai deserves a higher spot. Tony Iommi doesnt deserve #1, and Angus Young doesnt even deserve to be on the list. and what the hell did head and munky do to be higher on the list than Alexi Laiho?

  • BM1989

    Well, the guitarists have some talent(they play an instrument for God’s Sake!) but they’re not better than Jake Lee or Mick Mars! Those guys could play the livin’ Hell outta guys like Monkey and Head!

  • munky from Korn

    What are all you fucking retards talking about!!!??? We kick ass!!!! Retards!!!!!!

  • BM1989

    Randy Rhoads should be #1!!! He’s the best guitarist ever, man. What’s the deal with Korn and Tool bein’ up there? THEY SUCK!!! NU METAL ITSELF SUCKS!!! IT’S JUST MTV’S ANSWER TO TRY TO GET BACK METAL FANS!!! Guess what, IT DIDN’T WORK!!!

  • DJRadiohead

    Heart sucks!Everyone sucks!!!Even I suck!!!!!!!@my Moms house!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!

  • alexi laiho is easily in the top 5 hes the most underrated ever. also steve loomis of nevermore is awesome at guitar and should be top 20.

  • Dude

    What about the chicks from Heart?!!

  • Neo

    What are you talking about?!!!???? Mustaine can never be number one!!!! Hammet should be!! He rocks!!!He’s only number 3 on my list!!

  • Grant

    Dave Mustaine at #19 he should be number 1. hes the only person who can get fired from a band and then be extremely succesful in another band he made up. nobody beats him.

  • RockStock

    Hell Yeah!! Hammett kicks ass!!! Easily number 1!!!

  • Guy in Gorilla suit from beastie boys song

    1.kirks thumb
    2.kirks pointer
    3.kirks middle finger
    4.kirks ring finger
    5.kirks pinky

  • Josh

    What about the guys of Red Hot Chili Peppers?

  • Keith is a favorite of mine – his rhythm playing and riffs are essential pieces of rock and roll history and his lead work is a bit underrated.

    He’s just not metal either and wouldn’t belong on this lest.

  • Josh

    Your right DJ.U2 isnt metal,but they still rock! How about Keith Richards.

  • U2 isn’t metal. And The Edge is not an extraordinary guitarist. He is the anti-GuitarHero. I love U2, but I have not and still don’t understand the idea that The Edge is somehow a guitar genius for playing chords and having a couple of effects pedals.

  • Josh

    What about U2? The Edge kicks ass!

  • Neo

    My top ten:
    1.Kirk Hammet
    5.Jimmy Page
    6.Angus Young
    7.Zakk Wyldd
    8.Eddie Van Halen
    9.Tony Iomni
    10.Jimi Hendrix

  • Neo

    All these stupid asses think that Clapton and B.B. King should be up there. I don’t think so. Clapton was soft/classic rock. B.B. King is the master of blues guitar. You might have said that Chuck Berry should be up there.Damn!

  • Chris

    You’re right, I forgot John Norum, he is bad ass, I would place him at fourth with john sykes and adrian vandenberg, but even though I think Final Countdown is Europe’s best song, I think John’s best solo is the one on Rock the Night.

  • Cody Kennedy

    What about the guys in Europe? The Final Countdown?

  • Cody Kennedy

    What about the guys in Europe?

  • beardedsuperhero

    as long as dime’s up there in the top 10 i dont give a shit, awesome guitarist + he’ll be shredding those strings + ripp’n those harmonics ina right jamm session with the big guy in the clouds right now.

  • Chris

    No I didn’t forget michael jackson, as you’ll notice I said groups, not solo artists. And saying Leppard appeals to a larger audience than most only adds to my point, they are more popular, richer, and all around better. After all greatness in music is judged by how many people like you (but in saying that I have to run a double standard and say, I don’t give a damn how many copies wacko jacko sold he will always suck, his best moment is when Eddie Van Halen did that solo on the thriller album)but to make my point, Def Leppard brought Metal to the mainstream first, and they did it without turning it into mere pop metal like Bon Jovi did, now I like Bon Jovi but their material after New Jersey(including many songs on New Jersey)just turned into watered down pop rock. Although, since Steve Clark’s death Def Leppard just haven’t been the same, even though Adrenalize was awesome after they got vivian campbell, their music just began to sound like another box of soap, it seems like there hearts aren’t in it anymore, but while they were on top I don’t think any body had the amazing skill, non verbal communication, and a perfect way of making two guitars work together (not duel or fight, but compliment each other like turning four solos into one gigantic one on Die Hard the Hunter) They were the best. But regardless of all this, its my opinion, and of course you have yours, and I’m glad we can agree to respect each others point of view, at least we can debate in an adult and reasonable manner.

  • eric schultz

    ummm -chris, I don’t need to be educated on anything – I have heard (and listened) to every guitarist on and way beyond your list. I own something from just about everyone on that your as well (except Poison, Cinderella, and White Lion… urgghh). To say Leppard is a great band becuase they sell albums is silly – it just means they appeal to more people than most. Michael Jackson should be on your best seller list too, but I see you forgot to acknowledge him. I am not saying Leppard aren’t good, but the guitar playing there is less than stellar. And to knock Steve Vai as only a fast player is just ignorant. He was playing with Frank Zappa (though not a metal guitarist, one of the best the planet has ever produced) when he was 19 and went on from there. He ansd Satriani actually trained many of the metal guitarists out there today.

    Obviously you are going to have your opinions and you are welcome to them (and I can respect them) – but for me, CC is a hack and cannot hold a candle to 90% of guitarists out there today, let alone anyone on the original 100 list in this discussion.

    I would produce a list, but then again what is the point?

  • mile od rek

    what do you know about guitar players….
    1.Dimebag Darrell
    2.Zakk Wyldd
    3.Chuck Schuldiner
    4.Kirk Hammett
    7.Eric Johnson
    8.Steve Ray Voghn

  • Where’s the guitarists for REM, Replacements and the Clash?
    Any list without them is missing some important influential guitarists.

  • Chris

    Alright man, I’ll give it to you, Zakk is awesome, but if you think he could beat CC you’re nuts. Zakk recycles alot of his solos again and again, Kirk Hammet well, he just rips alot of fast crap over and over, usually about 2 minutes into a Metallica song I’m bored as hell, and James cannot sing! If you have any question about CC’s solo ability listen to Life goes on by Poison, that solo kicks ass! Poison does not suck, they’re no Def Leppard but they’re a hell of alot better than any Thrash Metal band. Steve Vai, well he’s just fast, but what about songwriting ability, what about structure, what about being memorable. I wouldn’t even know about Steve Vai if he hadn’t played for Whitesnake on Slip of the Tongue. If you haven’t heard of the guys on my list, then please go back into that coma you must have been in. These guys all played for some of the most popular bands in the world. Steve and Phil from Def Leppard played for the most popular band on this entire list. Def Lep’s album Hysteria has sold more than 21 million copies, all of black sabbath’s stuff together can’t touch that, it would take four of Metallica’s albums to come close to Hysteria. All in all Leppard has sold nearly 70 million albums and still going. In fact only five groups in history can claim to have two albums sell more than ten million copies in america alone, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and The Beatles. I will however educate you in who each of the guys on my list are.
    1.Steve Clark and Phil Collen(Def Leppard)
    2.Randy Rhoads(Ozzy)Eddie VH(Van Halen)
    3.George Lynch(Dokken),CC Deville(Poison),Slash(GNR),Warren Demartini(Ratt),Angus Young(AC/DC)
    4.John Sykes/Adrian Vandenberg(Whitesnake)
    5.Nugent(I think you know him),Robbin Crosby(Ratt),Zakk Wylde(Ozzy),Brad Gillis(Night Ranger,Ozzy),Ty Longley (Great White,listen to save all your love)
    6.Matthias Jabbs and Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions)
    7.Tom keifer and Jeff Labar(Cinderella),Vito Bratta(White Lion)
    8.Dave “the snake”Sabo(Skid Row,Bon Jovi),Richie Sambora(Bon Jovi)
    9.Mick Mars(Motley Crue),Aldo Nova(solo artist, maybe you remember the song Fantasy)
    But all these guys are awesome, there are many other greats but I don’t have time to list them all. I hope you see my point, but then again, all these lists are just our own opinions, I have mine, you have yours, I’ll respect yours, and I hope you’ll do the same for me.

