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General Hospital Loses an Iconic Character and Fan Favorite

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This week, fans were up in arms over the exit of Jason Morgan, Steve Burton’s iconic character on General Hospital. A little recap…

After finally accepting Sam’s baby as his own, reuniting mom and son, a frantic message from the Corinthos accountant Bernie Abrams cut their evening short. As always, Jason headed to the rescue only to find the long-time accountant down, with Joseph Scully, Jr. hovering over him and about to issue the final kill shot!

In a Western-style shoot out between the two men, Jason emerged the victor, kicked Scully’s gun to the side, then tried to talk to Bernie. Although Bernie attempted to tell Jason he had been threatened by Duke Lavery into transferring all of Sonny’s money into Kristina’s account, it was in vain. Suddenly, out of the darkness, a shot was fired! Jason was shot in the back…by Lavery!

Duke emerged from underneath the pier, issued the final kill shot to Bernie, then turned his attentions to Scully. Jason lay on the edge of the pier, bleeding, motionless as Duke callously kicked him into the water, where Jason disappeared! Scully escaped.

News of Jason’s death rippled through Port Charles. Sonny, Spinelli, Sam all dove into the icy waters looking for Jason to no avail. The only thing found was the mini dragon momento he carried with him that symbolized his love for Sam. Though everyone appears to be accepting Jason’s death, Sam and John McBain feel he could still be alive.

Meanwhile at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy and Monica rehashed their family history, each blaming the other for Jason’s death. It was heartbreaking to hear the list of those Monica lost- Lila, Alan, AJ, Emily, Justus…now Jason! It was heartbreaking when Monica screamed she was the only one left! The week ended when AJ, played by Sean Kanan, showed up at the Q’s to a relieved Monica. Looks like she knew he was alive all along! What will happen next?

Steve Burton has been on General Hospital for 21 years and has literally been key in building the show to what it is today. While some believe Steve left due to the integration of One Life to Live characters into General Hospital, the actor made it clear he opted not to renew his contract in favor of moving his young family to rural Tennessee. The debate over meshing the two soap operas continues and personally, I have actually enjoyed the new life Executive Producer Frank Valentini and Head Writer Ron Carlivati have breathed into this iconic soap.

Many long-time fans first came to know Jason Quartermaine as the ‘golden child’ with a bright future as a physician in the family business. Fate had other plans when a drunken AJ caused a car accident, which completely took Jason’s memory! Fans grew to love Jason Morgan, lovable hitman for Sonny Corinthos. Though nicknamed ‘Stone Cold’ he had a heart of gold.

Through the years fans have passionately debated over who Jason should be with, and many old timers believe his romance with Robin Scorpio was the best. Whether you were a Liason fan (Liz and Jason) or Jasam fan (Jason & Sam), the one thing fans agreed on was Steve Burton! He has been a major part of the show that will celebrate its 50th anniversary April 1, 2013. With his signature black t-shirt and leather jacket, he brought great dimension to Jason Morgan. Every single character on General Hospital is connected to Jason in some way, so it will be interesting to see how the show progresses. Is Jason really gone or did he survive the freezing waters? My bet is we’ll see Jason Morgan return someday….it is a soap opera after all!

RHeart Radio, the Fan’s Voice is doing a special tribute to Steve Burton November 7 honoring his 21 years on General Hospital. What do you think about Steve’s exit? Send your comments to be included during the show. 

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  • Kate

    Remember the half hour soap called “Port Charles” years ago? John McBain was Caleb (a vampire) and Sam was Olivia, and I think the Rex Balsam character was also on that show before they all moved to OLTL when “Port Charles” stopped. Maybe that’s why the recent vampire theme? (From that older show.) I will miss the Jason Morgan character. I’m happy to see Laura, Scottie, Lesley, and of course Luke, Tracey, Monica from years and years ago But I think we’ll get used to the new characters in time.

  • Lori (again)

    I failed to thank you for bringing back (Anna, Duke and at times Robert Scorpio). Also very glad to see the Luke, Laura and Scottie scenario. I love seeing Lucy Coe, Felicia etc. I just hope dome of my old time favorites stay. It sure brings back great memories.

  • Lori

    Jason was one of “The Main Characters”. However his new role on The Young and The Restless is looking very similar to the one he portrayed on GH. I am enjoying watching him on there. His character is only adding to the Y&R. GH you really need to bring in some of the strongest characters from All My Children and One Life to Live. I have always loved both but sure do miss some of those actors/actresses.

