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Food and Drink

Book Review: Alcohol Free Entertaining: Come for Mocktails by Patsy Bickerstaff and Bill Seay

Alcohol Free Entertaining is an important work for people who would like the drinking sensation without the alcohol content. Read More »

What You Can Do About World Hunger

How to end world hunger, from your own backyard. Read More »

Fight Hunger at Home and Abroad in Farm Bill

Fight hunger at home and abroad, starting with the Farm Bill. Read More »

Running to Save Children from Deadly Malnutrition

You can support a runner who is running to raise money for a food called Plumpy'Nut that saves the lives of starving children. Read More »

Interview: Alanna Imbach of the UN World Food Programme on Charity Miles Mobile App

More and more people are using Charity Miles to raise money and as a launching pad to start conversations about hunger. Read More »

Book Review: The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss: Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin by Dr. Stan Spencer

The Diet Dropout's Guide to Natural Weight Loss is an excellent guide for weight management. Read More »

Running Charity Miles to Fight Hunger and Cancer

On Thanksgiving I ran to raise money for three charities: Stand up 2 Cancer, Feeding Americ, and the World Food Programme. Read More »

Book Review: Eat For Life: The Ultimate Weight-Loss Breakthrough by Harvey Diamond

Just by making small changes to your diet, you could be healthier and more fit. Read More »

FreeRice Can Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving

After turkey this year, make some time for FreeRice and help feed people a world away in Niger. Read More »

Book Review: Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease by Robert H. Lustig

Robert Lustig's Fat Chance advises readers on how to eat for good health. Read More »