  • eric schultz

    I cannot for the life of me understand where anyone with a clear conscience and half a brain would even consider CC Deville even a “good” guitarist. He embodies all that is wrong with much of music (not just metal) today – all flash and no substance. All style and no ability; anyone can make noise – but can they play.

    To say that he would wipe Dimebag is a joke – even though Dimebag is gone, he is still a better player than CC ever thought of being. I would like to see Dimebag’s buddy Zakk Wylde just thump the crap out of CC with a single power chord. The guy just sucks, so did/does Poison – go soak yourself if you think otherwise.

  • Billy

    Also, Anthony, youre not hard core man. If you were so tought and such a “thug” you wouldnt be on the internet talking about how tough and cool you are. You are from L.A.? Who gives a shit, I’m from Seattle and I would still crush you. So dont pull that thug wigger bullshit anymore.

  • Billy

    Man, how can you guys be so ignorant. Some of these lists are actually rediculous. CC Deville? That dude is total wank. Kirk Hammett should be nowhere near the top 20 let alone the top 2. Have you guys heard of Ron Thal? Paul Gilbert? Buckethead? Steve Vai? Marty Fucking Friedman? Dave Mustaine? Vinnie Moore? Yngwie Malmsteen?

    Also, metal didnt explode with Metallica, it exploded with bands like Iron Maiden and Motorhead.

  • comment 193 by chris is bullshit ive never even heard of half those idiots ANGUS YOUNG AND MALCOM YOUNG are the best nobody doubt that!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    CC Deville is awesome, and he can wipe his ass with dimebag darrel.
    As I said before the list should be
    1.Steve Clark and Phil Collen
    2.Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen
    3.George Lynch/CC Deville/Slash/Warren Demartini/Angus Young/
    4.John Sykes/Adrian Vandenberg
    5.Ted Nugent/Robbin Crosby/Zakk Wylde/Brad Gillis/Ty Longley(Great White)
    6.Matthias Jabbs and Rudolf Schenker
    7.Tom Keifer and Jeff Labar/Vito Bratta
    8.Dave “The Snake” Sabo/Richie Sambora
    9.Mick Mars/Aldo Nova

  • eric schultz

    The fact that nigel tufnel is on this list at all – and as highly as he is rated makes this list a farce. The fact that CC deville is even on the list makes it total garbage.

  • Billy

    This is probably the crappiest guitar list there is, other than the Rolling Stone list. Kirk Hammet and James Hetfied at number 2? What the hell did they innovate?

  • angus and malcom young are the greateat guitarist in the world no doubt brian may is good and hendrix is the best at creating new sounds but hes just a fucken racet!!!!!!!!!!Eric clapton is good and Slash is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACDC ALL THE WAY ANGUS PRESIDENT by the way im a 12 year old kid from new zealand

  • Chris

    And Yes, I do play guitar, what I meant by twin guitar harmony riffs is they always played two different riffs, never the same. Anyway, ROCK ON, and remember, if it ain’t METAL…its crap

  • Chris

    Whoa!!!! Steve Clark and Phil Collen from Def Leppard at number 41, what are they insane, steve and phil friggen fathered the twin guitar harmony riffs, and if there is any question about their solo capablity watch them play Die Hard The Hunter live on the In the round In your face DVD, they kick everyone’s ass. What the FUCK is Vivian Cambell even doing on the list he sucks. Steve and Phil should be no.1
    List should be
    1. Steve Clark and Phil Collen
    2. Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen
    3. George Lynch/CC Deville/Warren Demartini/Slash
    4.John Sykes/Adrian Vandenberg
    5.Ted Nugent
    6.Matthias Jabbs and Rudolf Shenker

  • Seti


  • Seti

    Funny how Maiden guitarists Dave Murray and Adrian Smith’s have been positioned near the top of every list and not attracted a single comment.

    That’s how awesome they are.

  • Seti

    Funny how Maiden guitarists Dave Murray and Adrian Smith’s have been positioned near the top of every list and not attracted a single comment.

    That’s how awesome they are.

  • scalpel

    hiphop rappers are all hijo de puta! sons of osama bin laden!! heheheheheh

  • scalpel

    rap is crap! rappers are all dumb necro fucking bastard! if you dont like to play guitar, hold your mic and suck it like dick! LONG LIVE METALfans!

  • jack

    dude this list is shit i am a big fan of korn but not for the guitaring munky and head are good but not great the main hero in korn is jonathon the vocalist and fieldy the bassist!
    i think that alexi laiho should be way fucken higher daron malakian shouldnt be there as with stephen carpenter malmsteen should be higher and is dime even on the list cos i didnt see him pantera fucken rules!! r.i.p dimebag darrel eat shit and die anthony G rap is for tossas that dont have the intelligence to comprehend real music

  • kyle

    alexi is good but not the best. if u want to hear somene incredible listen to yngwie malmsteen. started in 83 and still plays today.

  • Alexiisgod


  • kyle

    well i personally think that alot of these people on this list suck. and malmsteen should definitely be #1. and TIm Hall. the guy who posted second.. nigel tuffnel isnt a real guy. thats christopher guest dumbass. and it was a band that they made for that movie. u should probably know what your talking about before u comment

  • Alex


    2.Randy Rhoads

    3.Dave Murray & Adrian Smith

    4.Kirk Hammet



  • Azaelia

    I really think Daron Malakian from SOAD deserves his position, if not a better one. I’ve seen him live several times and this guy really kicks ass! … But I guess everyone’s got his own opinion.

    What about John 5? He’s quite a good guitarist. Why hasn’t he been mentionned?

  • i think that the list of the greatest metal guitarsts of metal not is good.
    cause joe satriana is the best guitarist
    and michael romeo is better than other guitarist like the guitarist of sistem of a down, korn, iron maiden,fates warning, mayhem………

  • lsd

    1.I thought it was a metal guitarist list.
    2.The best metal guitars is Dimme Darrel.
    3.Guitars of nu-metal (KoRn ShIt) would be mentioned only if it is called Top 10.000 metal guitarist
    4.Meshuggah ( inovative) guys would be more credited.
    5.Fuck U stupid Hip-Hop dude. Bass is great but not in Hip-Hop.

  • nar

    what are all those rock guitarists in this list and what is satriani doing so low in this list ??? and alexi laiho so low while the guitar player Of SOAD is so high on this crappy list some things are right but this list doesn’t make a lot of sense

  • Paige

    Well, I can’t really choose for a top 10…so I’ll go for 5.

    1. Randy Rhoads…by a long shot
    2. Yngwie Malmsteen
    3. Steve Vai
    4. Toni Iommi
    5. Jimmy Page

  • Griff Ashooh

    my top 15:
    1) adrian Smith & dave murray
    2) kirk hammet & Dave mustain
    3) jon schafer
    4) andre oblrich
    5) hank sherman
    6) janick gers (iron maiden)
    7) Dimebag Darrel
    8) alexi laiho
    9) alex skolnick & eric peterson
    10)kerry king & jeff henneman
    11) tony iommi
    12) kai hansen
    13) gary holt & rick hunolt
    14) james murphy (testament)
    15) glen tipton & kk downing

    these are really just my influences and only metal ones i do respect the more classic rock guys just on my guitar playing these are my main influences in order.

  • griff ashooh

    one more thing if you guys say stuff about tony iommi writing good riffs so he should be up there, than jon schaffer should be at the top he is the riff king, best rythm guitarist ever hell best song writer ever (apart from steve harris) plus all of u that like korn slipknot soad you all suck they cant play or sing listen to power metal thrash metal or if u wanna get really heavy than melodic death and black metal bands like in flames children of bodom dark tranquility cradle of filth Dimmu borgir stuff like that for heavy but these days power metal rules it stays true to classic metal,

    P.s we need a revival of thrash, like true thrash, when metallica sold out all of thrash whent down with it

  • Griff Ashooh

    i thought the list was well done the only thing i feel is you should switch james hedfield & kirk hammet with adrian smith and dave murray. Thanx for putting jon schaffer and andre oblrich. also thanx for putting hank shermann. i like how you respect more metal guitarists.

