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Glass Harp Returns!

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One of the most important, celebrated cult bands of the ’70s, Glass Harp, has reunited for its first studio album in 30 years. Hourglass, to be released in August, is 16 brand-new songs convincingly updating a timeless sound.

A classic power trio and one of the original jam bands, Glass Harp is world-renowned guitarist Phil Keaggy, bassist Daniel Pecchio, and drummer John Sferra. All members sing and write, crafting a unique sound equal parts Cream, CSNY, Allman Brothers, James Gang, and Traffic with the talent and chops to transcend the comparisons and a profound spirituality to nourish the soul.

Available exclusively here on high quality MP3 are the exciting first four songs from the forthcoming album, yours for the download for only $3:

The group-penned “7 in a Box” leaps out with a charging guitar riff, blistering lead magic from Keaggy, tasty three-part group vocals, even moments of aggressive dissonance – a ripping return.

The track ends abruptly and before you can say “cool,” Pecchio’s “What’s In Your Heart” drives straight south with a delta rock groove, Keaggy’s swampy slide, and the world-class Memphis Horns adding their signature soul punch. The track goes out with a feverish jam highlighted by Keaggy’s jaw-dropping jazz-rock runs.

Next, Keaggy’s beautiful, Byrdsy “You Whisper Something” is wonderful power pop, with heart-warming harmonies, a classic melody and jangly, jangly guitar.

The sampler concludes with Sferra’s “Everlasting Light,” a smiling jam band festival of a song with warm acoustic guitars, punchy rhythm, and a soaring 3-part harmony chorus. Forget the past, this band is HERE and NOW.

Speaking of that past, Daniel Pecchio writes:

Glass Harp (Phil Keaggy, John Sferra and I) came out of Youngstown, Ohio in the early 70s. We were a power trio in the tradition of Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience that also did an acoustic set like CS&N with lush 3-part harmonies. We honed our skills in the same cellar bar in Kent, Ohio that spawned The James Gang and The Raspberries. Through the efforts of our manager Chip Killinger, we connected with Lewis Merenstein, and with him, recorded three albums in the early 70s for Decca/MCA. We toured with Alice Cooper, Humble Pie, Yes and many more. We did venues like Fillmore East, Carnegie Hall, Winterland, etc.

Just before we did our first album at Electric Lady Studio, Phil’s mother was killed in a car accident. His older sister came for the funeral and before leaving brought Phil to Jesus Christ. By the time we finished the third album Phil decided to leave the group. Phil left the group so he could study and personally grow in his faith and be able to adequately represent his beliefs, yet there was never a conflict between group members or the record company, management, venues or fans regarding lyrical content.

As Phil grew in his faith so too did the beginnings of Contemporary Christian Music. It’s within this scene that Phil found a home. The end of the group came in 1973, but in the ensuing years have joined Phil on stage at concerts in the Cleveland area, as well as several sold-out Glass Harp reunion shows.

In 1997 we acquired the Live at Carnegie Hall show that we had recorded opening for the Kinks in 1972. This sparked a show at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2000 we got together for a show in our hometown of Youngstown, Ohio (our first home show in 30 years). The show was recorded and released in 2001 on our own label. Response the CD was great and created more opportunities to play live.

Finally in 2002 we began work on our first studio project in 30 years. We recorded 16 songs at Blue Desert Recording on “The Row” in Nashville and in Phil’s home studio. We mixed in Ohio and mastered in Nashville with Richard Dodd.

Phil has been a major influence in the building Contemporary Christian Music, garnering 5 Dove awards, 2 Grammy nominations, 2 Nashville Music Awards, and he has finished #2 and #3 twice each in the annual Guitar Player Magazine poll (see philkeaggy.net).

As a trio, Glass Harp’s musical style is eclectic in the studio. In concert, Glass Harp exhibits a deeper exploration of their studio material, turning it into improvisational journeys of epic length and technical fireworks. This explains the recent growth in numbers of young people attending Glass Harp shows and buying our CDs. Through the Internet, MP3s of our jams (both past AND current) are being discovered by a new audience (see glassharp.net).

Recently I met Derek Trucks through My son Ted who played with Col. Bruce Hampton. I gave Derek the “Live Carnegie Hall” CD and the recent double live “Strings Attached.” After listening to the CD Derek gave me his manager’s number and asked that we try to do something together. We recently played with Ekoostic Hookah who has a large following in Ohio and the jam band scene. Hookah and the festival crowd gave us a great response. On a different musical plane entirely, Phil just finished three tracks including one solo, for the upcoming POD CD.

Glass Harp is not a nostalgia band. Despite what the mirror tells us, the songs, harmonies and playing on “Hourglass” offer young hearts, voices, and spirit.

Purchase 4-song MP3 for only $3!

Read reviews of “Hourglass” by Dan Hersam here, The Theory here, Jim Schwab here, and Andrew Duncalfe here.

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  • DW

    I was priviledged to receive an advance copy of the new cd. It captures the true essence of who they were 30 years ago, and who they are today. Track #9 (Number 9, Number 9…), is titled “Voice of God Call Out”. My favorite on the cd, but they all are great. God bless the Glass Harp!

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks DW!

  • C Petelin

    WOW!!! – These songs are a musical four-course gourmet banquet!!!

    Musically scintillating, rhythmically captivating, emotionally stimulating… These songs draw you in and won’t let go – definitely NOT background music!!!

    7 in a Box – The Glass Harp Experience!!!

    What’s in Your Heart – super cool bluesy rock, soulful vocals, jazzy guitar leads

    You Whisper Something – upbeat tune with an early 60’s flavor, beautiful harmonies, nice rhythm – a masterpiece!!!!

