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Music Review: Walk Off The Earth – ‘Sing It All Away’

Walk Off the Earth Sing It All Away

If you're looking for vocal harmonies that will lift your heart up out of your chest, check out 'Sing It All Away' by Walk Off The Earth. Read More »

Music Review: John Basile – ‘Penny Lane’


Basile is a fine guitarist; his work on the Beatles canon is both intelligent and emotionally satisfying, if not as adventurous as some. Read More »

Music Review: Jas Patrick – ‘Inky Ovine’ EP

Jas Patrick 'Inky Bovine'

‘Inky Bovine’ is filled with numerous sounds that wrap up in a neat package brought together by soulful and rich vocals. Read More »

Music Review: Silversun Pickups – ‘Better Nature’

Silversun Pickups - Better Nature

Ten years and four albums into its career, Silversun Pickups continue to expand their sound. Wise move or mixed results? Read More »

Music Review: Nemo James – ‘The Minstrel’

Nemo James 'The Minstrel'

A collection of 17 soothing (for the most part), slow-tempo ballads. Read More »

Music Review: Jordan Okrend – ‘World Keeps Turnin’’ EP

'World Keeps Turnin' Jorden Okrend

Everyone needs some of the positivity that shines through in Jordan Okrend’s latest offering. Read More »

Music Review: J Burn – ‘Burnt Blue’ EP

J Burn 'Burnt Blue'

There is something stifling and disempowering about so much nostalgia packed into four songs. Read More »

Tehorah: Adrienne Haan Concerts Celebrate 50 Years of German-Israeli Relations

Adrienne Haan Tehorah

Says Haan: "I created this program to share the tragic experiences of war and loss and to add a sense of love, hope and forgiveness. It is my hope that tehorah, which means 'pure' in Hebrew, will help build musical bridges and create sincere understanding." Read More »

Music Review: Gideon King & City Blog – ‘City Blog’

Gideon King and City Blog

‘City Blog’ offers 10 meticulously crafted songs that have bloomed and blossomed to the outermost limits they could have been capable of. Read More »

Music Review: Kimia Penton – ‘Lessons From Life and Love’ EP

Kimia Penton 'Lessons From Life and Love'

‘Lessons From Life and Love’ will sound quite familiar to listeners of adult contemporary music. Read More »