  • Cameron

    And 1 more thing. Jimmy Page, Hendrix,Young,Perry and others should NOT be on this fucking list. It sickens me. If u wanna put em on it then re-name it the classic guitar list. Heavy metal lingered with Sabbath then exploded with Metallica. Then bands like Pantera, Napalm Death, and Slayer came in and made it even heavier. So all you geezers who vote for Page and them. Stop bitching. It makes me mad already just think he beat out Dimebag Darrell on this frikin list. Its pure heavy metal not soft rock. And I pitty who say Zeppelins music is heavy. re-think dudes. re-frikin-think

  • Cameron

    Have yall forgotten bout Dimebag Darrell? He solod fast, created some of the sickest sounds on guitar as we know, he and Pantera made undoudably the heaviest msuic of all time. He was pure power, bone shifting rhythms was all Dimebag. And for four years straight he was voted best Metal guitarist in the werld by Guitar World.He was the heaviest out of all. Pure raw aggresion he had on his guitar. No let up ever. Dime was god in my eyes.RIP

  • Iron Mayhen

    where is Victor Smolski? He should be at lest 20th!

  • pff this is so fucking difficult but my favourit band is children of bodom alexi just totally rules
    1.alexi laiho
    2.jimi hendrix
    3.john petrucci
    4.yngwie malmsteen
    5.zakk wylde
    6.roope latvala
    7.jeff loomis
    8.dimebag darrel
    9.tony iommi
    10.adrian smith and dave murray

  • this list is alright, i guess…
    in my opinion, tony iommi should be a bit further down on the list, and randy rhoads should be at the top, but thats just a 15 year old kids point of view.

    my top 20 list would look a little like this, i guess…

    1. Randy Rhoads
    2. Zakk Wylde
    3. Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman
    4. Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield
    5. Edward Van Halen
    6. Dave Murray and Adrian Smith
    7. Yngwie Malmsteen
    8. Steve Vai
    9. Joe Satriani
    10. Slash
    11. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman
    12. Dimebag Darrell
    13. John Petrucci
    14. Angus Young
    15. Tony Iommi
    16. Mick Thomson and Jim Root
    17. Munky and Head
    18. Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing
    19. Jake E. Lee
    20. Michael Angelo Batio

  • Someone

    JON DONAIS (SHADOWS FALL) should be there (anywhere, you’ll decide when you hear his solos), try listen to Mystery Of The Spirit!!!

  • slipknot_666


  • JMCGEE82

    We all agree that the list is shit…i am dissapointed that hammet and hetfield of all people are way before dave mustaine..who believe it or not made metallica even though he was ousted. and most of all i cannot believe that there were no talks of Jeff Loomis of nevermore! OMG has anyone ever even seen him play??? hes a freakin god on the 7 string! soo dissapointed in these soo called guitar world editors or whatever…Horns up!

  • Yeah, metal is in a bad bad place these days. Hell, rock is too.

    Maybe its all over and all we have to look forward to is more retro-retreaders that act like no one ever came before them and did everything already.

  • jon

    alright im sick of all this hate! sorry jon but i think you are thinking way to narrow minded. Tonni Ionni created and was considered what we call metal. with iron man war pigs and paranoid and the people he influenced (dimebag darrell, kirk hammet, dave mustain) you cant argue with that, not taking anything away from Blackmore, but ionni should be #1. and one more thing all the little shits on here that said Jimmy Page sucked are half retarded he created music ten times better then you ever will and is ten times the guitarist you ever be.

  • Chris

    Damn man I hate ppl who bag the shit out of classic guitarists and only think nu-metal is any good, FUK U!!! most nu metal is fuked these days. and only a handfull of bands are any good these days (SOAD, SLIPKNOT) and all the european bands but there not getting anywere cause nu metal is fuking taking ova. Weres michael ammot in that list? and bill sterr should be higher. And the maiden guys should be 2nd. LONG LIVE PROPER METAL

  • slash

    i hate mtv now it doesnt even play music anymore and not even headbangers ball(well in australia anyway) and heavy metal overules rap in australia and soon we will take over the world agian and never stop cause rap is something i can do with my ass so fuck the ass up u turd wanking rappers go suck your fat black girls asses

  • Nightflighter

    jimmy page my man
    kirk hammet
    and tony iommi
    and randy rhoads

  • philip

    man stop all dreaming on michael angelo he fucken suck . damn he isnt even picking all his fucking notes. John petrucci is faster with picking than him hammering damn! god! this list sucks ! chuck schuldiner should be at least top 5 (emotion + techincally skilled = great metal guitarist)

  • Some guy

    This is my techical Skill list. It goes like this: (no particular order but something like this)

    Jason Becker
    Van Halen
    Michael Angelo Batio
    Dimebag Darrell
    Jimi Hendrix
    John Petrucci
    Zakk Wylde
    Dave Mustain
    Kirk Hammett
    Steve Vai
    Paul Gilbert
    Alexi Laiho

  • Jerry Hess

    Without the inclusion of Trey Azagthoth, this list is meaningless and reveals the lack of knowledge of the Guitar World Staff. Did they simply forget?

  • Tiny Tim was a shredder

  • Eric Olsen

    these lists exist because they generate attention and controversy, the more the better

  • Cpt. Willard

    Who put that God dam C.C. Dickville from Poison at 34?? and Mick Mars (who I do like) at 44? above Jake E Lee. AND more importanty why is Akira from Loudness at ninety fuckin seven?? John Sykes/Leslie West and Vernon Reid and MANY more should be higher up on this list of shite! And not even a mention of Accepts’ Wolf Hoffman. Guitar World seems to be run by know nothing-band wagonning-num nuts.

  • Hard to take these greatest of all time lists very seriously, regardless of who compiles them. How can you be the “best” at something like music, which is judged so subjectively by people of differing tastes?

    They’re just trying to sell some metal albums, which I do not object to. Now if they were trying to sell that hip-hop rap crap, I would have a problem. Sorry dogg!

  • Aditya

    Poor list there.Marty Friedman and Mustain should be much higher.James Hetfield and KIrk Hammet are more talented than Iron Maidens guitarists and Megadeth’s???Big fat useless list there.You idiots also forgot Vivian Campbell from Dio.Kerry King and his gang stuck to the same formula for years.They are a complete mismatch.Though they are talented,all Slayer songs have the same blueprint of brutality.THINK BEFORE YOU MAKE A LIST!!

  • Marvelous Me

    Where’s Rich “The Duke” Ward on the list?

  • Master

    100 greatest METAL guitarists of all time
    THE WHO r not a metal band
    82. Pete Townshend (THE WHO)

  • alex

    does any one know the exact model jackson mark morton from LAMB OF GOD uses thanks alex

  • Josh

    Oh, by the way this is a different Josh from that other guy. I live in Canada, and my favorite band is System of a Down.

  • Josh

    Wow, people are so dumb. Josh, all you have to do is check your IP to see that you and Cannabus are coming from the same computer….Lame. Anyone who posts on here to argue about shit other than how the hell Brian May made a heavy metal list is a tit.

    P.S. Fuck I hate rap, anyone I meet that figures rap is good that isn’t also a decent person deserves to have their rap CDs shoved up their ass.

  • daryl

    Euronymous is at #51 with Michaelangelo Batio at #98 and Steve Vai at # 53. that just proves that this list was just random assortment of names of guitar players… Come one!! Euronymous cooked and ate the brains of the vocalist of his band! and was (2 years later) stabbed 23 times (in face and back) by the bassist of the band. Good publicity; guitar playing and musicianship? hell no!

  • Robosexual

    my top 5 is
    1. bender for futurama
    2. homer for simpsons
    3. stimpy for The Ren & Stimpy Show
    4. IBM the computer
    5. TV

  • aac

    Yr next – the Illuminati have your number

  • god

    Try this link and you won’t believe how some journalists view the heavy metal scene.
    http://www.knac.com/article.asp?ArticleID=3412 I sent him an e-mail, but do not expect a reply.

