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Board Game Review: “Escape: The Curse of the Temple”


An adventure themed game like "Temple Run," this one uses a different mechanic. Read More »

Xbox 360 Review: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


"Grand Theft Auto V" is the best "Grand Theft Auto" game to date, but it’s not the best game ever. Read More »

Board Game Review: ‘The Coast’


The thrilling horrors of "A Touch of Evil" continue to threaten the mortal world in the riveting new expansion, "The Coast." Read More »

PC Game Review: ‘Payday 2′


You can carry off heists in this game, but should you bother trying? Read More »

Dice Game Review: ‘Daemon Dice’


With a straightforward and very adaptable battle mechanic, "Daemon Dice" has only begun to show what havoc it can wreak. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: ‘Rayman Legends’


Having grown up with the early game consoles, I have played a lot of 2D platformers. "Rayman Legends" is hands down the best one I’ve ever played. Read More »

Nintendo Wii U Review: ‘The Wonderful 101′


Released on the Wii U so soon after "Pikmin 3," "The Wonderful 101" begs for unfavorable comparisons, which is a terrible shame considering all of the charm the game holds. Read More »

Card Game Review: ‘Zombie Fried’


As the rules explain, “Zombies now rule the world. They go to Zombie work, pay Zombie taxes, hang out at the local Zombie malls.” Read More »

Party Game Review: ‘Snake Oil’


The rules for "Snake Oil" are so simple they do not even come in a rulebook. Read More »

Board Game Review: ‘The Downfall of Pompeii’


Mount Vesuvius will blow and this game asks just how many people you can save. Read More »