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Book Review: Abe’s Lucky Day by Jill Warren

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As a former graduate student studying early childhood Montessori education, I would definitely share the peace education message of Jill Warren’s Abe’s Lucky Day with the preschool-aged kids in my Montessori classroom.

In a nutshell, peace education teaches kids how to treat the world and the people around them with respect and dignity no matter where they are from, what their socio-economic standings is, what their religious upbringing is, etc. Abe’s Lucky Day does just this and from the perspective of someone who themself is struggling. The book follows Abe in his daily effort to keep warm and find food all the while coming across others who are struggling as much or more than he. This is a pay-it-forward type of story.

Overall, Abe’s Lucky Day tells an important message for preschoolers in an easy to understand and likeable manner. The illustrations by Kalpart depict real people through caricature. One of my only complaints about the illustrations is that Abe looks a little creepy for a children’s book but I suppose realistic since he is a homeless man.

Abe’s Lucky Day is a great book to have on a bookshelf in your classroom or your home. It tells a nice though altruistic story of a homeless man surviving and doing good for others.

I would definitely share this with my preschool aged Montessori students.

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