  • Sambino

    Hold on……am I really seeing Jimmy Page in front of Dime? WTF man? When it comes to metal dime should be #1. How is jimmy page on this list? or any list? Hes the sloppiest player out of all the so-called “legends”. Although I am surprised the guys from meshuggah got some credibility, im glad they finally get some recognition

  • bob your uncle mate

    There is way to much wrong with this list,like hetfeild even being compared to kirk,korn and soad even in that list is a discrace.now maybe if there there looking for pple who changed metal forever then maybe its fair enough to have not the technically awsome guitarist.but if they were going for guitarist that changed music heres a bit how the list should have gone

    1.Dimebag darrell(extreme riffs)
    2.michael angelo(alroundly insane)
    3.tom morello(never seen affects used like him

    4.dave mustain&kirk hammet cant seperate them
    5.head and munk.NOW B4 u kick up a stink that there crap this is my list on innovative guitarist.b4 there hip-hop style metal there was none
    6.jimi hendrix(just nice!)
    7.FUCK i 4got zakk wylde oh well 7th will do
    8.eddie van halen
    9.Tony Iommi
    10.Angus young

    now heres how the technically perect list goes
    1.Van halen
    2.michael angelo
    3.dimebag darrell
    4.jimi hendrix
    5.zakk wylde
    6.dave mustain
    7.kirk hammett
    8.angus young
    9.steve vai
    10.tom morrello

  • 666string sam from alabam

    Top ten metal guitar dudes are like this
    or something close to this dudes:

    1)Janis Ian

    2)Hong Kong Phooey

    3)DJ Red Alert

    4)That guy at the guitar store that can
    play “Back In Black” almost as good as
    Angus can.

    5)Pol Pot

    6)California Pot

    6)Sweet Charles

    7)That one bitch who used to play for
    “The Runaways” about 30 years ago.

    8)The other ho from The Runaways.

    9)Ricky Skaggs

    10)Ritchie Blackmore

  • Taloran

    Why is Jeff Beck on a list of top Metal guitarists?
    I’ve been a Beck fan for years – I bought Blow By Blow shortly after it came out in, what, 1972? I have most of his recordings – he does some stuff on Who Else and You Had It Coming that might qualify as metal with a stretch, but calling him a metal guitarist is strange, to say the least.

    IMHO, Beck would blow away most of the guys on the list above in a cutting contest, but I don’t think of him as a metal guitarist.

    Why is Brian May on the list? Does anyone in the world think of Queen as a metal band?

    The little I’ve heard of Michael Angelo makes me think he should be above Sammy Hagar and Angus Young (side note – I think Angus Young is a talentless three-chord hack who doesn’t deserve to be on ANY top 100 list, but that’s another matter) and probably above most everyone on this list. Granted, I haven’t heard everyone on the list.

    Neil Young? Neil Young? WTF? Neil Young? What the hell were they thinking? That guy can barely strum folk music on guitar, much less play heavy metal. Put him on stage and have him test his skill against Petrucci, Satriani, Vai, Malmsteen, Thayil, Dime, Beck or Slash (and probably most of the others on this list, except Angus Young), and he’d look fucking ridiculous. One-note guitar leads do not qualify someone as a great guitarist, much less a great metal guitarist. Nor does friendship with Eddie Vetter.

  • dave

    jimmy page is better than anyone on this list

  • gonzalo

    i mean…it couldb be considered the number 3…he’s better than many of the 5 first

  • gonzalo

    welll..i think slash, the guns n’ roses and actual velvet revolver guitarrist must be considered in that list

  • Somebody find California Boy and unhook his modem please. We don’t need to call him a fag or fucker or beat him up. This is just a dialogue… but a dialogue dude needs to be removed from.

    Maybe if I rephrased that in a terrible, terrible ryhyme dude would get the idea?

    why am I so angry? because music is not a joke.

  • Ok, still thinking about this. How about Tom Scholtz (spelling?) from Boston? Those riffs are insanely powerful. Granted, it was done with the studio trickery and genius of layering the same riff about 30 times.

    also, Billy Corgan. Listen to some of the heavy shit from Siamese Dream (Cherub Rock, Quiet, or Silverfuck). Then, and only then… wrap your brains and ears about ‘Siva’ from the first album.

    my last point deserves it’s own line below

  • one other thought, technically the dudes from Steppenwolfe should have gotten a higher mention. The reason being: the etymology of the term ‘heavy metal’ is a direct reference to the lyric in ‘Born to be Wild’
    I like smokin’ lighting
    Heavy Metal thunder
    Racin’ with the wind
    and the feeling that I’m under

    See, I told you guys I was a rock dock. Perhaps the greatest rock dork of all time.

  • Ah, good stuff. Now this, my friends, is why the internet was invented. So rock dorks like us could sit around all night and argue about the greatest metal players. Seriously, as a monster music fanatic… this type of dialogue is only second to porn.

    my thoughts: Jimmy Page should be higher, way higher. Dude damn near invented heavy metal.

    last thought, though I am above flame wars

    California Boy: you are the biggest fucking tool on the internet.

    that’s ok, you have the right to be here. but you are really really really doing a dissevervice to yourself each time you post. Your mother is calling you. Get out of the basement and take out the garbage, B’Rad (or whatever toolbax fruitcake rap name you have given yourself).

    oh yeah, one last thing: major props for them referencing Spinal Tap! It is the reason I got a DVD player a few years ago when it was re-released.

  • Man personally I beleive Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN) should atleast be in the top 5 if not #1 in my personal opinion…like just listen to the guitar solo’s in “Run To The Hills” or “the clarvoyaint” even maybe “dance of death”!
    but as I have said this is 1 man’s opinion….but most of my freinds that LOVE metal would agree with me.

  • Laudanum

    Definitely missing is Savatage’s Criss Oliva. No surprise he is left out as he was maybe the poster boy for underrated and underappreciated. But especially if you want to do a purely metal list, he should be included. But he was absolutley better than many players on the list. RIP Criss and now, tragically and preventably, Dimebag Darrell as well.

  • the shiznit

    iommi in front of hammett??? but hammetts solos are so much better….WTF!!!!!!!!!!?

  • flipper_gv

    i dont really know why Chuck Shuldiner
    isnt in top 5. man just listen to story to tell or flesh and voice of the soul to see how his talents are godly. And Wtf?? I Just saw Steve Vai placed 56 and the guy from children of boddom 96 lol they should at least in top 10s why? cuz they rule! and yngwie malsmteen 17? he should be 3rd easy he made some great metal solos that even kirk Hammet cant play. And for the bastards that come up with names like BB King And Clapton u just suck they’re great but way not metal musicians. Tommy Ionni should’nt be 1 maybe top 10 but not first. first should be the guy from dream theater. Anyway this list sucks and every one here will agree with me. And how could you make a list of top 100 best metal guitarist ever in 1 month, it should take at least 1 year to make on right listen to all metal guitarists. Its like passing over 30 years of the existance of thousands of guitarists. Just think about it. Now im gonna walk with my dog in the street to calm down LOL.


  • Bommer

    sorry i correct myself…. you haven’t even got Jason Becker or Marty Friedman
    in the list at all
    (refering to post 122)

  • Bommer

    and i mean how can you have any numetal bands up on that list at all… just because little shits like it don’t mean it’s good.
    i’d like to say you have seriously missed out one metal genre that has the best solos and the fastest riffs and thats Power Metal
    check out Lost Horizon
    and what about all the Neo-classical guitarists?
    check out At Vance or Windham Hell.
    you lot have over looked so much it’s just blind arrogance.

  • Bommer

    I don’t believe you can put both the guitarists from metallica infront of becker and freidman
    they are the best pair ever they feed off eachother so well it’s not funny…i advise you lot to look for Cacophony… 80’s speed metal
    it rules
    i have a video of him soloing one handed and with the other hand playing with a yoyo.. seriously it 0wnz

  • i think you lot need to listen to… Cacophony ( Jason Becker & Freidman )
    Racer X ( Paul Gilbert )
    DragonForce ( Herman Li & Sam Totman )

    Now they are proper guitarists

  • Joel

    I have an Idea!!
    Put in a time period on one of these lists, because there is absolutely no way that anyone will ever be satisfied with lists that cover evertthing from Hendrix days to today.

  • Joel

    B – A – N – N – E – D.

    Jimmy Page was in a BAND, his band was amazing, and he made it better.

    You were BANNED from this site.

  • Anthony G

    All these guitar sites have been ghost towns ever since I was band. Do realize no one has posted here for three days. Before I was band there was about five postings a day because I was the center of attention. All the guitar sites are like that.

  • Anthony G

    Why you edit me.