    Everlasting Light – another gem – this song shines like the light it extolls!! Great beat, touching lyrics, stellar harmonies… Just try to keep from singing and dancing when you hear this one!

    Thanks Glass Harp. Can’t wait to buy the full CD!!!

  • Boran

    Speechless !!!!! Just amazing.

  • Man, this stuff is good. I’ve got very nearly every album Phil Keaggy has ever made, and these songs would all fit easily on many of them, but there is still a little bit of a musical twist that makes it Glass Harp.

    What a fantastic set of songs!

  • John Bowes

    Glass Harp is seemingly one of the world’s greatest power-house rock trio! These guys must of found the Fountain of Youth…er…why is it these guys haven’t lost their chops yet and keep getting better? 🙂 Let’s raise “the glass” and toast their new accomplishment! I love em!
    There are better known bands in the arena, but few who would want to take the stage after Glass Harp!

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks for all the kind words! The band will be thrilled to hear it.

  • Neal Williams

    Since the first time I heard GLASS HARP play their music at Buhl Park in Sharon, Pa in 1969, I have been hooked! This band changed how I listen to, and what I expect in music. It can move you to places you have never been emotionally, be it in a graceful moment, or in earth shattering power. They are individually masters of their instruments, but there is a magic that happens when they play together! This album is a celebration of the youth and energy that NEVER goes away in what they play!!!!!! HOUR GLASS is an album we will be raving about now, and for years to come!!!!!!

  • I just recieved my advance copy of Hourglass yesterday (thanks Eric!)….. man, oh man this is strong stuff.

    I’m normally into heavier stuff, but the complex melodies and harmonies are absolutely incredible. Nice work. Full review tommorow (I think…) after I’ve listened to it at least twice or three times, but I like what I hear very much.

  • drichards

    (As a long time fan of Phil Keaggy & Glass Harp), I was very pleased to hear of the new album. Great Music!!

  • Oh wow, guys! This stuff is absolutely amazing!!! Neal, you didn’t use enough exclamation points, bro!!!!!!!!! John, Daniel and Phil, you three have outdone yourselves!!!! I am simply amazed. I thought it couldn’t get any better than Strings Attached; I should’ve known better!!! This is classic Glass Harp with their fantastic musicianship, vocal harmonies and unique chemistry, all better than ever! Solid drumming, soulful bass and, of course, Phil’s over-the-top fretwork permeate these tunes! And for all you shredders…you’ll eat your heart out! This isn’t just a remix of old songs or a ‘best of’ release (I get asked that a lot…); these are all fresh new songs for the 21rst century! This doesn’t sound like something you have to dust off to listen to!!! Modern and classic rockers and those who like to jam will love this CD along with the longtime Glass Harp fans and Phil’s solo following. A great piece of work all around! Well done, guys! It was worth the wait!!!!! A more detailed review is in the works.

    C’mon, folks, let’s not keep this one to ourselves; help spread the word about Glass Harp and HOURGLASS!!!

  • Mike Burstein

    I’ve been changed not only by Phil’s music but by his heart for the Lord. Thanx Phil for help me to become more of a True Believer.

    Where can I buy ANY or ALL of Glass Harps past cd’s up until Carnagie Hall and Stings ( I’ve got those)

  • Charlie Read

    It’s been a long time coming! Those of us who’ve been fans of Glass Harp for a long time know firsthand the magic when these guys make music together. I enjoyed the four-song sampler; looking forward to the complete album and the concert on August 2 at Cain Park. Thanks, GH, for this labor of love that blesses so many people.

  • David

    Received Hourglass last week and haven’t stopped listening to it. “In Every Cathedral” is the best song on the CD along with “Voice Of God Call Out” This recording makes one wish they hadn’t stopped playing together all those years ago…I’ve been a big fan of Phil’s solo music for years and together with John and Daniel these guys know how to rock………

  • This is exciting. I’ve loved Phil Keaggy for over 25 years. He was one of the few Christian artists that I enjoyed listening to back in the 70s because most of the CCM scene was really just mildly pop-oriented inspo.

    Thank God for Phil and for Daniel Amos and for Marty McCall’s Fireworks. They were at the forefront of those who made it possible for Christians to experiment and rock.

    BTW, I did have one Glass Harp album that I got after the band broke up. I seriously look forward to hearing this one.

  • Bill Cannistra

    I followed Glass Harp through their first two albums and then lost track of them. Much to my surprise I stopped at a CD shop in Youngstown, Ohio and found that GH had reunited and have put out quite a few additional albums over the past 30 years. I located the newest CD, Hourglass and found that the group definitely has been influenced by seveal groups of yesteryear. In particular “Once A Day Dream” definitely has the likeness of melodic style from Led Zeppelin III and the Led Zeppelin ZOSO albums. Though somewhat subdued the drums in that track were reminiscent of Bonham’s sound and the mandolin and vocal sound was similar to that performed by Plant & Page in those Zep albums. I really enjoyed this song in particular because of this particular influential style of the music past. The song “If Love Is All Weve Got” again had a melodic and lyrical style very reminiscent of the Beatles “Sgt Pepper” album. And finally the song “Weather Boy” had a more contemporary sound with hints of influence by Creed or Nickleback. But first and foremost I am particularly happy to hear that God remains as the center of energy and focus for the song lyrics.

  • I was priviledged to receive an advance copy of the new cd. It captures the true essence of who they were 30 years ago, and who they are today. Track #9 (Number 9, Number 9…), is titled “Voice of God Call Out”. My favorite on the cd, but they all are great. God bless the Glass Harp!

  • Yes, very good, I`m like soulful bass too.
    Very pretty nice work!
    Glass Harp and HOURGLASS fan.

  • If you had to classify Ekoostik’s music, where would you place them?