  • Nene

    I always said if Jason leave I will never watch General Hospital again. Now, I watch The Young and The Restless, and Dylon is just as good. “I applaud Steve Burton. Family comes First.

  • Mary

    I’m so disappointed in GH. It is not good without Jason. It has taken Lucy Coe, AJ,Laura and Frisco to fill his shoes and the show is not nearly as good. What a big disappointment. I’ve been watching since late 69’s. Y’all ruined it.

  • Linda

    I do not think the show is as good without Jason. He was very handsome and always cared about people. This vampire theme is radicilous, we are not idiots. I miss Jason and do not like so many characters. To me Jason and Sonny make the show. Miss him.

  • lucie

    I do not like the new story line-vampires etc. Bring Jason back and lets get back to the way things were

  • Geegee

    GH needs Jason.. It’s not the same.Bring Jason back!!!!!! Please !!! Now I’m watching YR just to see Jason. Port Charles is sinking, I hate the story line. Sonny Carly Micheal and Sam’s characters are not the same without Jason’s friendship ,protection and Love.

  • Lovelylake

    I miss jason,but I’m not going to lie the show is actually better than when he was on. The Q’s are making a come back. The scorpios are back it’s off the hook! I watched this show since the late 70’s so I know how good this show is. I think focusing on Jason ,Carly and Sonny actually did the show a disservice. Todd is a winner. My favorites are back and now Iam waiting for Brenda to make her return hopefully with Sonny’s kid.

  • yvonne

    Incredibly disappointing, how the show did not have a service for him… everyone went on there merry way…He was the heartbeat of GH. Bring him back..the show doesn’t have anything without JASON..Sorry! He is better than SONY!

  • Carole in ky


  • Irene

    Bring back Jason

  • Beverly G

    I’ve been watching the soap for about 35 years. Absolutely love it. Will not be the same without Jason. Loved his story line. Can’t wait to see his return someday. WILL WAIT PATIENTLY!!!!!!

  • nena


  • Loretta Reed


  • Kena

    I have not watched the show since Jason left. He was the main reason for watching the show. If he returns then so will I.

  • Karen

    REALLY! Jason gone! He was the heartbeat of GH…he has to come back at one point and we shouldn’t have to wait forever. Come on writers! Do your job and rewrite him in…and if he is on Y&R, well, guess I will be watching that soap instead!

  • Beverly

    My friends and I miss Jason!!! Please bring him back!!!!

  • kimba

    I heard he was on another soap opera; ( young and the restless. ….I guess it’s time to switch ; (

  • sherwood

    not watching anymore untilj ason comes back

  • Marilyn

    bring jason back for sam….PLEASE…….

  • Luna

    Now that Sam and Jason finally got what they wanted all along, and Jason still doesnt know that the baby Daniel is his, Jason should never leave. He is the only star that has made GH the hit man believable. Everyone misses him.Now he should come back with alittle amnesiea and be tougher than ever. Sonny should act more like a Godfather and not let these women get away with always getting over him and yelling at him. Take the example from the movie The Godfather, where he had alot of bodyguards and you could only see him by appointment. Not that everyone just walks into his office. Make him a stronger character!

  • Marie

    Sad to see Jason go. I keep watching hoping to see him show up. I do understand the family taking priority.

  • Sandybongomeyer

    I lost interested in watching gh miss Jason’s character I’ve been watching gh since 1965 I just don’t care to watch it anymore

  • Franko

    Bring back the light that is Jason never has a man wrapped in so much darkness shine so much Light

  • Sam

    Love Jason the show needs him back!

  • asmith


  • Chrissy

    Well Cheryl, you’re missing out! It has been AMAZING! Story is fast moving, most of the cast is involved in a main storyline and lots of vets have returned! Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have made GH MUST SEE TV AGAIN! I look forward to every single episode! You should check it out– I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised… 🙂

  • Cheryl Jones

    I don’t even watch the show anymore . I won’t he comes back. Soooo incredibly dissappinted

  • Lovely357

    Him and sony is y I watch gh now.i have no problem musding gh now one fan lost

  • EM Halpern

    he cannot leave for good. he is such a wonderful part of gh which I have watched since 1981