  • Anthony G


  • JSD


  • JSD


  • Anthony G

    I was never banned. Why would you think that my freind.

  • Eric Olsen

    I thought this plug was banned long ago

  • Eric Olsen

    yeah, too bad they were ever invented

  • Anthony G

    Guitars Suck!!!!!!!!


  • This list is crappy. Here is mine.

    1.Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
    2.Jeff Hanneman & Kerry King (Slayer)
    3.Kirk Hammet & James Hetfield (Metallica)
    4.Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth)
    5.Randy Rhoades (If you don’t know who this is then you should not consider yourself a metal fan)
    6.Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden)
    7.Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom)
    8.Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (Megadeth)
    9 John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
    10.Joe Stump
    11.Yngwie Malmsteen
    12.Hank Shermann & Michael Denner (mercyful Fate)
    13.Paul Stanley (Kiss)
    14.Andre Olbrich (Blind Guardian)
    15.Mike Wead & Andy Larocque (King Diamond)
    16.Munky & Head (Korn)
    17.Dave Linsk & Darek Eailer (Overkill)
    18.Eric Rutan & Doug Cerrito (Hate Eternal)
    19.Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH)
    20.Jimi Hendrix

    I hope this list enlightens you. This list is far superior to all.

  • Guitar Hero

    I think this list is the right list…Just I do think Hendrix and Slash deserve to be in the Top 10….But overall,GREAT and CORRECT list.Some positions are wrong,but would you rather have the Rolling Stone list?I don’t think so.

  • Jeav

    Actually KoRn has really good guitarists and they can play very well, if you ever go to their concerts and hear the instrument checks. They play to Metallicas: Master Of Puppets. And they concieved the U-Bar. So they are actually very intelligent, but the reason you hear not much guitar playing in some of KoRn’s songs is because the lead singer waters it down to match his emotions.

  • whogivesafukc

    u r all wasting your time trying to argue with each other, all of u r sad to waste so much time, i feel sad goin to the effort to say this. IM a huge metal fan but who gives a shit and just enjoy the music ALL MUSIC , all this bullhit about who knows more about music or a given genre who gives a shit


    Sir, I am not familiar with this Kerry King fellow, but I will check him out! Many thanks!

  • Jake41

    above “bricklayer” stated that he thought that “the dude in the gorilla suit who plays the solo in the video for the Beastie Boys No Sleep Til Brooklyn video should be number 1” He also stated that “The bald dude from Slayer should be number 11” when actually Kerry King (the bald dude) is the one playing the solo for the video

  • Glick

    “P.S. Those totally soul-blues-vibe-coolness-good looks-talent-lacking assholes from Metallica on second place?! c’mon, give me a break! D.S.”

    You might want to check Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitarists, chemical angel. You’d be much happier with their soul and blues players crushing the talented metal guys.


  • chemical angel

    Hendrix & Blue Cheer’s Leigh Stephens is without a doubt the guitarists that have had the most overwheliming impact on the hard rock scene. Both of them were many years (& lightyears) ahead of their time. Lots of kids listened to: Zeppelin, Purple, Stooges, MC5, Who (Tommy), Sabbath etc… but they never understood (or cared) wich guys went there first. Blue Cheer’s one of the most underappreciated & ripped off hard rock groups of all time. i mean their “OutsideInside” album was recorded as early as in the summer ’68 (a full year before “Kick Out The Jams” & 2 years before Sabbath first showed up)! & that album rocks the shit out of everything Zeppelin, Sabbath, Stooges (etc) ever did! Leigh Stephens is god (& the other two too)! So now you know! Ok, take care boys & girls! peace…. P.S. Those totally soul/blues/vibe/coolness/good looks/talent-lacking assholes from Metallica on second place?! c’mon, give me a break! D.S.

  • joebob

    My comments on this subject may not be totally agreeable because every one different tastes. But since there is no way to really measure a guitarists talent, why is every one upset? You like who you like and thats cool. I personally believe that Michael Angelo Batio #98 on the list is amazing but I’m not whining that he’s not higher on the list. Also, for the people commenting on Tony Iommi being a riff maker not a soloist, I dont believe the title of this list is 100 Greatest Guitar Soloists of all time. If a man can make a riff that can make your bones rattle and the hair on the back of your neck stand up every time you hear it maybe he should be number one.

  • steve vai

    this is shitty as hell.
    eronymous beats steve vai! enough said, and satriani isn’t even in the top 70! hahaha

    How could some one like Alexi Laiho get 96?!?! THE BULL SHIT!!!! He should be like…. in the top 20

  • Matt

    That argument between the rap fans and the metal fans was hilarious..congratulations to the rap guys for making complete idiots of themselves…and congratulations to the metal guys for burning them so bad…me and my friends laughed our asses off at them…how more stupid can you get…dissing metal fans on a metal poll…complete idiots.

  • Cool!

  • slash


  • Blanton

    While not a HM rock guitarist, David Gimore of Pink Floyd should be on every guitar list. If not for his playing alone, but for his innovation as well.

    As for the rock/rap vs. Mozart battle. True genius, be it Dr. Dre, Alex Lifeson, or Bela Fleck, should be able to appreciated by anyone in any genre. And to belittle a genre outside of your preference demonstates not only a lack of musical intregity but frightneing lack of courage to explore original thought.

  • sonny

    Great list! Was proud of numbers 5, 15, 18, and 58.

  • POIU

    This list is a huge improvement if any of you saw the Rolling stones list. However I still agree that this has some major flaws. Once again. Michael Angelo Batio barley mentioned at 98. WHAT EVER!!!! Does anyone around here play the guitar. This says the GREATEST guitarist. That means the most talent. It doesnt mean who inspired someone at a certain time. They had just as much time when they were alive back then to do something amazing like michael. NO ONE does what michael can do. Doesnt mean hes my favorite but it does mean he as the most ability to do WHATEVER THE HECK HE WANTS. Rock on ya’ll

  • POIU

    This list is a huge improvement if any of you saw the Rolling stones list. However I still agree that this has some major flaws. Once again. Michael Angelo Batio barley mentioned at 98. WHAT EVER!!!! Does anyone around here play the guitar. This says the GREATEST guitarist. That meants the most talent. It doesnt mean who inspired someone at a certain time. They had just as much time when they were alive back then to do something amazing like michael. NO ONE does what michael can do. Doesnt mean hes my favorite but it does mean he as the most ability to do WHATEVER THE HECK HE WANTS. Rock on ya’ll

  • Roger

    Take 9 and 10 and replace them with George Lynch and Fast Eddie Clarke.

    The End…

  • kyle

    Numerous things wrong wit this list.
    It shows loack of thought and knowledge on guitar playing worldwide. I agree wit numerous things but come one? This list is HORRIBLE. I think that many guitarists got it bad on this list.
    For example:
    -Hendrix at 12? U gotta be fuckin kidding me, he should be in the top 5 easy
    -Ace Frehley at 14? I understand Paul there but Ace? The guy made metal what it is today.
    -Mick Mars at 46? MARS is GOD, and the fact that he rates lower then people like CC Deville from Posion, guys from Korn, Def Lep, and SOAD, NO WAY!!!
    -Dave Mustaine at 20? more like top 10
    -James Hetfield at number 2? Him and Hammett aren’t even on the same playin level
    -Ted Nugent at 46? Gotta Be Shitin Me, this guy is amazing should be in top 30, or even top 20
    -Vai and Joe Satriani not in the top 30?

    This list is a BIG piece of crap, and Guitar should really revise before putting shit out.

  • dave

    sorry, but there is no way that the SOAD and Korn guitarists are better than scott Ian, its just wrong, also dave mustaine should be higher, higher than kirk hammet and hetfield anyway

  • Anthony G

    Stop posting my name its getting old man. I am a thug and proud of dogg. So what goin to do, talk more trash. And why are you talking about a guitar poll this is the guitar poll. Wow maybe there is two guitar polls, after all there is two hip hop polls, you tree huggers are sure spoiled. I am goimg to find this poll and diss you tree huggers there also.

  • Anthony g

    Sorry, Josh. I just get carried
    away sometimes dogg. I want to
    stop fighting just like you do.
    Let’s quit this stupid crap and
    get on with our lives. It would make me much happier.

