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Go Halos!

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Being from SoCal, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the Angels, but after their playoff melt down in ’86 and lack of success since, I haven’t paid them much attention. That has changed with their brutally satisfying thrashing of the hated Yankees – the best team money could buy – in the first round of the MLB playoffs. I am also very excited for the Halo manager Mike Scoscia, a favorite from the winning Dodger teams of the ’80s and the greatest plate-blocking catcher of all time: an earthquake couldn’t get past him.

I am not, however, all that jazzed for team ownership, Disney, as represented by Michael Eisner, whose focus would not appear to be on baseball. Check out this quote:

    After Saturday’s game, Eisner, who was drenched in champagne, saluted the Angels for their first postseason series victory.

    “I think it’s great for all of Southern California, for Orange County in particular and for the Walt Disney Co.,” he said. “It demonstrates the kind of teamwork we like to have in everything we do — making movies, building theme parks, whatever.”

Whoa, the Angels rate the big “whatever” from their owner. Thus inspired, how can they lose?

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  • hey, disney is STILL actively trying to sell this team. what do you expect, eisner to try to leverage the angels and ducks value and exposure through another disney asset, say ESPN or ABC? nah, that is a stupid idea, hurry up and sell ’em.

    but i agree, growing up, my dad wouldn’t drive to dodger stadium, so we would only go to see angel games, and good for them. as a dodger fan the other angel i’m happy for is my guy mickey hatcher, the batting coach and still king of the stuntmen. remember, hatch had more home runs for the dodgers in the ’88 world series than kirk gibson.