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Book Review: No Rest for the Wicca by Toni LoTempio

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Having been responsible for her partner’s death during a homicide investigation, Morgan Hawkes has sworn off that particular department. Holding herself to blame for the death of her partner and best friend drives a wedge in her psyche. Now working the paranormal investigations department, she has decided it is her lot in life. Born part Wiccan she has the ability to communicate with spirits. She finds she is often working on Daemons and while the work is challenging she finds she is no longer fascinated with her job. When she receives an offer from her boss to work undercover on a murder investigation, she is ready. The job comes with danger, just what she likes, but when she finds out that each of those killed was Wiccan, she realizes that she is perfect for the job. She herself has a personal stake in the outcome. Besides, the job is not in homicide, so that is a plus.

As Morgan reports to the Special Forces unit, she is introduced to a new partner, which unnerves her. She was quite unaware she would be saddled with another partner after her prior one had died. She decides to decline the job, but not before she meets the man assigned to her, Cole St. John. Not just a man however, but a vampire — and not just any vampire either. He is one of the Inheritor breed, those most human, able to live as any other human but with a few slight variations. He is intense and extremely attractive, but Morgan convinces herself she is immune.

When her roommate and cousin is almost murdered by the same serial killer that has already killed three others, Morgan decides to take the job after all. It is not only that Xia is her only family; she is now hearing the spirits of those dead young Wiccans asking for her help. Can she work with Cole and will they be able to find the pieces of the puzzle before it is too late?

In No Rest for the Wicca, Toni LoTempio has put together a wickedly funny and yet deadly tale of Voodoo and domination. She has created a story and filled it with characters full of charm and stubborn strength. The suspense and mystery surrounding the deaths is well written and told with an eye to confusing both the characters as well as the audience. The protagonists are both quite charismatic and yet have flaws that make them human.

Morgan is a heroine and yet she feels the responsibility of her partner’s death to her very bones. Unable to come to terms with her part in the death, she allows herself to wallow a bit in her pity, and yet she is still a kick-ass character. She is sarcastic and has a sharp and biting wit. In a world where such things are a rarity, she is still a virgin. Never finding the one or even believing a true love even exists she is nevertheless quite attracted to Cole. She does a great job of deflecting that, however, with her temper and wit. It is entertaining and at times irritating.

Cole is a strong and handsome foil to Morgan’s strength. He is quite attentive and finds himself quite attracted to her in spite of herself. He is smart and perceptive in the ways of the Special Forces team, and he too has a temper. Morgan, however, brings out the best in him. He finds her to be the perfect person to round out his life. He will not let her push him away. He too has his human side and it brings out a characteristic in him that he was not aware he possessed. Tenderness. They are perfect together.

And together is what they need to have to find the answers to the murders. Each young woman is found butchered and missing a part of her anatomy. Can Cole and Morgan find the answers before the next murder? Is Voodoo at the bottom of it all?

No Rest for the Wicca is a fun and fast-paced book. I would recommend it for the reader who enjoys the paranormal element. The prose is precise and the dialogue is delightful. It is funny and yet intense, with an exciting love interest as well. It has all the pieces that make a mystery and suspense as well, something for everyone. This would be a great addition to your library.

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  • HCLQueen

    Question: Could you please explain how “Wiccan” is a species rather than a belief system? Would I be half-Presbyterian and half-Community of Christ/Reorganized LDS? I’m a little confused here.

  • That would be an excellent question for the author, I am of the belief Wiccan is used loosely and witch would be the actual heritage for the protagonist but again I could be wrong. Great question.

  • Sorry, you lost me at ‘born part Wicca’. It’s not a bloodline, it’s a spiritual path.

  • Then how are there born-again Christians?

  • zingzing

    well, you see, doc, born-again christians think that their life started all over again when they found christ. through him, they put on diapers, shit themselves and suckle at their mother’s teet even in really inappropriate situations. eventually, they again will learn to communicate without yelling incoherently, or crying for no particular reason, or proclaiming how tired they are and being real pricks about it.

    but the fact is, they weren’t really “born” again. it’s just a phase they go through. they are adults, at least as measured by the amount of years they’ve spent upon the earth, but they are children again in that they believe nonsense without a shred of critical judgment and that they are only too willing to convince you that they are tripping on some real nice stuff 24-7.

    with experience, this exuberance will fade, and they will return to alcoholism.