  • Josh

    Hear that, everyone? Anthony has knocked people out for talking trash about him. Wow! Everyone be scared of him because he’s a thug!

    Also, “infure” is not a word. I realize that rap has polluted your brain, but if you’re gonna make up words, at least try and make them sensible, alright?

    By the way, you did a good job of posting as Guitar Freak over at the Greatest Guitarist poll. Congratulations! You even spelled his e-mail address right! You’re learning, my son!

  • Josh

    Yes, people like Anthony are the reason why these polls get so ridiculous.

  • Anthony G

    A thug is much different than a gangster.
    A ganster is a hitman or a husler. A gangster could be a thug, but a thug is
    not nesesarily a gangster. A thug is a
    tough guy who does not take anything
    from anybody.

    I am not a punk. I agree someone who
    guys around killing people is a
    worthless punk. I have knocked people
    out for talking trash wich makes me
    a thug, if a was in a gang and go around shooting people I would
    be a punk. So how dare anybody call
    me a punk.

    I swear on MY life that I have a 3.8.

    Red may have not came right out and say
    you are cannabus but he sure did infure

    Cry some more dogg.

  • Josh

    Hey Anthony, believe whatever you want to believe. To claim that I posted as Cannabus is stupid. You know nothing. And there’s no difference between “thug” and “gangsta”. They’re both just different words for WORTHLESS PUNK. Period.

    Also, you don’t have no 3.8 GPA, quit bullshitting us. That makes me wanna laugh my ass off! And no, Red didn’t accuse me of posting as Cannabus, he just thought that we are both similar. He even said, and I quote, “It could just be a coincidence”.

    Sorry, but you’ve lost. Game over. Try again.

  • Guitar Freak

    Shitty list!



  • Anthony G

    Yo Josh Red knows that you posted as
    Cannabus also(comment 75). So just stop
    posting as Cannabus and we will never
    mention it again.

  • Anthony G

    Look Josh I checked out all of the
    postings that this so called Cannabus
    did, and all of his postings were about me. And he only shows up at
    times when Josh is there, check the
    posting times and find out for yourself.

    And when I said I was a thug I didnt
    a gangsta. Thug means you dont take
    nothing from anybody, far different
    form a gangsta.

    And I am probabally better eduecated
    than all you put together, cuzz I
    have a 3.8 and ranked 27 out of 927.
    I am literate its just that I am not
    the best typer.

  • Josh

    Right on, Red! Way to stick it to that punk Anthony!

    By the way, me and Cannabus are NOT the same person.

  • 96. Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM)

    He should be on the top 10…

  • Josh

    C’mon, just because those guys are fast, that doesn’t mean they’re any better than Jimmy. Let’s see any one of those guys play their guitar with a violin bow!

  • Red

    Good point about Jimmy Page, Glick. On another subject you brought up, I would like to start a founding fathers of bad music list.

    1. Cobain
    2. Joey Ramone
    3. Johnny Ramone
    4. Sid Vicious
    5. Vanilla Ice

    Just a few.

    Oh yeah, and best frontman of all time? Gotta be David Lee Roth. Anyway, those would be some fun lists to start.

    As far as posting as someone else, don’t do it. It’s lame. It’s dumb. If you have a good point you don’t need to do it to prove yourself (Which is why Anthony G does it).

    I won’t make any accusations, but Cannabus’s writing style is very similar to Josh’s, especially the obligatory “my friend.” Could just be a coincidence. Kevin has a totally different style, though; I think Anthony G is just taking some shots in the dark there.

    As far as “Anthony G is on welfare,” I don’t know what you mean. My guess is that he is not on welfare, but I wouldn’t bet anything on it. His frequent access to the internet suggests he has at least some money and less street cred than he thinks he has. Also, I have talked with inner-city people and they actually talk fairly normally. Only the wannabe gangsters use liberal amounts of “dawg,” “homie,” “thug”, “cuzz,” and several others.

    Since Anthony’s in a gang and never went to school, maybe he can tell us how he learned to read and write at all.

  • Cannabus

    Anthony G is on welfare.

  • Me

    Poll is: 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time.

    Nice to see the 48 yr old hippies are still writing up these lists. Obviously they know little about true metal guitarists.

    At the very top, in no particular order.

    Vito Bratta
    Reb Beach
    Jake E. Lee
    Paul Gilbert
    Nuno Bettencourt
    Zakk Wylde
    Chris DeGarmo
    Marty Friedman
    Warren DiMartini
    Eddie Van Halen
    Rex Carroll


    George Lynch. Period.

    Other categories could include: Solo artists, Founding Fathers, Rock, Pop, etc.

    On a side note, I’d LOVE to see the immortal Jimmy Page accurately play any 1 solo from any of these guitarists. I’d pay money.


  • Josh

    Now little Anthony is accusing me of posting under some guy named Kevin? Listen, Anthony, I’m gonna say it one more time:

  • Cannabus

    Anthony, what the fuck do you mean “there is no Cannabus”? I’m right here, moron! If you believe that every comment against you is posted by Josh, then you have some problems, my friend.

  • Anthony G

    Kevin (even though Josh posted it)
    whats wrong with being white. I live in
    East L.a. not no subburbs dogg.
    You say I am unedecated and you
    say I live in the subburbs, I am sorry
    but that dont mix.

  • kevin

    anthony G: shut your white illiterate suburban stupid ass mouth. Your not a “thug”, your not from the streets, your a stupid fucking white kid who cant spell.(champiAn? try champiOn dicksmoke.) You are so uneducated on the subject you are trying to argue its ridiculous. Punk Rock and Metal are two totally different forms of music you fucking dingleberry. Rap isn’t music, it’s shitty beats processed on a machine. Go die now.

  • Josh

    Anthony says “I am a thug and proud of it. Dogg”.

    I rest my case.

  • Guitar Freak

    Tony Iommi was a master of riffs, NOT solos.

  • Anthony G

    Yo Josh now you go back to your old tactics posting under other peoples names.

    Josh there is no Cannabus, give it up dogg you lost.

    Why do you think they call the punks
    that listen to rock PUNKers. Cuzz they punks. I know what you are trying to say
    that we that listen to rap are punks.
    You are thinking of the word THUG.

    I am a thug and proud of it. Dogg.


  • Josh

    Leave him alone, Cannabus, he’s a rap fan and he doesn’t know any better.

  • Cannabus

    Anthony, why are you on a guitar site? You whine about rock fans being on a rap site, but then you pull this shit!

  • anthony g

    Josh I thought you were more crazier than I BUT NOW YOU give up, I guess
    I am more crazy. IM A PSYCHO.Well good riddence dogg. Now I will go in my
    victory chant.


    I am the champian dogg. So later.

  • Josh

    Sorry, Anthony, but I’m not going to admit to something that I didn’t do. And I won’t apologize just because I expressed my opinions, fuck that. So you can hang around here if you want, but don’t expect me to keep arguing with you. It’s a waste of time and it’s childish.

    Later, “dawg”.

  • Josh

    By the way, everyone, check out the e-mail address on comment #54. It’s proof that Anthony is back to his old tricks again.

  • Anthony G

    FOrget about that last 2 postings(too many mistakes) and consentrate on this:

    Josh I will let you and rock fans be if you
    go to the Eminem site and the Ja Rule/50 Cent site
    and apoligize for even being there.

    Then go to Ja Rule/50 Cent site and tell
    everyone how you posted #374.

  • Anthony g

    This is a P.s. for possting # 56.
    Admit to #74.

  • Anthony G

    I am happy but not enough, I want
    you to apoligize rap fans on the
    Eminem site and the Ja Rule /50 Cent site
    by posting an apology for dissing
    at both of those sites. If you do that
    i will leave all your sites and stay
    on rap sites.

  • Josh

    Anthony says: “There will never be peace until you admit that rap fans are not punks”.

    Okay fine, rap fans are not punks. There, are ya happy now? Now let’s cut this childish crap and get on with our lives.

  • Josh

    Yes, Anthony likes to hang around where he’s not wanted. He’s worn out his welcome on virtually every poll on blogcritics.

  • Anthony G

    Thank you for apoligizing for what you
    did on 52.

    I am sorry but there will never
    be piece until you admit that rap
    fans are not punks. Homie

  • Josh

    Alright I am sorry for posting Anthonys
    name. That was a punker thing to do.

