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DVD Review: Scrubs – The Complete Seventh Season

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The seventh season of Scrubs seems to be missing just a little bit of its timing and charm, only just a little though. I completely understand why. This is the strike-shortened season, so there’s only 11 episodes in this set. The writers’ strike threw a lot of shows off, and you can see how it affected Scurbs.

The final episode in the season seems more like an episode that would be aired in the middle of the season to break up the formula a little bit, much like the musical did in the sixth season.

The Show

The seventh season follows another year at Sacred Heart. It follows the same formula that has made Scrubs a winning series. A dash of screwball comedy, a touch of hope, a bit of drama, all stirred together with a lot of lovable characters.

I did notice that this season didn’t contain as much drama as seasons past. There are quite a few extremely outlandish JD daydreams, especially the one where JD dreams about planting Turk’s now-removed testicle so they can grow another Turk. But, no doubt you’re not thinking of buying the season if you aren’t a fan so you’re used to this kind of humor. Over the years Scrubs has developed so many inside jokes that it’s impossible for a newcomer to get everything it has to offer if they haven’t viewed the previous seasons.

This season isn’t without it’s dramatic storylines though. JD is trying to deal with juggling his son and his feelings for Kim. Kelso is found to be too old to occupy his current position so he’s being forced to leave his post. Turk and Carla are trying to be a happily married couple while taking care of their kid, and Dr. Cox is still trying to cope with the fact that he’s Dr. Cox.

The Quality

With the move to high-def, Scrubs has been the only NBC show to be late on transferring over. It’s still presented in 1.33:1 fullscreen aspect ratio, which makes it look a bit old and dated. Maybe with Scrubs moving to ABC they’ll give the show a widescreen high-def treatment that it needs.

The Special Features

Each of the 11 episodes comes with some kind of commentary from either actors or the crew. They are not boring commentaries by any means. They are fun and vibrant. The actors are funny and play off each other just like they do in the show.

"My Making Of II: 'My Princess'" – is a nice little documentary, about 17 minutes long, that chronicles the making of the season finale. It’s a fairly comprehensive making of, seeing that it’s almost as long as a stand alone episode. It goes from a table read through of the script all the way through post-production.

Deleted Scenes and Alternate Lines are available to watch. The alternate lines are the most enjoyable to watch. You can see the stuff that didn’t make it on television, and the quite funny improve that some of the actors do.

There also a gag reel that is actually funny. Some gag reels I’ve watched recently on different DVDs give no context to what is happening. Only the filmmakers would know what that certain thing was funny. But, Scrubs goes with the tried and true form of outtakes that will have you laughing if you’re a fan of that stuff. But, alas the gag reel is just over two minutes long. Far too short for many of the hilarious mistakes that surely happened on set.

Ending Thoughts

In its seventh season Scrubs still has the ability to make us laugh and tug at our heart-strings all at the same time. While this season was shortened it still packs a lot of laughs and some thoughtful storylines for all your favorite characters.

With the move over to ABC hopefully they’ll keep the same formula that made Scrubs great, but upgrade the visual quality to the next level. I also hope that ABC doesn’t try to suck more than is needed out of this show. It’s been around a long time and while it still provides the laughs, it could end up getting old pretty fast. I hope ABC realizes that and Scrubs quits on top.

Even though this is a shortened season, and you’ll find yourself paying more than half price of a regular season, the extras really cover the rest. If you’re a fan of commentaries this set has some of the best the show has to offer.

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