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DVD Review: Hope Springs

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Ellie, Hannah, Shoo, and Josie have all recently gotten out of prison, having done their time. Now all they want is to go to Barbados with the three million pounds they stole from Roy, Ellie's gangster husband.

Fate has different plans for them. When they are unable to get their fake passports, they flee to the Scottish Highlands. They settle in Hope Springs and buy the local hotel with the hopes of getting new passports by going legit. What could possibly go wrong in this small quiet town in the middle of nowhere? The better question would have been what would go right? They lose all their money in a fire, get caught in the middle of a family dispute over the hotel, and Roy has sent a hitman after them. Did I mention the dead body buried under the floor? Welcome to Hope Springs!

Hope Springs was originally a television series that aired on BBC1 in June/July 2009. It was canceled because it "did not find its audience in the way hoped." I can understand why. There are eight episodes but the story could have been told in two. The story doesn't go into any depth about anything. By the fourth episode, you're ready to fast foward just to get to the end. The one thing I can say is that some of the acting is great.

Alex Kingston (ER, Doctor Who) is wonderful as Ellie. She shows a side of herself you have never seen. She is in complete charge of the chaos. Sian Reeves as Hannah quickly became my favorite character. She does a wonderful job showing that the quiet Hannah can have a voice when she needs one. Vinette Robinson (Josie) and Christine Bottomley (Shoo) are okay but, to be honest, they don't have a lot to work with. They play the tomboy and dumb blonde as best they can. Bringing the much needed comic relief is Annette Crosbie as Sadie. Sadie is the orginal hotel owner who just won't leave. She is funny, witty, and charming.

All in all, Hope Springs is good to watch if nothing else is on. This title will be released to DVD on June 1, 2010 by Acorn Media.

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