    P.s. why can’t we all get along here
    rap isn’t that bad.


  • Josh

    Wow! Anthony G finally came to his senses. I guess he finally stopped smoking that crack…

  • anthony g

    Okay, I was wrong. Rap sucks and rock is glorious. Why didn’t I realize that before? What was I thinking, listening to that rap bullshit?!

  • Josh

    Also, Tony Iommi was a master of riffs, but his solos were rather dull. Blackmore has the riffs AND the solos!

  • Josh

    Regarding comments #36 and #37:

    Anthony, please give up. It’s pointless. Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, except a brick wall is more intelligent. This is a GUITAR poll, so why the fuck are you on here?! None of us give two shits about your worthless, trendy, punk-ass rap “music”. You’re a joke.

    And Kevin, way to put California Boy in his place. Keep slamming that stupid rap fan. Hell yes!

  • kevin

    what have jim root or mick thompson done for metal guitar besides taught kids to tune their guitars to A and play the same two riffs throughout an entire song? poison sucked but at least c.c. could solo.

  • random hero

    alright back to the metal guitars. well where the hell are mick thompsom and jim root of slipknot???? huh? and what about paul from cradle of filth? not even fucking mentioned in the top 100 but we have c.c.devill in the top 20? where is the justice………

  • Midnight Rider

    This list is worth nothing!! It can only be a bad joke to rate Hetfield higher than SATRIANI(!!!!), VAN HALEN(!!!), VAI(!!!!), BEACH, LYNCH, DI MARTINI, MALMSTEEN etc.! PLUS: These bastarts even dared to forget guys like VITO BRATTA (WHITE LION)!!!!; ANDY TIMMONS (DANGER DANGER)!!!!!!!; RICHIE KOTZEN (POISON; MR. BIG); CHRIS OLIVA (SAVATAGE)!!!!!;AL PITRELLI; ADRIAN VANDENBERG (WHITESNAKE)- THESE HEROS ARE NOT EVEN LISTED!! WHAT A SHAME!! CAN´T BELIEVE IT!!

  • Grant

    California Boy, First there was Mozart, now there is Eddie Van Halen. And all what those blacks talk about is getting stoned and licking pussy.

    No point of that music, Even the backstreet boys sold more albums then Tupac did, its a fact.

    And if u think that Rappers are all religious, they aint. Theyd shoot there neighbors for a bag of coke.

    Rap- No Skill, No Music, Just distortion and depression.

  • 24/7 of anger

    Man im so impresses by the talking of Kevin. He’s so right
    But you forgot one band: Biohazard
    And for the faggot of california man stop lying about cars and alll the stuff im sure ur just a f***ing little guy of 12 years old that gets all on mtv
    Rap is stupid. Metal is loaded of emotions and political points of views. Im tired to heard black guy saying that his girl his hot and so naughty. Man get real lyrics like Biohazard and Napalm Death!!!! you such a faggot that listen everything that is weel seen. Just stop listen wht people in general like just listen the music you like. And its impossible for me to say that all rap bands are bad.Only one is good and it is Onyx

    Nyway my message was : Why Meshuggah guitarists are so hi ranked. Man the only innovaion of those guys is 8-strings guitars. And where are ahrue Luster and Jardel Paisante from ill Nino. They are almost the best guitarists of ESp.

    And Why Jimi is in 12th place.He owns all those guys. He can play a solo and accompagnement at the same time!!!!

  • Roger

    The top 10 is fairly accurate but George Lynch of Dokken should be in the top 8. From the late 80’s to early 90’s a lot of better known players acknowledged him as a genious. A lot of what some of these guys play sounds tough to play but isn’t. Georgr Lynch is a master. If you could ever find old archives from MTV and Listen to comments made about him by other guitarist and listen to his work you would agree. He was at times ranked up there with the likes of Randy Rhodes. I put him ahead of Eddie VanHalen any day.

  • Richard

    korn suck

  • kevin

    once again your message proves how horribly uneducated you are. Bach and Mozart never went out of style, they aren’t a fucking trend, they’re originators. And no, im sure they wouldnt dig metal, but im sure they would have a hell of alot of respect for it, specifically guys like yngwie malmsteen and randy rhoads. My point is musicianship. Despite the fact that you hate metal, your one of those dumbasses who claims that they have no talent. Also, metal isn’t “punker guys” screaming into a microphone about satan. Bands like Hatebreed, Napalm Death, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. are extremely pollitically charged/emotionally charged. At least they dont just sing about smokin dope and getting laid or how fucking “gangster” they are. Rap lyrics are absolute garbage. It doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t make sense, as long as it rymes, the little kiddies will still buy it.

  • California Boy

    Yo dogg do ever wonder why Mozart and Bach went out of style? Cuzz no one cares anymore dogg. Sure rap will go
    out of style soon, but something simular
    will replace it, just like rock.

    P.s I dont think Mozart would like yo
    music either dogg. He wouldnt like these
    punker guys screaming about the devil
    in their mikes.

  • kevin

    haha well its nice to know that you recognize a hessian when you see one, but no, i do not have any peircings, they are in fact pointless and really femmy. how do you manage to spell “hippie” with two different spellings back to back? i suppose i shouldnt complain, at least i could make out most of the bullshit you wrote this time. Anyway, back to your ridiculous theory of rap being considered music… What exactly are the guidelines of music? well, im sure if we asked one of the early influentials such as bach or motzart, they would say that it has to have a melody and meter, of which rap has neither. They would also tell you that music is performed on an instrument, like a guitar, or drums, or bass (metal bands use all of these instruments, and a beat box certainly is not an instrument, and neither are turntables. Your fucking dumb. Time to grow up and learn to type properly. The nigger-wannabe whiteboy trend is about to die, and hopefully you will die with it. Go listen to classical or jazz, throw that (c)rap shit out the window, it gives black people a bad name, and makes white kids look ridiculous trying to be a thug.

  • California Boy

    Rap is music you liittle punk. Who
    cares if i am white(not in the suburbs
    in east la). IO have a
    feeling that you are one of them kids
    that arer always taking about there body
    piercings. Yo piercings are for girls
    and hippies ya hipie.

    And again i never even seen mtv or any
    kind of cable t.v. cuzz where i am
    from we got better things to do than
    sit around and watch t.v.
    you little earing punk.

  • kevin

    nowhere in any of your messages did you make one valid point. I seriously doubt that you have an advanced placement english class, you cant even spell the word “genius”, genis. See, the reason you have bad grammar is because you don’t…ahh nevermind its way over your head i guess. your a fucking stupid white kid. listen to you brag about how loud your stereo is. no one gives two fucks you little mtv faggot. Why are you talking about rap on a music site? rap isn’t even music, its beats programmed by a machine by some hack in a studio. Your right the roots do suck, and so does every other rap/hip-hop group in the world. Now like i said, drag your knuckles on over to the icp site.

  • Anthony g

    Josh you know what i was wrong you are
    not a punk you are a tree hugger.

  • Anthony g

    Hey josh. dont you relize that you cant go to site without me showin up dogg.
    And it looks like you cant go nowhere withot makin enemies(california boy).

    I would think that you posted as Kevin,
    but you will never have the patience to write that much dogg. So give it up homie.

  • Califrnia Boy

    Kevin i am goin out on the limb
    here but i think you are somekind
    of computer nerd. I do pay attention in
    my english class. Infact i have an Ap
    class in english, but this site isnt school its the internet dummy.

    Kevin i cant even afford mtv. Trust me
    i heard the other kinds of music. My sister is a punk fanatic, my brother is a hip hop fan, and my parents are oldies fans and my stereo overpowers all their stereos, exept my brothers
    stereo who likes hip hop.

    Kevin stop trying to act all kool saying names
    of groups that you believe no one ever
    heard of.Yes i know who The rooots are
    and i know why they fell off
    cuzz they sucked.

