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The time has come again to change the poll. It’s a good thing I change my underwear more frequently. Yikes.

The winner for the Best Domestic Beer is…….

The green bottled beer from PA, Rolling Rock with 83 votes – Great choosing Blogcritics.

The runners up were Budweiser with 57, PBR with 55 and Coors with 51. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that the underdog won – take that Pretty Bad Ribbon.

The winner for Imports and MicroBrews was somewhat surprising, but I think a good choice either way……

The funny little brown bottled beer – Newcastle Brown Ale with an impressive 71 votes.

Runners up were Sam Adams with 57, and Heineken with 54 and my favorite Anchor Steam with 49.

I think we can sum up from these results one thing – Blogcritics taste great, er, I mean had great taste.

Check out the newest poll – The Scariest Movies of All Time!!!

Thanks for participating!!!

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  • NC

    THE RING is on there and not Night of the Living Dead? Dear God.

  • jadester

    “The funny little brown bottled beer – Newcastle Brown Ale”
    little? wow, you guys are deprived. here in li’l ol’ blighty, Newcastle Brown almost always comes in near-pint-volume bottles.

  • Dawn

    On my original post from last Halloween I included Night Of The Living Dead – in fact it was the number one scariest movie in my book. But I got several comments about omissions and this is my giving the opportunity to the people to pick more to add to the list. I just haven’t posted an update to the poll yet.

    Sorry 🙁

    Good to know that great minds think alike.

  • jadester

    both Arachnophobia and Jaws (none of its sequels tho) should be there. Even tho i don’t have arachnophobia, the film is scary, and even though i know it’s pretty safe from sharks, i still get a little anxious sometimes when i swim out of my depth in the Med. thanks to Jaws

  • The Theory

    haha. agreed. Arachnophobia is a movie i’ve seen countless times on tv, but due to my spider-fear it still gets me.

    *The Theory… voted The Ring because that’s the only movie he saw on the poll list… as he his not a big fan of scary movies*

  • BB

    You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried Okanagan beers from British Columbia (that’s Canada for those who have never heard of the Great White North). Best beer I ever tasted. Unfortunately it’s not available south of the 49th parallel (I think). Next time you’re in Vancouver give it try. You won’t be disappointed.