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Gay men and women have built digital community since dial-up BBS and AOL-style online services. These days, gay users spend significantly more time with blogs and social networks than the average user, and are twice as likely to respond to the ads. There's a lot more to the gay community online than chats, dates, and what puppets say the Internet is for.

With Internet access, gay kids can find support and coming out resources, anonymously even, which alone is likely to reduce the teen suicide rate. And, similar resources are now available for just about any life event a gay person might face from conception to wedding planning to remembering those who have been lost and everything in between: how gay people meet, parent, protest, collaborate, travel, and learn.

"Gay" remains the top tag decades after "disco" and "decadence" disappeared, through "diseased" and "pariah", though seems to be settling into a more bourgeois connotation set: "moisturizing," "classic-modern," "rainbows." Attempts to substitute inclusive/ironic "queer" stalled in San Francisco and with academics while at the other end of the rainbow "discreet" "bi" guys say they're "str8" or "downlow" that's just so much lipstick on the same old closet.

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