  • kevin

    california fag:
    now you’ve done a pretty good job of making yourself look like a complete waste of tissue, but i’d like to highlight some of your more mindnumbingly uneducated opinions and banter. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say your a white suburban kid who’se probably never left his neighborhood and obviously doesn’t pay attention in grammar class. See, rap music is completely generated by “machines”. These “machines” program rythm patterns and bass lines that no actual rapper could play on his own because he has no musical talent. Now, there are a select few “hip-hop” groups that do play their own instruments (roots, j-5) but you’ve probably never heard of them, and if you do listen to them, you most certainly don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend any message that they are trying to get across. See, you listen to rap music because it is the current trend, as it was with punk last year and metal in the late 80’s and early 90’s. See, I, along with several other intelligent members of this board, have the capacity to form my own opinions on what I like and I can respect other peoples differing opinions, but in your case you just listen to rap because it is the only thing mtv is playing right now, and thats why you are the dumbest son of a bitch mankind will ever know. i hope your house gets shot up in a drive-by and your mother takes one right in the uterus so we dont have to worry about her having any more kids. i’m sure if any REAL music fan ever heard you talk like that they would kick you so hard in the nuts that it would hopefully prevent you from ever having children and thus saving us from another dumb bastard like yourself. Now i play guitar and bass, and bass has 4 huge strings, which are played one note at a time (in most cases), and guitar has 6, now you learned in proficiency math that 6 is more than 4, so i’ll let you think on that. Now leave the real music discussion to the coherent post-neanderthals and make your way back to the icp message board.

  • Josh

    Well, let’s just say that I’m one rock fan who IS NOT afraid to play it loud, believe me. Rap fans won’t even be able to hear their shit if they challenge me.

  • California Boy

    Yah i do always overpower metal punks
    cuzz they are afraid to play it loud
    cuzz their reputation is at stake.

  • Josh

    Metal isn’t loud? Well, no music is loud UNLESS YOU PLAY IT loud. Use your head. So you overpower metal fans’ music? That’s funny, I thought you said that you never see any metal fans playing their music loud. So how can you overpower them if you have no competition?

    Looks like you backed yourself into a corner, “dogg”.

  • duane

    You guys are silly. I got two words for all y’all — Marshall Stack. Ever heard of him? They be real loud speshully if you turn it to 11.

  • California Boy

    YO metal isnt loud at all
    you liar cuzz i overpower
    any metal guy anywhere and they
    dont get mad at me cuzz they are scared.

    Josh if you want to overpower Me your
    only chance will be if you swith to hip hop cuzz hip hop is the only thing that
    over powers rap.

  • One of these days we’ll get Barry Manilow fans joining in, and turning their car stereos up past the pain threshold. It will get ugly….

  • Eric Olsen

    and together your cars make “rap metal”

  • Josh

    You never see metal fans playing their music loud in cars?! What planet are you living on? Personally, I play mine so fucking loud that it totally overpowers any fucking rap song. In fact, whenever some rap fan is playing his shit loud, I turn mine WAY UP, and the poor little punks can’t compete with me, so they just get mad. It’s funny.

  • California Boy

    You never see any metal fans playing
    their music loud in cars.

    The reason is that metal fans dont
    want anyone one to know that they are
    metal fans.

    Rap fans are proud of it dogg.

  • Josh

    Machines can program more than just one beat, genius.

  • California Boy

    Josh if it is programed through a
    machine than how come they have a
    different beat every time.
    Different beats means that someone has
    to play that new beat every time,geneis.

  • Josh

    “Machine or not the bass sounds much better than guitars”.

    Let me guess, you’re one of those dorks who likes to crank up the rap “bass” so loud that it vibrates your car, right? Wow. I just love that annoying distortion. It’s so cool.

  • California Boy

    Josh Machine or not the bass sounds
    much better than guitars.

  • Josh

    Hey California Boy, the bass in rap is all fake. Seriously, it’s just programmed through a fucking machine. Any braindead fuck can do that. Why don’t you try playing a REAL bass?

  • California boy

    Yo guitars suck. Yall need a bass.
    Listen to Tupac ya little metal punks.

  • Dagon

    I’m so happy to see my hero in this list under only two steps of steve vai…TREY YOU RULES!!!

  • Josh

    Ritchie Blackmore at #16?! The man should be #1. The only reason that Iommi is #1 is because his guitar riffs are so famous. But as far as soloing, he’s nothing special. Blackmore has the riffs AND the solos.
    And Jimmy Page at #6? He never even played heavy metal for God’s sake!
    What planet are you people living on?

  • Richard Scott

    It’s true this list is a popularity contest and not a measure of talent, but it’s better
    than the lame Rolling Stone list! Also, the guys like Nugent WERE considered metal in their day. Compared to the extreme metal styles of today, MOST metal bands don’t fit, and when fans argue that bands like Dimmu Borgir aren’t metal, I have to laugh! For the guy who said there aren’t enough for a Top 100 Metal guitarists, there are too many to include all the deserving players in a
    list of ONLY 100.

  • Vic Rattlehead


    why are metallica second place? hetfield doesnt even play lead!!!! megadeth kick their behinds so bad!!!! and whats with tool up there? and korn???? arrrgghhhhh

    this list must have been rushed up in 10 minuutes by 3 ten year olds

  • Eric Olsen

    not everyone values “super technical flair” equally

  • Obsydion

    Of course, this is only ONE of the many terrible errors in the list but….

    26. Head & Munky (KORN)
    27. John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER)

    Don’t get me wrong i like Korn but how can you put super down-tuned simplistic chugging higher than dream theater’s super technical flare?

  • Eric Olsen

    I agree with the notion that this is a hard rock list, but remember that Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult were considered metal 30 years ago.

  • Jim

    Clapton & BB King – did you miss something. I’d say if you miss anything it’s probably your brain. This is a HM list, and those 2 aren’t even close to being HM guitarists (IMO BB King isn’t that great a guitarist anyway). These lists are always BS anyway. Just a way for crappy guitar mags to sell a few more copies of their crappy ad filled record company ass kissing propaganda filled rags. Half those guys shouldn’t be on the list. They either aren’t HM or they aren’t that good.
    Scuse me while I flush!!

  • Chris Wilson

    This is a great list and should promote quite a bit of argument. However, as mentioned, many of the guitarists are not even remotely metal. Hard Rock is a good label. But you cannot call Queen, Thin Lizzy, The Who, Van Halen, SteppenWolf, Rush, Ted Nugent, etc….metal. They are not metal. But call this list Hard Rock, and then you must name those guitarists much higher. I think Metal music is still too young to really have an adequate Top 100 list. Maybe a top 50?

  • gomorrahskipper

    Did I miss something? What about Clapton? B.B. King? and why the heck is Steve Vai in the 50’s? Why aren’t Slash and Hendrix in the top 10? Man, this list is severely twisted.


    20. Other, other, dude from Iron Maiden
    19. Ms. Lita Ford
    18. Dude from Black Sabbath
    17. Dude from Accept
    16. Dude from Slayer (one with hair)
    15. Mr. Kirk Hammett
    14. Dude from Lamb of God
    13. Dude from Anthrax
    12. Other dude from Iron Maiden
    11. Dude from Slayer (bald one)
    10. Other dude from Judas Priest
    09. Dude from Judas Priest
    08. Dude from Ac/Dc
    07. Chick from WASP
    06. Dude from Iron Maiden
    05. Dude from Converge
    04. Chris Haskett
    03. Page Hamilton
    02. Gregg Ginn-He’s better than everyone, except…
    01. Dude in the Gorilla Suit who plays the guitar solo in the Beastie Boys “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn” video

  • 34. C.C. Deville
    53. Steve Vai

    I mean seriously, WTF? CC get rated higher than Steve Vai? That’s seriously making this list a little more worthy of toilet paper than the Rolling Stone list.

  • Though the order can be forever disputed, I like this list better than the other one.

  • Guitar World includes Fripp and Neil Young to its HM list – but not Lee Pickens?

    Do I hear a ‘who is Lee Pickens?’

    Dude – if you’ve never heard the solo on Bloodrock’s doomsday classic ‘Breach of Lease,’ you don’t know your HM history.

    These lists are always about blowing the record companies!

  • Äs för Ümläüts, Blue Öyster Cult stärtëd ït äll…

  • Eric Olsen

    Though there was no shortage of umlauts in the list itself – I had to delete a ton of them.

  • Good to see Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap quite high up the list; he’s too often maligned, and that travesty of a film made him look like a dork.

    No sign of Karl Tolhurst of Umlaut, though 🙂

  • Eric Olsen

    I would like to be the first to comment here and say that if the guitar had never been invented, we would get less traffic.