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Seekers of the eco-friendly (derived from the concept of being kind and respectful to the environment) will find the blogosphere filled with inspiration, solutions and information. Bloggers such as Annie Leonard with the "Story of Stuff", stimulates critical thinking and dialogue to address the environmental crises we face, encouraging constructive action.

And The Green Republic from the UK offers National and Environmental Eco-Friendly News reporting on items such as recycled accessories and The Big Earth Book about consequences to irretrievable loss of Earth’s finite resources. Or there is care2 community, best known for their e-cards, but also great purveyors of up-to-date eco-friendly information. Virtual Earth Village offers e-publishing and vision for eco-friendly community.

In navigating this great information pool conscientious consumers will find guidance through the maze of "eco-friendly" labeled merchandise at blog posts such as Ten Things Green Companies Won't Tell You to help define what efforts truly are eco-friendly and why. 

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