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Episode 6 – The DJRadiohead Podcast Experience

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Episode 6 – A watershed event in the history of The DJRadiohead Podcast Experience!

This is the shortest episode in the brief history of The DJRadiohead Podcast Experience. I have also managed to cut the time between episodes nearly in half. Amazing!

Episode 6 is mostly a musical episode. Albums are reviewed. Songs are played. Profanities are uttered.

The show opens with a ‘from the heart’ moment. Don’t worry – it doesn’t last long. That gives way to a review of Oasis’ single “The Importance of Being Idle”- the second song from Don’t Believe the Truth to hit #1 on the UK Charts.

Barrett Martin’s The Painted Desert also gets reviewed.

Then we played a little game of musical chairs… 5 songs more or less in a row. 5 songs from 5 different artists with a broad range of musical styles.

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  • There is a lot of fun in winging it… especially when it works.

  • There’s a certain level of fun in winging it though, eh?

  • Thanks, Mark. Next to Phillip we are all boys just trying to become men.

    As one might be able to tell from Eps 4,5, and 6 – I jumped into this before I really knew what the hell I was doing. Learning on the go… most definitely.

  • Don’t feel bad about the XML, DJR… I just did tried that feedvalidator and my podcast feed had like 40 some odd errors in it. And here I thought it was working. Ha!

    Try try again I say. We can’t all be green stamps like King Phillip. 🙂

  • %20 – yeah, saw that. Live and learn. I’ll keep that in mind for next time. I don’t want to change it up for the 2 subscribers I have already signed. 😉

    Twice a week! You’re a far bigger man than I, sir. Honor is due. I have started work on 7. SPECIAL EDITION EPISODE 7. You heard it here first!

  • Herself and I recorded a show last Wednesday, but I forgot to post it here. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll post it later today.

    BTW, I think we’re going to a twice-a-week schedule starting this week. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

    I wouldn’t have used spaces in the filename, but the web handles that pretty well by replacing them with %20, so I guess it’s okay!

  • I thought size didn’t matter, young Phillip!

    Thanks for the tips. I will have to check into both of those items and see if I can fix them without breaking anything else. One more question… was I dumb to have had an ‘xml’ file with spaces in the name (ie DJRadiohead Podcast Experience.xml)?

    I can’t help but notice, btw, that I seem to be moving the casts out a little quicker than you here as of late. Or am I mistaken? 😉 Let me know what ya think of the show when you get a chance.

  • According to feedvalidator.org, you’ve got the date format wrong and are missing the “length” parameter on your enclosure tag.

    So it’s actually not “right,” but just between you and me, most feed consumers are flexible and work with “broken” feeds. Like yours, which works for me in iTunes: I see eps 4-6, plus the BC segment. 🙂

  • Has anyone had any trouble with the XML feed? I think I did it right…

  • Thanks, Mark. I appreciate you checking in and checking it out.

  • Senor DJR, I gave #6 a listen, and as always, it’s a nice collage of tunes and wordflow. You should definitely be back in the radio biz. Thanks.

  • I will sir. Bill Maher on in 5.

  • All right… it’s live and ready to go. Someone who understands the concept of RSS – this is my first attempt at creating a feed. Please let me know if I fucked it up. I have been screwing around with it for a few days now. I think it’s right. All bets are off.

    Let me know what you think of the show.